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Neurotheology 4 - This lecture, by Neuroscientist and author Todd Murphy describes how telepathy and remote viewing have been generated in laboratory settings by Dr. M. A. Persinger (inventor of the "God Helmet") using "The Octopus" and "Shiva", circumcerebral (around the head) neural stimulation devices. It also discusses a case history of a possible miracle elicited using neural stimulation. This is part of a series of talks in neurotheology given by the inventor of the 8 Coil Shakti and the Shiva Neural Stimulation system (which duplicates both the God Helmet and the "Octopus" described in the lecture). Psychic skills were outside the range of science until the experiments described in this lecture were published in the peer-reviewed scientific literature. These articles can be found by searching for 'circumcerebral' at

The Shiva Magnetic system can be obtained here:

Todd Murphy's book "Sacred Pathways: The Brain's Role in Religious and Mystic Experiences" (foreword by His Holiness, The Dalai Lama) is now available. It has a more in-depth discussion of psychic skills than this video lecture. Here is the URL:
A swiss research group has used the Shiva system in one study, and their preliminary report is online here:

Shift Your Identity To God Tags: Shift Your Identity To God sacredsarrah


Ascension is a phase change of awareness and being Tags: Ascension

Definition of phase change from “a change from one state (solid or liquid or gas) to another without a change in chemical composition”

When chemists talk about something undergoing a phase change, they are describing a process that sees a substance change its state from solid to liquid, or liquid to gas, or gas to plasma. Sublimation is a special form of phase change where a solid goes straight to gas. The cause of a phase change is a change in heat or pressure, or a combination of both.

Let’s take water as an example. As a solid (ice), its H2O molecules are locked in next to each other and don’t move around, so it keeps its shape over time. As a liquid, the molecules are not locked in and are able to move around to take the shape of the container – even though the water is ‘solid’ (in that it can be touched and has form), it has a flexible shape and can flow. As a gas, the molecules are not bound to each other at all and float and buzz around, filling every available space they find. Ice turns to water because of the input of heat into the ice. Heat is a word meaning how fast the molecules vibrate and jiggle about, so in ice, where there is little heat, the molecules are fairly still and don’t have much energy to move about past each other. Keep heating up the ice, and all of a sudden it turns to a liquid because the molecules all of a sudden have enough energy to break past their neighbours and push past them, meaning the ice breaks its shape, which we describe as liquid. Imagine the freedom you would suddenly feel if you were an H2O molecule!

This phase change is just like what is happening to our awareness and beings as our consciousness and form vibrates faster and faster with the input of light. Just like when you apply heat to ice it doesn’t melt straight away, infusing yourself with light doesn’t make you jump dimensions straight away – there is a build-up of love and light over time within your being that will, someday, allow you to undergo a phase change and shift dimensionality. Let’s say in ice an H2O molecule has to vibrate a million times a second to be able to break free of its bonds to its neighbours, but is currently vibrating at only a thousand times a second. Add some heat – that’ll make the molecules vibrate a bit faster at ten thousand times a second. Add some more, and that makes them vibrate at a hundred thousand times a second. It is still ice! The molecules haven’t yet met the threshold for vibration rate to enable them to break free of their solid dimension. But wait a bit, more heat is added, and they vibrate faster and faster – soon they are vibrating 900,000 times a second, then 950,000, then 999,999 times a second. All of a sudden they are vibrating at 1,000,000 times a second and so the molecules break free of their bonds and flow about – the ice starts to melt! That is the phase change – that sudden change of state that took energy and time to achieve.

There has been discussion recently by Steve Beckow on the2012scenario (here) about the gradual vs sudden views of ascension. I love this discussion – in my opinion Steve is a spiritual journalist, writing investigative pieces and always quotes sources and in this way non-judgementally brings together bits and pieces of information. After reading Steve’s articles on ‘ascension timing’, I feel it can be described by the phase change process, which has a gradual input of energy then a sudden phase change.

So let’s imagine for a moment that we, as a society, are a body of water. We have had light and love flowing into us for 70 odd years, slowly increasing our vibration over time to the point we are now, when we notice something different. Everyone feels it, but only some consciously know what is going on. We all sense ‘the quickening’ just like those water molecules who are vibrating so fast they are about to have enough energy to break free of the liquid and emerge as a gas. Our surface is bubbling – parts of our society are chaotically bubbling away. I myself find myself going though days of relaxed bliss, only to experience another week of yuk – I am like the bubbles that turn into gas briefly then back into liquid again as I am not quite there yet. Soon the whole pot of water is boiling away and it slowly decreases as it turns into gas that the saucepan can no longer hold. Over time, there is no more liquid left, but the H2O is still around – just in a different state – invisible to eyes trained to see only water.

What an experience! We as a society are at the point of the simmering starting to turn into bubbling – back and forth between liquid and gas states until finally, we will remain as a free gas and our forms free of the state of water. That phase change is the final act of our ascension.

It doesn’t stop there – there is another chapter, then another, then another, as we turn from gas into plasma, from plasma into individual sub-atomic particles and so on, right back to Source. But I’m not there yet, I’m still enjoying this phase.. :)

Namaste / God Bless / Go Well

Ajna Andy


in LOVE and ONENESS~, SiNeh~

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