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Can you even imagine to abort a baby before birth ???

And the US SENATE passed a bill that makes this possible SMFH


Watch at 1 min 30 sec


Published on 25 Jan 2019


FURTHERMORE in that Video is ......

Robert Barnes is a Civil Rights and Tax lawyer who's probably best known for representing actor Wesley Snipes in a tax evasion case and aquitting him of all charges that would otherwise have seen him spend 16 years in prison and pay $40 million in fines. He's offered to represent Nicholas Handmann and the boys of Covington High School pro bono and he is in complete agreement with me when he says of the Mainstream Media's unprecedented attack on the MAGA teens:
"The press was waiting and they attacked. It was a deliberate campaign. This was a conspiracy. It was a hit job. It was a hit job on their futures. It was a hit job on their reputations.
"Imagine being a 15- or 16-year old kid. You've never, ever experienced this Leftie protest culture before and you think you're just participating with the drums and with the Native American. You conduct yourself with the best possible behavior and then you go home and you discover that you're the subject of the worst libel campaign of private citizens in US legal history."
- Alexandra Burce


How Grandma Locked The Bad Police Officers In Her Basement Tags: Racism


Published on 1 May 2016 by WeAreChange

Venus Green, retired school principal and widow, experienced the rampant racism and brutality of the Baltimore police department first hand. But her ordeal was not yet over. It took her four years of legal battles to convince the state to compensate her for the invasion, which the president of the city council actively voting against.

There is very little information about the officers involved circulating on the internet. It seems nearly all trace of them has been scrubbed from the internet. The Baltimore police department could not be reached for comment as to whether these individuals still work for the BPD.








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Watch what happens when AIPAC attendees slam Trump's racist comments then learn they were said by '.......'
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It does not matter if you like Donald Trump or not; it is about someone else whom we all appraise for his policy of Apartheid, oppression, genocide, deception (you name it) and endless wars against the minorities in the same country (Talk about an immediate 'about face') It should be noted, the term 'racism' is a Zionast invention) - Parsifal


Cognitive dissonance: Watch what happens when AIPAC attendees slam Trump's racist comments then learn they were said by Netanyahu

27 Mar 2016, Rania Khalek The Electronic Intifada

On Monday, thousands of supporters of Israel filed into the Verizon Center in Washington, DC, to watch the Republican presidential candidates address the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the most influential arm of the Israel lobby.

The line to get in spanned an entire block and wrapped around the corner, and was the scene of confrontations between conference attendees and an assortment of protesters, some chanting against Israel, others against AIPAC and almost everyone against Donald Trump, the Republican frontrunner whose big speech was just hours away.

It was the perfect opportunity to engage with Israel's most politically active supporters, so I pulled out my camera phone and began asking what they thought of Trump.

Most respondents expressed extremely negative views about the candidate, slamming his racism, xenophobia and incitement to violence.

So I decided to conduct an experiment to test for consistency by attributing racist statements made by Israeli leaders to Trump and asking respondents what they thought of such language.

Most people I spoke with energetically condemned racist statements attributed to Trump. However, when I revealed the statements had actually been made by Israeli leaders, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, respondents immediately excused, justified or supported the rhetoric they had just condemned.

Migrants compared to cancer

One young woman said of Trump, "He's terrible. He incites racist attitudes." When asked, "What do you think about Trump's comments comparing migrants to cancer?" she responded with disgust, "He's awful. I hate Trump."

But it was Israeli culture minister Miri Regev, not Trump, who compared African refugees to "a cancer," a statement that 52 percent of Israeli Jews agreed with in one survey.

Regev later apologized, not to Africans but to cancer survivors for likening them to Black people.

I revealed to the young woman that Regev was the source of that statement and added that Netanyahu had recently called for surrounding all of Israel with walls "to protect ourselves from wild beasts."

"I think you have to step back for a second," the young woman snapped. "Israel is next to Syria, which is, as you know, going through a civil war. So when [Netanyahu] says 'wild beasts' he means jihadis who can potentially be coming into Israel. So I think you need to be very distinctive about that."

The cognitive dissonance on display was startling as one anti-Trump liberal after another transformed into a defender of hate-speech uttered by Israelis, reflecting the alarming degree to which Arabs have been dehumanized in the minds of many of Israel's North American supporters.

A woman from Montgomery, Maryland, stood outside the Verizon Center holding a sign that read, "Jews against Trump because we've seen this before."

Though outraged by Trump's anti-Muslim rhetoric and his pledge to build a wall along the US-Mexico border, she seemed to keep her distance from the larger protests against both Trump and Israel. It was soon clear why.

Asked if she was similarly disturbed by Netanyahu's "wild beasts" comment, her tone changed and she became defensive.

"I didn't hear the context," she said.

"Is there a context where that comment would be okay?" I asked.

She insisted she couldn't respond without hearing the statement in full and verifying it for herself.

Ironically, her response was not unlike Trump's answer to a CNN interviewer last month when the billionaire was asked to repudiate the support of former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke.

Trump refused to disavow Duke or his white supremacy.

Trump later tried to blame his response on a "bad earpiece."

"Abusive and negative"

A man waiting in line to get inside the stadium told me Trump is "psychotic" and accused him of pandering to bigots. But he rolled his eyes and walked away when confronted with Regev's cancer analogy.

Another man standing in line said he was "afraid" of Trump and called the "wild beasts" comment "abusive and negative."

As I tried to explain that Netanyahu was the source of the "wild beasts" comment, the man raised his voice, "What does Donald Trump have to do with Netanyahu?"

He went on to blurt out standard pro-Israel talking points.

"Buses were exploding in Israel. Buses exploded! There were bombs exploding," he argued. "Walls went up to keep Palestinian terrorists out because they're killing people."

While Israel insists that its apartheid wall, declared illegal by the International Court of Justice in the Hague in 2004, is vital to keep suicide bombers out, even Netanyahu has confessed that the true purpose of the "separation fence" is to protect Israel's Jewish majority from "demographic spillover" of Palestinians from the West Bank.

And contrary to oft-repeated Israeli government claims, the wall was not responsible for a reduction in bomb attacks carried out by Palestinians.

Israel is "a light unto nations" with "the most moral army in the world," the man insisted, ignoring decades of Israeli occupation and its attendant brutal violence against millions of Palestinians who remain without rights.

The lesson of the day, if there was one, seemed to be that violent demagoguery, no matter how reprehensible, is perfectly justified when it comes from the mouths of Israeli leaders.

Comment: What a fine example of how many so-called liberal Jews in the US simply cannot or will not see beyond their own incredibly ingrained biases and programming when it comes to being presented with any negative information regarding Israel, or its leaders. Zionists, in general, will resort to nearly any type of mental gymnastics, justifications, emotionalism, eye-rolling etc. rather than address the possibility that there is something very very wrong occurring in the imploding 'land of the chosen'. -Rania Khalek



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