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Published on Jul 28, 2017

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James Bartley lectures at the Close Encounters Conference in Byron Bay Australia in January 2017. James discusses Milab Ops, Space Ops, Time Travel, Alternate Realities, Astral Detentions, dissociation, and much more.

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MILABS – A Pandora’s Box

A Two Part Article and Interview with a Female Milab “Abductee”

By Eve Lorgen, M.A.


To preface my two-part article and interview with Lilu, a female milab from Australia, I find it important to discuss a few important issues about the milab experience itself. My understanding of a milab is a genuine alien abductee who also remembers interactions with a military human element and/or a shadow government faction in or out of their alien encounters. The military presence may appear to be in collusion with aliens, and may also appear to be opposed to the alien agenda, for example when the abductee recalls being interrogated by the military about what transpired, in search of “alien technology” regarding their alien encounters. In short, a milab is:

Individuals abducted by aliens as well as human military, or intelligence groups, (i.e., shadow government) The term milab, which is a contraction of the words “military and abduction”, can be used to describe the individual or the event. The milab definition is elaborated on at length in Melinda Leslie’s article, “ReAbs: Not MILABS”. She describes the three commonly misunderstood assumptions about milabs, by enthusiasts of Ufology and mind control:

1 is the idea that all abductions are actually perpetrated by the military and that there aren’t any actual ET experiences. #2 is that all ET abductions are mind control experiments. And #3, is that all MILABS are false, perpetrated by ET screen memories or hybrids in uniforms and don’t involve any actual human personnel.”(1)


Milabs—The Black Sheep of Ufology

Kay Wilson, an alien abductee who has recalled milab elements within some of her experiences, offers a thorough introduction about milabs as well as her encounters with human-alien hybrids in her article, “An Expanded View Of The Alien Abduction Phenomenon”. (2a,b, c, d) I would like to point out that Kay has seen numerous types of ETs, and to caution the reader from impulsive black and white evaluations concerning species of aliens, hybrids and abductees, because there appears to be many and varied.

Kay has stated in her writings that the current attitude in Ufology regarding MILABS is met with great resistance and milab abductees are considered “The Black Sheep of Ufology”. (2b) I couldn’t agree more. Investigating milab reports is like entering the dragon’s lair; a no mans land where one is met with suspicion, obstacles, and booby traps. Seeking evidence is tiresome, labyrinthine effort.  Many milabs seek understanding, empathy and support regarding their situation, and few are those who find it. I know I cannot offer the magic bullet that this study deserves, but I can share my understanding of the various co-existing elements of milabs, such as aliens, super soldiers, mind control, the military/shadow government and the occult.

My only divergence to the definitions noted above is that milabs (as individuals having ET experiences involving human/shadow government) may also be involved in covert black ops as a type of high technology, streamlined Manchurian Candidate, such as super soldiers. [Cases of Jared, Zed, Andy Pero, Michael Relfe, (3) Seth Coronado (5)]. It is my guess that some Mind control survivors in MK-ultra super soldier projects who have gone public with their human “mind control” testimonies tend to marginalize any ET related experiences or references to alien abductions for fear that mentioning these aspects as part of their testimony will derail them from appearing credible. I know this to be true with some anonymous mind control survivors who have preferred to keep this part of their experience private. This is unfortunate; because deleting the alien/ET component from their experiences may lend itself to greater misunderstanding of how mind control, aliens, milabs and black project may be connected. Much of my intention with this two-part article and interview with a female milab is to explore the possibilities of how these elements are connected. I admit that what I am writing about is probably considered the deeper end of the fringe. So brace yourself.


Types of Experiences

Several terms have been used when describing alien abduction related experiences, and it is not always clear to the recipient at the time of the experience or memory, whether the alien encounters are physical, astral, interdimensional, benevolent, malevolent, indifferent, or a combination of any of these. When it is not clear whether the experience is 100 % physical, it may be more apropos to call these experiences, alien intrusions, encounters or visitations.  One thing is clear: these experiences are perceived in such a way as to create post traumatic stress syndrome in many, and cause most experiencers to question their belief systems of consensus reality. To sum it up: high strangeness is the rule.

