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Finding Your Purpose in Life: The Spiritual CV
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When it comes to finding purpose in life I know that most people tend to focus on the extraordinary feats and accomplishments of others. While setting our standards high shows ambition, hope, belief and determination; comparison does not. This comparison we make with others proves to be fatal, for defeatist and results in true disappointment. By comparing ourselves to others who have probably been working all their lives to reach these achievements, we sabotage the incredible possibilities we all naturally have to create an exceptional life for ourselves, as when we fall short in the comparison Ė and we usually do - it incites procrastination and lack of belief in our abilities and what we could achieve if only you dared to use it and do more of it. When we believe that the probabilities of success are minimal or it is to very difficult task, we do nothing. Nothing changes nothing. You have the ability to make your life a better place and to change the world around you.
This is a long process which begins at an early age and continues throughout life. The belief that we are not good enough appears then. It is a very slow growth, but one so powerful that once it is deeply ingrained in our psyche, it proves very hard to change; and worse, we believe it is impossible. Thereís nothing impossible, but what we keep telling ourselves. This self-defeating belief is also an energy from which we can break loose and release from our bodies. It is not only our psyche that plays against us, but our bodies too. Both, body and mind must be in tune in order to find the true purpose of the soul. The fact is that we have forgotten why we are here and what we were intended to do.
It is time to remember. All of us have at least one talent, something which in itself is extraordinary and carries our very unique signature. In order to remember and rediscover what it is, one only has to look at their lives. Your purpose is there, right under your nose and has always been. There is something that you have done throughout life repeatedly. Something to which you have paid little or no attention at all. Think of what actions you have taken when in the company of others. It could be something as simple as making the best cheese sandwiches or to make others smile.† As children, we all have the ability to smile and to make others smile with us. This is an understanding from soul to soul. When did you lose this ability? When did life become so serious? When did people stop laughing around you? The list of what people can do to inspire others is endless, perhaps your talent is in your voice and your singing makes others feel better, calmer and to experience for a while a different dimension. Are you are writer, an artist, an excellent chef? Think in practical terms. Do people come to you for counsel and advice? Are you the engaging voice that can charm an audience?
Right now you are one-step-closer to knowing your purpose!†

This is something we have done with people and for people. It is very possible that you hide this talent from the world as I once did. Since I have the use of reason I never had a doubt that I 'am' a writer, among many other things. This knowing and the feeling that comes with it has never changed, but for too long I kept my writing secret and only shared it with a few people close to me. A talent that is innate must be explored, developed and shared. Not to follow and grow our talents eventually leads to a moment of regret when it is already too late to change it. By suppressing our natural abilities and talents we attract depression, anxiety, illness and a strong sense of worthlessness. But this is an illusion. Whether you are an artist in any discipline, a captivating voice or good at creating items manually, your purpose must always be something that we share with others in whichever way we can. Thereís no point in writing the best poetry or having the most beautiful singing voice if others cannot read it or hear it. What you transmit in your art, and by art I include everything we do as individuals, has a very distinct voice, expressing messages that without a doubt will uplift and inspire others. Think and see what this is. There is a pattern. It has always been there with you.
To make the process of remembering easier, I suggest that you write your spiritual CV; the curriculum vitae of what and who you really are. This is written as any other CV: from the present moment we go back to as far as we remember in time. And you do this in your own style. Use your imagination, be creative and playful with it. Make it colourful. By the age of six I was already teaching and helping other children at school at the classroom teacherís request. I have always believed that knowledge is something that belongs to everyone and should never be withheld from others and for as long as I have lived I always shared it with others. In most cases people believed what I shared, the intentions and the selflessness, in some cases they didnít. We are not here to be believed or praised.
We are here to simply be, to support and inspire each other and to do our best. Your best has no comparison with anyone elseís. It is unique. Whether I taught others privately or I held a job, I always shared as much knowledge with others as possible. By making the lives of others around easier, I also made my life easier. We are all teachers and students at the same time. We donít need qualifications for this, only the will to share what we know and have learnt in life. There is so much we can learn from each other. Sharing knowledge with others is never detrimental to the one imparting their knowledge. It creates trust, friendships, respect and love.

Sharing knowledge has become a sensitive matter particularly in the professional environment, where people withhold information from others fearing that they will do better and might represent a threat to their jobs. No one can do with your knowledge what you can do. No one. Letís not forget that teaching and learning is also an exchange and that when we give selflessly, eventually we will also receive different information from others. Sharing your knowledge with others will also open you to a very different and unique experience, as you reveal your voice and distinct voice and understanding of life.†
Looking at what you have done all your life, will give you an indication of what your true purpose in life is. Letís not confuse life purpose with professional success. Success is when you uplift someone else, when you help others to find solutions to their problems, when you make someone feel better and through these actions you have improved your life, even if only momentarily. If you can turn your call, what makes your heart and soul dance into a vocation or a successful career this will give you a further sense of acknowledgement and satisfaction, but letís not define ourselves by material means only. We are not job descriptions.
When you write your spiritual CV, listen to what others have praised in you. It is true, that most of us are too prone to find fault in the actions of others, but it is also a fact that throughout life we will find numerous cases of praise and encouragement to follow our qualities, abilities and true purpose. These are the moments we have to remember and reinforce in our beliefs, when you made others feel better in whichever way you could. It comes to you naturally. This is the expression of your soul and signs of unconditional love for others, as well as for yourself.
Letís get our heads out of the cloud and return to earth. Letís stop thinking what the afterlife is like, whether you believe thereís an afterlife or not. Letís commit to our experience on earth and solve problems here before we travel to different worlds or different dimensions. And definitely letís stop thinking that once we die it is over. This is just another form of escapism. The truth is; there is nowhere to escape. We are here and now and this is what we have to live and experience. Here and now.†
The ability to make others smile and be happier, including yourself is still within you. Now it is time to remember what this unique talent is. Are you good at gathering people? Time to†organise†parties, bring chefs, musicians, entertainers and anyone else who's seeking a human/soul†connection. Are you good at crafts? Make chairs, tables, glasses, etc. Play music for others. If you cannot play in front of a large audience, play for a smaller one. Your music will uplift those who listen to it for a while and that moment will always linger in them. The fact is that you have touched the souls of so many and you donít even know it. There are hundreds of people whose lives are better today because of you. And you do and did it so as to love and be loved, seeking a meaningful connection with others.†
Remember those moments; remember the patterns and you will find your true purpose. Be the light of your own star. Not everyone on earth has to see it. If only the closest people to you see it, this is enough. And remember, when and what you inspire in others is an endless process. What you did for someone today, might travel as far as the other end of the world and you donít even know it. What is it that you have within craving to come out? You are one very unusual CV away from finding out. You will then see that you are one true leader and that others, if only momentarily followed you as you inspired them. You already know this. Now it is time to remember and believe it. No one can tell you what your purpose in life is. It is up to you and you have to do the work.†

