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Green Smoothie Girl Robyn Openshaw: Her Healing Story, Cancer Industry Corruption, and more Tags: Green Smoothie Girl Robyn Openshaw: Her Healing Story Cancer Industry Corruption and more

Published on Sep 16, 2015

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Robyn has been a leader in the whole food nutrition movement since 2007. She rocks! Enjoy!

Robyn's grandmother healed her cancer with nutrition using the Gerson Diet. Her uncle was also diagnosed at the same time. He died of complications of his radiation and chemotherapy.

Robyn recommends researching non toxic cancer treatments.

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The information in this video is not intended as medical advice.
In addition to searching the Internet for information related cancer and health, please consider consulting with a qualified medical healthcare professional.

Two for One: Addiction Survivors Share How Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Also Tackles Your Depression
Category: Psychology
Tags: Addiction Substance Abuse Depression Healing

Two for One: Addiction Survivors Share How Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Also Tackles Your Depression

Photo credit: Pixabay


“No matter who you are or what you’ve been through, what kind of walks of life you’ve lived, if you get to a point where you can’t manage it anymore, then you need help. And you know what? The biggest step you could possibly take in life is to actually take that step.”


That’s one of the insights Tiffany, a proud addiction treatment graduate, shared with us about her journey to recovery.


Addiction and depression often walk hand-in-hand. Using drugs or alcohol can be coping mechanisms for dealing with the despair people face on a daily basis. Unfortunately, substance abuse only deepens mental health conditions like depression — but entering recovery can alleviate both issues.


There was a time, not so long ago, when my future seemed as hopeless as a dark abyss of despair, waiting to swallow me whole. I contemplated ending my life, figuring death was my only escape, and I probably would’ve followed through — had my mothers not been there to rescue me.” - Julia, Addiction and Depression Survivor, who credits her mothers for her recovery


Kyle admitted his life felt like a constant struggle with himself, and left him living in a constant state of misery which ultimately fueled his addiction.


“That’s what my problem was: I was always second guessing my life, and now I know that that’s when it’s time to change,” he noted.


Johnny related to that lingering feeling of dread, though he said he didn’t immediately recognize it.


“Before I got [to rehab], I wasn’t exactly a negative person, but treatment really taught me how to smile more,” he said.


For Kyle and Johnny, getting treatment for their addictions and truly getting to the root of their unhappiness was frightening. Many people battling depression feel that same anxiety when it comes to reaching out for help. After all, it’s not easy to admit you have a problem.


But both men said it was well worth it to seek help.


Following his completion of an addiction treatment program, Kyle had a brighter outlook:


“All I ever picture is being happy with my life and being confident and healthy.”


Johnny shared that not only did his time in treatment help him find sobriety, but also provided him the tools he needed to stay sober and happy.


“From the time that I got here until now, I just feel so much better as a person,” he gushed.


Whether you’re working to overcome depression, addiction, or any other mental health condition, seeking professional help isn’t a sign of weakness. In fact, there’s a great strength in having the courage to admit you can’t do it on your own. More than that, you truly deserve to be happy and should never feel ashamed for needing a little extra support.


Tiffany said that in the light of sobriety, she is now living her best life.


“For the first time in my life I actually have dreams. I know who I am. I know that I love the woman that I have become when I look into the mirror,” she said.


Perhaps one brave soul who asked to remain anonymous put it best: “I came here broken, I came here hurt, and I’ll tell you what, I’m leaving happier than ever and I’m not letting anything hold me down anymore.”


For more information please go to http://recoverywell.org/


This Article was sent to me by Constance Ray and I gratefully posted it for her. Addictions and Depressions are (as far that I know) unfortunately more common today as we can imagine and help is needed for those that suffer from it.



KILLSWITCH ENGAGE Vocalist Jesse Leach Shares Statement: “I can not stay silent anymore”
Tags: Activitism Music Protest Healing Humanity

KILLSWITCH ENGAGE Vocalist Jesse Leach Shares Statement: “I can not stay silent anymore”

Killswitch Engage frontman Jesse Leach has shared a statement online after spending several days “mourning the current state of the world and this country”. Leach takes exception to the notion that the problem lies among average people and instead blames complex distraction tactics to further divide us by those at the very top.

