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Tracing Modern Disease Treatments Back To Pasteur’s Germ Theory Tags: Alternative Knowledge Alternative Science Conspiracy Medical Fascism Nature of Reality

When you stop to reflect upon the underlying causes of the different diseases that have become commonplace today, does your reasoning consist of something along these lines: “Germs are our mortal enemy! Our bodies need help in the form of drugs and vaccines to ward off these deadly pathogens who wish to do us harm! Woe are those of us who become sick and die!”

For over a century, conventional medical practitioners – particularly in Britain and the United States – have wholeheartedly embraced without question Louis Pasteur’s (1822-95) germ theory that postulated that illness is caused when microbes invade our bodies. Pasteur believed that the human body must be protected from specific, disease-causing germs in the atmosphere that never change.

Buried deep within the lost pages of medical history is a competing theory from Pasteur’s contemporary and fellow French scientist, Dr. Antoine Béchamp (1816-1908), who believed that diseases were largely due to poor cellular terrain and that airborne germ forms were not necessary for illnesses to strike. As described in the “Cell Theory of Disease,” Béchamp was of the opinion that illnesses are caused by a combination of these four factors:

1. Your body’s acid/alkaline balance (pH)
2. Your body’s electric/magnetic charge (negative or positive).
3. Your level of poisoning (toxicity).
4. Your nutritional status.

Béchamp was not your average, run-of-the-mill scientist of his day, but rather was a practicing physician AND a university professor of chemistry, biology, physics and pharmacy who had earned degrees in each one of those disciplines. Béchamp emphasized the importance of lifestyle changes such as wholesome nutrition and environmental and hygienic cleanliness as keys to disease prevention, and supported his ideas with thorough scientific precision. Moreover, he had observed that diseased tissue is symptomatic of a low oxygen environment at the cellular level and that most people are deficient in their oxygen intake.

REMINDER: Sulfur is an oxygen transporter, and taking daily doses of organic sulfur helps to provide cells in the body with the oxygen they need to regenerate and repair themselves in a healthy manner.

In recognizing Béchamp’s decades-long research and findings at the time of his death in 1908, the French national science journal Le Moniteur Scientifique needed 8 pages just to list the titles of his scientifically published works. Tragically, despite his impressive opus and credentials, Béchamp’s name has largely been omitted from medical, history, and biology books, while many of his discoveries have been assigned and credited to others such as Pasteur.


Pasteur’s approach to human sickness and disease results in misdiagnosis, as described here in a post entitled, “Germ Theory of Disease Causation.”

What most people call a “disease” is really a symptom or a collection of symptoms. For example, cancer tumors are symptoms, which is why trying to fight them has resulted in the epidemic we have today. What people commonly think of as causes of disease, are symptoms. In this category are bacteria, yeast, and their descendants. When germs are involved in illness, they are producing, or influencing the body to produce, secondary symptoms. In orthodox medicine, these secondary symptoms are thought of as the disease. The answer though, lies in the condition of your terrain. Is it in balance?

Unfortunately for the public at-large, Pasteur’s thesis prevailed over Béchamp’s, and the consequence is the wide deployment of patented drugs and vaccines known for their adverse side effects that are sold for considerable profit by the major pharmaceutical firms.

Transforming Medical Treatment Into A Business Model

Backed by wealthy financiers such as John D. Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie, the American Medical Association in the early decades of the 20th century was at the forefront of shaping the course of conventional medical education and practice by aggressively promoting Pasteur’s theories over Béchamp’s and, thus, served as the catalyst that removed and discouraged alternative healing modalities such as homeopathy out of the public eye. They were so successful that by the mid-1920s, 10,000 herbalists were out of business and the number of homeopathic medical schools in existence had fallen to just two.

At the same time, the major pharmaceutical firms saw a golden opportunity to make a buck and seize monopolistic control over the global drug market. Duly supported by the Food and Drug Administration – the so-called “public watchdog” – as well as influential organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control and the National Institute of Health, the pharmaceutical companies have grown to become a trillion-dollar-a-year business cartel while, at the same time, prosecuting and prohibiting anyone from using the word “cure” in association with foods, vitamins, minerals, herbs and other natural items.

An example of such demonization can be found in William Faloon’s Life Extension article entitled, “FDA Says Walnuts Are Illegal Drugs,” that was published in August 2011:

Last year the FDA determined that walnuts sold by Diamond Foods cannot be legally marketed because the walnuts “are not generally recognized as safe and effective” for the medical conditions referenced on Diamond Foods’s website. According to the FDA, these walnuts were classified as “drugs” and the “unauthorized health claims” cause them to become “misbranded,” thus subjecting them to government “seizure or injunction.”

Diamond Foods capitulated and removed statements about the health benefits of walnuts from its website.


How Three Fateful Actions Helped Lead to the Failure of Today’s Mainstream Medicine
by Tony Isaacs
The Best Years in Life

Germ Theory of Disease Causation

Reconciling Béchamp and Pasteur: The Cell Theory of Disease Vs. The Germ Theory of Disease
Lynne Gordon | Self Growth

FDA Says Walnuts Are Illegal Drugs
William Faloon | Life Extension Magazine
Aug 2011




The NSA Built A Warrantless, Shadow “Social Network” And You’re On It Tags: Conspiracy New World Order Surveillance Society

By Matt Agorist

For roughly the last decade and a half, the NSA has been caught in lie after unscrupulous lie. Every time they are caught spying on Americans, the secret agency first denies it — then justifies it. The NSA has now been caught again. And, again, they denied it and are now justifying it.

