The Shade, the Event and the Gateway to Agartha (May/June into Summer Solstice 2018)
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Published on 12 May 2018

There will be many teachings, many tales and many stories; for the dragon has returned.


The Acquisition of Parallels - Aug Tellez
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Published on Jun 25, 2017

I love everyone I’ve had had the opportunity to work with and, in my humble opinion, the system is virtually perfect and will always bring about the results that one deserves. Whether we are willing to face this at this point is not a matter of our clearance but a willingness to accept self-responsibility and refuse to project blame and self-loathing onto others just to pass the buck for one more round. There is so much that can be done with the effort that is required or skipped to project blame and suffering onto someone else that anyone who participates in that, in this age, is 100% signing a contract for their own demise and the demise of their civilization which is a very dangerous and unacceptable choice. Again, in the age where one person can utilize the power to generate as much change and view as much information in one hour that an entire village would’ve had access to 100’s a years ago over the course of a decade or more, every single choice every single observer makes is the most important choice of all of our lives.

Written version:

Demiurge/Wetiko/AI-HD Parasite Frequency - Marilee NiEtain
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Demiurge/Wetiko/AI-HD Parasite Frequency

March 31, 2017


Marilee NiEtain

This is a term I use to describe the background frequency at work as manifested in this 3-4D matrix and will put the effort into a much more detailed explanation at a later date, when the "time" is right. But for now let it suffice as a surface description:

  • Demiurge - pre-Christian distortion Gnostic name of the "false creator god"

  • Wetiko - First Nations' term for the false program virus of the human psyche

  • AI - Artificial Intelligence

  • HD - hyper-dimensional template

  • Parasite - "an organism that lives in or on another organism (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the host's expense"

One component of the false binary program is that of the good vs evil warring mentality. In this case the Christ vs Lucifer fear program (complete with the entire cast of characters [Archons] of what has been dubbed the realms of angels and demons and what has been twisted into what Orwell mentioned as Doublespeak. "War is Peace," et al.):



This is an excerpt of an early morning reply to a facebook conversation I interjected in today:


"New here but would like to interject: the Age old "war" and conflict frequency is of the false binary program of the Demiurge/Wetiko/AI-HD parasite frequency and continues to hold those who subscribe in its spell. There are no absolutes, no absolute good VS evil. Only that of which one accepts of the false program. The Christ/Lucifer, good cop/bad cop scapegoat sequence was added to the narrative quite strategically and with amazing success to deflect attention to a false war smoke screen. Has kept eyes off the parasite since even before the insertion of this program. The Demiurge part of this frequency worked very hard during the Ages of Taurus (primarily through "Ra"), Aries (primarily through "Moses" and "YHWH"), and Pisces (primarily through the distortion of [sic] Kristos energy now known as "Christ" which included the move from mono to binary by adding the distorted split attributed to Lucifer) to set up this false overlaid story line. Breaks my heart whenever I see how deep rooted it remains, how successful it is, and how infested the human psyche has become. How removed the human experiment has become from the Natural Order. The severance of the Aeon pair of Kristos and Sophia which ultimately resulted in the Demiurge parasite/predator was an impressive, and very sad, move indeed. Until one reconciles this paradox within themselves this parasite will continue its deception, being the best little parasite it knows how to be. The hosts need to fully wake and see it for what it is and not through the false binary program that has the masses duped. I am certain the authentic Christ and Lucifer frequencies are none too pleased with the character assassination move of the false light and false dark reputations place upon them and accepted blindly to this day. [Sidenote: I only use the Primal Gnostic version (pre-Christian distortion, mind you) of this frequency overlay narrative as an example because of its commonality to the narrative used in the original comment. It is the FREQUENCY behind the narrative/program to bear in mind, not the story or the cast of characters - for this has changed a number of times and through many cultural translations. This false binary program is, and never has been, very creative. Same plot - only variances of the stage, props, and characters used.]"


