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Important facts about privacy on Facebook and how to best make your settings Tags: Facebook Privacy Settings Help Avast

I got this today from AVAST which I find a tremendous help on how to set up or adjust your account there.

You can read it at

Maybe it is easier for you as the read it here.


How to use new graph search on Facebook?

On September 30th, Facebook introduced changes on the New Graph Search. Currently available only on desktops, it will be rolled out in phases. Since its release in January 2013, Graph Search has gone through a great transformation. Users are now allowed to search for status history, images, check-ins, comments -  basically anything. The goal is to provide users with enhanced search options, so they can find interesting information without leaving the social network.

How does Facebook Graph Search work?

The top search bar works similarly to a browser search engine. The exception is that it searches within Facebook itself and  requires specific search commands to make your search successful. For example, imagine you are a passionate bowler. You would like to set up a bowling team, however you don’t know any fellow bowlers in your hometown. Now you can log in on Facebook and search using the following search terms:

People who checked in at Bowling Alleys in Los Angeles, California  

You will see all your friends who may have gone bowling without your knowledge,  as well as other people, you may or may not know, who checked in. You can interact with them and, for example, establish a Facebook Interest group, to finally create your dream bowling team.

Another example: You love to travel and you would like to investigate places you are planning to visit ahead. Search for:

Images taken in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

to preview all public pictures of the place you want to visit. Moreover you can see the comments, recommendations, and tips from others. A final example:

TV shows my friends who live in Dallas, Texas like


Put any type of search to see all your, your friends and public mentions on the topic that you want to follow. Now this is all great stuff delivered by Facebook. We can discover more and connect with others. There is however, a “dark side” of this story: Your privacy being revealed in public. So, if you don’t want your pictures, check-ins, and status updates to appear to strangers in the New Graph Search , beware not only of what you are posting, but also check and adjust your privacy settings. Facebook explains in their blog

As with other things in Graph Search, you can only see content that has been shared with you, including posts shared publicly by people you are not friends with. Use privacy shortcuts and Activity Log to review who can see the things you share.

How to set up your privacy settings correctly? You would be surprised, but the default privacy setting is PUBLIC. That means that your status updates, pictures, and About you section is available publicly to all Facebook users by default. Follow our tips below, to ensure your Facebook is set up correctly.

1. Open privacy settings. In the right top corner, click on the security icon to right of your name or go to the account settings and select Privacy from the left menu.

2. Verify who can see your stuff, how to use Activity log, in order to preview things you were tagged at, and finally to see how other people view your profile.

Privacy shortcuts

3. Check who can see your stuff and make sure, you select a suitable option. #AVASTtip: select Friends. If you are a more advanced user, you can create custom settings and share your content with selected friends, lists, or the other way around; prevent some people from seeing it.

who can see my stuff

Cusotm prirvacy

4. Decide who can contact you. Bear in mind that, if you allow anyone to send you a friend request, your chances of becoming a victim of social media scams increase. #AVASTtip: Allow only Friends of Friends to send you an invitation.

who can contact me

5.Last not bot least you can block certain people block me

6. Last but not least, edit settings in the ABOUT section:

about me

#AVASTtip: Beware of what you are posting. The golden rule says: If you would be embarrassed for your mother or boss to read it, DON`T post it. And most of all review your privacy settings, so you don`t post to more than one billion Facebook users!

Thank you for using avast! Antivirus and recommending us to your friends and family. For all the latest news, fun and contest information, please follow us on FacebookTwitter and Google+.


The Rich Text Editor Tools Tags: Knowledge Base

The Rich Text Editor Tools

This article will explain the tools that are available to you when using a Rich Text Editor. I will be giving a short description with simple instructions on how to use each tool, along with a link to more extensive descriptions/instructions for the more advanced tools.

Note: The image below is a hybrid that includes all of the tools from multiple rich text editors across your website. Not all of the editors on your website will include all of the tools represented below.

To begin look at the image and click the corresponding number of the tool(s) that you want to learn more about in the list below it:

  1. Cut
  2. Copy
  3. Paste
  4. Paste as plain text
  5. Paste from Word
  6. Check Spelling
  7. Spell Check As You Type
  8. Undo
  9. Redo
  10. Find
  11. Replace
  12. Select All
  13. Remove Format
  1. Bold
  2. Italic
  3. Underline
  4. Strike Through
  5. Insert/Remove Numbered List
  6. Insert/Remove Bulleted List
  7. Decrease Indent
  8. Increase Indent
  9. Block Quote
  10. Align Left
  11. Center
  12. Align Right
  13. Justify
  1. Link
  2. Unlink
  3. Anchor
  4. Image
  5. Flash
  6. Add a Youtube Video
  7. Table
  8. Insert Horizontal Line
  9. Smiley
  10. Insert Special Character
  11. Paragraph Format
  12. Font Name
  13. Font Size
  1. Text Color
  2. Background Color
  3. Maximize
  4. Show Blocks
  5. Source
  6. Collapse Toolbar
  7. Drag to resize
  8. element
  9. Keyboard Shortcuts



1. Cut

This one is fairly straight forward. This tool allows you to cut anything that has already been selected in your text. Much like you would in a text editor like Microsoft Word©.

