Moving Beyond The Pythagorean Matrix
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By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
September 1, 2012

Moving Beyond The Pythagorean Matrix by ZS Livingstone (Sep.1, 2012)

I was awe struck when I saw the Wiltshire August 26 2012 crop circle.

The six by six by six cube matrix is part of the teachings of the Pythagoreans. Its cubic volume is 216 and its surface area is 216. Because of the matching of volume, surface area and other qualities, it was deemed sacred.

Six centuries before John the Revelator, the Pythagoreans had determined that this cube was "the measurement of man". Actually, it is the current soul design of man and woman. The circle makers went to considerable effort to show the matrix by sculpting hollow edge cubes. Also, the thatched stalks around the cube are woven in a cubic grid showing the universal matrix as the backdrop for creation. The likeness of man's soul is the same as God's likeness. There is no separation between man and God.

The 666 cubic matrix is the point in the spiritual growth of a soul where freewill is realized. The outside circle shows the potential for growth into the 777 cubic matrix where cosmic awareness arises. This is humanity moving beyond the Pythagorean matrix.

When John wrote Revelations on Patmos about 90 AD, he was addressing Pythagorean mysteries in the heart of Pythagoras' homeland. Christ is an ancient word predating Greek and Hebrew, but came into the Bible from Greek. John knew the teachings of this mystery school. The roots of Christianity go deep into ancient times. The roots of Christ's Teachings are not Jewish.

The "beast" aspect of the 666 cubic matrix is a fear based overlay clouding human awareness and imposing illusionary separation from God. The Pythagorean Matrix is the measurement of man and woman. It is sacred geometry.

Forty years ago I was taught, "By working in Christ Love and Service one moves beyond the power of 108 and into the power of 144". The crop circle shows this spiritual growth. A 666 cube has 108 levels in it. A 777 cube has 147 and thus includes 144 plus three more.

There are many secrets hidden in Revelations. The book cannot be interpreted from a Jewish perspective. Similarly The Book of Daniel uses teachings from the mystery school of Apollo. Jesus in his miracles was showing the mastery of and the surpassing of the mystery schools of Apollo, Hermes and Pythagoras.

The misuse of sacred geometry by the Illuminati and their multinational companies for self aggrandisement is evil. The geometry is not evil. It is the design of God's Creation.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

ENCODE: Encyclopedia of DNA Elements
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Tags: 2000 ENCODE Ewan Birney Human Genome Project Magdalena Skipper Nature Journal NatureVideo

ENCODE: Encyclopedia of DNA Elements


Published by NatureVideoChannel
September 6, 2012

ENCODE, the Encyclopaedia of DNA Elements, is the most ambitious human genetics project to date. Remarkably, ENCODE has so far explained 80% the biochemical functions of the 3 billion letters described by the Human Genome Project in 2000.

This information is helping us understand how genomes are interpreted to make different types of cells and different people -- and crucially, how mistakes can lead to disease.

In this video, ENCODE's lead coordinator, Ewan Birney, and Nature editor Magdalena Skipper talk about the challenges of managing this colossal project.

To read the research papers and more, visit


Golden Atlantis
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