Killer Storms and Floods
World's Driest Place, The Atacama Desert, Suffers Massive Flood and Earth Changes Tags: Chile Atacama Desert EarthChanges Floods Geoengineering

Published on 8 Feb 2019

This is another proof of the weather chaos on Earth. Parts of the Atacama desert, the driest place on Earth, are flooded. Heavy showers on high altitudes in northern Chile have caused dry river beds to become rushing torrents of water. The flooding has left one dead, one child missing and over 1,200 homeless. Learn More:


What happens when Hurricane Florence strikes? See this detailed analysis, threat assessment and preparedness video from Mike Adams Tags: chaos Collapse disaster Hurricane Florence nuclear nuclear power preparedness prepping public safety survival

What happens when Hurricane Florence strikes? See this detailed analysis, threat assessment and preparedness video from Adams

City Shut Down, Lightning Rings in Hurricane (Evening Update) Tags: S0 News Hurricane Florence

Published on 12 Sep 2018

1st topic - nothing more to say, very sick of the story already. It will almost certainly be a huge letdown. 2nd topic - Hurricane Florence is no let down... but still a hugely depressing thing. Positive thoughts with the east coast! RE Line of lightning- I've seen anomalies on that location before, but I wonder if this was a GEC return to an E-W signal pathway of the lowest ionospheric layers.


They Just Ran A Simulation of a CAT 4 Hitting The Middle East Coast

Published on 12 Sep 2018

Just months ago, disaster planners simulated a Category 4 hurricane strike alarmingly similar to the real-word scenario now unfolding on a dangerously vulnerable stretch of the East Coast. A fictional "Hurricane Cora" barreled into southeast Virginia and up the Chesapeake Bay to strike Washington, D.C., in the narrative created by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and Argonne National Laboratory. The result was catastrophic damage, which has some experts concerned that Hurricane Florence could produce a disaster comparable to 2005's Hurricane Katrina and in a part of the country that is famously difficult to evacuate. The simulated hurricane knocked out power for most gas stations in the Mid-Atlantic region, damaged a nuclear power plant and sent debris into major shipping channels, among other problems, according to a Department of Energy simulation manual.

Learn More:



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