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"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand."
- Confucius.

Dear Members, Friends, Visitors, and Readers of the Articles we share and work we do here at the "B.O.L.E."

Again is time that I need to pay the fees for the network and I would like I could count on your help.

I need to have ready at the end of July US$ 240.00 in order I can pay for a whole year.

Never think a few $ do not count, each amount count for me much that is given from a loving heart.

Please click


to find out how to donate.


IMPORTANT NEWS for the BOLE members
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Tags: BOLE Website Newsletter

This information is for our members, but in case someone wish to join, please feel free to subscribe to our network and join this group as well to receive our news.


Until end of March 2015 we could send anytime we had something important to send out to our members the possibility to send for free a newsletter out via an application on the network. Unfortunately, this is no more possible and we would need to pay a fee between US$ 50 to U$100 monthly to a 3th party company like mailchimp (for example).

After thinking how we could still serve you with a newsletter, I had the idea to create this group. 

If you are INTERESTED to have further delivered our newsletters to your private mail, please join the group.




Helping Ron and his Family in this Time of need
Category: Notes
Tags: BOLE Newsletter Helping a member in need

Aloha dear Brothers, Sisters, Friends

Our Brother Ron Van Dyke had a stroke....

but the condition of his heart is serious. He will have to have heart surgery to repair the failing valves. They need to move him to a hospital in Gainesville, FL where they can do the heart surgery. He and his family need financial assistance.

Please donate here:

His most recent Video you can see @YouTube HERE

Thank you so much!!!



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