Fly Free x Geoff Byrd
Category: ART & MUSIC
Tags: geoff byrd inspiration

Published on 13 Feb 2019

Someone asked me why I felt depressed. The answers are right here in this song. This is the Human Condition encapsulated. I wrote the song a few years ago and I've been trying to make the right video companion for years, to no avail. Until Now. I finally got it right.

I want to thank an absolute HERO of mine and sheer visual GENIUS, Lubomir Arsov for allowing me to use this animation. It is an absolute HONOR pairing my art with his. The lyrics magically matched up to his visuals in a way that shouldn't even be POSSIBLE, but somehow ARE. I had a Cosmic Wind at my back while editing this today. The Synchro-Mysticism was off the charts! Look at the happy accidents: like my lyric about Beyonce and Jay Z and how they matched up with his visual metaphor. How is that even possible? I didn't write the song for his visuals, I cut them TO his brilliant animation after the fact. Can anyone even explain that? And that was but ONE of these magical moments, there were dozens! Mr. Arsov, you are a brilliant artist of the highest order, and a HERO. Meanwhile, the Universe conspired with me today to make this.


Vampire Bowl | Bad Clown Rising,
Category: ART & MUSIC
Tags: Bad Clown Rising

Published on 15 Feb 2019


Category: ART & MUSIC
Tags: Art and Music

Published on 31 Jan 2019

•Due to very deep and low sounds, listen with headphones for best experience• Ever since I first heard the sounds of the ice growing I've felt fascinated by it. Sometimes it makes these high, vibrating almost alien-like sounds. And sometimes, these really deep, low sounds as if the ancient spirit of the earth awakened from it's sleep and roars out in the night.

Every winter the ice sings in different ways, and this winter, as I recorded this during a week in november as the ice was growing, it had these really deep, deep sounds. Almost as if the ice was roaring. And as you lay on the ice, you can feel the surface vibrating from the sounds. It's been a challenge to record these deep sounds and to make it as hearable as possible, but if you listen with headphones you can hear these deep sounds better. And sometimes, you will also hear the frost growing on my microphone, as it was really could outside these nights. So if you hear these little small cracks/notches you know what it is.

The ice make sounds as it grows early in the winter. It become such strong tension so the ice cracks, which then makes these different sounds. That is why I filmed the cracks of the ice as footage for this video. Every crack you can see is part of making the music of the ice.

I have always thought that these sounds are so calming and relaxing to listen to. And I think it can remind us of how it sounded like before we entered this world. The sounds inside the womb of our mother.

What do you think of these ice sounds? Does it remind you of something? Do you think it sounds beautiful? Or strange/scary?

I hope you enjoy this video! ♥



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