Many alien abduction researchers throughout the years have investigated abductions, mysterious communications with nonhuman higher intelligence, and also milabs. Some have sacrificed their reputations and safety—even given their lives to reveal these secrets, only to be left with more questions. Or worse—a hopeless view of what humanity may be in for, if alien abductions are indeed true. So much of the milab experience and alien abductions are downright disturbing, and the topic is met with a knee jerk resistance, I believe, because of the fear factor, deep within our subconscious minds.

It is with considerable difficulty to assess the accuracy and significance of alien abduction and milab reports. Add to this, spiritual warfare battles, bizarre mind control projects, Manchurian candidates and the reptilian-Illuminati bloodline testimonies. The list goes on, multiple conspiracy theories, until the high strangeness of it all compels most to throw out the baby with the bathwater. It is one big, scary, sticky mess!

Let’s face it, most persons do not want to go there or even beg the question whether these things exist at all. They assume either the researcher is crazy or the person being interviewed is. And so I find myself feeling like I have to “reinvent the wheel” for those who are still struggling with the issue of UFOs, alien abductions, mind control, milabs and God forbid—shape shifting reptilians! I realized that the interview I wanted to present with Lilu, had to be taken in much smaller steps, because if I barrel forward at the speed I am used to doing, by not clearly establishing the definitions and proposed connections between things, I will lose most readers, even those who have researched milabs and Mk-ultra mind control projects. Well, maybe not all, but I certainly would not be taken seriously.


The Signal/Noise Ratio of Abduction Events

Evidence must be weighty to give credence to these kinds of reports or the interview I am presenting. I know. But it is usually lacking and we are only left with bits and pieces of someone’s memory, and their interpretation of the event. Even with the aid of regressive hypnosis, most of the time we are left wanting more proof. I offer this article and interview as an area of exploration, an area to look into to find where connections can be brought to light, via increased levels of perceptual awareness. If I were to create a mathematical analogy of what areas to focus on to enhance the clarity of the “signal” of evidence, I would go with increasing the signal to noise ratio of the presenting factors. The “signal/noise ratio” aspect is the detection level of the event in question. What really happened, so that an independent observer could perceive it? What would they need to do, to “perceive” this event if it happened to them? How would they perceive it? How can we enhance perception? This is where I shall use a mathematic analogy to make my point. An event’s detection level can be defined as the ratio of signal to noise. The noise aspect of the equation is the amplitude of distractions, desires, fears, and scattered thought of the experiencer.  The mental chatter that creates an overlay of noise above and beyond pure perception. The signal is the event itself. To increase the signal, we can increase the level of perceptual awareness, to “up the limits of sensitivity”. This would require a honing of perception, such as calming and focusing the mind and healing some of the trauma. What might this look like?


Extra Perceptual Awareness—The X Factor

I believe that an enhanced level of awareness such as extra sensory perception can help us with this issue. Many experiencers of anomalous trauma have heightened levels of sensitivity and awareness of multi dimensional realities. One such person, who has undergone the trauma of a near death experience and alien encounters, is KT Frankovich. Her memoir, “Where Heavens Meet” (41) details her near death experience, survival of the devastation of Hurricane Andrew, being destitute and homeless, and her Lime Grove encounters with aliens while living in southern Florida. (42) She is also a gifted psychic. KT’s early career as an award winning animal videographer, gave her a trained observers edge, when she encountered alien entities in broad daylight. Her heightened awareness was able to offset the usual mind control manipulations of the alien entities. This level of perception exists in many shamans, yogis, healers and clairvoyants, and is what can give us an advantage when dealing with the alien presence.

After having been in regular communication with abductees over the years, I noticed that the paranormal aspect of their life is amplified, as well we their psychic sensitivities. For example, they may have poltergeist activity in the home, odd electronic malfunctions, see spirits entering or exiting Interdimensional portals, precognitive visions and dreams, in addition to the ongoing alien or military abduction activity. (17) This is why I am presenting heightened awareness as an area of inquiry that can enhance the “evidence” level of anomalous events that fall outside of every day reality. My intention is to narrow the window of investigations with those who have exhibited the “X-factors” of resilience, expanded awareness and spiritual integrity, and a fierce determination to overcome evil and oppression. Abilities like clairvoyance, empathy, spiritual discernment, clairaudience, precognition, lucid dreaming, out of body experiences, energy healing, telekinesis, remote viewing, and subtle energy perception are key tools to consider examining here. In other words, a handful of lucid, aware abductees who are resilient spiritual warriors, can offer a clearer perception of what “evidence” we are seeking, rather than a hundred or more abductees still struggling with perceptual barriers, or those seeking approval from the same systems which have invalidated and enslaved them, such as rigid Ivy League academia, mainstream popular opinions and politically correct notions. I believe an added dimension of perceptual awareness, and spiritual wisdom can help us bridge the gap in our understanding of if, how and why aliens interact with us. But there are still problems, which I see that can create obstacles to clear perception, even with “psychic individuals”.


