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Benjamin Fulford 8-29-16: 'Germany makes game changing move, prepares for war to defeat khazarian mafia' Tags: Benjamin Fulford

Germany makes game changing move, prepares for war to defeat khazarian mafia
Posted by benjamin, August 29, 2016

For the past few weeks the wheels of geopolitics have been churning the mud during a summer “ceasefire.” That is now ending.

The German government has made a decisive break with the Khazarian mafia and has ordered its citizens to stockpile 10 days worth of emergency food supplies in preparation for a war of independence, according to both CIA and MI6 sources. In addition, the German government is mobilizing 600,000 militia members in preparation for this war, the sources say. The trigger for this mobilization was a request by the Khazarian controlled US government for Germany to accept a massive false flag attack on its territory as an excuse for totalitarian Khazarian rule. The Germans have decided to refuse this request and are instead allying themselves with the Russians and effectively joining the UK and Turkey in a Western led move against the Khazarian controlled American government, the sources agree. This information can be confirmed in a series of German government statements seen in the corporate media. These include the announcement of the emergency food supply request, a statement by the German foreign minister that Germany needs to work with Russia and a statement by the economy minister that the US Khazarian led TTIP trade agreement was dead in the water.

The German move is just the opening salvo of what is expected to be a decisive campaign to permantently end Khazarian control of the West and its remaining slave states. Expect similar moves in many countries as the autumn offensive against the final Khazarian mafia strongholds goes into full gear. As the snowball effect continues, keep your eyes on France, Japan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Brazil
among other places over the coming months.

Another clear signal that things are not as normal is the fact that Khazarian Presidential canditate Hillary Clinton has become too scared to meet actual real people and has begun using green screen to tape her campaign performances. That is because the people on the bounty list issued by the White Dragon Society have been vanishing from public view one by one. That is also because her mass murdering Bush/Clinton/Rockefeller mafia bosses are hated by a vast portion of the world’s awakening public.

The Chinese, for their part, have given up on Hillary and, since they also have no love for Republican Candidate Donald Trump, are now considering a more radical move. They have invited...

MORE on Thursday in this Theatre



The Zen Gardner Witch Trials. Mass Hysteria in the Alternative Truth Movement Tags: Consciousness Empowerment Overcoming Social Commentary Transformation

HopeGirl Blog

Wow! Ok, so here goes…on todays show Mel Ve and I discuss the latest events around the disclosure of Zen Gardners history of being involved in a controversial cult called the Children of God. This show was done just two hours after Zen gave his first interview on CCN with Angela Power Disney telling his side of things.

The disclosure around Zen’s past certainly rocked the “alternative truth movement” circles. However, things are not as black and white as they seem. In a world where apathy rules and evil is allowed to run rampant without so much as a glance from the zombified  audiences, we find it quite interesting that there has been a sudden  side taking outrage over this that reminds me of something… I can’t quite put my finger on it… Oh yeah, that’s it! THE SALEM WITCH TRIALS!!!

If you want to get the “essence” of what appears to be going on right now in the alternative media world go to 1:17:00-1:20:00 in this documentary movie that replays the scene when mass hysteria breaks out in a puritan village and a group of hysterical teenage girls, who are trying to cover up their own transgressions suddenly start falsely accusing innocent people of being witches and ultimately condemning them to death.

If Zen’s past involvement with a cult is something that bothers you and you choose to not read or support his work anymore, than that is something you have every right to do.  I read ALL THE ARTICLES ON BOTH SIDES. I watched the documentaries and the interview with Zen. I saw the facts about the cult and the opinions of the people.  I think the cult is horrible thing. I think all cults are. That’s why I’ve spent the time I have with Mel Ve trying to uncover ways for cult members to heal from this kind of abuse.  I think these cults are satanic at their roots, even if they claim to do things in the name of God, which offends me and my faith to no end.


However, remember this: not a single victim has come forth with accusations around Zen.  NO VICTIM, NO CRIME.   Do we really want to allow our society to turn into one led by witch hunts and lynching mobs? What about Nazi Germany? Didn’t they do this then? What about the inquisition? Didn’t they do this then?  This is all planned folks. It’s a sting operation meant to turn us into savages to destroy each other.  So before you choose to ignore your own critical thinking and grab your pitchfork and torch to join the hate mob, let me ask you this: WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF SOMEONE DECIDED TO MAKE YOU THE NEXT TARGET TO TAKE DOWN????  Cause you know that’s how this crap always turns out….