This time, their unscrupulous spying involves a shadow “social network” that combs data from all social networks and your online data to create a graph of everyone and everyone they know. If you’re wondering where your invite to join this shadow network came from, you never got it. However, you’ve already joined.

NSA even has a website for this network on which they gladly display all the information they collect. It’s called GETPRSM and it’s scary. While it looks like an Orwellian satire gone wrong, the site is very real and the NSA has no problem admitting it.

While they originally claimed this information was only being collected on foreigners, a shift in their policy showed that this was not the case.

According to a scathing report in the NY Times, the NSA no longer cares if the data they collect is foreign as they no longer check for these constraints.

The spy agency began allowing the analysis of phone call and e-mail logs in November 2010 to examine Americans’ networks of associations for foreign intelligence purposes after N.S.A. officials lifted restrictions on the practice, according to documents provided by Edward J. Snowden, the former N.S.A. contractor.


The policy shift was intended to help the agency “discover and track” connections between intelligence targets overseas and people in the United States, according to an N.S.A. memorandum from January 2011. The agency was authorized to conduct of every “large-scale graph analysis on very large sets of communications metadata without having to check foreignness” e-mail address, phone number or other identifier, the document said. Because of concerns about infringing on the privacy of American citizens, the computer analysis of such data had previously been permitted only for foreigners.The agency can augment the communications data with material from public, commercial and other sources, including bank codes, insurance information, Facebook profiles, passenger manifests, voter registration rolls and GPS location information, as well as property records and unspecified tax data, according to the documents. They do not indicate any restrictions on the use of such “enrichment” data, and several former senior Obama administration officials said the agency drew on it for both Americans and foreigners.

All this data of both foreigners and American citizens is then entered into a graph as seen below.



As Techdirt explains, if all of this sounds familiar, it’s almost exactly what the feds tried to setup in 2002 with the Orwellian name Total Information Awareness. Except that time (right after 9/11, when you’d think the public would be at its most receptive to such programs), as word got out about the program, the public rightly flipped out, and we were told the program was shuttered. Except, as some have been arguing for years, it was never shuttered, it was just rebuilt in secret.

Again, after they first denied it, they are now justifying it.

An agency spokeswoman, asked about the analyses of Americans’ data, said, “All data queries must include a foreign intelligence justification, period.”

“All of N.S.A.’s work has a foreign intelligence purpose,” the spokeswoman added. “Our activities are centered on counterterrorism, counterproliferation and cybersecurity.”

Notice how the spokeswoman did not deny the warrantless spying on Americans. She simply noted that all spying has to have ‘foreign intelligence justification.’ With the recent attacks inside the US, this ‘foreign intelligence justification’ can easily be abused domestically — because ISIS.
As Techdirt explains, that’s no limitation at all. In fact, such a rule is meaningless. We already know that the NSA gets every telephone record handed over because they claim it’s “necessary” to “connect the dots” on foreign terror plots. And, similarly, now they’re arguing that they can look at anything else so long as they claim that there’s a “foreign intelligence justification.” That means they have no limits. They just have to come up with some wacky reason to claim that so-and-so might have foreign connections that are important to know about, and voila, their life is open for the NSA to dig in, all without any oversight or a warrant.

Prior to 9/11, when I was an intelligence operator reporting to NSA, if we intercepted friendly chatter, i.e. Americans, we were to scroll on immediately. If we were caught listening to that chatter, we faced a prison sentence under United States Signals Intelligence Directives. An act that was once illegal — has now ominously become the norm.

Feel safe yet?

As the war on terror continues, so does the erosion of our rights and privacy. As the old adage goes, those who would trade their freedom for security will get neither — and as the warrantless state spying machine grows unchecked, Americans are quickly fulfilling that prophecy and finding themselves without freedom or security.

Matt Agorist is the co-founder of, where this article first appeared. He is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world.


Pornography and the Deliberate Manipulation of Human Sexuality Tags: Conspiracy Psychopaths in Power Social Engineering The Awakening

Published on 16 Aug 2016 by Jeanice Barcelo

Jeanice Barcelo live at Free Your Mind 4, April 2016. This talk outlines the deliberate and methodical manipulation of human sexuality during the 20th century. Beginning with the Rockefeller-funded "research" of Professor Alfred Kinsey, a well known sadomasochist and pedophile, and continuing on with the introduction of pornography which now saturates our world and has been moved into kindergarten classrooms, our children, our relationships, and even our ability to love is under direct assault. In less than one hundred years, the Luciferian forces have succeeded in manipulating us to such an extent, that our sexual behavior and attitudes have been radically altered, as well as our ability to create happy families and enduring human love. It is imperative for us to understand the mechanisms by which we and our children are being targeted so that we can put a stop to this madness and throw a kink in the control system that seeks to destroy our lives.

This talk is a condensed version of a much longer presentation which goes deep into the mechanisms by which we have been manipulated -- and offers solutions regarding how we can free ourselves from this control. If you would like to know more, please visit this link:

Please also share this video widely so that others will have access to this information.

To learn more about Jeanice and her work, please visit: and


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