Equanimity and Purity of Perception

Increased emotional reactions and biases can project an overlay on our perceptions, and this is where I believe many misunderstandings arise in the interpretation of an abductees’ event. In my own studies of Tibetan Buddhist practice, (36,37,38,39,40) it is believed that purity of perception is a function of the level of equanimity and reflective awareness of an individual. Equanimity is a state of being where the attachments to desire and fear are minimized. Reflective awareness, a practice achieved by lucid dreamers, shamans and dedicated yogis, can help us understand how our own projections of fear and desire create an overlay onto our perceived reality. Strip away what you fear or want to perceive, and just observe what arises. Become aware of being aware. Lucidity. But can skeptics even strip away what they fear and desire any more than alien abductees? Not in my opinion. I am reminded of what my Tibetan Buddhist meditation teacher, Dr. Alan Wallace, PhD has stated in jest, during one of the many Shamatha meditation retreats I participated in:

“ Extreme scientific skepticism and fanatic religious dogmatism are two sides of the same coin.” 

So, next time a skeptic balks at the lack of evidence regarding alien abductions and milabs, I wonder how far they are willing to go to enhance their own levels of perceptual awareness and equanimity? How much reflective empathic awareness have they really demonstrated? How far are they willing to delve into the dragons lair to emerge with the great pearls of wisdom? One wonders whether even angels dare to tread the places where many alien abduction and milab researchers have gone. This is where I believe, paradigm shifting life choices and priorities must be made to allow the already existing evidence to seep into our conscious awareness. Otherwise, we may just be barking up the wrong tree, you know, like the fake kind that cover up cell phone towers.  Personally, I prefer stately oaks and ringing cedars. How about you?


Anomalous Trauma

Most of my work since the late 1980’s involves “anomalous trauma”. This includes alien abductions, UFO encounters, milab reports, mind control, spiritual warfare, and angelic interventions, near death experiences, shamanic journeys and initiations. (4) This runs the gamut of most things considered “on the fringe”. A multifaceted approach was necessary for me to garner deeper insights into how all these types of experiences may be connected to one another. I have had to redefine how I perceive reality, and why a study of nodual wisdom traditions such as Tibetan Buddhist Dzogchen and Vedanta/Advaita helped me comprehend these anomalies in such a way that I can facilitate the experiencer’s healing journey toward integration and wholeness. Taking the role of healer and counselor is unique, and may not be what an investigative journalist or scientific researcher would consider.

A traditional investigative approach, I might add, falls into what non-dualists refer to as, “dualistic, relative reality”. Essentially, the inquiry into milabs, and all of which I have stated above, required an in-depth study of spirituality, that borders on the edge of physical reality and the duality matrix itself. I am stating that this is how far we need to go to deal with understanding the alien presence. Having said that, my counseling approach is to listen and take in the entirety of the person’s perception of their experience, with reflective empathy. I do not want to edit and delete aspects of high strangeness for the sake of my reputation, except in the case of my clients’ or my own safety. In time, the evidence will come, once our collective, perceptual awareness increases. In the meantime, my motto is,  “Let us return to our humanity where compassion is the rule, rather than the exception”.


The Gate Keeping Effect

Many in the Paranormal/Conspiracy/UFO field know of the dangers that some whistleblowers find themselves or their confidants in. The information, evidence, or the witness may suddenly disappear. And inevitably, what happens? –A limitation of the scope and definition of the experiences themselves. A compartmentalization of information occurs to such a degree that we have inadvertently created our own prisons. We have caused a gate keeping effect. Gate keeping in this instance, can be defined as a way to narrowly define, monitor and control the breadth and depth of a particular thing. In other words, the “whole truth” is rarely revealed, whether it’s due to lack of lucidity, poor memory recall, mind control manipulations, personal biases, credibility issues, or threats not to expose the whole ball of wax, so to speak. Gate keeping is a form of censorship.