Please folks, think about it before you act on anything. Don’t do something your going to regret. Don’t burn your bridges or your friends, because you’re going to need them when this whole thing flips around again, which it will.

Here’s the discussion I had with Mel Ve on the No Holding back show around this issue. The first 10 minutes are updates, then we go into the discussion around the Zen Gardner issue. Its well worth a listen.

Also here is the interview that Zen Gardner gave with Angela Power Disney just two hours prior:



Who Is the Man We Know as Zen Gardner ?



Now and Zen: To Whom It May Concern

Iam Saums

A Dime a Dozen:

I find it fascinating how people instinctually respond to events that don’t even happen to them.  We as human beings have a tendency to overreact to the choices, actions and lifestyles of others, while we underreact to those of our own.  We do so because of our lack of communication, experience and understanding about the circumstances of others.  Our interpretations are based upon inaccurate and incomplete perceptions.  We are quicker to criticize, judge, shame and dispose of people in our lives than we are to make a difference.  Some do this to take opportunity from the downfall and disgraces of others, while most subscribe to this sociopathic behavior to conceal their dependency, disappointment, embarrassment, hurt and pain.

Spiritual Elitism:

Yes, we all have it.  Get over it.  My friend Elva just recently wrote an article entitled, “The Writing on the Wall,” in which she acknowledges the awakening of the human race, then poses the question “what are we awakening to?”  This is a much greater concept to ponder in light of the accelerated era of decline in which we currently find ourselves.  We who have committed and practice a path of spirituality may not understand that with the expansion of our consciousness, so does our ego grow in equal or greater measure.  When we chase after the light we are not present to the darkness we overlook in ourselves.  Spirituality has become the new religion.  As a culture we fail to observe the pompous influence of our judgement and self-righteousness.

Experience teacheth Wisdom?

Each of us have our own experiences.  Though, we are more often preoccupied with those of others than our own.  We are swift to pounce upon the downfallen in society to bolster our own image and status in the world.  We manufacture false power through the negativity of demeaning, demonizing and disgracing others.  We present ourselves as aggressive, arrogant, cynical, disempowering and sanctimonious much to our oblivion even when we express ourselves with the greatest of intentions.  Our experiences teach us ways to break the patterns of society’s conditioning that ultimately transmutes humanity into a monstrosity.  We sacrifice the wisdom we may kindle in life to achieve, acquire, compete, dominate and exceed.


Where is the Love?

We all embody ourselves as being civilized, creative, educated, intelligent, kind, spiritual and transcendent.  Yet, when we find ourselves in challenging and overwhelming circumstances, we turn on ourselves and each other as fast as the speed of light.  Our greatest friends become our bitterest enemies.  What we believed, felt and thought yesterday is quickly discarded when we are confronted with conflicting beliefs or opinions distinct from our own.  We not only disagree, we respond with outright anger, disdain, frustration and vitriol.  Gradually we degrade and destroy all which we do not or are not willing to accept, consider or understand.  The love we once had for everyone evaporates.  Even our love for ourselves.

Idyllic Life:

None of us, no matter how clever, creative, smart or spiritual we believe we are, are the ideal human being.  Each of us has downfalls, flaws, negativity and weaknesses.  This is the nature of humanity.  It isn’t the people that present themselves with authenticity and integrity with who we have to be critical and suspicious.  It is all who chose to present themselves as the ideal expression of existence we should be wary.  These are the people who are manipulating reality to gain advantage, advancement, position and the conversion of the world to their own image, lifestyle and vision.  The more we fashion ourselves in the shadow of others, the more personal power we sacrifice upon the altar of self-importance.

Mirror Image:

Everyone and everything in our lives serves is an all-encompassing mirror.  How we respond to these elements of our experience determines how we think, feel, act and are.  The attention and energy we give them ultimately produces the events that will occur to us in our present and future.  How and who we choose to be in our everyday life defines who we become and who and what we attract into it.  We do not get how powerful we are as human beings.  If we did, we most certainly would not be jumping on the comment sections of website articles to take out our angst, drama, failures, fears, insecurities and disappointments about how our lives turned out due to our own lack of investment, involvement and fulfillment.

Ready, Aim…Fire!