2. Copy

Much like Cut, this tool allows you to copy anything that has already been selected in your text.

3. Paste

This tool allows you to paste anything that has been "copied" or "cut". You can also copy text from other websites, word documents, emails, ect, and paste them using this tool.

4. Paste as plain text

Allows you to paste already formatted text without the formatting. Say you have a word document that has formatting (paragraphs, bulleted lists, ect), but you want to paste the text as one block without any of the formatting. This would be the tool to use.

Extensive Description/Instructions Here.

5. Paste from Word

Unlike #4 above, this tool will keep the basic formatting of text that you copy directly from a Word document. It's very handy and allows you to save a lot of time since you don't have to re-format everything again.

Extensive Description/Instructions Here.

6. Check Spelling

Allows you to check the spelling of your text to date. This tool is very extensive in the amount of customization and support for multiple languages. It's very easy to use by simply clicking the  icon. This will bring up the spell checker box and go through any errors that it recognizes with you step-by-step offering suggestions for each as you go.

► Extensive Description/Instructions Here.

7. Spell Check As You Type

This tool, when enabled, will check your spelling as you type. It will underline any mistakes with a red squiggly line and allow you right-click to correct them like so:

  • This tool also offers a very extensive amount of customization and support for multiple languages.

Extensive Description/Instructions Here.

8. Undo

This is a simple tool that allows you to undo any operations that you have done.

9. Redo

Like undo, this allows you to redo anything that you have undone using the undo button.

10. Find

This tool lets you find any word or phrase within your text to date. It offers a few options like "Match Case" and "Match whole word".

Extensive Description/Instructions Here.

11. Replace

This tool builds on the Find option by allowing you to not only find a word or phrase, but also replace that word or phrase with a new one automatically. It's very handy when you want to replace multiple words, or phrases, without going through the entire text manually.

Extensive Description/Instructions Here.

12. Select All

Another simple tool that allows you to select everything within your text.

  • Can be used in conjunction with #3 Paste.

13. Remove Format

Allows you to remove any formatting that you have applied to your text. To use select the block of text that you want to remove formatting from and click the  button.




This tool allows you to make any text that you have selected bold. You can also click this tool first and type the text that you want to be bold.


Like the bold tool this allows you to italicize any text that you have selected, or click this tool first and type the text that you want to be italicized.


If you want some text to be underlined, you can select that text and click this tool. You can also click this tool first then type the text that you want underlined.

  • Using this tool will also underline any blank spaces within your selected text. 

17. Strike Through

This is a great tool to use for things like lists. It will place a horizontal line through the text that you have selected, or are about to type, but leave's the text visible. 

  • Using this tool will also strike through any blank spaces within your selected text.

♦♦ Example of Bold, Italic, Underline, and Strike Through: 

18. Insert/Remove Numbered List

This tool allows you to create lists automatically in an ordered fashion. You can also customize your lists to be in upper or lowercase numbers, upper or lower case alphabet, and upper or lower case roman numerals. You can even create nested lists with all three if you want, like so: 

Extensive Description/Instructions Here

19. Insert/Remove Bulleted List

Like #18 above, this tool allows you to add a bulleted list within your text. You can also customize the type of bullets that it will use with circles, disks, or squares. With this tool you can also create nested bulleted lists, like so:

Extensive Description/Instructions Here

20. Decrease Indent

This tool is an easy way to quickly format a block of text. The decrease indent will probably only be used after you have applied #21 Increase Indent though. This tool will remove one tabular length of blank space in front of your block of text.

  • To use place your cursor in front of the text that you want to remove indentation from and click the  button.

21. Increase Indent

This tool is also an easy way to quickly format a block of text. It will add one tabular length of blank space to your block of text. It's much easier than trying to hit the space bar a bunch of times and is great for easily making paragraphs.

  • To use place your cursor in front of the text that you want to add indentation to and click the  button.

