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Tags: Jake & Nicole Living Offgrid

Published March 12, 2019

Jake and I are in day two of living off the grid and its been freezing. In todays episode we blow up our new boat and head into town for some supplies. Hope you enjoy! 😊


The Fascinatingly Mysterious Origins of the Ainu
Category: PEOPLE
Tags: Andaman Islands Andamanese Asia China Han Chinese Human Genome Project Japan Jomon Korea

The history of the Ainu people of Northern Japan has been shrouded in mystery and the subject of much speculation over the centuries. Because the Ainu have light skin, abundant wavy head hair, thick beards, body hair and an eye shape typical of Europeans, many early investigators proposed a Caucasian ancestry for the Ainu.

This thinking likely contributed a local legend that Jesus Christ had escaped the Crucifixion and fled across Siberia to northern Honshu Island, where some Ainu still live today. Some claim that Christ was buried in the village of Shingo, where the Tomb of Jesus is an international tourist attraction and the Sawaguchi family claim to be his descendants!

Recent findings in the human genome, however have revealed no genetic similarity to modern Europeans and a very different and surprising origin for the Ainu. It’s been found that that the Ainu belong mainly to Y-haplogroup D1b, as did the people of Japan’s ancient Jomon culture, unlike their neighbors. The only other places where Y-haplogroup D is common are Tibet and in the Indian Territory of the Andaman Islands off the coast of Myanmar (Burma), where D has the highest frequency.

Published on 18 Mar 2018


A WINTER TALE | Jonna Jinton
Category: PEOPLE
Tags: Jonna Jinton

Published on 9 Feb 2019

We have had a beautiful winter so far. Very cold and lots of snow. In this video I show you what's been going on in our lives here since my last vlog. I also share some thoughts on the fear stopping us from trying new things or doing what we want. And I also talk about the making of the icesong video (my previous video that you can find here:


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