Our proverbial guns are locked and loaded for bear in any circumstance we may find ourselves.  We are tinderboxes bouncing off of each other, who at any moment can spark, ignite and explode.  More often than not we do so with the gravest of consequences.  When our environment, experience and perception is challenged and/or compromised, we instantaneously react with a fervor that even shocks and terrifies us.  By the time we are present to the impacts of our thoughts, words and actions, the damage has already been done.  The scariest revelation is that we are not even conscious of the harm we willingly inflict upon others, when we believe we have been betrayed, deceived, manipulated and lead astray.

Keyboard Assassins:

It is so easy, too easy, to sit down in front of a computer and open fire on what we perceive to be attacks upon our intelligence, faith, lifestyle, morals and well-being.  The inadequacies and insecurities of our lives are on full display when we feverishly tap out our anger, disappointment, frustration and upset on our keyboards with a passion that is evidently lacking in our lives.  No matter how much we engage in virtual confrontations upon the comment streams of someone else’s article will never change what is happening around us.  We can only transform that which is occurring within us depending upon how we respond.  The difference we make in our lives and the lives of others begins with our ability to accept all for who they are and who they are not.

Zen and Bear It:

I have known Zen Gardner for a few years.  We email back and forth occasionally, share articles on and have similar interests.  Most of us on the site do, contributors and readers alike.  I read his article, “The Missing Years,” and was surprised at the vitriolic response it received.  As I was reading, I became present to a part of his life that was both difficult and revelationary, written with sincere authenticity.  We never know what we are into completely until we see “The Writing on the Wall.”  Zen made a choice to make a difference and attempt to transform injustices he became aware of about something in which he once believed.  When he realized he could not, he left it and moved on with his life.  The question we all must ask ourselves every day is, “do we choose to make an opinion or a difference?”


Now and Zen: To Whom It May Concern


Who Is the Man We Know as Zen Gardner ? Tags: Don Ferguson Cults Child Abuse The Awakening Forbidden Knowledge Zen Gardner

Who is the man we know as Zen Gardner?

Because I posted and will continue to do so, (almost) every article Zen Gardner (aka Don Ferguson)  here at the BLEND OF LOVING ENERGIES, which you can find HERE, I feel I need to inform you what I have today learned. I will NOT post the whole article but the introduction and the image I found there.

It saddens me a lot what I had to learn, but do not cast a stone at anyone involved. I have also read all the Revelations Zen made at his Blog site but didn't posted those articles here because I found those Blogs to be something that Zen wanted his website readers and sure some of the Bloggers that post at his site to know only.

BUILD YOUR OWN MIND ABOUT what is now revealed and please read and see it with your heart.



An Open Letter to Don Ferguson a.k.a. Zen Gardner

August 19, 2016, by Bernhard Guenther 

Over the past week I have received many messages from people asking me about Zen Gardner’s recent “confession”. He was a member of the Children of God (The Family) cult for 27 years, including being in leadership position.

I have kept quiet over the past week since the news broke and wanted to talk to Zen personally about it since I had some questions. I have “known” Zen since April this year. He liked my work, reposted some of my blogs on his site and I was on his “Now and Zen” show in May. We stayed in contact, changed a few Skype messages and had two Skype video chats. The last time I talked to him via Skype was when he was in Spain last month, hanging out with my friend Benny Wills (from Joy Camp) and others.

I was quite shocked when I first read his article “My Missing Years”. At first I was glad to see that he shared this hidden aspect of his personal life and opened up. It triggered empathy and compassion within me. However, as I was doing more research into the COG cult and also discovered why and how his “confession” actually came about, many things he talked about (and especially the way he handled it) didn’t add up. There was a lot of avoidance, white-washing and not addressing big questions that sit like multiple “elephants in the living room”.

At first I tried to connect with him via Skype, offering my support but also pointing out that I had questions and I felt his articles (especially the second one “A Few Replies”) were coming from a victim/avoidance/missionary stance, lacking sincere accountability and full disclosure. I also connected with Benny to talk about this situation since we both know (or knew) Zen personally (although I never met him in person). We both tried to confront him on some questions we had via Skype message and wanted to talk to him in person eye to eye via Skype. He dodged and avoided our questions and kept responding with “testimonials” of other people who support him during this time. He never made an effort to connect with us via Skype video.

This led me to write a long email to him, being very direct as I would be to any “friend” who’d be in the same situation. In my view good “friends” call each other out when needed to help each other grow. I was not interested in ego-stroking him and “showering” him will all kinds of New Age/Pop-spiritual lingo as I saw so many of his fans do in the comment section of his two articles. The lack of critical thinking and not spotting the obvious red flags by so many people was actually sad and shocking to see. However, I’m also not interested in a public “which hunt” and just screaming out “sick Pedophile” or “Sociopath” as I have seen some people do as well. I wanted to be direct but also supportive and help him to come fully “clean”.

