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Elva Thompson

In the beginning was the Golden Age, when men of their own accord, without threat of punishment, without laws, maintained good faith and did what was right….The earth itself, without compulsion, untouched by the hoe, unfurrowed by any share, produced all things spontaneously….it was a season of everlasting spring.         

Ovid in the sixth book of his Metamorphoses.


The Golden Age of Sol/Saturn


In antiquity Saturn was our sun… and we lived in Paradise, the Golden Age of Man.

Hesiod tells of a golden race of immortal men who lived in the time of Kronos when he was reigning in heaven.

‘And they lived like gods without sorrow of heart, remote and free from toil: miserable age rested not on them . . . The fruitful earth unforced bare them fruit abundantly and without stint. They dwelt in ease and peace upon their lands with many good things’.

David Talbott in the Saturn Myth, p.329 writes:

‘Ancient races the world over record that there was once a Golden Age, a kingdom of cosmic harmony ruled by a central light god. Numerous sources identify this light god as the planet Saturn’.

What happened to Saturn?

The above video ‘Symbols of  an Alien Sky ‘ presented by The Thunderbolts Project, describes a ‘catastrophic and spectacular event’ that happened in our solar system, in the not too distant past. The chaos resulted in a new sun, a moon, the banishment of Saturn, and the introduction of a ‘new set up’ in the heavens.

Ancient texts tell us that Zeus banished Saturn, and in the ensuing struggle, the earth was knocked off her axis. Eternal spring was replaced with the four seasons, life and death and the turning of the wheel. Saturn became Satan, the Reaper, the father of Time, rigidity and Death.

From a God to a Devil

After the shaking of the heavens, a new sun shone in the sky and the moon showed up…and much has been written about the anomalies of the artificial satellite called Luna.  Native peoples have stories and myths about a time when there was no moon, and women did not menstruate… commensurate with the Golden Age presided over by Saturn/Sol.

Saturn of the Golden Age has been displaced, his magnificent radiance imprisoned in seven vibrating rings of power…just as our light and splendour is imprisoned by seven vortexes called the chakra system. They are frequency fences blocking our true nature and chaining us to the third dimension.

As above, so below.

The frequencies of the seven rings of power resonate on the human chakra system, the moon amplifies the charge, aided and abetted in its mischief by the seven planets.

The Cassini spacecraft sent back the sounds of Saturn, see video attached to my article ‘Spotlight on the Beast’  

The sounds are horrible…compounded by the vibrating hexagon at the North pole of the planet…the hex. The discordant sounds speak of misery, bondage and exploitation, it is the frequency of suffering called the Matrix, broadcast to the electromagnetic energy of earth’s grid and all living beings.

Saturn has been negated, hexed, cursed and the symbol of its bondage, the hexagram…sexagram is worshipped by the worlds religions, the six pointed star is the jailer of the light of Saturn/Sol.  TPTB have debased the god of harmony that ruled the Golden Age, and imprisoned him in spells of deceit and domination.  Seven rings of containment they have placed around him, corrupting the frequency of the dying Lord of Love.


Saturn’s symbol in the zodiac is the goat, and his messenger is Pan, the Elder brother of mankind. [See my article 'The Great God Pan.']

Pan is the symbol of the divinity and innocence of all creation that existed before the Fall… before the so called ‘son of Saturn’, Zeus, castrated Agdistis[the God/Goddess] of Saturn/Sol,  and created the Separation.

Zeus[Jupiter] appears to be the enemy of mankind and archetype of the malign manipulation of our species.

To hell in a hand basket.

In Genesis there are two creation stories, one where man lived in beauty[the golden Age of Saturn] and the other, where Adam and Eve are expelled from the garden and cursed by a psychotic, narcissistic creep.

Did this demented god and his cronies vivisect a natural being of the Golden Age?

Did they split a hermaphrodite into two halves? ‘male and female he created them.’

This split would have resulted in duality/polarity and the third dimension.  The allegory of Adam and Eve is about the separation of the sexes[the castration of Agdistis] and the fall into sexual desire and reproduction.

Eve’s apple

Joe Paneck wrote about the apple as a symbol.

