Does this picture annoy you?
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If this picture annoys you...

Then you might just be a little bit OCD, like me.

When things don't quite "line up" properly -- either in life, in the physical world, or even emotionally -- it'll trigger a little anxiety alarm in my head.

Thing is... I like perfection.

I like things to be "right."

And a key part of the self-development journey is ultimately the realization that perfection is virtually impossible.

Worried about that line on your face? Or that scratch on the clean car door? Or those new colleagues? Or that misaligned pixel?

Nothing will ever be perfect.

Things might be good, pretty good, or even awesome. But they'll never be 100% perfect.

That doesn't mean we shouldn't try our best. Rather, it means we need to decide when "good enough is good enough."

So if you're the sort of person that is sitting around waiting for all the dots to line up before you take action, then prepare for a long wait...

Because they'll NEVER line up. Not really.

Perfection is just a pipe-dream.

It's a lesson that everyone in life ultimately learns.

The teaching?

Be happy NOW. Take action NOW.

Enjoy the journey AND the destination.

Because you'll die with a TODO list, and that's just how life is.

Stop pissing about. Stop seeking a perfection that is absolutely impossible.

Do the best you can. Accept what is. And get on with life.

- Karl More


Fuck it !
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Buddhist philosophy is clear on one important point.

"The root of suffering is attachment."

It teaches non-attachment. It demonstrates that clinging tightly to a situation, posession, or outcome is to be avoided.

Well, here's a revelation.

This Eastern teaching has a modern-day Western equivalent.

That is, simply saying... Fuck it.

By saying "fuck it", we instantly let go of our attachment to a situation. It's a releasing process, which diffuses any emotional stress clouding your thoughts.

"Fuck it."

Okay, so maybe it sounds whimsical and silly and throwaway.

But think about it for a second. Maybe it really does represent a pretty deep releasing process.

Say "Fuck it" to problems, to stresses, to your diet, to people's bad choices, to whatever is making your life feel heavy.

Now, saying "Fuck it" doesn't mean you give up. It doesn't mean you lose all responsibility.

Rather, it helps you let go of the emotional attachment you have to the issue -- which means you're able to make better decisions and take clearer action. And even then, only if you want to.

In recent times, entire workshops have emerged, where people meet to simply sit around and say "Fuck it!" all day long.

I'd like to suggest that -- at least for today -- you do the same.

Start saying "Fuck it!" to anything that stresses you (or just to everything that comes up), and see how you feel.

I'm willing to bet you'll feel lighter, happier, less stressed, and you'll probably live a few minutes longer as a result.

These simple two words might just grow to become your favorite personal development philosophy. It's certainly easy enough to remember.

Just say... Fuck it!

You Won't Succeed Until You Do These 3 Things | Prince EA
Tags: Prince Ea Inspirations Consciousness

Published on 28 Sep 2018

Success has to be broken down into these steps!


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