I sent the email to him four days ago (and a copy to Benny as well since he helped me with this email and agrees with everything written in it) and haven’t heard back from him since then. Sadly and very telling he only wrote Benny a message yesterday with ANOTHER testimonial of someone else stating how great of a guy Zen is and AGAIN dodging Benny’s simple and direct questions, while Benny tried to refer to the email I sent him. Since then he also has not replied to any of Benny’s questions.

I think it says a lot that he didn’t even message me after I sent this email (even just to acknowledge that he received it) in which I expressed that I wanted to talk to him face to face; but instead he tried to convince my friend Benny that he’s such a “great guy” who is exposed to an “unfair witch-hunt”, telling him that he simply doesn’t remember everything that happened (if that is not a red flag, then I don’t know what is). The continuing excessive need for validation from others is also a huge and big red flag in itself, let alone the avoidance of answering simple and direct questions from people he knows personally, calling us “friends” and “brothers”.

The reason why I make this email public here (with minor edits due to privacy and for context) has various reasons.

For one, it basically answers the many questions I have received from other people about my “opinion” and stand on that issue.

Secondly, I need to do this out of my own conscience and be very open and clear about it. The last few days have been hard on me to digest all the research I’ve done into the COG cult and the “betrayal”/disillusionment I experienced, realizing that I really do not know who the persona Zen Gardner is. Part of me didn’t want to get into it all or even write this blog but just let “others” deal with it since the cat is out of the bag anyway. I just wanted to keep focusing on my own work. I also didn’t want to fuel a “witch hunt” against Zen Gardner and also give him time to respond to my email.

However, as I was taking some time for myself, staying off the computer for a few days and just letting the information digest within me, contemplating and meditating on it, I got the strong message from within that I do need to make this public statement and let it all out. I can’t stand on the sideline about this. It’s like my conscience doesn’t leave me any other choice and I tried the best I could to speak to Zen in person to no avail. I also consulted with a few friends besides Benny for some feedback (to check my own possible blind spots and/or reactive behavior) and I also sent them the email I sent to Zen. All of them agreed with what I wrote and encouraged me to post it publicly, especially since there are some issues addressed that most of his “followers” don’t seem to see or address or “don’t want to see”.

In the end it ties into what I wrote about in my last essay. We are in the times of “unveiling” and “splitting” as the dark is coming to light to be transmuted and transcended and there is no hiding from it. There have also been other synchronicities and signs in my life over the past week, confirming that this is the right step to take. Some people, including Zen Gardner himself, will maybe see this blog as part of the “which hunt” (while others may even think that I’m too “easy” on him), but I trust that anyone with some grounded and embodied awareness knows and sees the true intention of it in light of the Time of Transition that we are in. One thing I can say for sure, this email/article is not coming from a reactive-projecting place, but from a place of consciously responding, even if I do call a spade a spade as you’ll see and I am very direct in parts. Call it “fiery compassion”.

“Real compassion kicks butt and takes names and is not pleasant on certain days. If you are not ready for this fire, then find a new-age, sweetness and light, perpetually smiling teacher and learn to relabel your ego with spiritual sounding terms. But, stay away from those who practice real compassion, because they will fry your ass, my friend.”

~ Ken Wilber

Thirdly, I realize more and more that all this goes way deeper than most people are aware of and I’m still wrapping “my head” around it as new information is coming out, including possible CIA/MK Ultra connections to the COG cult, tying into SRA since most of these cults (especially when sexual trauma is involved) are also “fronts” for MK Ultra operations (which the cult members/leaders themselves are usually not aware of whatsoever), hence they get away with these kind of “practices” for all these years, because it is being “allowed” from behind the scenes. However, there is no factual confirmation or proof of any of that which I’m aware of as of yet. It affects the so-called “truth movement” (whatever that is anyway in this day and age) in more ways than most people seem to be aware of; let alone looking at it all from a hyperdimensional “archonic” perspective which I haven’t even gotten into (yet).

And lastly, it is also to counter-act this “guilt of association” fallacy/nonsense that seems to go around, affecting many people who have even just talked to Zen or were on his show at some point, which is ridiculous to say the least. I don’t know anyone personally who actually had any idea of Zen’s past, including the ones I know who have been in contact with him personally.

