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The Lying President Ceded
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Obama, the lying President ceded

On Friday Obama held his last press conference of his term in the White House, before he zoomed off with Air Force One to Hawaii for his two-week Christmas vacation and Golf.
I listened to him live and now I am suffering from concussion by shaking my head.
Yes, I had to shake my head permanently, because virtually every statement he uttered was a lie ... almost EVERY !

Parsifal, December 17, 2016

The conference started with the claim by Obama, the United States would look today better than when he took office in 2009.
'With so many standards, our country is stronger and more affluent than where we started,' said Obama.
'You can't say that we are not better off. We are'.

A LIE, because his predecessor, George W. Bush has left a mountain of debt of 10.5 Trillion dollars, but Obama piled up to a staggering 20 Trillion (Trillion, with a 'T') dollars and, thus, has doubled.
This means that the actor with the a.k.a. 'Obama' who plays the president of the US. has made so much debts in only eight years, like all of his 43. predecessors in 228 years before him !

Donald Trump therefore inherits from Obama a state that is COMPLETELY bankrupt.

But not only the state is broke and up to the ears in debt, but the private households and the majority of companies.
The debt burden is so large, America is to sink below the sea level and people will drown in the floods of debt.
Most Americans have maxed out their credit cards, brought to the limit, just to survive.

Why do you think was elected Trump ?
Because the average citizens are fine ?
Certainly not.
But because they are sunk so low in their standard of living and hope for an improvement with the non-politician and entrepreneur Trump.
Hillary would've been just the continuation of Obama's catastrophic policy, one that takes away because of globalization jobs and income.

Then Obama listed, as his 'success' of the Affordable Care Act, the law that brought, allegedly, millions of Americans affordable health insurance.
A LIE, because for most Americans, premiums or taxes increased so enormously.
Three years after the introduction of Obamacare, 54 percent of Americans are against it and want to abolish the law.

Prior to the law's introduction, Obama has promised, if one is with the power range of his health insurance satisfied, then he can keep it.
A LIE, because the insurance companies have cancelled the policies for millions, because they no longer corresponded to the increased statutory benefits.
The customers had to conclude more expensive insurance policies or be without insurance.

That is why Trump has promised to complete overhaul this Obamacare and to improve.

Then Obama counted the killing of Osama Bin Laden, the alleged mastermind behind the attacks of September 11, 2001 as another success.
A LIE, because what was presented to us in may 2012 as raid of the SEALS, has never taken place.
There has not a single proof been supplied, Osama's hideout was found in Pakistan, was attacked and he was captured.
It was also not a single evidence shown a photo of his corpse or funeral.

The world was dished the lie about the elimination of Osama Bin Laden, because actually he died on the 16th December of 2001 from kidney failure in the mountains of Bora Bora, Afghanistan, where it has been maintained for years the artificial enemy-image (of a dead person) by means of fake video messages and so 'kept alive'.
That's why they were not able to provide photos and other evidence of his capture and his killing.

The simulated elimination of Osama Bin Laden served only one purpose, to aver Obama as a hero, so that he, in 2012, wins the re-election for the 2nd term, which he did.

The Paris Climate Agreement has booked Obama as his success.
He said,
'with this is very probably saved the planet for our children'.
A LIE, because, firstly, there is no human-caused climate warming, and secondly, the measures adopted have and will have never the effect of saving the planet, but are mere window-dressing, which is not anyway necessary, and are only egalitarianism.

Trump has referred to the hysteria and scaremongering about an alleged climate change as a hoax and he will stop this expensive, ridiculous and totally worthless nonsense.

On Syria, Obama claimed that Russia would be the obstacle to peace and to block the relief supplies to Aleppo.
'...to our regret but not surprise that Russia is blocking the help',
he said.
A LIE, it is just the opposite, Russia is the only country that ever aid the Syrian population, including to Aleppo and brings real peace.

The Americans and their European and Arab allies but to supply weapons to the terrorists, throw bombs on the civilian population, to do everything to keep the conflict running.
Only private organization have also brought relief supplies to Syria, such as the Aramaic-Relief from Baar, Switzerland.

Then Obama had the audacity to claim,
'the Assad Regime can't reach the path to legitimacy through slaughter'.
A LIE, because the Syrian Army slaughters no one at all, but freed already great parts of the conquered territories from the radical Islamic terrorists, and the civilians caught within it.
The truth is, the head cutter of ISIS and all the other so-called 'rebels' have been created by the USA first and smuggled in to Syria to overthrow the legitimate government.

Then, Obama would say:
'The responsibility for this brutality is only in one place. With the Assad Regime and its allies, Russia and Iran, and this blood and these atrocities are on their hands'.
A PERVERSENESS at the height of impudence and prevarication.

Who started the conflict in Syria, over 5 years ago ?
Who has demanded ever since that 'Assad must go' ?
Who has brought Terror to the country ?
Who conducts the war against the people of Syria ?
It is the West under the leadership of the United States, because Syria is again just a victim of the policy of 'regime change', like Afghanistan, like Iraq, like Libya, and the Ukraine.