♦♦ Example of indentations:

22. Block Quote

The Block Quote tool is an easy way to have a large block of text stand out a bit more using indentation. It's a lot like #21 Increase Indent.

  • To use place your cursor in front of the text that you want to make a block quote and click the  button.

23. Align Left

This tool will align all of the text that you apply this option to the left. By default this will be how your text alignment will start out.

  • You can any combination of left, right, justify, or center align within your total text.

24. Center

Like Align Left this tool will align your block of text down the center.

  • You can any combination of left, right, justify, or center align within your total text.

25. Align Right

This tool aligns your block of text to the right.

  • You can any combination of left, right, justify, or center align within your total text.

26. Justify

This tool is sort of a combination of both Left Align and Right Align. It will insert special spacing within your sentences that create "flush" sides on both the right and left making your block of text seem perfectly ordered. Like so:

  • You can any combination of left, right, justify, or center align within your total text.

27. Link

This is probably the tool that you will use the most. This is the tool that allows you to insert virtually any type of link that you will need. It offers a very large amount of customization and you can create everything from regular links to popup windows with CSS styling to email addresses that will bring up the users email client when clicked.

  • To use you can simply click the  button, or you can select the text that you have already typed up then click it.
  • Note: This tool does not offer the option to add an image. To create an Image link please see #30 Image.
  • Once you have clicked the  button put the address that you want the link to lead to in the "URL" option:

Extensive Description/Instructions Here

28. Unlink

This simple tool allows you remove the link properties of any preexisting link within your text. In short it will remove the link part, but leave the actual text.

  • Easy to use. Just right click any link and select "Unlink", or put your cursor within any link and click the  button.

29. Anchor

This is a great tool if you have a large amount of text that runs below the "fold" of your page. It allows you to have clickable links at the top of your text that will take users down to the corresponding information. The links in the color coded list at the top of this very article are linked to anchors within the text.

  • To create an anchor highlight the text that you want to be the anchor then click the  button.
  • To use the anchor select the text that you want to be the anchor link, click the button, select "Link to anchor in the text" from the "Link Type" dropdown box, then select the name of the anchor you created in the "By Anchor Name" dropdown box.

Extensive Description/Instructions Here

30. Image

This is another tool that you will probably use a lot. This is how you would insert images and create image links. It offers quite a bit of customization and is very easy to use.

  • To add an image place your cursor where you want the image to go and click the  button. In the box that comes up you can either put the address to an image that you have already uploaded elsewhere, or you can click the "Upload" button to upload it directly from your pc.
  • You can resize the image after uploading by clicking on it in the "Preview" box and dragging the corners, or sides, until it's the size that you want. Or you can use the "Width" and "Height" options to set it manually.
  • To create an image link click the button, add your url for the image or upload it, then click the "Link" tab and set the address for the link.

Extensive Description/Instructions Here

31. Flash

This tool is extremely useful. It allows you to embed flash files that you have already uploaded elsewhere without using any coding. All you need is the address to your flash file and this tool will do the rest. You can set the dimensions, quality, alignment, and much more.

  • Easy to use. Simply place your cursor where you want the flash movie to go and click the button. A box will come up. Put the address to your already uploaded flash file in the "URL" option, set the rest of the settings to your liking and that's it.

Extensive Description/Instructions Here

32. Add a Youtube Video

This tool makes it easy to embed Youtube videos without any embed code.

  • To use place your cursor where you want the Youtube video to go and click the  button. In the box that comes up all you'll need is the full address to the page that your video is on at YouTube. Not the "Share" address that they give you but the full website address to the actual page that the video is on. Put that address in the "URL" option.
  • It doesn't offer much customization but you can set the width and height of the video, and set the quality.

33. Table

This tool allows you to insert pre-built tables into your text. It's a good way to build lists that are organized and separated from the rest of your text.

  • To insert a table click the  button and set the number of rows and columns in the box that comes up. You can also set things like the width, height, border size, alignment, and much more.
  • After you have created the table simply place your cursor in one of the table boxes and start typing. You can also add images, links, YouTube videos, ect.
  • To edit, delete, or add, specific cells/rows/columns in the table right-click within one of them and select what you want to edit like so:

Extensive Description/Instructions Here

34. Insert Horizontal Line

This is a very simple tool that will add a horizontal line wherever your cursor is when you click the  button. It will separate any text above and below it.

35. Smileys

Simple little tool that will insert a smiley for you. Easy to use, just click the  button and select a smiley!

36. Insert Special Character

This is a tool that allows you insert characters that your keyboard probably doesn't have. This is what you would use to insert things like the © symbol, £ symbol, and much more. This is a very easy way to type out math problems that require special symbols.