Taking all this into consideration, one can surmise the challenge of revealing too much too soon, or not revealing enough to make a measurable difference in the world. Our gems of wisdom and truth seem to be largely inaccessible. We, through our own patriarchal, technocratic driven paradigm, and the values we deem important—have locked ourselves into a prison of our own making. How ironic.

My task is to reconnect with a deeper part of ourselves—deep soul wisdom–and to re-assess our true values by maintaining a presence of compassion. Reflective empathetic awareness and heightened awareness are the added ingredients that I believe can deflect the problem areas we find ourselves in when traversing the dragon’s lair of milab reports. How so, you might ask? How can compassion help us know the truth about aliens, or milabs for that matter–when so much of what is reported is contaminated with ridicule, shame, dissociated vague memories, mind control and high strangeness?


Amnesia, Dissociation and Mind Controlled Operatives–Super soldiers

I discovered years ago that many abductees (especially milabs) had personalities and memories that were dissociated. Much of their lives remained in amnesia, shame and secrecy. In fact, some of the milabs later discovered that they had dissociative identity disorder, or MPD/DID. (Michael Relfe, Duncan O’Finoian, Andy Pero, Zed, Jared and personal communication with anonymous milabs. (3,5,6) They discovered that they had alter personalities who were created through trauma based mind control via human and sometimes aliens in a sort of collusive Manchurian candidate-mind control program. But with milabs, the syndrome was much more complex and streamlined compared to the well known cases of mind controlled slaves like Brice Taylor, Arizona Wilder and Fritz Springmeyer’s accounts. (7,8,9,10) After interviewing super soldiers like Andy Pero, Michael Relfe, Zed, Jared, Seth Coronado (3,5), and others who prefer to remain anonymous, I realized that some milabs have a lot more going on than simple interrogations by the military about their alien abduction experiences. (To make an understatement!)

The milab super soldiers–according to the memories they are recovering–appear to be operatives who are highly trained to carry out a multitude of functions, usually under mind control in an alter personality mode. They often see other milabs and abductees in their experiences, being medically examined, tested or in training for specific jobs. (2b,11,12) They may experience taking part in a covert operation together in a human or even “alien environment”. (See Jared interview, (3)) Some milabs such as K. Wilson (2c) have described memories of having been on the dark side of the moon. Zed, (3) recalled being trained on the dark side of the moon with other human super soldiers under a reptilian and human military control and command. He discovered years later in his memory recovery, that the reptilian programming and control-deception system is superior to our own military capabilities. In other words, the reptilians have the upper hand, not our military/shadow government who apparently are/were in collusion with them.

Some milabs report teleportation and time travel ops (Andy Pero, Michael Relfe, Jared, Andy Basiago, and anonymous ones via personal communication). The point I want to make is that many milabs who have come to me to share their experiences of trauma, and their angst about all of this, realized they were being used as some kind of multidimensional operative doing a variety of functions for the aliens and/or “shadow government/military”.

Many milabs are concerned that they are being used to assist a dark agenda but cannot extricate themselves out of their secret life situations. Some have been partially freed, (i.e., Michael Relfe, Zed (3), Seth Coronado (9)) but many still fight an ongoing battle of continued abduction attempts, reprisals and remote mind control influences such as stalking and non-lethal weapons harassment. Beaming, for example is a term we have created to define when an alien, or perhaps a human perpetrator, influences the victim to see imagery in their minds, or to feel or hear things that compel them to make certain conclusions or act aggressively. For example, screen memories, emotional manipulations and vivid imagery, or training for scenarios in the future. Some of the beamings are reported to cause bizarre electrical sensations, severe pain, or sensations of burning on parts of the body, like the soles of the feet. At least in one anonymous milab case, these sensations were coincidental with vivid implanted imagery and stage-managed dreams. Much of what milabs describe parallels what victims of mind control, Illuminati bloodline cult and even black magic victims have experienced. And yet, not all milabs are from Illuminati cult families, and seem to have been plucked for reasons only the aliens or milab controllers know.