The Seeded Vulva:

When we slice an Apple vertically (length-wise) the core portion has the shape of the Vulva in which the Seeds are contained. .Symbolically, the feminine Vulva-shape which contains the masculine seeds represents the act of creation in the physical
realm. For, in the physical realm, when the masculine Seed enters the feminine Vulva, creation and life are the result.The Seeded Vulva Symbolizes the complimentary aspects of duality which, when joined together, create life not only in the physical but also the mental realm;the two realms we experience during our present incarnation’.

Was the ‘ fall’ caused by the splitting of a whole being into two halves: hermaphrodite: Hermes/Aphrodite? And wouldn’t the separation, the splitting of the blueprint cause a drop in frequency…into a prison of duality/polarity and sexual reproduction?

Genetic Intervention and Paradise lost

Carl Sagan in his book ‘The Dragons of Eden’ has this to say.

Modern men and women have brain cases twice the volume of Homo habilis. Childbirth is painful because the evolution of the human skull has been spectacularly fast and recent. The American anatomist C. Judson Herrick described the development of the neo-cortex in the following terms: ‘it’s explosive growth late in phylogeny is one of the most dramatic cases of evolutionary transformation known to comparative anatomy’

The incomplete closure of the skull at birth, the fontanelle, is very likely an imperfect accommodation to this recent brain evolution.

The connection between the evolution of intelligence and the pain of childbirth seems unexpectedly to be made in the book of Genesis. In punishment for eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, God says to Eve, ‘In pain shalt thou bring forth children. It is interesting that it is not the getting of any sort of knowledge that God has forbidden, but, specifically, the knowledge of the difference between good and evil–that is abstract and moral judgements, which, if they reside anywhere, reside in the neo cortex.

The fall from Eden seems to be an appropriate metaphor for some of the major biological events in recent human evolution.

He goes on to say that their were modifications made to the female pelvis to allow for bigger heads. P.96

Is the ego an artificial intelligence?

In the light of the above information, it is obvious that we have been genetically modified…a gmo!

The question we have to ask ourselves is this. Does the ego reside in the neo-cortex and if so, is it an artificial intelligence?

Our minds are not our own, a fact which becomes very obvious when we start observing ourselves and how we react to external stimuli. We are a slave to instinct and programmed reactions, a serf to the A.I. called our mind.

Don Juan told Carlos Castaneda that the predator gave us its mind….the R.Complex and then made us conscious of its needs and urges,[neo-cortex]

Service to self…the predators mind

When we are in the ego mind of service to self, we are nothing more than animated robots fighting over the’ pecking order’, just like my chickens!

There is no difference between a totally self-orientated person and the rest of creation, whether it be pond life, insects or
mammals, they are all software, programmed to the survival of self and therefore, react in predictable ways to any threats, real or imagined.

That’s the key to control.


The Farm

The human herd has mangers, proto-demons whose genetics allow for the transmission of instructions.  Guidelines from the off planetary owners of the farm in raising the human cattle crop. These creeps are the elite bunch that make the laws and they are clever to a point, because the mass of the herd don’t even have a clue they are being manipulated, let alone being a farm animal.

I have to smile when I hear the ignorant rhetoric of people who are cruel to the creatures say, ‘So what! It’s just an animal!’ not realising that they are in the same position as the poor dumb creatures they so heartlessly brutalize. They too are being farmed…as above, so below and, in the process of their viciousness will be compelled to return to the farm ad infinitum.

Human life is ridiculous when viewed from this perspective.  It has no meaning and has been designed for one purpose only…not milk or flesh as in the lower density, but emotions…the loosh.

The Zombie Syndrome

Billions of human fractals are acting out the programmed Artificial Intelligence of the I, the service to self- programme and are not conscious in the true sense of the word…they are zombies, the  robotic walking dead of conformity and dogma, sucking up the energy of the world and spewing it out as poison.

Perhaps that’s the ironic and ugly truth masquerading behind the zombie movies…the powers that be are laughing at us, because they know that once you buy the lie, you are a zombie, a mindless creature ruled by the’ I want [instant gratification'] syndrome of the ‘acquired mind’.

