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Radiation Blocked Stop Smart Meter Radiation
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Thanks to Parsifal that posted this on one of our BRIDGES


For those not aware of the dangers of 'Smart' Meters, read this first

Please do not get me amiss, under no circumstance this post should be an advertisment for the firm, promoting the Smart Meter Guard in the video.

However this post Beyond Illusion should make you aware, there IS aparently help available !

Now there your intuition, imagination and DIY abilities are challenged to protect yourself and those you love against insane amounts of radiation - thanks for understanding - Parsifal

video description:
For anyone who does not want to be exposed to the radiation emitted from your utility smart meter, we have developed a simple yet technically proven product to block over 98% of the radiation. This video demonstrates how the "Smart Meter Guard" blocks the radiation and shows the technical evidence verifying the radiation is blocked.

While fairly simple in design the "Smart Meter Guard" really does block the radiation, completely! There are other devices out there but none are technical blocking all the radiation.

For more information check out www.smartmeterguard.com.

This is a smart meter guard

Question from comments:
PROBLEM ......What about on the other side of the wall ?
That crap is still going into the house !

Hi xxxx, Actually, the RF does not go back into the house from the other side of the wall. The utility box is all metal that RF can not escape accept through the glass portion the smart meter. Once the Smart Meter Guard is put over it no RF can escape so none goes out the back. Click on our Youtube name above, smartmeterguard, and see the new video we posted showing this.


Radiation Blocked Stop Smart Meter Radiation

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Samples of 'Smart' Meters

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Stop Smart Meters!

Warning! Extremely Graphic Obamas FSA Rebels Commit More Fine Deeds In Syria Blocked On YouTube Age Restriction
Tags: Warning! Extremely Graphic Obamas FSA Rebels Commit More Fine Deeds In Syria

Warning! Extremely Graphic Obamas FSA Rebels Commit More Fine Deeds In Syria Blocked On YouTube Age Restriction

(Before It's News)

Lets ALL THANK Barack Obama by calling him right now at 202-456-1111 and expressing our gratitude for arming the wonderful Syrian rebels, while using AMERICANS TAX MONEY, so that they can commit MORE of the following fine deeds shown in this video. Warning! Extremely graphic and blocked on youtube as age restricted. While CONGRESS tries to TAKE away YOUR guns, this is who they are going to help out by giving guns to. Outraged yet? Voice your displeasure by calling your Congress men and women by finding their numbers easilyhereand letting them know that we dont appreciate THEM ARMING cannibals and murderers.

Syria Tube | More than 35 executions : Syria These are the actions of the rebels killing innocent civilians in many ways including beheading , shooting and slaughtering.This is just a little of their terror against the Syrian people.


Published on 21 Jun 2013 bysyria tube


Facebook censors autistic children at GMO rally (part 1) Tags: Censorship Facebook Websites Blocked

Part 2 at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DtuOksSJ9-0

Published on 27 May 2013 by TheHealthRanger

Mike Adams the Health Ranger interviews Andrea Lalama, mother of two autistic boys who have now become famous because Facebook suspended Andrea's account after she posted a picture of her two children holding up protest signs at the recent March Against Monsanto.

The signs read "Biopesticides = Autism, Say No to GMO" and "Organic Food It's My Medicine, Label GMOs"

This was apparently too much for Facebook, which immediately began shutting down accounts of numerous users who started to share this photo.

See more at NaturalNews.com

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