Incongruence of the Disclosure Movement

The current trend of whistleblowers concerning the milab issue, relate that black op factions of the military abduct and interrogate the experiencer/contactee. (1,2abc,13) Much blame is cast upon the “military/shadow government”, while alluding to the perception that the grey aliens, and other ET’s are the good guys. For example, a quote from Niara Isley in the UFO digest article published in 2008, regarding her military abductions stated,

“Robert Dean who has often spoken and given his testimony of what he knows says, if these extraterrestrials were bent on destroying us and taking over our planet, they could have done so long ago with the incredibly advanced technology they possess.”(13)

My question is, “Did anyone ever consider the superior mind control capabilities of the aliens, so that an overt takeover of humanity is unnecessary?” All they have to do is distract us with other issues such as environmentalism, endless political arguments, constant relationship manipulations, religiosity, or compulsions to blame each other or our military industrial complex’s dark agenda as the enemy. Even though these are valid concerns, it doesn’t make sense, at least in cases where aliens are observed in collusion with the shadow government abductors. It has been my educated guess (via consults with milabs and independent studies) that the military industrial complex is heavily influenced, if not taken over, by the malevolent alien factions such as the Draco’s, reptilians and some greys, as well as the Illuminati bloodline families. Furthermore, there is ample evidence quoted from ancient archeology and history experts like Michael Cremo, Richard Dolan, Graham Hancock and Michael Tsarion that our ancient star gods were the same reptilians (i.e., Anunnaki) who have corrupted and manipulated Earths religions for thousands of years. They created the secret societies! Out of the frying pan and into the fire?

I’ve noticed numerous times, whether the milab had MPD/DID or not, that they had a tendency to either preach Christian Fundamentalism or some New Age environmentalist propaganda, instead of getting into any specific detail about their own mind control programming, and how they are healing and processing their experiences. Could the compulsion to preach or get on the New Age environmentalist bandwagon be another program that is inserted as a defense mechanism to avoid the deeper issues of the powerlessness and reality of trauma and mind control? I’m not saying there is anything wrong with having a Christian faith or being environmentally conscious, it’s just the way in which I can see how these belief systems are used as a method of distraction.

If we can focus on unveiling the secrets of mind control, human or alien instigated, I think we can regain our power back as a race, free from the false god, manipulated religious corruptions, or the shadow government-military-industrial complex.

Some contactee’s and “experiencers” as they may prefer to be called, believe they are in contact with benevolent ET’s. They do not necessarily exhibit post-traumatic stress disorder or are “abducted” in the same manner as abductees. [Philip Kramf, (14)] I believe there must be some benevolent or neutral extraterrestrials, but would they need to abduct humans too? The experiencers I am concerned about, such as Jim Sparks, are the ones who have “changed their tune” from being vocal resisters of alien abduction, to sudden promoters of environmentalism, while being distracted from the real healing of the mind control systems the aliens installed to avoid the issue altogether. (15, 35b) I am also disappointed about the absolute denial of malevolent alien abductions by leading proponents of the Disclosure movement such as Dr. Steven Greer.

Handlers, Controllers and Programmers

And what you may ask is a controller, a handler, an abductor, a programmer, or a perpetrator? What does this have to do with alien abductions and milabs? Again, I have to define myself here. A controller for a Manchurian candidate for example, is someone who keeps close watch on their “agent/slave” and tells them what to do, keeps them in line—in the program. (See Fritz Springmeyer’s books (8,9). According to James Bartley, student of military history and milab researcher and colleague, a “Control”, or “Handler” in the old espionage/counterespionage lexicon, means: The professional intelligence officer who provides guidance, training, financial support and tasking to the spy or mole. Sometimes the head of an espionage division will be referred to as “control” like you see in the classic movie, “The Spy Who Came in from the Cold”.”

It is my understanding that Controllers tend to hide behind the scenes and are often only present (in the awareness of that agent) in the “other reality environment” in order to give mind controlled instructions. Sometimes this “other environment” is described as an underground military base complex, hospital, or a location the front alter may not recognize after having been given instructions to their “spy” alter personality. The controller can be the original “programmer” but not always. The programmer may work under the instructions of the controller (or vice-versa?) and install programs or entire alter personalities and capabilities while the victim is in a dissociated or tranced-out state.

