NASA Scientists Have Discovered Flowing Water On Mars (Thats the News they wanted to tell us)

The space agency will gather a host of experts to its headquarters in Washington for a briefing where it promises to announce it has solved a huge mystery surrounding the Red Planet.

NASA's previous announcements have revealed groundbreaking findings, such as that in July of the discovery of Earth-life planet Kepler-452b, outside of the Solar System.

Experts at this event, which is set to take place at 5.30pm GMT, include Jim Green, the director of planetary science at NASA and Michael Meyer, lead scientist for the Mars Exploration Program.

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RED ALERT! N.Korean Military Go To “FULL READINESS” For WAR with South & Roll Out Skud Missiles
Tags: North Korea

Carrying on from yesterdays exchange of artillery fire across the DMZ, North & South Korean tensions are rising as the North tell the military to be on full readiness for war with the south and have issued a deadline of tomorrow, Saturday, for the propaganda via loud speakers to stop, or else. This comes as the South Korean & U.S. say they have detected the movement of short-range Skud missiles and long-range Rodong missiles.

  • Pyongyang issues ultimatum to Seoul to halt propaganda broadcasts by Saturday afternoon or face military action
  • North Korean soldiers have been placed on a ‘fully armed state of war’ as tensions escalate on the peninsula
  • South Korean defence minister warns there is a ‘high possibility’ that North Korea will attack loudspeaker facilities 
  • U.S. and South Korean surveillance detected movement of short-range Scud and medium-range Rodong missiles 

The question is whether or not this is just the usual bluster from the North’s leader, Kim Jong Un, or if in fact he is ready to back up the big talk that he, and his father before him, became infamous for.

Tensions in this area of the world are nothing new, that we know. However, the exchange of artillery fire is unusual, and with rumours the Kim Jong Un doesnt have the full confidence of him military after a spate of high level executions, could it be he is just trying to galvanise his position amonst the generals that are by now putting a target on his back. All speculation on my part obviously, but we have to take everything into consideration.


Kim Jong Un is the comedy character of globalist leaders, but never forget that as insane as he is, he also has nuclear weapons at his disposal. The north may not have the technology to follow through on their endless threats of destroying America, but in a conflict with the south that will not matter. The North Koreans are also one of the few countries, along with the likes of Israel, that dont allow any inspections of weapons facilities etc and are said to have a highly advanced chemical and biological program, and im sure that come the time, there will be agents strategically placed around the world to carry out asymetric warfare should the need arise.

One thing is for sure, Kim Jong Un may be the only game in town in N.Korea, but dont expect him to do anything militarily without first seeking approval from Beijing.

Lets not get into Joint Sea II right now, but for those that havent heard, the Chinese & Russian navies are drilling in the Pacific right now in their biggest ever joint naval drills… just saying!

Lets see what happens come the deadline tomorrow, for then we will have a clearer picture of what is going on, and whether or not this is just the same old B.S. from China’s puppet.



And here below is what I found on Twitter. SiNeh~

Massive explosion rocks China – casualties reported


Explosion happened in E China's Tianjin City Wed. Huge mushroom cloud seen. Quake felt 10 km away.

The cause of blast still remains unknown, more info at link below.



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