  • To use place your cursor where you want the special character to be, click the  button, and select a character from the list:

37. Paragraph Format

This tool makes it easier to format things like headings or titles at the beginning of a paragraph. It will automatically format your titles without having to change the font size, bold, ect.

  • Very easy to use. Just click the  button and select an option in the dropdown list then start typing.
  • Here's an example of text that has been formatted using this tool:

38. Font Name

This is tool you would use if you want all, or some, of your text to be in a different font. You can change the font of your entire text, certain paragraphs or sentences, or even individual characters.

  • To use you can select a block of text then click the  button, or you can click that button and select a font before you start typing.
  • It supports most major serif, sans-serif, and monospaced fonts.

39. Font Size

This is a simple tool that allows you to easily change the size of your text. You can change all of your text, a paragraph or sentence, or even individual characters.

  • To use select some of your text and click the  button, or you can click that button then start typing.
  • It supports font sizes from 8pt to 72pt.

40. Text Color

This tool is what you would use to change the color of some, or all, of your text. It offers a wide variety of clickable choices and even allows you manually enter any RGB Hex color code.

  • To use select the text that you want to change the color of then click the  button, or click that button first then start typing.
  • You can apply as many colors to as much, or little, text as you need, but remember that too many colors within the same sentence will make your text very hard to read.
  • Can be used in conjunction with #41 Background Color, #37 Font Name, #38 Font size, #36 Insert Special Character, and #27 Link.
  • Note: Click the "More Colors" option to choose from a larger clickable list or put in your own RGB Hex color code:

41. Background Color

This tool allows you to set a background color to all of your text, a paragraph or sentence, or even single characters. It's a good way to make lighter colored text more readable like this.

42. Maximize

Simple tool that will maximize the rich text editor within your browser window. Click the  button to both maximize and exit maximized mode.

43. Show Blocks

This tool will display the HTML blocks that are being used within your entire text. It's an easy way to see which blocks of text are being used in which HTML block elements.

  • To use click the  button.
  • Some formatting options can only be applied to text that are within block-level elements such as headings (See #37 Paragraph Format).

Extensive Description/Instructions Here

44. Source

This is an advanced tool that you can use to view your current text, images, links, ect in an HTML format. It allows you to not only view the HTML but make changes to it as well.

  • Warning: Please only use this option if you are familiar with the HTML Markup language. If you forget to close your HTML syntax properly your page will not display correctly.
  • It is easy to use though. Click the  button to both enter and exit "Source" mode.

Extensive Description/Instructions Here

45. Collapse Toolbar

All this will do is collapse the toolbar .

46. Drag to resize

This will allow you to click-and-drag the rich text editors window size. You can drag it up and in, down and out, ect.

47. element

This is another advanced tool that displays information about your cursors current position. You can click on one of the elements to highlight the content within that element as well.

48. Keyboard Shortcuts

The rich text editor does offer a number of keyboard shortcuts for you to use. For a complete list of the available keyboard shortcuts click here.


I guess that's about it! If you have any questions about any of the tools, please post them in the Owners Community Forums and someone will help you out. If you feel that a tool isn't working or you are receiving an error of some sort, please submit a Support Request and the Tech Support Team will get it corrected.

I tried my best to proofread this article and make sure everything is linked correctly and includes the correct information, but there is a lot of information to keep straight. If you see something that doesn't seem right, or a link doesn't lead to the correct location, please send either a Spruz Staff member or me a personal message about it.

For complete documentation on the rich text editor click here.

Blog, Profile, and Settings Improvements Tags: Spruz site improvements

Blog, Profile, and Settings Improvements


Blog Improvements

  1. New Blog Preview when adding or editing a blog entry. This allows you to see how your blog post will look on the page after saving it!
  2. Save as Draft button, now you can come back later to finish that next great blog entry. Drafts will store on the site for 30 days and has a visible link at the top of the blog so you can access your drafts.
  3. Blog Scheduling, you can set a date and time for your blog entry to post to the public, very handy for planning holiday greetings and such.

Profile Changes

  1. We have renamed Add Elements to Apps. The link to view Elements users can add to their profiles has been changed to Profile Apps. This should make it easier for users to understand how to add things to their page. Now from the Apps pages there is also an Add More button to access the Widgetbox App Library.
  2. Add Widget has been moved the the Profile Apps page.
  3. My Home has been phased out and replaced with My Feed, My Feed will take the users directly to their Activity Feed while keeping them within the profile wrapper. For users that still want to access
  4. Add/Edit Style has been renamed to Profile Designer
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