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Ho'oponopono ! - The Power of Forgiveness

for convenient sharing, this download is thought as a gift for you, your family and the plane-t

Our request to you is to use the Ho'oponopono with faith -- equipped with the insight you are the co-creator of everything that is -- and help us to transform the Things that we see or experience in the world as horrid as they may seem to be -- to solve within you -- and thus in the outside !

Originally Ho'oponopono was used in family-situations where there was discord among family members

Faced with a difficult situation, those which do the Ho'oponopono immediately ask

'What's going on in me that the cause of this event is to take place, this person behaves in that way, this dis-ease wants to manifest ? etc'

referring to the blog entry in BOLE:

Ho'oponopono - Heal Yourself and Heal the World

you may also download the Ho'oponopono in German Language here:

Download Ho'oponopono ! - The Power of Forgiveness

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