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Putin's State of the Nation: We Will Decide Our Own Fate, Not Others (ENG SUBS)
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Published on 2 Dec 2016 by Russia Insider

During his annual address to Russian lawmakers, President Vladimir Putin said that Moscow is ready for dialogue with its international partners, but will not allow them to infringe on its interests or meddle in its decision-making.

“We will not allow any infringement on the interests of the Russian Federation and we will manage our own destiny without tips and unsolicited advice,” the Russian leader said.

He noted, however, that Russia is ready to participate in solving global and regional crises when necessary.

“We understand the extent of our responsibility and are sincerely willing to take part in solving global and regional problems, of course, where our involvement is appropriate, necessary, and in demand,” the president stated.

“We are committed to a friendly, equal dialogue, to upholding the principles of justice and mutual respect in international affairs; we are ready for serious discussion on the creation of a stable system of international relations in the 21st century. Unfortunately, in this respect, the decades since the end of the ‘Cold War’ have gone by in vain,” Putin noted, apparently referring to current tensions with NATO and the EU.

He said that Russia stands for “the safety and the possibility of development, not for just the chosen few, but for all countries and peoples, for respect for international law and the diversity of the world.”

The president also said that Russia’s policy towards its Asian partners, China and Japan, is not opportunistic or a response to the deterioration in US-relations, but based on Russia’s plans for long-term development.

“Once again, I stress that Russia’s active [Asia] policy is not dictated by some opportunistic considerations of today, not even by the cooling in relations with the United States or the European Union, but by long-term national interests and trends of global development,” the president said.

In his speech, the president also urged the United States to join Russia to jointly fight international terrorism.

“We hope to unite our forces with the United States in the fight against the real threat, not the fictional one – international terrorism,” he said. The president also emphasized the need “to strengthen non-proliferation regimes,” noting that “attempts to upset the strategic balance are extremely dangerous and could lead to a global catastrophe.”

The president made his remarks during the annual address to the Federal Assembly – the two chambers of the Russian parliament, the cabinet, regional leaders the judiciary and other dignitaries – on Thursday. Over 600 journalists, as well as representatives from both Russian and international media outlets, have been covering the proceedings, which took place in the Kremlin. It has been the 23rd such event in Russia’s modern history and the 13th speech delivered by Vladimir Putin.



Trump and Putin: Agents of Chabad-Lubavitch


Say WHAT ? Merkel warns about Russia: Russian cyber attacks could interfere with German elections
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Oh yea, Angie, are you afraid that you and the CDU lose and prepare the Germans to have an excuse and blame Russia when that would be the case? Russia didn't influence in any way the U.S (s)Election. SMH. SiNeh~


Published on 11 Nov 2016 by Russia Insider

‘Reflection of insecurity?’ Merkel claims ‘Russian hackers’ might derail German elections
Credit to Ruptly https://www.youtube.com/user/RuptlyTV


PROVOCATION: Why 800 mannequin limbs appeared outside Russia’s embassy in London?
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Published on 6 Nov 2016 by Russia Insider

Credit to RT Play https://www.facebook.com/RTvids
‘Openly provocative’: Russia sends complaint to UK over mannequin protest outside its London embassy
Russia’s embassy in London has sent a letter to the UK Foreign Office to complain about demonstrators who dumped around 800 mannequin limbs outside the building in protest of Russia’s actions in Syria.
It is reported that the protesters were members of Syria Campaign and Syria Solidarity, UK groups that say the mannequins are symbolic of Russia’s campaign in Syria.

Russia’s embassy said staff and visitors couldn’t enter the building, while police stood by indifferently.

Moscow says it is deeply concerned about the unwillingness of the British Government to ensure the security of Russia’s diplomatic mission in London.

“The security of the Russian diplomatic mission in the UK was compromised. Police officers remained indifferent in the face of the openly provocative and disorderly conduct of the ‘demonstrators,’” the statement reads.
The embassy added that “nuisance callers blocked the Embassy telephone line, rendering it impossible to contact the mission for genuine callers.”
Russia is not surprised by the protest, however, seeing how UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has encouraged demonstrations outside the embassy.

“It’s worth mentioning that today’s manifestation near the Embassy has been accompanied by an ongoing anti-Russian campaign in the media inspired by some statements of the British officials".

“We are concerned with the unwillingness of the British authorities to provide proper protection for the embassy,” Alexander Yakovenko, Russian Ambassador to the UK told RT, “The protestors were allowed physically close to the entrance by the British authorities. That was a first.”
According to Yakovenko, the protest had been “planned,” as “a few weeks ago Boris Johnson called for a demonstration here [at the embassy].”

“We are facing an intensive anti-Russian campaign from the media, and there has been a call from the British minister [Johnson] to physically block the embassy, which is totally unacceptable for us.”

The British Foreign Office (FCO) denied that the government was in any way involved in organizing the protest, saying that such allegations “are wholly without foundation.”

“We understand from the police that a small, peaceful protest took place outside the Russian Embassy yesterday afternoon. Diplomatic Police were in place throughout, remaining in close contact with Russian Embassy staff. No arrests were made,” a spokesperson for the FCO said in a statement.

“The reality is that Russian and Syrian regime actions are inflicting widespread suffering on the people of Syria, and the UK public remain severely concerned,” the statement said.

The FCO said it will respond to the Russian complaint in due course.

According to former British diplomat Craig Murray, the UK’s foreign secretary has been encouraging protests and indulging Cold War rhetoric.

“The UK … has decided to up the rhetoric up to the levels of the Cold War rhetoric. The fact that the Foreign Secretary is indulging in that is extremely sad,” he said.

The UK-based Syria Solidarity group describes itself as “a network of activists committed to solidarity with the Syrian Revolution.” It says that it supports “the popular revolution against the Assad regime.”

“We are critical of the countries who provide material support to the Assad regime,” the group says.

The other group that took part in the protest, Syria Campaign, calls itself “a global advocacy group” whose mission is “to mobilize people around the world to advocate to protect Syrian civilians.”

On its official website, the Syria Campaign voices its support for the White Helmets, a Western-funded volunteer civil defense group that operates in Syria. While officially its mission is to offer first aid to bombing victims, Syrian and Russian authorities have accused the White Helmets of spreading anti-government propaganda and maintaining close ties with Islamist rebels.

In October of this year, the Russian Defense Ministry accused the White Helmets of faking digital images of a bombing of a school in Idlib, Syria. Earlier, the White Helmets’ chief liaison officer acknowledged to RT that his organization, which claims to be “non-governmental” and “neutral,” receives funding and equipment from several Western states, including the US, the UK, and Germany.


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