The handler is someone that the agent/slave either works for, lives with or interacts with more regularly. He/she may be the controller or not. The handler may know specific coded phrases and trigger cues that can “switch” the personality and command them to do something or have amnesia about what happened. In Andy Pero’s entire story (16), he goes into detail about his mind control torture, handlers and Nazi controllers. Unfortunately, a handler is usually discovered to be someone the milab trusts like a family member, neighbor, spouse, work mate, doctor or dentist (often military). In fact, many female milabs discovered that they were set up in romantic relationships with men who had the effect of “controlling them” or keeping them from doing too much public disclosure, self-healing, recovery and integration work. (12) The reverse also occurs with male milabs and usually they are kept on a leash to avoid becoming a loose canon. This is where the love bite hypothesis (17, 35a) comes in for some milabs and how deep this “rabbit hole” really goes. Most of the time, the set-up targeted partner is also a victim and may not even know how they are being used to sow discord, chaos and disruption in the milab’s life.

Through personal communication with anonymous milabs (2abc,3,12), several have described having alien handlers and controllers, some of whom are “reptilian”. Of course with alien abductees, some may have the same alien handler responsible for examining them repeatedly. One has to wonder whether many abductees may unknowingly have alien handlers who are also their programmers.



In Leah Haley Davenport’s case, (18,19) she wrote about troublesome people she called “OMAGS”, short for obnoxious military and government agents. These men (or women) usually had some kind of military nuance about them, whose function appeared to subtly or overtly threaten or silence them, or to steer them into another direction that kept them otherwise distracted. It is uncertain whether all OMAGS or handlers are aware of what they are doing to the abductee/milab, but some must know and are working covertly to infiltrate and monitor many abductees and milabs lives.

The aliens, I believe, also use similar tactics of disruption and may be subtler, but very effective, perhaps even demonic, for lack of a better term. Abductees and milabs in my own work have reported anomalous experiences such as “entity possession” and reptilian hosting. I have described this in my book, “The Love Bite: Alien Interference in Human Love Relationships”. (17)

I concur that the alien abduction and milab situation is not an either/or black and white situation. All alien abductions cannot possibly be human black op mind control programs or demons. Nor are all milab-abductees only interacting with hybrid aliens, masquerading as shadow government “human” personnel, although some mind control victims have described only human interactions in their particular mind control program. (6,7)

Alien beings from otherworldly realms have been interacting with humanity–even in a very physical way– for thousands of years. This has been documented in detailed discussion in Richard Thompson’s seminal book “Alien Identities”(20).


Black and White Thinking Facilitates Gate Keeping

Compartmentalizing and marginalizing these reports has done more damage than good. Some milabs, like Lilu—the one I have interviewed here recently, believes that the faction of alien greys and reptilians she interacts with, have abducted her because of her genetics/bloodline. If you recall, victims in mind control projects and Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) like Arizona Wilder and Brice Taylor, state that these projects are multigenerational and related to ones “bloodline”, and tend to happen in cult families (8,9,10,24). A few SRA Illuminati cult victims have told me privately that the secrets of trauma based mind control, including demonic layering and bloodline control have been going on for thousands of years. This, nor aliens, are new to our post Roswell, UFO crash era.


Energy Vampirism is Ancient Knowledge

Indigenous shamanic traditions of southern India such as the Oti Vidya Matrilineal Goddess lineages, have known for thousands of years about bhaikarri oddiyas–vampiristic beings from other realms. (22,23) They describe them doing similar deeds as aliens, such as stealing fetuses from women in the first trimester of pregnancy. From a shamanistic viewpoint, the “bhairkarri oddiyas’s” purpose is to plunder awareness and soul energy. In fact, specific protection rituals for pregnant women and those planning to conceive, was a large part of the matrilineal shamanic way of life. Could some alien beings be doing nothing more than a high tech form of energy vampirism in an ET disguise? This question has been addressed fully in my book and in the article “Scavengers of Passion”. (17,35a) Perhaps we can learn a few things from these ancient shamanic societies.


