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Syria - photos of the downed missiles
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Syria - photos of the downed missiles
The following photos show wreckage of the missiles and cruise missiles of the Americans and French shot down by the Syrian air defense.
It is claimed by the gang of three, all 105 missiles hit their targets and none was shot down.
Another lie of war criminals.

Parsifal, April 21, 2018
A Syrian soldier next to one of the cruise missiles hit:

On this part you can read MBDA FRANCE.

The MBDA S.A.S. is an integrated European defense contractor with locations in France, the UK, Italy, Germany and Spain, focusing primarily on the design and manufacture of guided missiles.

In 2011, the corporation employed about 10,000 people and had annual sales of EUR 3 billion and an business backlog of EUR 10.5 billion.

With the addition of LFK-Lenkflugkörpersysteme GmbH, (guided missile systems Ltd.) a division of EADS Defense & Security, MBDA has become the world's leading supplier of guided missile systems.

Shareholders since February 2006 are the Airbus Group (formerly EADS) with 37.5%, BAE Systems (37.5%) and the Italian Leonardo corporation (25%).

Also here is MBDA FRANCE and REAR COVER, back cover:

This photo shows a piece of an American rocket, recognizable by the date month/day/year, 10/20/2016, because in all other countries, except Canada, the date is shown as usual as day.month.year:

Then the 10.000 employees of the MBDA and the 100.000 of Lockheed Martin etc. can look forward to producing new weapons that kill people.

The more wars are waged the safer is their income and their jobs.
To hell with morality and conscience, the main thing that bloodstained money is right.

'Dad, what did you do today at work?'

'I built bombs and rockets'.

'But these weapons kill people!'

'No, not ours, they bring peace'.

Yes, the peace of a cemetery ...
Who works for an armaments corporation is himself a war criminal !


Oh, before I forget, the attack of the criminal trio infernal on Syria was a complete bankruptcy, because of the 105 cruise missiles of the Americans, British and French, the Syrian air defense shot down 70%, although Syria has a relatively outdated defense system even from the Soviet era.
No trace of what Trump claimed, 'beautiful, new and smart' missiles were used.

How 'smart' should these weapons be when the 30-year-old Syrian anti-aircraft can fetch them from the sky ?

The US Department of Defense's statement that the joint US-British-French operation against the Syrian regime 'successfully hit every target' is also a lie.

A special fail has experienced the French Navy, which sailed with three frigates off the Syrian coast.
When the 'Acquitaine' wanted to launch their cruise missiles, the whole weapon system failed.

The Royal Navy has also made a fool of herself.
When a British submarine approached the Syrian coast to fire its missiles, a Russian Kilo-class submarine played with the British 'cat and mouse' and successfully prevented the launch.
The submarines of the Astute class are obviously ineffective if they have an opponent, but cost fabulous 1.5 billion euros each to the British taxpayer.

Another failure followed, as the Syrian Army found two almost undamaged cruise missiles that did not explode, and handed them over to the Russians.
Cost per piece 'only' 2 million dollars.

symbolic picture of an other downed Tomahawk

Two missiles that have not exploded have been handed over by the Syrian military after the US rocket attack on April 14 to Russia, so told a source in the Syrian Ministry of Defense the Russian news agency TASS on Thursday.

This will allow the Russian military to study closely the 'beautiful, new and smart' missiles of NATO and make the future defense even more effective.

War Profiteers
Do you know who among others has benefited financially from the attack on Syria ?
It's the husband of British Prime Minister Theresa May.
Yes, because Philip May is a member of the executive board of the powerful finance corporation Capital Group, which owns USD 1.4 trillion of large company stock.

So the Capital Group owns a large stake in the arms manufacturer Lockheed-Martin in the amount of USD 6.6 billion.
The investment firm is also the largest shareholder in BAE, the British arms corporation.

Both deliver the cruise missiles used against Syria, which cost a total of 210 million USD, and the share price of both corporations has risen sharply by the Syria attack.
So if Theresa May commands a military mission, then her husband profits directly from it.

How Exceptional Are You?
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Another truthstar is born as Scooter Rockets takes to videography with a flourish. You’ll recognize the impactful genre of our Mr.Peak Crackers–I hope we’ll be seeing a lot more of this and from more folks, it’s a wonderful mixed medium to convey the message. And Scoots, you’ve got Mr. Radio all over that voice. ;)

This is a terrific treatise on the implicit violence implied by exceptionalism and separation…”lifting a portion of the veil on nationalism and religion, Scooter dives into the ego and how humans embrace violence and war.”

Watch his terrific maiden voyage film and enjoy! Way to go, Scoots! Fire away! Love, Zen



Subconscia Tags: Zen Gardner Scooter Rockets

by Scooter Rockets


Please allow me to introduce you to a new word in the English lexicon… subconscia. Subconscia is a very serious condition of mind, body and spirit.  While it is not genetic per se, it is generational. While it is not a virus per se, it can be caught and transmitted. Though it requires aggressive treatment, most will refuse the cure. Prolonged exposure will cause a myriad of physical and mental symptoms. In fact, subconscia is at the heart of almost every human ailment.