Ego repute, proinde ego sum non…..I think, therefore I am not.

Unconditional love on the other hand just is…..it has no opinion and does not take part in the loosh producing  conflict of ‘us and them’.

Waking up to the alien nature of self

Realisation of what we actually are[programmed zombies], is the first step upon the road of change. Until we can see ourselves and our actions from a neutral point of view, there will be no self-discovery, no shift of awareness, but when we see the game and how we are manipulated by our minds…the move is on.

As we withdraw from conflict, unchain ourselves from the matrix and return to Love, so will the mighty Saturn/Sol throw of the hex, dissolve the rings, and the day will dawn upon the Golden Age of man once more.

It will be again as it was before:

They shall neither hurt or destroy in all my holy mountain

For the earth shall be in full knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.


More information on the symbology of the apple can be found on Joe’s blog:  www.aseekersthoughts.com


Stay Tuned…

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Note by SiNeh~

The first time we posted that Article was on October 3, 2014 but it had now broken links in it because where I got it from, the Website is down.

I re-posted it because especial at the time we live in, I find this a profound education for understanding what happen and for each of us can take the reasonable steps to our own "salvation".


Heaven Is a Trap - Don't Go To The Light
Tags: Consciousness Spirituality Empowerment Esoterica Transformation

'The solution is consciousness.
As soon as we wake up, the game will be over.
They are keeping us in mental and spiritual deception because they're scared we’ll wake up.
Joy, peace, love and compassion will change it.
By disconnecting from the program, we take their power away.'
- David Icke
Heaven is a trap and you don't want to go there.
Do not go to the white light upon death as it will take you to the white cube which is a psychic energy soul harvester mothership.

Ist the Tunnel of Light a Trick?

Series in 3 parts - part 1 - ca. 60 Minutes, pt. 2 - ca. 48 Min, pt. 3 - ca. 71 Min.  
In this series of the never-before-heard 'Answers From The Akashic Records' about The Tunnel of Light After Death, we discuss the ARCHONS and their devious tricks.
This session can also be found on our blog here: http://worldofempowerment.com.
We also talked about darkness,
deception and evil in general, we spoke of ghosts, karma, what we perceive as reality, whether reincarnation is necessary or not, sin and guilt, suffering, our concept of time, and much more!
This session was prompted by the need to find out about the light at the end of the tunnel, because when people die, they say they experience it.
We've interviewed many people in the past that have spoken of NDEs (Near Death Experiences), and one in particular was a gentleman that had four near-death experiences!
And in each of those near-death experiences, he turned away from the light and came back.
It seems to be a common experience with people, that there is this light, and the issue that has prompted our session today is that it may all be a lie, a grand deception. Our prime question that motivated this session is this:
Is the light at the end of the tunnel a trick?
Find out here!
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Don't Go Into The Light Go Into the Darkness

A discussion on after death and the Light vs the Darkness
Category: Consciousness
Tags: Consciousness Spirituality

LOP-1 - Pi Patel (Suraj Sharma) and a fierce Bengal tiger named Richard Parker must rely on each other to survive an epic journey.

Greg Calise
Riverbank of Truth

Sometimes I ponder the plight of humanity. Boy did we take a wrong turn. We took a path that has wound its way across jagged cliffs, rickety bridges, perilous stretches and bad weather. It looks like we have now come across a seemingly impossible crossing. Now you have to ask yourself why didn’t we turn around long ago, when we saw that the road was rough? For thousands of years, mankind has taken a path of conflict, spilling so much blood, leaving a wake full of pain and suffering. Why did humanity continue on such a barbaric path? Why did humankind follow a path that created so much suffering for himself and the rest of the planet?

Did we have a choice? Due to the influence of time, we had to enter a dark age. It’s how the cycles of time work. We find ourselves at the tail end of the iron age, the age of ignorance and conflict. We see this in all major cycles. Within the four seasons, we have winter, where many plants look devoid of life. Because we live in a world of duality, these cycles of time are inevitable. Good times and bad times. So we really didn’t have a choice of which path humanity was going to take. And yet, in a deeper sense, we all chose to come here to experience it.

