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Published on 23 Jun 2018

In this ground-breaking original series, experts explore the history and use of psychedelic plants including political ambitions, the perceived shadow side and the proper environment to experience these substances. http://bit.ly/PatchmanPlantMedicine

From the origins of Shamanism to the spiritual expression of modern awakenings, discover the role of sacred medicine as a gateway to expanded consciousness, and its continued influence on humanity. https://spiritsciencecentral.com/ayah...

Today we dive deep into plant medicines and psychedelics with this full feature documentary, comprising a mashup of the first 3 episodes of Gaia's own original series - Psychedelica. This series goes deep into exploring the shamanic roots and scientific breakthroughs pertaining to plant medicine, as well as explores many of the most common and essential psychedelics that exist in nature today as well. This video will be replacing the previous "Ayahuasca" video we published, but fear not - all of the same information and so much more is present within this special! Thank you so much for watching, and we'll see you again real soon!


Summer Solstice - Litha - June 21
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Midsummer or Litha Festival or the Summer Solstice is the most powerful Day of the Year for the Sun God.

In the Summer Solstice, the Sun's power and the daytime brightness reach their absolute peak.
We celebrate the longest Day of the Year, but which also represents the turning point at which the Days get shorter.
The highest solar power - and the turning point.
The Summer Solstice was seen since time immemorial as a time of great significance to our Ancestors.
The word 'Solstice' derives from the Latin word 'solstitium', which literally translates to 'Sun stands'

The Summer Solstice was celebrated quite extensively among the Celts.
Usually the Celebration lasted for 12 days.
It is a Festival of thanksgiving for the glorious Summer time, with all its wealth and abundance.
It is the most carefree time of Year, as people had really enough to eat.
Consider that the supply of food in former times was very much dependent on the Seasons and many people starved to death in late Winter because not enough food was available.

parsifalrain, June 20

Lisa Thiel - Litha


So it is particularly clear how important this exuberant Celebration in the Summer for the people was.
Like Beltane, Litha is also a Celebration of Fertility.
The Goddess is heavy with pregnancy from the mating at Beltane.

The Women were brewing strong beer, to which plenty of the important Amber [Hypericum] were added, which had special intoxicating and aphrodisiac effect.

There was dancing around the fire, most pairs.
The women wore wreaths of Ground Ivy vines [Glechoma hederacea] at the top and belt of Mugwort [Artemisia vulgaris] around the hips.
During the evening the dances became more ecstatic, sometimes was danced naked.
The nudity was considered Ritual nudity, a Holy state, which should make the connection to the (mystical) original.

The young couple swore oaths of love and jumped over the Fire.
Of course, at this Festival was again a lot of room for eroticism, desire and passion.
At the end of the Evening the Herbs were thrown into the Fire and it was hoped that all disease and all evil of last Year have disappeared.

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It is said that at the Time of the Solstice, the curtain between the Worlds is particularly permeable.
It is a Time in which the Gods descend to Earth, that the decedent walk around, but wander around on Earth also the Elves.
At their pageants, Fairies and Elves should be able to notice, if you put yourself under an Elder Bush.
But be careful, they sometimes give raw deals ...

Previously it was also protected the house and yard with garlands of Ivy [Hedera helix], St. John's Wort [Hypericum perforatum], Yarrow [Achillea millefolium], Plantain [genus Plantago] and French Daisy [Marguerite] against evil spirits or ogres from other worlds.

Midsummer Incense
Sage [Salvia officinalis], Mint [Mentha], Basil [Ocimum basilicum], Saint John's Wort [Hypericum perforatum] , Sunflower, yes, Mistletoe (specifically the berries that represent semen), Oak, Rowan [Pyrus Aucuparia], and Fir [genus Abies].

Summer Solstice
Nature can be seen in its full glory and wealth.
Plants bear Fruit that have arisen from the Buds and Seeds.
Everything grows and flourishes.
Many Plants develop their highest Healing Power around the Summer Solstice.

We may enjoy the bounty of Nature and the light heartedness.
But we also celebrate the power of the Sun, which can grow and flourish all Life, warms us, makes our innermost free and carefree.


