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"The Kingdom of God Is My True Essence" | Mooji Tags: Mooji Consciousness Satsang


Published on 10 Feb 2019

Satsang of the Week — 10 February 2019 In this excerpt, Moojibaba speaks about what it means to marinate in the Self, developing spiritual discernment, and transcending the sense of separation from the Is-ness. We also hear a beautiful testimonial of the power and essence of Satsang.

Moojibaba ends the talk with a tremendously powerful guided inquiry and blessing.

“This is the coming from death into life, from darkness into light, from confusion into clarity. May the fullness of Grace take hold of the mind and merge it in the heart of Being.



5D Shift: Our Divine Orientation Tags: open hand consciousness


Published on 29 Jan 2019


I Cannot Come to the End of the Greatness of the Self | Mooji Tags: Mooji Consciousness Satsang


Published on 27 Jan 2019

Satsang of the Week — 27 January 2019

“Your life has been called by Grace, and you have called Grace to yourself. Even as you sleep, you are maturing in your understanding. The voice of conflict will come, but he is not greater than you. You must cross over this little bridge.

Just keep looking, and remember that Grace is with you, and thank God. Keep dissolving into your infiniteness. You don’t need to plan any day, everything will unfold abundant in Grace.

If I kept on talking to you about the greatness of the Self, I cannot come to the end of it.”



"Aloha Parsifal Thank you for all those insights. It doesn't sound good..."
In: Vedic Foundations IV (deu/engl)
by: SiNeh
"Seeeeehr interessant, danke Parsifal Gerne würde ich mal in die Gegend reisen..."
In: Festival Of Lights - Brigid - Imbolc - Candlemas
by: SiNeh
"Die Kelten Niederoesterreichs video ..."
In: Festival Of Lights - Brigid - Imbolc - Candlemas
by: Parsifalrain
"Que horror !!!!! I'm speecheless Parsifal Abotion at any stage of..."
by: SiNeh
"German Young Socialists (leftists) want to legalize abortions until birth ..."
by: Parsifalrain
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