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Published on 4 Dec 2018

Yesterday, I listened to a really long video recommended by my long-time friend, PeterSiNeh. It was about the age of the earth and the enormity of all that is. Then last night I led a meeting of the Metaphysicians Circle. Our guest speaker, Baskar Tanelly, is a professor at FIT, the Florida Institute of Technology. He grew up in India and gave an interesting talk about KARMA, REINCARNATION & LIBERATION. Talk about synchronicity, it was as if I was being set up to re-examine my life and the principles upon which I have done my best to live since childhood. Is life nothing more than riding a perpetual merry-go-round? Yes, it keeps coming back to that question for me. It’s tiring and frustrating just to consider. Dammit, the professor even thinks we can come back as mosquitoes or rats. We do not even get to play different human roles on each cycle. It’s simply Life experiencing itself as all possibilities. No Intelligent Design or loving Designer! I now realize how appropriate my comment was in the previous video, one I have said many times: STOP THE WORLD, I WANT TO GET OFF! If there is no destination, no purpose other than to entertain a Creative Idiot, I’d rather not play the game at all. Do any of us really have a choice? Can we know for sure?


Here is a short video that explains very well how reincarnation really works and why reincarnation exists. I recommend to get you those few minutes as it for sure helpseveryone to get out of fear and confusion.  I might also say, reincarnation is NOT a trap!

Enjoy, - SiNeh~



BOLE: How To Install Love
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Published on 8 Aug 2018

More and more I am noticing signs that things are changing on my two primary social networks. Of course I’ve been making video every day on YouTube since January 2011, missing less than two week during my hospitalization for open-heart surgery. My primary gmail account is no longer available now since my computer was hacked and my password was changed by who knows who. Yes, the email connected to my YouTube account cannot be changed; so that one still works. As for Facebook, I have long had two accounts, the primary one with a limitation of friends, and the other used for the overflow. I never hear from most of my FB friends and realize that FB sends me people that do not even know I make daily videos. Some even make innuendos of a sexual nature. I now screen my friend requests carefully to determine motivation. I disapprove most of them. Of course these social media were created to spy on us; but it seems obvious there is more going on at this time. When will the swamp be drained? When will we see real change? Like many, I face questions that are not easy to answer.


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