Time has led us to this point, where the vast majority of the world is completely programmed by society, religion, politics, economy, the media, conflict and war. The farther we go along this path, the farther we separate from our very Self. As we move down this path, we lose our awareness, our intelligence, our morality, and we forget who we are, how we got here, why we are here, or where are we going? We are lost.



Sometimes I look around and observe. I observe events, trends and the various programs the masses have bought into. I also observe people, and I can feel who they are. I can see the facade and what lies behind the facade; the pains, suffering and joys. So at times I ponder the plight of people. Where are they going? What path have they chosen, and in what direction are they headed?

That’s the strange thing to ponder. “What path have they chosen?” But did any of us actually choose our path in life? Not really. We were born into it, and the societal programs started right away. We were all fed a package of lies and deceit, one program after another. It’s all that we were ever taught; and unless you had the wits to find out things yourself, then you are simply buying into various programs that other people insisted were true. But we are finding new theories about the universe that contradict the mainstream sciences. Some scientists get together, and begin seeing differently; against the status quo. They are visionaries. And they are usually against great opposition from the establishment.

When you see from outside of the programs, you begin to see that the world is very different from what we were told. History, science, physics, religion, society, statism and most all facets of consensus knowledge, are all unravelling. So although we were all born into ignorance and fed a diet of lies, if you practice awareness and observation, you will see a much different picture than the one you were told existed. Then you start asking questions. That’s when the matrix starts breaking apart.



I believe we could even witness the beginning of the unravelling of religion. There are so many archeological finds, ancient texts and literature that paints a much more vivid picture of what really happened. When you look at the true histories of the religions, they paint a very gruesome picture. And today you have priests being charged with pedophilia, and new scandals all the time; only to find out that these terrible things were happening throughout history. There certainly isn’t any shortage of crazy religious fanatics. People must begin to question. You would think so, but that’s rarely the case. Everyone will notice all the mud of the other religions, but fails to notice his own religion, where he finds himself stuck in the mud.

Sometimes people do break away from their family religion, but they usually end up in another religion or some new age hocus pocus. So they never actually changed much (or in my case, it became much worse). New age aspirants can become just as fanatical as any religious zealot.

I meet a lot of people that I end up spending some time with in conversation. Many of them are very much into the new age religion. They talk about their angels, gods and goddesses, pseudo-shamanism, the chakras, kundalini, energy beings, crystals, healers and the whole gamut. They are completely convinced that what they are doing is spiritual. It is certainly cosmic, but no, it’s certainly not spiritual. But most people equate cosmic and spiritual as the same. It’s not. Cosmic relates to the cosmos, which consists of 7 primary dimensions of manifestation, and many other sub-dimensions. This is the home of the gods, goddesses, the light beings, angels, etc.


The cosmos is not spiritual. It is a manifestation of material elements, although of finer frequencies, which are beyond our senses. The part of the cosmos that we are inhabiting is bound within the cosmic matrix. As above, so below. Just as we are bound also within the earthly matrix, the cosmic dimensions in our sector of space are also bound within a matrix of illusions, lies and deceptions. All of the gods and goddesses are impostors, as are most of the cosmic beings that have a foothold here. That includes all of the channellings. This is not what spirituality is.

And yet, I don’t try to convince them otherwise. What would be the point? They are completely convinced of the programs they have bought into, just as much as traditional religionists are so convinced that their god and their scriptures are the true path. Yes, everyone is lost, and most people are even unaware that they are lost. Lost on planet Earth.

If you contemplate for a moment, how many innumerable programs are running this modern world. Society, culture, economics, the governments and politics, the media, entertainment, sports, fashion, trends, what to speak of the state ‘educational facilities’; all of these are serious false programs that control our lives. We have been led onto a path of slavery, where the vast majority of people have lousy jobs that they hate, and with diminishing pay. Just enough to barely get by.


And yet, few people ever question why things are the way they are. Yes, they may complain, but they don’t seem willing to change, so the machine keeps moving forward. Become an anomaly in the matrix. Forge your own path, in another direction from the herds. The more people that strike out on a different path, the weaker the matrix becomes. I mean, the elephant is standing in the living room. Time to open our eyes.

– Greg Calise


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