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Cheer up the kids to celebrate the birthday of Lord Jesus Tags: Christmas gift boxes Christmas gift ideas Christmas

The holy day of Christmas when Jesus was born is round the corner and you all must be gearing up for preparing an amazing party just like me. Yes, the forecasting of the Christmas time and vacation starts a couple of months before because we all just cannot wait for merrymaking with our friends and loved ones. More than the adults the kids block are more excited because their vacation tenure is more than the adults. So, along with the fancy Christmas gift boxes they have more elements in their brain which keeps them excited. You can have a look at some of the gift options discussed in the paragraph below for cheering up the kids.

Sleep well with shark or mermaid blanket

Kids always glare up when they find characters of their cartoon and kids film in reality in form of soft toys or cushions. As you get to witness chilling weather around Christmas, a blanket would be the perfect gift for them. The thrilling part would be the shape of that blanket. A shark or a mermaid would be really endearing for them. You dont have to scold them to go to bed now as they have an element from the fantasy world to call it a night.

The Mechanic bone

Your little one must be having a good collection of toy cars and he must be really passionate about them. Add some more fun to this passion, by presenting a toy tool box for mending cars. From brush to screwdriver, you would find everything here. He would be very excited with this gift for sure.

Kitchen Queen

Girls always copy their moms from dress to kitchen activities. Get her a mini kitchen and tools for her kitchen. Really cute bowls, mugs, trays, gas oven, food items, etc. are available that are meant for kids playing sessions. You can be their favorite if you get this gift set for them.

Fancy Stories

Reading is a good habit and reading to your children to make them fall asleep is also good. Buy some new story books for your kids that have lots of colorful images so that they grow interest in reading them. So, as a Christmas gift idea for kids, getting a Noddy or a Mowgli would be perfect.

What's Wrong with our Food System: Birke Baehr Tags: Activism Alternative Knowledge consciousness Inspiration spirituality take action the awakening the shift

What's wrong with our food system: Birke Baehr


Start the Year Off, Right!

The future belongs to the bright young minds of kids like Birke Baehr. Let us give all of our love and support to the children and young people of the world, that they may one day save us from ourselves.

Video by: Twin Path Productions

Sixth-Grader Peyton Robertson Wins $25,000 for His Innovative Sandbag Design Tags: Peyton Robertson Sandbag

Sixth-Grader Peyton Robertson Wins $25,000 for His Innovative Sandbag Design

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

There out are for sure more such amazing kids. The only thing that disturb me on this little movie is that they use it to advertise "how strong America" is. If I think how many good inventions made by kids or even adults never get such attention and are put under the rug.


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