OSHO: Like Flowers of a Garland
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Published on 26 Feb 2017

Like Flowers of a Garland:

Some parts of the public, the press and people who listen to Osho on a perhaps superficial level, often accuse him of being contradictory. They cling with their minds to word and find statements which on a logical and verbal level they feel are contradictory.
Osho responding to a question addresses this issue in this talk...This is an important video - a key to unlock some level of understanding of Osho's talks:

“During the years, talking to you, I have been sharpening my arrows, my words, so that they can penetrate directly to your heart. But contradiction is not there at all. And you are right: the day all of my words will be understood, there will be found an undercurrent running through all of them and joining them. They are like flowers of a garland – a thin thread, invisible, is running through all the flowers – and that is my consistency, that is my experience

”To understand more about OSHO Talks, their context and purpose, see:

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Song For Today: Estas Tonne ~ When Words are Wind ❤️
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Estas Tonne ~ When Words are Wind ❤️

This song is from Sound & Silence festival in Corfu one of the greenest islands of Greece archipelago.
Very special festival which lasted for 6 days and gathered people from all around the globe.
After Sound & Silence there was a retreat to let the energy come down.
One of those nights the moment has come which no matter how many times one relives it the shivers crawls through the body again and again.
It is an evening performance of Estas & Friends joined by the biggest surprise Netanel Goldberg.

As a modern-day Troubadour Estas Tonne travels countless places and finds himself in several cultural references without identifying himself with a single nation or country, rather with the cultural richness of the world. His music is therefore a reflection of a classical structure, technique of Flamenco, roots of Gypsy, characteristics of Latin and Electronic Soundscapes.

The magicians without whom this co-creation would not be possible
Estas Tonne ‖ Joseph Pepe Danza ‖ Netanel Goldberg ‖ Mitsch Kohn

Tags: Prince EA

Published on 18 Jan 2017 by Prince Ea

Warning, Explicit Language. Sorry, but I had to get this off my chest.

This video is not a diss video, but a reflection of my own experience with haters and will hopefully inspire you not to allow people's negative reactions to control your thoughts.

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Prince EA // @PrinceEa


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