SRA/Illuminati Bloodline People and Aliens

James Bartley and myself, through personal communication with anonymous milabs and monarch programmed SRA/MPD/DIDs, have discovered over the years that many SRA victims in bloodline families–those related directly or indirectly to the 13 ruling families and other occult secret societies — have occasionally reported seeing alien greys, or reptilians in their fragmented memories. These people tend to be more aware of the mind control programming because of their direct connection to Illuminati bloodline activities. Some can clearly recall being used as agents in black ops ranging from sex slavery, couriers, intelligence gathering, weapons training, super soldiers and psychic spies. They may recall bits and pieces of memories that an alter personality retains, or remember being used in covert ops while under mind control in their regular “front alter” personality. It gets complicated, but I can assure you that these people are remembering what they perceived to have happened to them during “missing time” or during the night when an alleged abduction took place. Oftentimes these memories surface in dreams or in the waking state as flashbacks. (7,8,9,10,11,12) Sometimes, as in the cases of Brice Taylor and Duncan O’ Finoian, their memories came flooding back as a result of a car accident where a head injury was sustained in such a way that the “programming” unraveled, where hemispheric integration accidentally occurred. Mind control programming-amnesia is installed to maintain secrecy, so those that do remember are only the tip of the iceberg.

Milabs may also have similar memories, but most of the time they do not recall ritual “cult” types of activities or are aware to be born from Illuminati bloodline families. But some do, like Lilu, and this is where some connections can be inferred between the Illuminati, shadow government, milabs, malevolent aliens, and mind control projects.


Black Magic and Twin Alter Programming

I might also add that SRA victims sometimes report magic being used on them, or they have knowledge of black magic being used to cast spells and curses on people. (Personal communication with anonymous SRA victims with MPD/DID) This includes “love spells” and twin alter personality bondings (in rituals), so that arranged marriages and relationships are easier to maintain. For example, an MPD/DID may have a specific alter that only shows up during rituals, and these ritual alters are sometimes twinned to another MPD/DID person’s alters, but their front alter host personality may not be aware that they have been “twinned”. All they may experience, at first is a very powerful bond and connection with another person, who may end up being their partner or spouse later in life. This keeps the bloodline strong, and also maintains the secrets within the families, as well as wealth and power. I have been told this by anonymous victims in SRA cult families where organized crime is a way of life.


Black Meta-Technology

In Michael Relfe’s case, he describes what he calls, black meta-technology. (3) This is a type of black magic that includes high technology science, alien technology and occult black magic. It ranges from alien implants, to love relationship “energy” engineering, remote influencing, high-speed subliminal programming, time travel progression and regression, demonic layering-entity attachment, and complex soul consciousness transferring from one body to another or in “cloned” bodies. [(9,17,25,) Seth Coronado, Ted Rice and personal communication with anonymous milabs] Programming may involve layering in of demons and attached entities, some of which may be alien greys and reptilians. This is why Michael Relfe stated in my interview with him, “If you are not dealing with expelling demons you are not dealing with mind control”. (3) As you can see, this subject matter is quite a Pandora’s box.

One has to keep in mind that when you are dealing with dissociation, MPD/DID, mind control, and milab experiences, there may be large gaps in the memories of what the person can recall, until they are able to recover more memory, heal and integrate their alter personalities. Not all milabs and alien abductees have been fractured this way, but many of them have, and either do not know it or do not disclose this to researchers who function from a more investigative and scientific approach.

One may ask themselves, why would a milab even want to mention this to a researcher or in public if they could be accused of being a mind controlled slave or CIA asset? Who wants that stigma? Not to mention the numerous reprisals, death threats and demonic attacks for talking about it. So, as a counselor of anomalous trauma, I am left holding secrets for many people, and have difficulty in disclosing what I know from those who desire anonymity. I do wonder, however, whether other abduction, paranormal and conspiracy researchers withhold this information for their own reasons.


PATCH: Paranormal and Anomalous Trauma Counseling and Hypnotherapy

The best way around this “sticky ball” is to make compassionate presence a priority in my work with people. I know that when a person truly feels heard, empathized with and validated, they naturally open up, so that if there are repressed memories, they are more likely to surface. This takes time, and being authentic is really the only way to go deeper. Hypnosis is very effective, but doesn’t always work, especially in people who are not psychologically ready to deal with paradigm shattering realities. This is why I adapt my Paranormal and Anomalous Trauma Counseling and Hypnotherapy (PATCH) to include other healing modalities, such as dream journaling, lucid dream work, meditation, body mind exercises like tai chi and yoga, and shamanic healing such as soul retrieval, exorcism and spirit releasement.