When are you going to start.......?†
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Before I share insights with others, I have to put myself through the experience. Recently I heard many talking about 'Mercuryretrograde' and how this is affecting their lives negatively. As I donít perceive these situations as my problem, but as collective matter, for the last few weeks I have pushed myself to the limit in order to experience past shadows, so as to understand the general feeling and come out again to where I was with new answers. When we hear the expression ďhistory repeats itselfĒ, we tend to focus the attention on historical events recorded in books, the collective memory, but hardly ever draw attention to our own story, and the cycle of our life. During the past few months I heard from almost everyone requesting my assistance in order to find a new direction in life that they are at crossroads.†

Next time you feel at crossroads, do consider the patterns that led you there and how often this stage have been repeated previously. You will then see that this is not new. The crossroad will keep appearing and leading us to the same place, only that with the image of a different scenario. And it will always be the same situation until we break free from this cycle.†
To see the cycle of your life, imagine yourself in an imaginary map in which you are the centre. Look around and see what is affecting you, whatís stopping you from getting what you want. Grab a piece of paper and pen, write your name in the middle. Look at your name for a few minutes. This is you, surrounded by nothing, but a blank space. There are infinite possibilities around you. This space could be filled with absolutely anything you can imagine. Yes, you have this freedom right here, right now and the ability to create a world of love, abundance and magic around. This is how we are born, as an incredible source of possibility.†

As we grow up we give in to the circumstances that surround us and others, which in turn shape our egos. As children we filled this blank page with bright colours and smiley people, but as we get older, we surround ourselves with shadows. In both cases, our reality is filled with the unreal, which reality we choose to live is always a choice. Now you can begin to write your circumstances around your name forming a circle. In order to see the obstacles which stop your happiness, self-transformation and a healthy life, you can begin to write in a circle around your name what is affecting you at this moment in life. What is it? Depression, lack of money, loneliness? Have you been single for too long and you donít seem to find love? Create the circle, but donít close it. So far, what you have done is to close this circle and see no way out. Leave a gap in the circle, a blank space for other things to come in or for you to come out.†
The circumstances that surround you are now forming a cocoon. See how long each obstacle has been going on in your life. Has it been months, years? Draw expansive waves outwards to see how long this has been going for. At this point you might see yourself surrounded by a circle of impossibility, but you will also see that there is a way out of it. Know that you are not alone. This is a collective phenomena, and as the energy fluctuates there are periods in which everyone seems to be going through the same low mood. Whether your problem is an unhealthy relationship with food or a so-called mental health issue, you are most likely focusing all your attention on these concerns. The energy invested in fighting these reality keeps growing, it adds pressure, forms beliefs of impossibility and puts you under an extraordinary strain. The truth is that you have created this reality, with the help of circumstances and the beliefs of others until you made them yours. Yes, it might be a life filled with shadows. The first step to change this dynamic is to accept it. Stop fighting it. This is who you are right now. However, this is not real. Feel all your fears. The more you feel, the less impact fear will have in your life.†
Outside the circle and close to the gap, write down all those things you would like to have and believe impossible right now. They are outside the circle. Give your energy to attract a more pleasant picture. Do you want to travel, change jobs, start your own business, write or create art. Use your imagination and believe that it is possible. If you want any of this, begin to plan your journey, write or paint instead of thinking of doing it and dedicate as much time as possible to what you wish. This is not to ignore practicalities like paying bills or rent, but to ignore abstracts such as depression, loneliness, etc.
For life you have felt all these problems coming and going. There are periods in which you vitality is high, but the low periods return. These low periods will keep reappearing for as long as you keep fighting. Allow it instead. Go through the emotions while giving your energy to the things you want. Remember, it is not real. Imagine that what surrounds you is a cocoon that keeps you in darkness. To break through and out of it, you have to focus your energy on the part of the cocoon that is lighter and has not yet been contaminated by the voices of collective†consciousness, that voice that keeps telling you that everything is impossible. No change will happen until you move in a different direction. Itís your choice to return to the same crossroad within your reality of isolation or to take the highway towards light.†

And, donít forget that almost everyone is in a crossroad of their own. Be kind to yourself and to others. Ask for help and help will come to you. The universe is listening to what you talk about. What is it that you are thinking and speaking of?
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