Mind, Self, Spirit and Soul: What’s the Difference?
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Mind, Self, Spirit and Soul: What’s the Difference?

August 13th, 2018

By Mateo Sol

Guest writer for Wake Up World

Matilde, one of our readers from Switzerland recently asked:

“What’s the difference between the mind, body, spirit, soul and the self? In an article, you say that we should question who we are and that we will discover that we are not our minds, but that we are nothing and everything at the same time. But what about the soul? Is the soul individual? Are we all separate souls? Or are we the self, and we are all one?”

I’ve come across this question a few times on lonerwolf.com. Knowing the difference can liberate you from who you think you are, to love who you truly are.

The Difference Between the Mind, Brain and Body?

In order to understand the difference between the mind and the self, we must first learn to distinguish between the body and the mind.


The body is an intricate organism that is composed of several parts that allow the mechanism we know as the “brain” to function. Take away the heart, liver, or kidneys and the brain won’t work for very long. To think of our brains as separate from the rest of our bodies is a mistake.

We are all born as empty slates with new brains every time we enter this world, but not with a new mind. Let me explain this further: our minds are composed of information and different forms of conditioning that we have been taught throughout our lives. This content manifests itself through the brain and remains within a layer of consciousness after we die that Carl Jung referred to as the “collective unconscious.” This is precisely why so many people can remember “their” past lives.

Using modern technology we can create a simple analogy: Our brains are the computers or smart phones, and our minds are the operating system within that device. If the device breaks, all the data can still be transferred to a new device.

In this way, the mind is the ultimate software because it can only know what you teach it. You can teach it mathematics, physics and history and it will be able to recollect all of this information, creating more – but this is all that it can do. This is why if you pursue truth, living through the body and mind are incomplete without the Spirit.

How the Spirit, Self and Soul are Connected

There’s a divine driving force guiding us all known as Spirit. Spirit uses the mind to create an identity (the “Self”) in order to aid our survival.

This “Self” (or ego) you possess, is composed of all the memories you have that you identify as belonging to “you,” e.g. your name, your nationality, your political/religious beliefs, your life ambitions, what you’ve grown to like and dislike, and all the personality characteristics that are the result of your environmental experiences or genetics.

Most people go through life believing that they are this story, believing that they are the thoughts they are thinking, instead of the essence that is experiencing those thoughts.

Do you see the difference? If our conscious experience of life was a cinema, most of us would be so absorbed in the movie that we would forget who was actually the person sitting in the chair watching that movie. It’s this subtle shift in awareness from being the movie to watching the movie that we can refer to as the Soul.

If I insult the beliefs of a person who believes themselves to be this mental “Self” they become angry, insecure or upset. If I insult the beliefs of a person who lives from a more Soulful place, they will acknowledge my statement with much less emotional reaction to it. Why? Because they have cultivated a degree of inner freedom by learning not to identify with the mind, personality and self.

A person who identifies with, and believes themselves to be their passing thoughts and emotions, will suffer in life much more than a person who has found the centered of their being, their Soul.

Mind is the Beginning, Soul is the End

While the mind comes at the very beginning of our existence, the Soul can be said to be the very end of our existence. The mind and Soul complete a full circle; the mind is a beginning with no ending, and the Soul is an ending with no beginning.

Spirit was there since the dawn of time and will be there once we leave. The mind, on the other hand, was the beginning of our “individual selves,” however the end to this illusory division only comes when we learn to expand our conscious awareness and live from the Soul.

In the English language, the brain and mind have almost become synonymous, and this is why it can sometimes be so difficult to understand these concepts. That is why I like to turn to the languages of ancient cultures who dedicated themselves to the quest for Truth.

For example, Sanskrit has the word “chetana” (consciousness) and they also have “manas” (mind). In their understanding, “manas” was limited to the physical senses and could only yield “vijnana” (information), but it could not provide “jnana” (wisdom) or “vidya” (understanding). Sanskrit also distinguishes the unconscious mind from all these other elements, calling it “chitta.”

As we can see, we are multi-layered beings.

How can we be everything and nothing at the same time? Are Souls individual and separate from each other?

