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What The Hell Is Going On In The Philippines? | Corbett Report Tags: Duerte Philippines President

by James Corbett
August 23, 2016

I hereby propose a new rule. Let’s call it “Corbett’s Law.”

“When members of the parasitical ruling class war with each other there are no good guys to root for.”
–Corbett’s Law

The recent spat between the UN and the new president of the Philippines is a good case in point.

When Rodrigo Duterte, the former mayor of Davao City, was running for president of the Philippines, he promised he would be a dictator. He said he would authorize the army and police force to wage a drug war and use extrajudicial killings against “suspects” (i.e. literally anyone) who resisted. He said he would shut down Congress if they ever tried to impeach him. But he also said he’d open the country up to foreign investment so the mainstream business press laughed it all off.

Newsflash: he wasn’t joking.

For those who haven’t been keeping track, since taking office in May Duterte has:

duterteIn other words, he’s the big strong dictator from the sky that dumbed-down populations around the world are hungering for in this age of rising authoritarianism. But what else would you expect from a man who patterns his administration on Hollywood predictive programming like Dirty Harry and Death Wish?

But however insane things may be in the Philippines these days, there are still “teachable moments” that we can get out of it all.

Take Duterte’s most recent meltdown. In his Sunday morning press briefing, Duterte–pressed on a UN appeal to stop the extrajudicial killing spree that he has unleashed–lashed out: “Maybe we’ll just have to decide to separate from the United Nations. If you’re that rude, son of a bitch, we’ll just leave you.” From there, he began attacking the UN in general, calling it “inutile” and “stupid.”

“Look at the iconic boy that was taken out from the rubble and he was made to sit in the ambulance and we saw it,” he said, referring to a propaganda photograph from Aleppo (taken by a man who proudly pals around with child-beheaders) that is being used for a new push to step up military intervention in Syria. “Why is it that United States is not doing anything?” Duterte asked, apparently miffed that the UN has not given the green light to a full-scale invasion of Syria. He then expressed the hope that China and Africa would start a counter-UN body and that Manila would get its financial contributions to the UN back.

Unsurprisingly, Philippines Foreign Secretary Perfecto Yasay Jr. was quick to walk those comments back this week. At a press briefing Monday morning Yasay passed the comments off as off-the-cuff remarks by a president who was “tired, disappointed and frustrated and angry” and assured the world that the Philippines was not withdrawing from the UN.

UN_General_Assembly_hallBut let’s imagine for a moment Duterte wasn’t joking. What would happen? How could the Philippines leave the UN?

The surprising answer is they can’t. No one can. There are no provisions in the United Nation’s charter for the voluntary withdrawal of any member state. In other words, the UN is just like the Hotel California: “You can check-out any time you like, but you can never leave.”

As Jon Robin Bustamante points out in a surprisingly informative social media post, this was done intentionally to stop threats of withdrawal being used as a political bargaining chip and to stop member states from evading their obligations under the charter.

As Bustamante notes:

The only country to seriously attempt UN withdrawal was Indonesia in 1965. Indonesian President Sukarno withdrew the country after their then-enemy Malaysia was awarded a seat in the Security Council. The Secretary-General noted their decision, but did not remove Indonesia from the roster of its members. One year later, Sukarno was overthrown in a coup and Indonesia resumed full cooperation with the UN.

During this time, Indonesia established CONEFO—a rival international organization with China, North Vietnam and North Korea as its members. The organization was largely ignored and was dissolved after a year. In 2016, Duterte threatens to do exactly the same.

In other words, Duterte would be unlikely to succeed even if he did try to somehow stop complying with the UN.

unpoliceOf course, the UN is the epitome of the corrupt globalist institutions that really should be wiped off the face of the planet, but not because the Security Council hasn’t authorized the US to pull a Gaddafi on Assad.

The UN was the brainchild of the Council on Foreign Relations’ War and Peace Studies Political Group (itself born from the failure of the globalists to secure US participation in the League of Nations).

I could go on (and I have before), but I think you get the picture. Every person in every nation should be denouncing the United Nations and vowing to withdraw, UN Charter be damned. But just because Duterte said this in a fit of anger (and justified it by saying it wasn’t warmongering enough in Syria) certainly does not make him a good guy. It’s Corbett’s Law in action.

But we can still hope that in the battle of political parasites that seems to be shaping up between Duterte (and future authoritarians like him) and the UN, both sides may be mortally wounded.


