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The Time Machine -Aug Tellez
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Published on Jul 19, 2017

There are literally no words. I would need to combine together multiple movies to make sense of this in a visual sense.

The machine 4 dimensionally (and higher) prints time and space together like a sewing machine by creating the atomic lattice of physical, elemental reality and space and then interweaving through the lattice the etheric substance of the awareness of the soul to activate the consciousness of the Human mind!


TIME is INVERTED, it is like a cone that is pulsing waves outward backwards into this reality and we experience this as the FORWARD motion of time. What we experience is actually happening in the REVERSE of our perception. The physical perception experiences time AFTER it is generated meaning what we experience FIRST is what is printed LAST. This is the meaning of the FIRST IS THE LAST which is mentioned by the adepts of the 'ancient time' which is actually the beginning and the end of civilization!

The end is the beginning as that is the point of liberation through which we encounter our TRUE SELF on the OTHER SIDE of the VORTEX of the MACHINE. The VORTEX is the PORT HOLE OF THE MACHINE.

This machine filters reality into this realm and our true spiritual self stays on the other side waiting for us to return, to return we must focus ALL INTENTION into the liberation process. The machine is fed by intention and desires so if we are wayward in any desire or intent then that will produce a parallel reality in what we call the universe and humanity has been 'splintering' for 'thousands' of years!

This is a difficult one, one of the most difficult videos simply because of the complex nature of what I am conveying!

Thank you, there is no death, there is no physical reality outside of the space-time ripples or undulations that this 'reality-generation-wave' machine is pulsing out to create this universe!


Lisa Melendez and Aug Tellez, The Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge
Tags: Aug Tellez Humanity Spirit Ascension Unveiling Events Soul Lisa Mendelez

Published on Jul 28, 2017

Lisa Mendelez and Aug Tellez - The Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge, Spiritual Knowledge, Experimentation and Mind Control

The audio jumps because this was recorded raw from the device. This may be easiest to hear through external speakers.

Double IV
Genetic Experiments
Breeding Program


Remote Control
Ancient Elite
Pocket Dimension

DM, Cloning,

Ex Energy

Sim Experiences Mind Link

Sun Gate, StarGate

Black Eyes

Solar Tech

Space Portals

Souped Soldiers

Memory launch

Heart Ttwo


Pain Body


Diminished Returns


Gene Experiments

Get Back to Organic Enjoyment

Speak to Universe Love

Laws for Rehabilitation, Reprobate Mind

AI systems

Future Civil

Living Being Universe

Some Races Born Out of the Techno, Born out of the Alternate, the Issue

Giving New Life, Rebirth, Dissolving All Bonds, False System, Contracts, Strawman

Sent Beam Back


Starve, Parasite Mark Coming Change


Addiction Programming Parasite, Inserted Memories Frequencies

Shadow Operatives

Interdimensional Druids

Reminder Born Again

Etheric Bell, Collective Memory Activation Signal

Time Dilation, The Quickening, Acceleration

Stan Deyo, Speed of Light

Artificial Big Bang

Timeline Censorship

Silke F, Timeline Control Groups

Temporal Operations, Montauk,

Paranoid Times

The Awakening, All of Time

NAZI’s Won in Previous Timeline

Temporal Zombies

Andy Pero


Hive Mind Enslavement Entrap

“Love Bite”

Artificial Big Bang

Nomos, Dogon,

Octavius Well of Time

Stepping Down in Tier, Gaining New Title

DNA is Altered to Produce Timeline

Scalar Eye Projection

Soul Shards, Fragmented Soul of Humanity

Recombining Parallel Timeline

Consciousness Central Universe

The Intent to Forgives and Return to the Organic Timeline, Move Forward into Healing and Wholeness

The Acquisition of Parallels - Aug Tellez
Tags: Aug Tellez Humanity Spirit Ascension Unveiling Events Soul The Acquisition of Parallels


Published on Jun 25, 2017

I love everyone I’ve had had the opportunity to work with and, in my humble opinion, the system is virtually perfect and will always bring about the results that one deserves. Whether we are willing to face this at this point is not a matter of our clearance but a willingness to accept self-responsibility and refuse to project blame and self-loathing onto others just to pass the buck for one more round. There is so much that can be done with the effort that is required or skipped to project blame and suffering onto someone else that anyone who participates in that, in this age, is 100% signing a contract for their own demise and the demise of their civilization which is a very dangerous and unacceptable choice. Again, in the age where one person can utilize the power to generate as much change and view as much information in one hour that an entire village would’ve had access to 100’s a years ago over the course of a decade or more, every single choice every single observer makes is the most important choice of all of our lives.

Written version: https://augtellez.wordpress.com/2017/...

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