However, my own difficulties of dealing with this topic over the past week (it’s not a pity-plea but simply about stating my own process) is NOTHING compared to the many children that suffered and still suffer as adults under the consequences of being in the COG cult.

Before you continue reading please watch 8 minutes of this video (from 50min to 58min) to see what The Children of God cult does to people and keep in mind that this young woman did NOT have a choice as a young child and didn’t join the cult as an adult as Zen Gardner did, who was a member of it from age 22 until age 49, even in leadership position. If you don’t have tears coming up watching this, then you need to check your ability to actually truly FEEL compassion/empathy as opposed to just an “intellectual” acknowledgement of “compassion”.

What is interesting to note is that this Anthony Robbins documentary apparently just came out last month on Netflix and was just uploaded last week on YouTube. It’s a very interesting “coincidence”/synchronicity in light of the revelations about Zen Gardner, as if there is a “higher force” that wants this information to come to awareness to help make the darkness conscious for healing and transmutation. The video should start at the 49m42s mark if you hit play:

Timed at 9m42s on youtube

[Added (8/23/2016): 

I just received this message from a woman who was actually at Tony Robbin’s event where Dawn shared her experience/trauma of being in the Children of God cult in the video above. There was way more to it. With her permission, I post her message here (my highlights):

“I watched “I am not your Guru” [documentary] and actually it was fascinating because I was actually at that event. I had no idea it was being taped. I remember each and every person who stood up…and most especially Dawn. Her story was so riveting and powerful it touched all of us deeply as I don’t think anyone could ever forget it. The actual time spent with her and Tony was more like 2 hours and she went into great detail about what happened to her.

This cult was not some run of the mill cult but clearly an organized pedophile ring run for the elite. It was sickening to hear her stories and how these children were soabused and traumatized. She told us the men she was forced to have sex with were high level people in government and society. Like you I had been studying MK and SRA for a few years so I immediately recognized this type of trauma. Still, I was devastated to hear her story.

I just wanted to say that Tony was remarkable in his care for her and he truly did help her transform her life. I have seen him do this with others. He is the real deal. Even though some of his affiliations are suspect…Bill Clinton & others…I don’t believe he knows anything of the evil these people are involved in. I’ve had my suspicions too but I’ve been to Tony’s events and you just can’t fake that kind of sincerity and caring…unless he’s MK too but I don’t think so. In any event, Zen Gardner is a sick sick man and we will probably see more like him come out of woodwork as veil is lifted…especially form people we trusted. This is just the reality of the world ‘they’ have created. But people like all of us can move past it because we know a greater good is coming from it and more exposure to these evil creatures can only bring more truth and peace to the world.

Dawn (Sol) said she was “fucked by a billion fathers” to ‘show her love for Jesus’ and forced to watch her brother and mother be sexuall abused in front of her as well. I will never forget her story or those words. Please don’t feel sorry for ZG he is very very sick and what they did to those kids is unfathomable. Even in the end, Dawn found a way to forgive all of her perpetrators, by working with a guru for several years…who then became sick with cancer and was dying…and he said he wanted her to have sex with him so he could be closer to God. She freaked out and almost killed herself…thats how she ended up at Tony’s…it was her last hope. She sold everything she owned and bought a ticket. Im so glad it worked out for her but these guys are everywhere…its so sad. But thank you for trying to expose this and doing it in a rational and intelligent way. Don’t be afraid to tap into your masculine protective warrior tho that is what is truly needed in this world now more than ever! Thank you!”

Note: Keep in mind that Dawn (Sol) was 24 when she shared this story at Tony’s event recently. So you do the math to see how this cult was still operating in the 90s (and is most likely still operating under different names and disguises).

This ties also into what I mentioned before. There is way more to it than just Zen’s involvement. As another researcher wrote: This whole revelation has a life of its own now. More and more people are researching the topic .

I sincerley hope that others also pick up the leads and do their own research before coming to “defend” ZG so easily. It’s NOT about a witch hunt but about truth and most importunely to HELP people like Dawn.]

So, here’s the email. There are resources for further reading/watching at the end, just a small selection. There is way more out there (and more will come out) but it will get you started to do your own research and make your own conclusions:

MORE >>>


I've just now had time to listen to and to read following on Zen's Blogsite and recommend you to do so as well.

Angela Power-Disney talks to Zen Gardner



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