‘I don't give a sh*t about them’: Philippines president threatens to quit ‘stupid’ UN


‘I don't give a sh*t about them’: Philippines president threatens to quit ‘stupid’ UN
Tags: Duerte Philippines President

Great leader so far...! The country is lucky to have a President like this! A President FOR the People and not one that is corrupt and serve the Oligarchs.



Here below the same Video uploaded to YouTube by Russia Insider. I post this as well because sometimes the Facebook Videos don't show up in the blogs.


Published on 23 Aug 2016 by Russia Insider

Credit to RT Play https://www.facebook.com/RTvids
Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has threatened that the country could leave the UN after the organization urged the Asian nation to stop executing and killing people linked to the drug business and threatened that “state actors” could be punished.


Will Trump be stopped by assassination ?
Tags: Trump Bush System Clinton WallStreet Parsifal Assassination President Pre-Election Campaign US America

The main reason that explains the popularity of Donald Trump, is that he is the only candidate for the American presidency who as a successful entrepreneur and because he has never held a political office, not part of the establishment of Washington.

A majority of Americans is namely sick of the pigsty there and wants to have this finally cleaned up and tidy.
So it is less about the political programs of the candidates who anyway do not matter and hardly differ, but a person who NOT completely belongs to the corrupt political class.

Parsifal, February 28, 2016

Donald Trump is such a candidate.
He is independent, does not serve a lobby and therefore can afford to say things that are not politically correct, but reflect the spirit of the 'silent majority'.
But that he has the entire political and media establishment as enemies.

Democrat Hillary as the main opponent anyway, but also the enemies within his own party the Republicans the financial elite of Wall Street, the pro-Israel lobbies, to the whole of the Left and the Greens, and mostly, the spin doctors of the mass media.

Especially the totally controlled media had set from the very beginning only one candidate pair, namely Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush.
All others were considered as extras in order to perform the illusion that there is a real choice and democracy in the US.
But it turned out differently, because more Establishment represented than these two, did not work.
Jeb has already dropped out of the race due to utter lack of popularity.
Hillary is only therefore remaining because the party leadership of the Democrats holds her through manipulation of internal elections in the saddle.
The party members actually want Bernie Sanders, but that is not approved from 'above'.

Sanders is an American version socialist.
Many of the left spectrum like him because he promises to distribute public gifts and everything should be free.
But this does not want the establishment, because then they would have to cut down on military spending.
Only Hillary guaranteed more wars and so fat profits ... for a few !

The media in the US are completely over the edge due to the success of Donald Trump and they try everything to pelt him with dirt.
His competitors within the Republican Party have gone to grotesque methods, spread lies and slander him.
Even the establishment of the Republicans, the old guard is doing everything to discredit him.
This came to light in the last internal party battle last week in Fort Worth in Texas last week.
Marco Rubio went after Trump as a biting pit bull.
No trace of objectivity.
For this purpose, the party leaders want to prevent Trump to become the leading candidate of the Republicans.

Look at the following video.
One of the present old men of the Republicans in Fort Worth was George H. W. Bush, the former US president, father of George W. and Jeb Bush.
The 90-year-old made a hand sign that the Mafia used and can only mean one thing, 'cut throat' or 'kill'.
Coincidentally the gesture while Trump spoke was captured by the camera.


George H.W. Bush Throat Cut Gesture Trump


Several times I have already noted, Father Bush is one of most devilish beings at all, because he is a Satanist and supreme representative of the nwo.
His life story is full packed with abominable practices, murders and bombings.
He was, for example, at Dealey Plaza in attendance as governor of the CIA in Dallas, when President Kennedy was killed by three snipers.

1976 and 1977 he was director of the CIA.

From 1977 to 1979 he was a director of the Council on Foreign Relations !
He then in 1980 vice president under Ronald Reagan.

On March 30, 1981, assassination attempt of President Ronald Reagan took place in front of the Washington Hilton Hotel.

Reagan could by a Secret Service agent be pushed in the standing by limousine and survived the attack despite his serious gunshot wound.
The assassin John Hinckley, Jr. had close ties to the Bush family.
Who would become president automatically when a successful attack and Death of Reagan?
Exactly, his deputy George H. W. Bush.
This has always been his ambition, which at that time did not succeed.

On January 20, 1989 Bush was sworn in as the 41st president of the United States.
In December 1989, he ordered with 'Operation Just Cause' a war against the Central American country Panama after a CIA coup against the government had failed.
The invasion was the largest airborne operation since the Second World War.
An independent committee of inquiry puts the number of fatalities by 1.000 to 4.000.
According the documentary 'The Panama Deception' the number of dead is between 3.000 and 4.000.
The UN indicates 2.500 deaths.
The president of Panama, Manuel Noriega, was arrested and taken to the federal prison in Florida.

