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Farewell to Ursula - with love from Syria Tags: Farewell to Ursula - with love from Syria


Published on 9 Oct 2018

Tributes to this beautiful, courageous lady and artist:

Ibrahim Muhammad

We lost today a very beautiful powerful soul, an amazingly wonderful great heart, here I pay my condolences to us, to Syria, to the world, to all humanity, and most of all to the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army that she cherished the most. Ursula died today, but she has proven to us that miracles can actually happen, and as much as important her art work was as a great honorable legacy to leave for all humanity, she also taught us a very important lesson, that when our will is strong enough we can make our dreams come true. Ursula was a great fearless fighter who fought the most powerful ruthless illness in the world and won, achieving her dream was actually her great vicroty.

May she rest in peace, our great warrior.

Vanessa Beeley


More tributes below the video at YouTube!

RIP Ursula


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Published on 6 Oct 2018

Via Wissam Sliman on Facebook:

"The Kuwaiti TV presenter and media expert #Jaafar_Mohammad Bravely and honestly say it all. Please take time to watch this extremely important and unique experience, and see first hand how this man, after 7+ years of war on my country was extremely shocked with the unexpectedly strong impact of the MSM on people, and which even him, with all his experience in media field, couldn't resist. Thank you very much Mr. Jaafar Mohammad, you made my day."


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Published on 2 Oct 2018

When I entered the Christian town of Al Skeilbiyyeh on the 10th September there had been a terrorist attack the night before. Nusra Front encamped with Jaish Al Islam and Ahrar Al Sham in Madir Citadel, alongside the #WhiteHelmets had fired three rockets into the centre of a busy market/residential area. The rockets contained cluster bombs, very similar to those used against the neighbouring Christian town of Muhardeh on the 7th September. That attack has now claimed 13 martyrs. Some of the horrifically injured died of their wounds in hospital, after the attack.

In Skeilbiyyeh people were angry and in shock. 13 had been injured during the attack, at least one was in critical condition. This was the first time civilians had experienced such an attack. The use of Cluster Bombs against civilian targets is a war crime.

I was taken inside the buildings where the rockets had landed and was shown the unexploded cluster bomblets. The area was still being cleaned of these lethal remnants, by the same bomb disposal team we had met in Muhardeh the day before.

Two brave women I met on the street in front of the appartment that had been so badly affected wanted to give me a message for people in the West. It is a powerful one and one I recommend that everyone listens to and shares widely. Thank you.

One of the women (the houseowner) had been in the appartment just before the attack. She told me:

"I was at home, in the kitchen, God told me to go downstairs.... yesterday they attacked us at the same time, thank God, out of nowhere He guided me and I went downstairs.

What can I say! Thank God for everything, praise be to Allah, what matters is that my children and my husband are fine. We thank God for everything. May god make everything go well, may He make everything better for everyone, for us, for Mhardeh, for the rest of the villages, for everyone and for Syria, may God protect the country, protect the President and protect everyone."


I add the first lines of an Article posted recently by 21st Century wire. Read the rest on the link below


Peter Ford, former British Ambassador to Syria, with a rather useful media guide, aptly described as, “The Dirty Dozen: 12 lies they tell you to anaesthetise you for the upcoming bombing of Syria.”

MAGE: Jingoist war propaganda image courtesy of the UK Mirror newspaper.

Peter Ford
21st Century Wire

The propaganda mills of the British and American governments – spokespersons, media, think tanks – are working overtime churning out ‘talking points’ to justify the upcoming large scale bombing of Syria on the pretext of use of prohibited weapons.

Here is a guide from a former insider to the top dozen of these lies.


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