Large EarthQuake Japan 6.4 mag 18th june 2012 aest Tags: WEATHERORNUT

Published on Jun 17, 2012 by WEATHERORNUT

Large EarthQuake Japan 6.4 mag 18th june 2012 aest.. That is Australian Eastern Standard Time.
A "good reminder" with the advent of nuclear reactors being given the go-ahead .


6/3/2012 -- 6.6M earthquake strikes Panama -- cursory global overview Tags: Dutchsinse

Published on Jun 3, 2012 by dutchsinse

website post with the earthquake statistics , screenshots of the data, and multiple earthquake / volcano monitoring links to use:


6/3/2012 -- New Meteorology discovery? DORMANT VOLCANOES STEAMING worldwide Tags: Dutchsinse

Published on Jun 2, 2012 by dutchsince

You can use several of the links here to verify or review what I'm showing in this video:

download google earth for free here:

Several volcanic areas -- steaming -- daily -- worldwide. Producing hail and damaging winds ... which disappear as quickly as they start.

Same areas in Mexico, SW Texas.. North Texas (north of Amarillo) , Markagunt Plateau in Utah.. also SE New Mexico (not the wildfire).

Mexico has been doing this for OVER two weeks.. Texas started in earnest this past week (last week of May 2012).

We see the same types of events occurring at dormant volcanic areas in Africa, Saudi Arabia, and West India (just to name a few).

It appears to occur around 2pm/1400 (local time at each area) . NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH REGULAR AFTERNOON PRECIPITATION !! I think this may be how it has been overlooked for so long now. Some may dismiss this as regular precip unless they watch closely and verify the ground locations either being dormant volcanoes, drilling sites, or mines.

Pisgah craters -- East of Los Angeles California ... is showing activity again as well.. invisible to the naked eye.. only visible on RADAR coming from the known volcanic area --- NOT military plumes or wildfires since it is 100% invisible on "visible satellite". Yet it shows as a large plume on RADAR --- thus making it either CO2.. SO2.. Natural gas... something of this nature that an old dormant volcano would release that is producing a return on RADAR as particles in the air.. but we cannot see it directly.


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