Imagine our life energy, Spirit, as a massive ocean. Now imagine each wave in the ocean as a Soul. If the wave uses its “mind” to think about itself, it will look and compare itself to the other waves and “think” it is separate from them. It is only the fully present wave that is truly “experiencing” itself, that is truly aware. A single swell of water is just as much a wave as it is the entire ocean.

Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul

Taking care of our bodies helps us to maintain a healthy and clear-minded awareness. Becoming more aware of our Soul helps us to cultivate greater awareness in our lives that allows us to be liberated from all the mental layers that form obstacles on the way back to the ocean of Spirit.

Also by this author:

About the author:

Mateo Sol is a prominent psychospiritual teacher whose work has influenced the lives of thousands of people worldwide. Born into a family with a history of drug addiction, schizophrenia, and mental illness, Mateo Sol was taught about the plight of the human condition from a young age. However, at the age of 18, Sol experienced a spiritual awakening which aroused in him the desire to help others. After reconnecting with his ancient Peruvian roots and being initiated into their ancestral wisdom, Sol co-founded the influential spiritual website lonerwolf.com in 2012. As a shaman, soulwork therapist and spiritual guide, Sol’s mission is to help others experience freedom, wholeness, and peace in any stage of life.

This article Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul: What’s the Difference? was originally published on lonerwolf.com.


Your Homework Is to Stay Home Inside Your Heart
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Published on 4 Aug 2018

Satsang with Moojibaba Haarlem, Netherlands 4 August 2018


english/Deutsch - People have no reason to live if they are deprived of their history and their heritage
Tags: Community Tribe Youth Marc David Lewis Chandler Canada Live Reason Suicide Parsifal

"People have no reason to live if they are deprived of their history and their heritage

The researchers studied indigenous communities in large parts of Western Canada.
What hit them almost immediately was the astonishing suicide rate among teenagers - 500 to 800 times the national average - 'which infected many of these commnituies'.
But not all of them.
Some indigenous communities reported zero suicide rates.

When these communities were divided into larger groups according to their membership of one of the 29 tribal councils in the province, the rates varied.... from a low of zero (applies to 6 tribal councils) to a high of 633 suicides per 100.000.
What could make the difference between places where young people had nothing to live and those where young people had nothing to die?
The researchers started talking to the children.
They collected stories.
They asked young people to talk about their lives, their goals and their future.
What they found was that young people from the suicide communities had no stories to tell.
They were unable to speak about their lives in a coherent, organized manner.
They had no clear sense of their past, their childhood and the generations that preceded them.
And their attempts to sketch possible futures were empty of form and meaning.
Unlike the other children, they could not see their lives as narratives, not as stories.
Their attempts to answer questions about their biography were interrupted by long pauses and unfinished sentences.
They had nothing but the present, nothing to look forward to.
So many of them took their own lives.
Chandler's team soon discovered profound social causes for the differences between these communities.

Where the young people had stories to tell, continuity was already built into their self-esteem through the structure of their society.
Tribal councils remained active and effective bodies of governing.
The elders were respected, and they took responsibility to teach the children who they were and where they came from.

The language and Customs of the tribe had been conscientiously preserved over the Decades.

And so the young people saw themselves as part of a larger narrative in which the stories of their lives fit and made sense.
In contrast, the suicide communities had lost their Traditions and Rituals:
The kids ate at McDonald's and watched a lot of TV.
Their life consisted of islands in nowhere.
Their life just didn't make any sense.
There was only the present, only the strange terrain of today".


- Marc David Lewis, The Biology of Desire: Why addiction is not a disease

Marc Lewis, PhD, is a neuroscientist and professor of developmental psychology.
Today he teaches at Radboud University in the Netherlands, previously at the University of Toronto for over 20 years.
He has written or co-authored more than fifty journal articles in neuroscience and developmental psychology.
He currently speaks and blogs on addiction science topics, and his critically acclaimed book 'Memoirs of a Addicted Brain:'A neuroscientist investigates his former life in drugs' is the first to mix memory and science in addiction studies.

parsifalrain, July 30, 2018                                                                                 

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   English-Deutsch - People Have No Reason to Live if They Are Deprived of Their History and Their Heritage by Parain on Scribd



"Menschen haben keinen Grund zu leben, wenn sie ihrer Geschichte und ihres Erbes beraubt sind

Die Forscher untersuchten indigene Gemeinschaften in weiten Teilen Westkanadas.
Was sie fast sofort traf, war die erstaunliche Selbstmordrate unter Teenagern - 500 bis 800 mal der nationale Durchschnitt - , die viele dieser Gemeinschaften ansteckte.
Aber nicht alle.
Einige indigene Gemeinden berichteten von Selbstmordraten von Null.

