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Posted by SiNeh

Follow my dream of a better, safe and truly wonderful world for everyone

Humanity - the reason for all our efforts


Aether Healing

Song for Today and Every Day - Imagine - Pentatonix

Mainstream Medicine Will Be Forced to Admit Royal Rife Was Right

FIERCE DEBATE - Dairy President CONFRONTED By Vegan Activist

We Are Being Modified For The Smart Grid | Max Igan

If you love beauty, get you 1 hour for it!

Algiz - The Shield of the Gods

5G and The AI Control Grid | Max Igan

Some Truths You Probably Don't Really Want to Hear | Max Igan

What if Everything You Thought Was True Is a Lie | Max Igan


My Home Burned Down

Octogon the Empire of Darkness

The Uncomfortable Truth | Max Igan

The True History of Humanity and The Battle for your Soul

5 Ways Smart Phones Are Making Us Dumb

Giving Life to Lucifer | Max Igan

Psychographics 101 | Corbett Report

Cell Phone Towers and What You Really Should Know About Them

White House Prepares Another Chemical Weapon False Flag Attack in Syria | Corbett Report

5G - The Elephant in Your Living Room

Why We Are Seeing So Much Chaos in the World | Max Igan

Pagan Feasts

Summer Solstice - Litha - June 21

Assad visits a market , and goes slumming

5G Transhumanism and the Collective Surrendering of Freewill | Max Igan

Detox Is Necessary In Today's World And How To Reach New Levels of Happiness and Spirituality

Global Warming 'Hockey Stick' Data Founded on FRAUD ...computer models 'hacked' to produce warming trend from any data set

Poland: The EU is the Soviet Union, 'in Blue'

Free Energy, Carbon Fibre Bones And Buildings From Landfill | Max Igan

President Trump Makes a Statement Regarding the Paris Accord

I See GREEN Light! | Corbett Report

The Manchester Bombing and Our Transhuman Future | Max Igan

Trump Making Treasonous Deals With 9/11 Terrorists That Would Make Hillary Blush

Manchester false flag : “Man, 22, kills 22 on May 22”


Police from the Sully District confirmed Bilderberg conference

White Genocide, Is It Racist or Is It Real? | Max Igan

The great British Brexit robbery: how our democracy was hijacked

French Elections … The Macron (“Diacritical Mark”) wins… Illuminati Symbolisms (“Marks”) abound!!

What Trees Teach Us About Belonging and Life

The Borax Conspiracy

Song for Today: Xavier Naidoo (Söhne Mannheims) - Marionetten (Puppets)

Brushing the Truth Aside | Max Igan

The Australian Govt is Corrupt to its Core - A Conversation With Brendan O'Connell | Max Igan

Donald Trump and the War Of Terror | Max Igan

The Syria Strikes : A Conspiracy Theory | Corbett Report

Hello, Slaves

When Tolerance Becomes a Handicap | Max Igan

Terrorism and Opportunity | Max Igan

Angelica - Arch- Angelice - Engelwurz

The Unauthorized Biography of David Rockefeller | Corbett Report

Jungle Medicines | Max Igan

Spring Therapy with Weeds

Spring Equinox - The Wheel Of The Year Festival Ostara

The Control Grid Continues And Nothing Has Changed | Max Igan

The 'anti-fascists', the brown shirts of today

Trumps power struggle around 'PedoGate' concerns the world : disclosed by US gov. Insider

Divide and Conquer is the Motto | Max Igan

Syrian refugees to return home

Arrest George Soros

The World According to Trump | Max Igan

Festival Of Lights - Brigid - Imbolc - Candlemas

Playing the Trump Card | Max Igan

Great Russian Report on Notorious Neocon John McCain From Vietnam

Trump's first 100 days have started

Chaos Out of Order | Corbett Report

Welcome to Trump Land | Max Igan

Obama: A Legacy of Ashes | Corbett Report

Will The CIA Assassinate Trump?

Dispelling The Shadow | Max Igan

BREAKING: Kerry In Leaked Audio Admits U.S. Allowed Rise Of ISIS

It was Putin. But we have no evidence.

Only in 2016, a total of 26.171 bombs were dropped under the reign of Obama

Gilad Atzmon - The Tyranny of Political Correctness

Everything is Born out of Darkness

Christmas in Aleppo

Infant found in a barn - the police and youth welfare office to investigate

Rudolph Giuliani is spilling the beans . Don't miss it and share it

The Terrifying Cost of "Free” Websites (like Fa[r]cebook)

Watch ‘The Inner Peace Revolution’ Film

The Lying President Ceded

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