And what about Obama's killer drones that fly over several countries and have murdered hundreds if not thousands of people from the air ?
If someone is wearing the blood of many victims on the hands, then it is Obama, that congenital liar, and all his predecessors in the White House with millions of dead on their conscience.

The peace in Syria hinder alone the United States as well as Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey, in which they are training the terrorist gangs, finance and arm.
In addition, they provide their cannibal mercenaries and NATO employees protection by air attacks and aid with information on the positions of the Syrian army.
The oil that ISIS steals, they buy and care for the wounded terrorists medically in their hospitals.

Obama called the conflict in Syria a 'civil war', which is also a LIE.
Not Syrians are fighting against Syrians, but the Syrians are fighting against foreigners, against the Jihadists who have been recruited from all sorts of countries, also from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, to plunge Syria into chaos, to destroy and for regime change.
A Free Syrian army (FSA), it has never been, is a free invention of the West.

Obama then claimed that the Russians had hacked the E-Mail data and so the presidential election has been influenced.
'The Russians were responsible for the hacking of the DNC,' he claimed.
A LIE, because Julian Assange has explicitly emphasized, the DNC-Mails didn't come from a Russian, or even national source.
According to a statement by Craig Murray, who has met with the source in Washington, the data came from an Insider of the DNC.

May be it is about the source of the IT staff of the DNC, Seth Rich, who was found suicided near his home with several shots in the back.

Obama denounced Russia permanently during his speech, was on the verge to claim that Putin himself had ordered the alleged russian hacking but he said it was made at the highest levels of the Kremlin.
A LIE, because, first of all, President Putin has denied this absurd assertion and, secondly, Obama has not provided any evidence for it.
The spokesman of the Kremlin said therefore, that the Americans should prove their accusations or shut up.

The killer was then which smelly sink Obama poured over Russia.
'The Russians can't change us or significantly weaken. They are a smaller country, they are a weaker country, their economy produced nothing, what would buy anyone, except for oil and gas and weapons. They are not innovative'.

If Obama really believes what he says, then he is not only a habitual liar but also a dumbass-idiot and has ZERO idea !

It's the Americans who are utterly, completely, constantly backstanding, because they need to buy their rocket engines from Russia, because they can not build a good one, and the Russians are so advanced and reliable.
In addition, the US is not able to carry their astronauts into space, have to get a ride as hitchhikers with the oh-so-primitive missiles of the Russians.

America is not a real space-flight nation, because only the Russians and the Chinese to bring people into Orbit.

To say that Russia is not innovative, is a LIE, because the space group of Boeing-Lockheed said, the Russian rocket engines work flawlessly, while the American alternatives are not tested first because unusable.
In addition, the Russian RD-180 engine is 30 percent cheaper.

The sooooo innovative Elon Musk with his SpaceX rockets has never brought up a satellite of the US-government as his things explode in flight or on the launch pad.
Boeing-Lockheed has carried out since 2006, more than 100 launches with Russian engines successfully, without ever losing a payload.

The B.O.L.E. is completely funded by community, managed and maintained by volunteers. Please consider making a contribution so more stories of awakening and alternative views can be shared!

After this long list of self-praise, false claims and blatant lies, said Obama good by the lickspittled presstitute mouthpieces that have accompanied his eight-year term as court reporters.
He has then boarded, as I said on Air Force One and flew to his favorite vacation spot, Hawaii.
On the meeting of the electors on this Monday he has not taken a decision, which will most likely confirm Trumps victory.

Obama, the lying President, stepped down from the stage !

Illinois Bans Cigarette Butts, Issuing a $1,500 Fine to Anyone That Throws One on the Ground Tags: Smoking Cigarette Butts Waste Environment

They have always ideas how to get money and more money out of our pockets instead having ideas how to solve problems with existing good and not harmful solutions.

- SiNeh~

The Mind Unleashed
Waking Times Media

In an effort to curb litter, the state of Illinois has made it illegal to toss cigarette butts on the ground, nailing first time offenders with a $1,500 fine.

According to the national lobbying organization Americans for Nonsmokers Rights, cigarette butts are “the most commonly discarded pieces of waste worldwide,” estimating 1.69 billion pounds of butts ending up as toxic waste every year.

“Cigarette butts are not biodegradable,” said Lori Gummow, executive director of Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful. “They’re made of cellulose acetate, [a plastic]. They get stuck in storm water sewers, and birds eat them and can’t digest them. Run over them with a lawn mower, and they just puff out.”

The state’s ban on butts should do a great deal to help keep it clean.  Though first time offenders could receive no more than $1,500 for a class B misdemeanor, the second offense could change to class A and could cost more. Third and fourth time offenders could see a year in jail and face a fine of up to $25,000.