'Als diese Gemeinschaften nach ihrer Zugehörigkeit zu einem der 29 Stammesräte in der Provinz in größere Gruppen eingeteilt wurden, variierten die Raten ... von einem Tiefststand von Null (gilt für 6 Stammesräte) bis zu einem Höchstwert von 633 Selbstmorden pro 100.000'.
Was könnte den Unterschied ausmachen zwischen Orten, wo Jugendliche nichts zu leben hatten, und denen, wo Jugendliche nichts zu sterben hatten?
Die Forscher begannen mit den Kindern zu sprechen.
Sie sammelten Geschichten.
Sie baten Jugendliche, über ihr Leben, ihre Ziele und ihre Zukunft zu sprechen.
Was sie fanden, war, dass junge Leute aus den Selbstmordgemeinschaften keine Geschichten zu erzählen hatten.
Sie waren nicht in der Lage, auf eine kohärente, organisierte Weise über ihr Leben zu sprechen.
Sie hatten keinen klaren Sinn für ihre Vergangenheit, ihre Kindheit und die Generationen, die ihnen vorausgingen.
Und ihre Versuche, mögliche Zukünfte zu skizzieren, waren leer von Form und Bedeutung.
Im Gegensatz zu den anderen Kindern konnten sie ihr Leben nicht als Erzählungen, nicht als Geschichten sehen.
Ihre Versuche, Fragen zu ihren Lebensgeschichten zu beantworten, wurden von langen Pausen und unvollendeten Sätzen unterbrochen.
Sie hatten nichts als die Gegenwart, nichts, worauf sie sich freuen konnten.
So viele von ihnen nahmen ihr eigenes Leben.
Das Team von Chandler entdeckte bald tiefgründige soziale Anlässe für die Unterschiede zwischen diesen Gemeinschaften.

Dort, wo die Jugendlichen Geschichten zu erzählen hatten, war die Kontinuität bereits durch die Struktur ihrer Gesellschaft in ihr Selbstgefühl eingebaut.
Stammesräte blieben aktive und wirksame Regierungsorgane.
Die Ältesten wurden respektiert, und sie übernahmen die Verantwortung den Kindern beizubringen, wer sie waren und woher sie gekommen waren.

Die Sprache und Sitten des Stammes waren über die Jahrzehnte gewissenhaft erhalten geblieben.

Und so sahen sich die Jugendlichen als Teil einer größeren Erzählung, in der die Geschichten ihres Lebens passten und Sinn machten.
Im Gegensatz dazu hatten die Selbstmordgemeinschaften ihre Traditionen und Rituale verloren:
Die Kinder aßen bei McDonald's und sahen viel fern.
Ihr Leben bestand aus Inseln im Nirgendwo.
Ihr Leben ergab einfach keinen Sinn.
Es gab nur die Gegenwart, nur das merkwürdige Terrain von heute".

- Marc David Lewis, Die Biologie der Begierde: Warum Sucht keine Krankheit ist


Marc Lewis, PhD, ist Neurowissenschaftler und Professor für Entwicklungspsychologie.
Heute lehrt er an der Radboud Universität in den Niederlanden, zuvor über 20 Jahre lang an der Universität von Toronto.
Er hat mehr als fünfzig Zeitschriftenartikel in Neurowissenschaften und Entwicklungspsychologie verfasst oder mitverfasst.
Gegenwärtig spricht und bloggt er zu Themen der Suchtwissenschaft, und sein von der Kritik gefeiertes Buch 'Memoirs of a Addicted Brain: 'Ein Neurowissenschaftler untersucht sein früheres Leben in Drogen', ist das erste, das Erinnerungen und Wissenschaft in Suchtstudien mischt.

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