His statement is incredibly well written and insightful. This is certainly the best analysis I have read on this topic from any musician thus far. Jesse Leach demonstrates a depth that is rare when coming from public figures in the entertainment industry.

Here is Killswitch Engage frontman Jesse Leach’s statement:


“Knowing full well the insurmountable ridicule and abuse I may receive from this post (by those polarized in one direction or the other) I can not stay silent anymore. I realize my thoughts, concerns and observations may mean nothing to you. If that is the case simply stop reading. For those reading on, thank you and back to your regular unscheduled program of social media to resume in a minute or two.

– I can’t just take a “side” or allow a hashtag to define my grief (we all have our ways to mourn with respect). I have been contemplating and mourning the current state of the world and this country for days now. I still find it hard to find the words, but I wouldn’t be able to look myself in the mirror tomorrow if I didn’t attempt to formulate my thoughts and speak my mind and heart.

I mourn the murder of any human! The fact that we as a people use death as a political platform or an agenda is despicable. The denying of deep rooted inequality is also equally despicable! How can we foster progress and actual equality when no one is willing to listen to each other? We must be willing to be considerate and walk in one another’s shoes to find understanding. I don’t see much of that sadly, just division and disregard for one another.

What a sad, troubled and shockingly ignorant state of affairs we are caught in these days. The division between us as a people grows daily due tragic events paired alongside calculated disinformation and false flag or “wagging the dog” (look up these terms if you are not familiar and then examine certain current events that change over time). There is much outside of our history books and news reports to learn from. These days we are swallowing blindly what they feed us. Instead of uniting to stand against a common enemy (the ones in power that manipulate justice and care not for the common people). Instead we are divided against each other! While we bicker and fight over hashtags and who’s killing who, the clandestine dismantling of this country and the world economy continues unchecked.

Racism (among many other warped and conditioned hateful thinking) is alive and well people! It is being arrogantly displayed by many on both “sides” of the current issues. Yet we are distracted by social status, fantasy games and vanity glued to our phones like zombies. We swallow manufactured media as click bait conspiracies to occupy our minds. We have been warned for decades about these times from literature, to movies and songs. Yet here we are in the midst of yet another crucial downfall and all we are doing is infighting and pointing fingers at each other. When in fact the blame lies upon those in high “authority.” Those very few at the top who oversee the passing and amending of laws, the controlling of wealth and the distribution of power ARE the divisors and dictators of the system.

We have been conditionally dumbed down, divided and controlled. This is “idiocracy” in full effect, but the vast majority can’t see it! We have been indoctrinated and brain washed so cleverly, patiently and precisely that the vast majority are completely unaware of the state of emergency. We lash out against one another in fear and anger. Anyone trying to make a change and speak out is violently and or verbally struck down by an opposing view. It’s ether that or threatened, ridiculed or simply… silenced in death.

How many more of “US” will die before we realize the truth has been disguised?

How long do we allow those in control to manipulate us, humiliate us, steal from us and kill us like pawns in their game of power? There has got to be a better way. There has got to be a radical change. Sadly I fear the worst as it seems most are too far gone, trapped in the “matrix” as it were.

The only thing I can offer is my personal action. My lyrics in my music, my choices, the companies I support or boycott with money. The effort I will put forth to be understanding, compassionate and yes, loving when I have the strength. My faith is, that there is enough good with us all to begin to heal and help one another (even in small simple ways).

For those of you who believe in God I urge you to pray. For those of you who gather in protest and activism do so in peace. For those of you in uniform show honor and control. For those of you who have compassion and charity to give, give it in abundance. We are facing troubling times and I feel it will only get worse before it improves. In the meantime pause and think before you speak or act and ask yourself “am I a part of the problem or a part of the solution.” You can control and change the way you think and act.

Think about this, if only for a moment.

I am just a man trying to find understanding and do the best that I can to help in anyway. I will continue to strive to write lyrics and songs for ALL of us. I will strive to be an instrument of light and hope in this world of darkness (albeit a flawed, sarcastic, head case of an instrument)….but It’s all I have and all I can offer at present.

I am heartbroken for us all but I won’t give up on trying to make this world a better place one little tiny effort after another.

Be good to one another

With respect and sincerity

Peace, love, wisdom, strength and light to all!”


I add here a Video I found from that Group. It was uploaded to Youtube 1 year ago. Listen well tothe lyrics.





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