What are your thoughts on this law? Do you think there are ways we can make cigarette butts bio-degradeable to avoid steep government penalties like high fines or, in a worse case, jail time? Perhaps there’s a way we could do just this with hemp based products. That is, if government regulation would ‘allow’ products with hemp to be more widespread and compete in our markets. I personally think there are solutions to this problem that don’t involve the government fining and jailing the people who can’t pay. What about you? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

h/t Minds Featured image: Source

This article (Illinois Bans Cigarette Butts, Issuing a $1,500 Fine to Anyone That Throws One on the Ground) was originally created and published by TheMindUnleashed.com and is re-posted here with permission. 


Russia wants to replace and banish Microsoft
Tags: Russia Microsoft Office Replace Banish Software Security Spy programme Windows 10 Linux Parsifal Putin

The city of Moscow will replace the programs from Microsoft with native software on all computers after President Putin has called on the Russian authorities to reduce the dependence on foreign technology as soon as possible, due to the tensions with the US and EU.
The city administration to exchange first the whole Microsoft Exchange Server and Outlook  on 6.000 computers with a mail system from the state provider Rostelecom http://www.rostelecom.ru/en/ , as Artem Yermolaev, head of IT for Moscow, told the press.
That would be just the beginning and the use of new software will extend to more than 600.000 computers and servers, with the complete replacement of Windows and Office, Yermolaev said.
It is for one thing about the support of the Russian software vendors as well as the protection against spying by the American corporations that have set up all the back doors to the NSA.
As I have previously reported, Windows 10 turns any PC into a spy station, because there are ongoing data on user behavior sent to Microsoft, including what the microphone hears in the room.

Parsifal, October 3, 2016

image top: myOffice is the Russian alternative to Microsoft

President Putin has the state institutions and companies encouraged to go 'domestic', because of concerns about the safety and reliability, after US corporations have switched off the pay services for the Crimea, due to the referendum and the subsequent people's desire to join Russia.
The plan for the replacement of all foreign software applies not only to Microsoft but also SAP and Oracle, in a market with a volume of 3 billion dollars.
At the same time wants Putins Internet consultant, German Klimenko to increase the import tax for foreign software companies to promote local producers.

'We want to spend the taxpayers' money and of the state companies mainly for local software', told Communications Minister Nikolay Nikiforov reporters.
From 2017 to the monopoly supervision, the Attorney General and the Financial will put pressure on the government institutions that do not switch to local alternatives, Klimenko said.

Meanwhile, a list of nearly 2.000 Russian software products has been created, which will use the public authorities as an alternative.
Moscow City Council has already replaced the software from Cisco Systems for the video surveillance by a local software.
The state media organization Rossiya Segodnya (which directly translates from Russian into English as 'Russia Today') and Moscow regional administration moved from the Oracle database to the open source PostgreSQL software which is supported by domestic programers.

Government spokesman Sergei Zheleznyak said, Microsoft has been caught operating 'minute by minute monitoring of millions of Russian citizens' with its software.
'The United States presenting itself as a bastion of democracy, while it actually carries out the monitoring of tens of millions of Russian citizens and of other countries'.

'All the big Internet companies that were founded in the United States are involved in this ugly story, and the companies operating on the territory of our country', said the spokesman for the Kremlin.

In my opinion, should not only Russia, but also The Iran and China, free themselves from the American spy software and monopoly, while to promote the domestic software industry and jobs, but all countries.
There are alternatives that work very well, or even better and more stable, as I have reported here and made here some suggestions.

The B.O.L.E. is completely funded by community, managed and maintained by volunteers. Please consider making a contribution so more stories of awakening and alternative views can be shared!

I myself use for a long time no microsoft products, but the Linux operating system and Open Source applications.

Zuckerbug: 'Yes Angie, we will censor for you'

Fits to computer and Internet, a message about the restriction of freedom of expression in Germany.
Farcebooks European policy director Richard Allan has now announced that (only in the) last month (!) more than 100.000 posts of German users were deleted, because these have (as agreed with the Merkelian regime) includes alleged 'hate'.

The German Federal Minister of injustice, chicanery and tort, Heiko Maas has condemned this figure as too low and demands much more censorship by the operators of social networks.
From the perspective of the regime, criminal contents on the Internet are still 'far too little and far too slow' deleted, Maas stated.

Oh, microsoft has again screwed up with its latest update for Windows 10.
The cumulative Troubleshooting # 7 itself is full of errors, as users report a flood of complaints on Twitter.
The PC are unstable and run in an endless loop of repeated attempts to update and restart.
'This update fails during installation and the message '0x800736CC error' (translated Catastrophic failure) appears', says an irritated user.

Can you still remember the James Bond movie 'Tomorrow Never Dies' from 1997 ?
There following dialogue takes place alluding to Microsoft's deliberately incorrectly made software:

Elliot Carver: Mr. Jones, we are willing to release the new software?

Jones: Yes sir. As required, it is full of errors, which means that people will be forced for years to get upgrades.

Elliot Carver: Excellent!

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