Compassionate Presence = Safety

Many claim that their religion, or healing method is “the only true way” but there are many routes to healing and recovery. One can also pursue specific spiritual practices for the deeper realizations, which may lead to enlightenment—the ultimate evidence. These practices are up to the individual in whatever faith or tradition they choose–and that could be a trap if the “faith” is nothing more than a reptilian manipulated cult! But–one step at a time. One thing I am certain; wisdom and true insight cannot arise without the authentic presence of compassion. Enlightenment cannot occur if we sweep all the “negatives” under the carpet and pretend they don’t exist. Does this sound familiar to anybody out there who is keeping up with the Disclosure Movement? The whole truth is not likely to be disclosed by the government or other groups until an environment of safety and compassion is set. This is our job. Are we going to continue to be gatekeepers, or are we going to encourage and support one another in compassion so that the truth—whatever it is–can flourish?

Sometimes I wonder if our society keeps up at the pace of worshipping technology, warfare and science that we will become like emotionally unavailable aliens! Who wants that? When will we be ready to shift our values so that truth can arise from us? Do you honestly think the government will offer us the truth on a silver platter? What are we waiting for? Think again. We must become the truth we seek.


More Compassion = More Whistleblowers = More Disclosure

Some whistleblowers like Andrew Basiago (26a) have come forward about black projects such as the Pegasus time travel project. Andy has also experienced alien encounters as a child. (26b, personal communication) Andrew’s case is unique from the standpoint that he has maintained a remarkable degree of lucidity, objectiveness, and articulate intelligence. He had not been as emotionally shattered as so many other survivors of deep black projects have. His story has a greater degree of coherency and credibility. (X factor here) But for every Andrew Basiago out there, there must be at least a dozen others or more, who haven’t recovered their memories, nor integrated their “alters”. They may not have recovered from the trauma, mind control and torture that other milabs have undergone. And if they do, it is usually a long process spanning many years. So, when I consult with a milab or someone with less memory, healing and integration, but enough bits and pieces, we can get an idea about what is happening to them, even though the public at large, or even other “abduction researchers” may not connect the dots. The problem of course is in the ridicule, danger, compartmentalization and secrecy of it all.




SOURCE: http://evelorgen.com/wp/


Holograms, Aliens and Agendas - Not For The Squeamish! Tags: Holograms Aliens and Agendas - Not For The Squeamish!


Published on May 16, 2015

There are two segments in my video that have had the volume, and testimony of persons in the video, taken out / censored by an entity other than myself. I do apologize for the drop out of sound in these segments (roughly a min to a min and a half long), but will state that I'll 'not' be revealing what was revealed / stated in such censored segments 'due to national security.' Yup. You read correctly. Enjoy that which you are allowed to hear. 30:31 Any clip that is repeated in this video? Is for a 'really good reason.' How far has technology advanced without your knowing? This is one of four video's to be released 'public' by the end of May 2015. Share if you like. It's currently unlisted so I can finish the other two videos I'm working on. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy Have the distractions swayed you from the realizations that technology has 'time warped' in it's advancement 'as of, or around' the 1930's or 1940's? Have the distractions swayed you from the realities that planet earth is full of resources that are threatened by forces that may imply an outside force, or race of beings that care not for human beings? OR is it all a part of a scheme / plan called 'Project Blue Beam?' Have we even been to Mars? Is there a relationship between an ancient race of beings / aliens and humans? Some evidence in the video to bring you to think some more. You be the judge. Does anything in this video sound familiar? If they are alien holograms, how does one explain the aliens caught on video, being filmed? Oh, body holograms (like those rockets hologrammed as planes spreading all them chem trails through the skies? One would not be comfortable knowing there were that many rockets roaming over head, would they?). Or, is there an actual race of species / aliens, protecting the planet earth? Or are the fallen angels? That which is presented in this video will surely bring you to ponder all that which currently be (my motive). Open your mind. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PhJjJ...
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)

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