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Poland: The EU is the Soviet Union, 'in Blue'
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Poland: "The EU is the Soviet Union, 'in Blue'"

On June 1, Poland celebrated the Children's Day.
On this occasion young people were invited in the Parliament.
The topic was 'the de-communisation of public spheres:
Here, the young Michal Cywinski said to the politicians something about the state of the European Union, its agenda and what has been achieved in the post-Communist government in Poland in the last 25 years.
The Teenager said that the EU is a copy of the dictatorship of the Soviet Union, only under a 'blue Flag'.
Then he ripped the EU flag.
The parliamentarians applauded several times during his speech.

Parsifal, June 3, 2017

'We find ourselves in the Sejm (Parliament) of the Republic of Poland.
In this place, where daily those responsible required for the function of our state days to hold their meetings.

We sit in the same place as the people that took us out from under the Soviet banner and put us under the banner of the European Union.

Under their dictate of political correctness, hundreds of people die, are run over by trucks, explosions, are blown up, or by extremists shot and killed, by these who are imported by the the left trash in Brussels.

Today, the Communists are not red, today's Communists are blue.

Furthermore, I am of the opinion that the European Union must be destroyed'

Then the boy Michal, has held a flag of the EU and torn.

The teenager got for this action thunderous applause from the audience and left the rostrum.


Poland is very eu-skeptical and the most important members of the government to take on and attack the Eurocrats in Brussels more often.

The foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski said he 'can't accept the authority of the EU Commission' and the relations with the EU are increasingly fragile.


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He said that what I criticize for 20 years:

'What is the legitimacy of the Commission?
The Commission has no democratic legitimacy.
You are not elected, they are determined by the governments.

We can't accept.
We can't accept that a bunch of non-elected bureaucrats to monitor the member countries, command, and rule.

We can only accept a [hrrmmm] "Federal Europe", which is based on democratic regularization'

For more than a year, reigns dispute over democracy and the rule of law with the EU.
Warsaw rejects any interference from Brussels.
Juncker has threatened, therefore, to withdraw the voting rights of the Poles in case of important EU decisions.
This, in turn, confirms the above-made statement that the EU is a dictatorship and has no democratic legitimacy.

The Polish government wants to reform the EU, it means to democratize, because otherwise more countries will follow the Brexit, as she says.

If it was to ask the population real and representative to the EU, then are France, Holland, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary candidates for an exit.
But the elections are rigged.

May be the whole dispute is only the lead to a withdrawal of Poland from the EU.
In any case, the action of Michal Cywinski is an indicator how the mood in the country is.

Korwin-Mikke: Maidan shooters trained in Poland
Tags: Korwin-Mikke Maidan Shooters Trained Poland Ukraine Russia NATO Parsifal Interview Apo

Janusz Korwin-Mikke is a Polish politician.

He's since 2014 Member of the European Parliament and competes in the presidential election in Poland 2015 for his new party KORWiN, which takes place on May 10.

He is considered one of the richest politicians in Poland, so is financially independent and can pronounce truths that no one else dares.

In an interview with Wirtualna Polska, the largest and most famous web portal in Poland, he stated:

'The Maidan was also our operation.

The snipers were trained in Poland.

These terrorists have shot 40 protesters and 20 police officers at the Maidan, in order to provoke an uprising'


Parsifal, April 21, 2015

To explain:

Janusz Korwin-Mikke was one of the first Polish politicians who said publicly that the CIA has operated secret prisons on Polish territory and tortured prisoners there, something that the Polish government denied strictly ... until the US regime has itself admitted this fact.

If what he says about the snipers on the Maidan now officially admitted later?


Interview by Joanna Stanislawska translated by me with some help from a Polish friend and Yandex Translate


Janusz Korwin-Mikke (JKM): Poland has no conflict of interest with Russia.

We have no problems on the Polish-Russian border.

The promotion of a militaristic reasoning is not useful for us only for the US.

It is difficult to agree with people like Vladimir Zhirinovsky (Russian right-wing populist politician) because he's crazy, but he's right when he says that we are Washington's henchmen.


Wirtualna Polska (WP): But such feelings are of course, in the face of Russia's aggressive policy.

It's hard to ignore the Iskander missiles on our border.


JKM: Just a moment!

The Iskanders there are only since recently, after Poland has released hundreds of brutal verbal attacks on Russia, and after the American armed cavalry held on Polish territory parades.

I am a poker player and in poker you have to think like the enemy.

From the Russian perspective, the situation is as follows:

In the last 20 years, NATO has swallowed the GDR, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Lithuania, Estonia, Romania, Bulgaria, and wants to put his paws on Ukraine.

Plus, they have torn Kosovo from Serbia, have attacked Muammar Ghaddafi (may he rest in peace), and now they are attacking the only defender of Christianity in the Middle East, His Excellency Bashar al-Assad, just because he is an ally of Russia.

You will find on the internet a meme that says, 'Russia wants war.

Look here as they have moved the country close to the NATO bases'

So I wonder who is the aggressor?


WP: The Ukrainians will have a different view on this subject.


JKM: Unfortunately, they can thank the Americans for everything.

Russia had a pretty friendly president in Ukraine in the person of Viktor Yanukovych.