On January 17 in 1991 began on his command, the first war against Iraq with Operation Desert Storm, supposedly to liberate Kuwait, was due to an invasion of Saddam Hussein but Washington gave green light, though it was a trap.
This war was justified by the incubator lie that Bush repeated at least five times in public.

Bush hoped Saddam would be toppled after the attack and weaken the Iraqi military after the war, which did not occur.
With the first war against Iraq by Bush Senior the whole disaster began in the Middle-East.
The result is the other wars, the millions of deaths and millions of refugees.

He had only one term in office and this ended with the presidency of Bill Clinton on January 20, 1993.

Since then father-Bush is the 'gray eminence' in the Republican Party, who pulls the strings in the background, and brought his son George W. to the White House.
With the False Flag 9/11 his scion pushed the deadly foreign policy with the 'War on Terror' further.
War against Afghanistan, the second war against Iraq and many other conflicts.
Now tried father-Bush to heave his other son, Jeb Bush to the presidency.
This attempt but failed as described above.
Jeb has abandoned due to lack of support in the population and it looks as if the popular Trump gets the nomination.
This he wants to prevent.

The cutthroat-gesture of Bush Senior against Trump must be taken seriously, because it's the only way he can be stopped.
But he is not alone with this death wish.
You have to imagine that even a columnist of the 'prestigious' (cough cough) New York Times, which, btw. fully supports Hillary Clinton, has hinted Trump must be killed to stop him.
Ross Douthat published a Tweet wherein he said,


'Good news, I know now how to end the Trump Campaign'

He linked to a YouTube video with a scene from a movie from 1983, 'The Dead Zone' where Christopher Walken tries to shoot a politician, played by Martin Sheen.

The Dead Zone (10/10) Movie CLIP - Thwarted Assassination (1983) HD


Now it's not as if politically motivated assassinations in the history of the United States would be unusual.
Four presidents died in the attacks perpetrated or their consequences:
Abraham Lincoln (16th President), James A. Garfield (20th President), William McKinley (25th President) and John F. Kennedy (35th President).
Two presidents were injured by assassinations:
Theodore Roosevelt (26th President) and Ronald Reagan (40th President).

The younger brother of assassinated US president John F. Kennedy aspired to a career as a Senate lawyer, justice minister and senator and presidential and fell prey during the pre-selection battle - also assassinated.
After victories in Indiana and Nebraska, and one defeat in Oregon, Kennedy just won after winning the primaries in South Dakota and California, as he was shot a few minutes after midnight, shortly past his acceptance speech in the ballroom of the Ambassador Hotel in the night of 4 to 5 June 1968 in Los Angeles.

Therefore, the question is justified, shall Trump be eliminated by assassination ?
How can he be stopped otherwise ?
Of the Satanist Hillary Clinton are the Americans tired up to here.
As she was nevertheless pleased when Muammar Gaddafi was killed and his body desecrated.

She is also responsible as Secretary for the war against Libya, Yemen and Syria, and for the coup in Ukraine, with all the consequences of war.
If she comes back to the White House, this time as president, then good night, then everything what her predecessors have done to the world is a kindergarten.

Edward Snowden has put it well in a recent Tweet:

'2016 is a choice between Donald Trump and Goldman Sachs'.

You think this is an exaggeration ?

Since April 2013 Hillary Clinton scored by the Wall Street banks for 92 appearances USD 21.7 million.
On average USD 236.000 per 30 minutes presentation.
No, this is certainly not a bribe, but what she had to say, it was worth the banxters (lol).
She is 100%, a representative of the interests of the power structure.
Do you know what is her campaign slogan ?
Vote for me because I am a woman, as is time that after a black, a woman draws into The White House.


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Where there is plenty light there is also shadow:
In order not to mess with the bra-burners and the real existing community of nwo feminists *) supported the billionaire
Trump Planned Parenthood but want to evade their government subsidies.

There are plenty of powerful forces within the establishment who hate Donald Trump and want to eliminate and also are able to order.
Because Trump completely messed up the one-party system where you just can 'choose' between Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola.
Since when the will of the people in the United States is considered ?
The President is determined by the shadows of power and must implement their will.
Who punched out of the track is terminated.
The Americans are much more manipulated and completely deceived as Europeans.
The Western democracy today means you can only choose who would diss you.
Genuine alternatives are removed beforehand !


Donald Trump Full Nevada Victory Speech (2-24-16) (8:50Minutes)


(*Feminism was created by the CIA)

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