The false binary program is stuck on repeat and has been throughout the Ages:

The false narrative is evident throughout history and across cultures. And it is really taking hold in the New Age and inter-galactic lures and traps now as well. As we knew it would. Remove the glamour of the new stage and characters and you will see the common threads of the plot and story line. The false matrix will then begin to unravel rapidly. Unless you panic and choose to try to re-enter. But once you re-learn your Truth you cannot un-learn it. This is the point where simple ignorance can become blatant stupidity. And the insanity perpetuates. Your choice.


Until one can step out of believing they must choose one side over another there will be no reconciliation of the paradox. The false program will just continue in its self-perpetuated death spiral.


This information comes from the deeper studies of the Primal Pathworking studies I offer here at Soul Tribe Sanctuary. This is how we learn to realign with our core Self (Spirit), identify the false programming surrounding us, and deprogram and reprogram Self through a path of remembrance. This is certainly not a path for the meek. And there are surface tools and techniques that have proven helpful on all levels of study. So feel free to contact me should you wish to delve deeper.


I do not offer crib notes or the fast track to gnosis. I do not spoon feed information and knowledge. One must navigate their own way through the process of knowledge -> wisdom -> gnosis. And the only way through this is experiential, not rehashing others' versions and interpretations complete with the distortion and baggage added along the way. I am a steward of this path, not a master.


Although the information is given "freely" without expectation of how you will use it, everything is based on energy exchange. Even when you think you are getting your knowledge and experience "free" by combing the internet and getting lost in the quagmire of interpretation and spin, you do "pay" one way or another. Now, I do not like the way the tool of money has been woven into this trap either (whole other lessons on word magik and money magik there), but it is the primary mode of trade unfortunately until people can break free of its shackles too. The only way to start down that road is to resist the "easy" way deceptions and conveniences, and to command how your money is spent and control YOUR intent behind its use. My services do carry a monetary suggestion, but I am always open for discussion of other mutually supportive means of energy exchange such as banter, barter, trade, sweat equity, etc. So don't let that false binary program take root either.


Health and wisdom has always come with a "price." Sad that we allowed money to become the controlled means of exchange and understanding. Value does not equate $. Take back your understanding of the conversion and you will have made a significant step toward unraveling the false program.


Deciphering this false program code is simple. But simple never meant easy. And until the victimstance of choosing familiarity over authenticity is challenged one will not escape the false paradigm.



Be watching for our soon-to-be-released webcasts challenging what is happening in the twisted "truther" movement and deep behind the stage play of the false program. The few pieces mentioned here are but a drop in the bucket.


RESPONSE TO AN INQUIRY  TO THE ORIGINAL POST posted later that some may find interesting: " One must step out of the false binary program that everything is either good or bad and that there is a battle between the two. ALL is and/both, not either/or. Just like light and dark they are variations of the same thing. Same continuum. One cannot exist without the other. And the distraction lies within the illusion of the battle that doesn't exist. The whole armies of light vs the armies of dark was a set up Ages ago and was completely and skillfully set into motion by Zoroaster. Gotta admit it was very cleaver. Even distorted the Essenes' philosophy considerably. "Gnositics" and the current versions of GnosticISM haven't escaped the ensuing distortions following the genocide and absorption of the Christianized versions. I left a lot of clues with the word magik translation of this short article. One must go beyond the symbols and translation, to the nous itself for understanding. The gnosis prior to Plato's accounts, prior to the distorted Egyptian accounts, prior to the distorted Atlantean accounts, and even the distorted Lemurian (Mu) accounts is what I am referring to. There are remnants in the oral traditions maintained by a few. And it is almost time to work with the ones ready for the remembrance encoded within. Getting past admitting nearly all of the information out there has been tainted in one level or another is a huge step. I don't spend too much time in the social media quagmire as of late. Only popped in to check messages and back out to the grindstone. And an occasional hit and run in the parasite's sandbox...


Reconciliation of the paradox is where the answer lies. Not rehashing the false binary."


Blessings, Gratitude, & Safe Passage


Marilee NiEtain

Steward, Primal Pathworker, Consultant, Crafter, & Author

Soul Tribe Sanctuary


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