For us it is a time of abundance and fulfillment and we celebrate the richness and the beauty of Nature - and in us.
We wonder what has become of our ideas and plans, which Fruits we bear now.
Celebrating the fullness, the richness and beauty.

The Festival of the Summer Solstice is in The Wheel Of The Year located in the South.
The South is Noon, stands for the Mid-Life, the Element of Fire and the themes of Motherhood and the True Love.

Turning point
Summer Solstice also means at the same time the turning point takes place, as of now, Days get shorter and the Nights are getting longer.

Nature can be seen by the end of June in absolute Abundance.
Many Plants bloom in the beautiful Summer colors or now carry their sweet Fruit.
Strawberries, Raspberries, Currants and Blackberries provide us with the long-awaited fresh Vitamins.
Even the Vegetables are growing rapidly and plentiful and if Mother Earth is well disposed towards us, facing a rich Harvest.
It is the time of Abundance, where we have to make us not worry about our supply, because everything that our body needs, is available in sufficient quantity.

Emotionally, the Summer begins for us at this Time.
The Days are hot and we enjoy the warmth and the power of the Sun.
He strengthens us with His energy and Life-giving force.

At the same Time can be felt that the Sun also bears destructive force in itself.
He can parch, burn and wither the Earth.
At this point, it is important to honor the opposite pole.
The Water, and the cooling Night.
On the apparent Climax or Culmination, the turn has already been completed.

The Summer Solstice marks astrologically speaking, the change from Zodiac sign Gemini (carefree Air element) to the sign of Cancer.

In contrast, Zodiac Cancer delivers the introspection of the human in the foreground.
It's about feeling and intuition.
We develop our sensitive side and suddenly the mental experience and the processing moves to the foreground.
The maternal-nourishing aspect gets importance.
It is getting the task of every human being, to make sure how much he even mothered and nurtured himself - how well he takes care of his Inner Child.

At the time of greatest heat so the water-sign of Cancer with its pronounced Moon forces takes over the guide.

The Summer Solstice, the Feminine power of the Goddess peaked.
She is now the mature Woman and is the fertility-giving nurturer and Mother.
The Summer Goddess represents the archetype of partnership and motherly Goddess.

Kellianna - I walk with the Goddess


The amorous transformed into the lover.
It comes to the sacred marriage with her counterpart, the Sun God.
This Divine couple unites male and female portions, whereby a state of equilibrium and sameness is achieved.
At this moment, the World can be experienced in its totality.

The South is the Element of Fire associated why we also like to deal with the Celebrations of the Fire issue and the force of Fire.
Fire generally stands for high energy, heat and transformation.
But Fire can also be very dangerous and destructive, yet is essential for Life.

The Fire Element is
Transformation - change, conversion
Energy, activity, spirit (in the sense of moxie)
Life and creativity

When we call the Fire Energy
If Life energy and vitality is lacking or missing
If we are to see more enthusiasm
If we have too little self-confidence, and/or radiate
If we want to release or convert old
When we are discouraged and incapacitate
If I want to live more passion

The matching Dance at the Summer Solstice is the Spiral Dance.
Everywhere Spirals emerge are brought in connection with Creation and Formation of the World.

Woman Of The Earth (Spiral Dance -From the Mist: A Retrospective)


The Spiral counts as the Labyrinth of the oldest symbols of Humanity.
The Spiral is always in motion.
In it there is no standing still.
She turns, she twirls, she dances, it approaches and again moves away.
All static is a stranger to her.
Brings petrified relations in motion.
It is a symbol of change.
Much in Nature is structured Spiral.

In these dances we move Spiral-out to the center and-back.
The Spiral can be placed of stones or marked with flour or the dance leader takes his fellow dancers in the hand and leads them in the dance to the center.
In the center is carried out for each dancer a short pause, then made a conscious inversion and also danced out again of the Spiral.

The path of the Spiral is in, and again, the way out.
In the middle is the Turning Point, repentance, orientation to the New.
Old can be left behind, we return to (turn around) and move forward into the New.
(Clockwise danced multiplying, in the opposite direction it is applied to break something [unwelcome] down)

So, the right-handed Spiral is the sign of Creation, because from one point is all spread outwardly.
The left-handed Spiral is the sign of return to Unity, because from the outside, the path leads back to the center, (into) inside, so to our Self.
The Spiral is therefore a sign of inner repentance of men, his mental and physical renewal.
Moreover, Spirals symbolize infinity.