Subconcia takes over its victims with a stealth greater than the most effective illness. It eventually convinces its host that right is wrong, up is down, and out is in. While the victim maintains the illusion of free decision making, subconscia all but shuts down the host’s conscious thought processes. Additionally, and most insidiously, it acts as a carrier or gateway for a host of other harmful influences.

So how does one know if they or their loved ones have subconscia? Rather than attempt to provide a clinical definition, it may be easier to describe the symptoms. Here is a list in no particular order:

1) the victim questions very little regarding the world around them
2) the victim’s belief system comes almost exclusively from other victims via spoken word, written word, images and cultural norms
3) the victim vigorously defends their belief system despite having never really vetted it.  All options are open in defense of the system, including violence.
4) usually out of fear, the victim pours substantial energy and repetition into propping up their belief system until it eventually reaches a level of automatic operation
5) the victims will surround themselves with people of the same beliefs as a means to substantiate their beliefs through majority acceptance
6) the victim frequently defers obvious conflicts in information and data to a “higher power” or simply chalks them up as unknowable or unsolvable
7) the victim begins to ignore, deny or ridicule information that would challenge their belief system
8) the victim becomes increasingly good at perseverance and adaptation, and accepts circumstances in their life that are harmful to them and others, simply because they are becoming increasingly adept at coping with them
9) the victims frequently celebrate overcoming adverse situations that they should otherwise be uncomfortable with or should have not allowed in the first place
10) the victims will participate in systems that are harmful to them in order to gain or maintain acceptance by others
11) the victim will be inclined to value things according to arbitrary systems of measurement (like currency for example)
12) the victim will create external dragons to slay, in order to ignore internal dragons, frequently “killing messengers” that come into their life
13) the victim will begin developing group allegiances and will uses those allegiances as part of their identity (ie. nationality, religion, sexual preferences, political affiliation, etc)
14) the victim will spend inordinate amounts of time and resources on entertainment (i.e. sports, television, movies, social frolicking, recreation, etc) and begin to mistake this as normal or even productive
15) the victim will spend inordinate amounts of time and resources on sedation (ie. comfort foods, medications, stimulants, anti-stimulants, etc) until functioning without them becomes difficult, if not impossible
16) the victim will spend inordinate amounts of time and resources on traditions and celebrations with ambiguous purpose or meaning
17) the victim will engage in relativistic comparisons with other victims in an attempt understate or better their own condition (eg. reality television)
18) the victim will increasingly adapt ideas of separation between humans, and become comfortable with classes, casts and resource disparity
19) the victim will become comfortable with (or willingly ignore) the harm of other living creatures (human or nonhuman) under the mistaken notion of self survival
20) the victim will usually favor hierarchical systems and will develop a preference to be ruled by others
21) the victim will grant authority to other humans and to imaginary forces with the mistaken notion that this provides security
22) despite having embraced  hierarchical systems of control, the victim will actually deny the existence of the top tiers of control (the ruling elite for example)
23) the victim will usually seek to indoctrinate its offspring with the same systems of belief
24) over their lifetime, the victim will put inordinate effort into illusions like amassing wealth and possessions, and will inadvertently feed the “lack” paradigm
25) by quelling their cognitive dissonance for a long enough period of time, the victim will eventually become convinced that it cannot affect change on a meaningful scale, and will actually be okay with it

While this list is not fully comprehensive, it is adequate in the diagnosis of most forms of subconscia. It is important to note that subconscia usually infects large groups of people, even on a planetary scale. It is also important to note that the disease must be administered to a population on a regular basis and incubated or it will die off eventually, since it is in direct opposition to the Life Force. Performing postmortem examinations on past cultures reveals that subconscia is at the root of all of their demises.

How does one treat subconscia?

The victim must first be willing to unlearn anything in their belief system that has not been vetted and scrutinized. This process can be painful and extremely harmful to the victim’s ego. During treatment, it becomes more apparent that the victim’s ego has been the area most badly infected by the disease. Warning, withdrawal from group norms may result in the victim not being accepted by other infected parties.

Second, conscious thought must begin to prevail in the victim’s mind. The recovering victim should begin by using universal life-force laws like “do no harm,” thereby replacing “belief systems” with true knowledge and wisdom. Removing deceptions will make it possible to actually love other humans in ways that will not harm them.  Initially, conscious thought will require a tremendous amount of effort on behalf of the recovering victim. It will not be easy, but conscious thinking will begin to reveal implants and programming in the victim’s psyche. The victim will be able to trace these strands back to their sources and a clearer picture will begin to develop as to who the real threats are to their existence.

As the victim begins to shed false beliefs and doctrines, their spirit will begin to resonate with the Source of Life. Eventually, the victim’s amnesia will subside and they will begin to remember who and what they are… powerful co-creators, one with all that is seen and unseen; ready to once again transcend space and time.



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