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Beloved Sister/Brother/Friend~

I don't know how to "beg" and so let me just speak to you with my heart that is "hurt".

May be or may be not, you know, that I work now since more that two years for God's sake on the internet for FREE and I never found an other job where I could earn" money how much I tried to find one. It seems, people aged above fifty years are outdated and have no more a chance to earn money for even a simple living on this planet.

I also have no "benefits" from a Country and only "survive" because Catya (my wife) and her Brother LuLu give me shelter, food, sanitary items and what I need for a little personal enjoyment.

They can't afford to give me more because life is even already for them expensive as the income of both together is only what ONE person should earn for what and how long they work.

Now to the problem I have, I already informed many, that my computer does not work anymore and always crush. I use it since I bought it two years ago daily 24 hours as it is the NETWORK SERVER for the BLEND OF LOVING ENERGIES and as it is only a "small" Laptop, It seems it give now complete up his "life".

I could not save any money for if this will happen I can replace it because of what I mentioned above.

Now I see no more other choice (if WE want to keep the BLEND OF LOVING ENERGIES the way it is and even IMPROVE it, as to ask for YOUR help.

A new computer which would serve US the way it should, is approximate US$ 500.00 and IF all of you which ARE ABLE to help, support me in that, I would be very GRATEFUL.



Yesterday I was screening many PC-Sellers here in the UK and found with a "shock" out, that with 500 US$ I can buy anything else as a "LOW-END" PC which will not serve us the way I thought.

I didn't know, that here and today a "professional" Laptop or Desktop is more than 1000 US $ or more than 1000 UK £

Now I need to wait until we reach that amount until I order a new PC and KEEP the until now donated Money on the PAYPAL Account.

I also keep you all updated always here below in the replies, as soon I have NEWS.


IF the help (donations) would reach more that the amount I need for the new computer, the rest would be on the PAYPAL of THE BLEND OF LOVING ENERGIES reserved for the always coming fees we have to pay and maybe for IMPROVING our still limited possibilities we have with the contract we have with our network provider.

HOW to donate?

We have on the HOME (front) page, a donation bottom from PAYPAL and with that you can donate easily.

I tried to include it in that blog, but it seems it is not allowed by the network provider for whatever reason.

Thank you very much for READING my "pain" and God bless you all.

written with LOVE~,




PLEASE feel free to comment or ask if you have questions or send me an e-mail which I sure reply.

Love~, Light~, Peace~


Information about our Donation Account Dec. 09. 2010
Category: Donations
Tags: Donations

Beloved ONES

With our innermost Gratitude and JOY we want to inform you all that our Network Account have now a stand of:

52:45 GBP = approx 78.00 US$


30.52 US$

Therefore our BALLANCE is approx



This is because we had until now THREE lovingly Siters and Brothers which SUPPORT our work with a Donation, generously help us keep going and be able to INCREASE the space we use on our networkproviders server and our BANDWITH which is used by ALL of us included the hundreds of daily visitors we have.

It is my intention to hold us all updated every month one or two times depending new donations were incoming or not.

The donations until now we recieved were:

25 GBP from Light-Brother ~J~

25 GBP from Light-Sister Vicky~

30 GBP from Light-Sister TaRa~


Donations even in the smallest amount keep us going like every little sandcorn on a beautiful beach helps to CREATE that beach.

A network like ours can only survive if we have ENERGY-EXCHANGE

Some have more and others less and as it is, money IS an energy and I let it be up to you to feel it as bad or good energy or what I feel it is, as a possiblility to pay for what I (we) use or consume.

I know I may sound "hard" in some ears with mention that, but I feel sad that many of our siters and brothers which would be able to help, still think that SPIRITUAL NETWORKS MUST be free of charge.

WE WILL always be free of charge, but NEED to pay for keep going and this IS only possible with YOUR help beloved ones. That is why we have now since a few weeks YOU given a possibility to DONATE.

I sit here on OUR networks Computer and think hours and hours about HOW I can even serve you better. The result???

BE SURPRISED what WE improve with YOUR donation in the coming days and months!


in your service




Category: Donations
Tags: Donations

Beloved ones~

I created this Blog-Category in order I am able to hold us all updated of the Donations contributed for the maintenance of our network.

I INTEND to inform you all ALWAYS how much, we received as soon even 1 $ reach our special for this purpose created Paypal-Account.

Contributions can be made over Paypal very simple and it takes seconds to send even a little amount.

As soon the account reach $ 100, I will take the risk and REGISTER our limited FREE network to the first level of a premium account which would allow us all to have more space and other major improvements.

So let me now inform you, that:

Our BROTHER ~J~ contributed GB £ 25.00 two days ago for which we are VERY grateful.

Our account have now £ 25.00




P.S. I disable in this Blogs the reply possibility in order we have only the contributions shared here.

But please feel free to mail me or blog it if you want to say something about

Love~, Light~, Peace~


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