Litha is a superb Time for early rising and gazing at the early morning rays.
What a grand way watching the Sun rise and the Sun set and to celebrate this longest Day of the Year.
Celebrate solar-energy by decorating with yellow, gold, orange, and red.
The most important thing to do when celebrating Midsummer but is to get outside and enjoy the wonderful Sun.

)O( have a blessed Litha

:Of the Wand and the Moon: - Summer Solstice





Pagan Feasts


Der Sonnentanz - Sun Dance-Ritual (deutsch - englisch)


Walpurgis - Beltane - Baaltane


Reapers Festival - Lammas - Lughnasad


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Song as the Algorithm of the Spirits
Tags: Spirituality Consciousness

Song as the Algorithm of the Spirits

Jonathon “Sparrow” Miller-Weisberger & Sonia Gaind-Krishnan, Guests
Waking Times

Late in the night, after preparations have been made—hammocks have been strung, the participants have purged and fasted, and the brew has been sung over—the yagé (ayahuasca) ceremony begins. Sounds of the rainforest merge into a vortex of consciousness where the visible world goes black before the inner visions begin.

The therapeutic practice of yagé consumption is prevalent throughout the region but is particularly well-developed among the Tukano speaking people of the Upper Amazon. Once a more populous region, many of these clans disappeared over the turn of last century as a result of exposure to illnesses for which they had no immunity. Today, the family clans of this language group, living between Perú, Colombia, and the Ecuadorian Amazon, are ethnic minorities. Among these, the Secoya (Siekopai) community, numbering approximately one thousand individuals living between Ecuador and Perú, are heirs to an ancient spiritual tradition that uses song and sound to heal. Siekopai traditional elders embody a profound ancient lineage; they are skilled administrators of the ceremony of yagé, where song and sound are used as catalysts for transformation.



Jonathon Miller Weisberger spent much of 1995-2000 living in concert with certain families of the Siekopai people, in particular with the traditional maestro, Cesareo Piaguaje in the village of Sewaya Remolino, and has made periodic visits back ever since. He has served as a bridge person and cultural intermediary, with one foot planted firmly in the traditional world of the Amazonian healers, and the other navigating the paradox of Western ways. His devotion is to transmogrify the ancient wisdom amassed by generations of deep-forest dwellers into actionable knowledge and a practical skillset. Being a moxy ethnobotanist and whole-hearted student of the traditions of Tao, Jonathon works to facilitate wellness. Among his missions is to find the modern interpretation of the ancient truths, in ways that do not dilute their essence, as well as to find cross-cultural similarities among world heritage healing arts. His goal is to make them understandable and approachable to people living in the modern current of today’s world.

Yagé drinking is an indigenous science, in which medicinal plants endemic to the Amazonian rainforest provide the key to unseen celestial realms. These realms emerge in the pinta, the designs or yagé toyá, where intricate celestial textures are made visible to the dedicated yagé drinker. The practice of yagé drinking is central to the Secoya worldview, which rests on a rich cosmology based on experiential knowledge imparted through the generations. The Secoya have a particularly keen insight into the spiritual-energetic dimensions of human experience in the world. While intimately connected to their natural environment, the ceremonial imbibing of yagé is a means of accessing the realms of the divine immortals, among whom the Jujupai, or doctor people, reside. These beings come to the aid of the yagé drinker in the course of ceremony, dispensing their toyá into the bodies of patients to facilitate the healing process. The tradition when followed to a T is a failsafe method for healing, spiritual awakening, energetic alignment, self-discovery, and growth.

The ceremony of yagé is characterized by chanting, and the vocalizations of the ‘master of the ceremony,’ as well the call and response among participants, play a key role. Whereas in many traditions, there is an identifiable body of songs used during healing ceremonies that are fixed and repeatable, among the Secoya, vocalizations are noticeably more stream-of-consciousness. These songs, called heheñé, are quintessentially emergent, and perpetually new. The range of sounds and vocalizations incorporated into heheñé is vast, reflecting the omnipresence of spiritual helpers in every moment, infused into the very fabric of this world! Jonathon has noted that the process by which these songs emerge can be seen somewhat as “algorithmic.” This being where a set of “procedures” are applied to the infinite database of sonic possibilities, including the speech of the immortals and sounds of the forest; the celestial children’s language, onomatopoetic intonations and glossolalia emerge like a certain unplanned, dynamic computation that most suddenly allows the song to act as a medium through which the spirits can make their phenomenal existence known—sometimes in ways familiar and recognizable, and other times strangely complex and mind-bendingly, astonishingly, yet always new. Somewhat like the movement of a bird’s wing and feathers when flying through a wind. The spirit is made known not by the wind nor by the bird, but rather by how the two interact.

Across the globe, song is ubiquitous as a medium for the transmission of healing forces. Shamanic practices are suffused by vocal sound production, and often they are accompanied by rhythmic/white noise elements provided by rattles, or bundles of leaves in the case of the Amazonian people. The songs can be regarded as profound sonic intonations through which the reality of the spirits, and their multidimensional abodes, can appear in plain and absolute view before the drinker’s spiritual eyes.


When we begin to ask questions about the practical side of this phenomena—how vibrations, sounds, and music aid in healing practice—we are confronted with a number of challenges, foremost among them being the attempt to verbalize the effects of the unseen on the inner workings of the body. While the attuned body can sense resonance and vibration, explanations for how these forces work together on the material body are as yet unscientific.

Since scientific inquiry relies so heavily on the value of observation, and thus the visual capacity of human perception, we run into problems with this assessment. One field that provides some insight into this question is the study of Cymatics, a term coined by anthroposophist Hans Jenny who ran experiments using media, including sand on solid surfaces and still water, in order to provide visual evidence of the profound order that results from application of certain vibrational frequencies. The perfection in the symmetry resulting from experimentation with Cymatics is the stuff of wonder and awe.

Jonathon has conducted a comparison of traditional Secoya designs that stem from their ceremonial healing practices to patterns that have emerged in Cymatic experiments. He has drafted the following illustration to show traditional Secoya patterns, left, in comparison with remarkably similar Cymatic patterns, on right.

He notes:

“Cymatic patterns are formed by sand particles arranging themselves on a vibrating plate. As the frequency changes, so does the pattern appearing in the sand. Alongside these are traditional Secoya symbols classic to their healing art. From their similarity, and from the accounts of the elders that affirm these patterns represent energetic phenomena made evident through sound. We can see that the Secoya symbols indeed represent sonic frequencies. When we consider that the frequencies are energetic alignments, through invocations and frequency-based intonations, the stubborn body is allowed to align to a more organized energetic patterning. Merging with these frequencies allows for healing. When we consider organized patterning as a sign of health, healing becomes the process of disorder moving to order. We can begin to see how sound acts as a catalyst for transformation and organization. By allowing the body the opportunity for alignment with higher spiritual forces, healing occurs.” ~Jonathon Miller-Weisberger

While there is work remaining to provide concrete “proof” of the way these processes work, the implication for fields that bring together sound and healing are profound, indeed. Undeniably, as more and more investigations are carried out that demonstrate the almost miraculous ability of song and sound to trigger healing processes, we will find new cures for pain management, for healing depression and anxiety, for spiritual education and self-discovery, and for helping people find their true life calling.



About the Authors

Co-written by Sonia Gaind-Krishnan, ethnomusicologist, and Jonathon “Sparrow” Miller-Weisberger, ethnobotanist, informant/interviewee and author of Rainforest Medicine: Preserving Indigenous Science and Biodiversity in the Upper Amazon from North Atlantic Books.

Jonathon is steward of Ocean Forest Ecolodge Retreat (formerly known as Guaria de Osa Ecolodge) on the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica (www.oceanforestecolodge.com). The center is a spectacular space for hosting retreats amidst nature’s majesty, where the rainforest meets the ocean. This July 20–30th, 2018, he will be hosting another of his bi-annual Rainforest Medicine Gatherings. To learn more about the retreat and his book Rainforest Medicine, and to register for the retreat, visit www.rainforestmedicine.net.

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