And Russia had no intention to take anything.

It was also the ideal situation for us, because it is in the Polish interest that Ukraine exists as an independent state, but also a weak.

This has destroyed the Maidan.

Victoria Nuland from the US State Department has publicly admitted that the US spent USD 5 billion to destabilize the situation in Ukraine.

We are dealing with a US aggression in Ukraine.

Putin has pulled only the chestnuts out of the fire.


WP: But that's money that the US spent since 1991 to democratize the Ukraine.

It has not been issued to organize the Maidan.

Do you think it was a CIA operation?


JKM: Yes ... and it was also our operation.

The snipers were trained in Poland.

Even the Frankfurter Allgemeine newspaper wrote, who actually shot on the Maidan.

The terrorists have 40 protesters and 20 policemen shot in order to provoke a riot.

The truth finally comes into light.


WP: Why did Poland train the ones you call 'terrorists' ?


JKM: Let me repeat:

We have done Washington a favor.

(Can also be meant 'Blowjob', because in Polish language are very similar the words.)


WP: Do you have any proof?


JKM: I'm sitting in the European Parliament alongside Mr. Urmas Paetz, the Foreign Minister of Estonia, who confirmed in a telephone conversation with Baroness Catherin Ashton, that it was 'our people', who shot on the Maidan, and not the people of Yanukovych, or of Putin.

Trained by us in Western countries.


WP: I do not know what Paetz and Ashton have spoken, but Putin has said that.

You repeat the Russian propaganda.

It is difficult to understand why it would be in the interest of Poland.


JKM: His Excellency Vladimir Putin said the same only two months after Mr. Paetz.

I believe in the principle of St. Augustine, 'even if the world goes down, but justice must prevail'

If the Russians say from the mouth of Sergei Lavrov, they have not hurt the Budapest Memorandum, then they either lying, or if it is true, then we have to take note of that.


WP: NATO has a defensive doctrine, while Putin will upgrade on a large scale, sends tanks and heavy equipment in Ukraine, and you say, this is not an aggressive policy?



The Americans!

War is only useful from an American perspective.

There is interest in the US who are pushing into an armed conflict:

The arms industry, the financies, some politicians, generals, but also many people (some of whom I know personally) among the neoconservatives.

They analyze the situation with cold logic:

We have created the most powerful army in the world, but we have 18 trillion in debt, and we can not afford any further development.

China, which supports Russia, will soon overtake us, so if we want to maintain our global hegemony, we need to start a war, at least in some years.

Ukraine is a very suitable pretext.

At the moment Poland is able to prevent III. World War.


WP: How so?


JKM: In which we declare our neutrality in concerns of the Ukraine.

Just as Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Belarus, which do not take part in the anti-Russian frenzy.

We could save the world, if we prevent the US military access to Ukraine.


WP: The Kremlin has occupied the Crimea and by pro-Russian separatists it occupies the eastern Ukraine, but we will say nothing happened?


JKM: The situation in Crimea is clear.

Russia has the Kosovo used as a precedent.

After all, why can separate Kosovo from Serbia, but not Crimea from Ukraine?

The Russians have warned, whoever recognizes the independence of Kosovo, gives consent to similar action in the future.

With Donbass it is not so clear, but there Ukraine has made a mistake.

It would have to give up the Crimea and to ask the military to the border with Russia.

Instead, they only have screamed, but the result of the yelling was that it lost the Crimea, while the inhabitants of Donbass said they will also succeed.


WP: One should therefore turn adrift Ukraine?


JKM: It does for Poland not matter whether the Ukraine has the Crimea and Donbass or not.

We must not forget, every assistance to Ukraine is help for people, at least in western Ukraine, who hate us.

Their heroes are Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhevych, who are responsible for the genocide of Polish civilians in Podolia, Volhynia and Eastern Lesser Poland, where up to hundreds of thousands were killed.

They are fascists.


WP: Again you repeat Russian propaganda.


JKM: You have to admit that so far the Russians are right when they use the term 'fascist' to describe the record i.e. on the 'right sector'.

His Excellency Vladimir Putin we have to be grateful for one thing:

Because of his actions Ukraine hate the Russians more than the Poles.




WP: Why do you think Putin would be a magnificent president of Poland?


JKM: Because he is strong and decisive.

The more they are unhappy with him in Europe, the better he is as President from a Russian perspective.

We also need a President, which fear our neighbors.



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WP: Warsaw could be hit by nuclear weapons?


JKM: I doubt whether Putin used nuclear weapons against a country that does not have these and does not threaten Russia.

There is not such a danger, because Putin is entirely rational in this matter.


The full interview covers a wider range of topics, here is but only an excerpt shown, with relevance to Russia and Ukraine.

Who is 'Angela Merkel' ?
Tags: Who Merkel Kasner Poland Germany US EU Europe Ukraine Kohl FDJ StaSi Parsifal

She is regarded the most powerful woman in the world, highly intelligent, and unflappable.
Since now 9 years she is governing the German people as Chancellor, of out-voting or even to think about her overthrow through the opposition is unthinkably.
All of the chairmen of German political parties knuckle under in front of her.
Even despite 'Angela Dorothea Merkel' actually much more dramatic misappropriated the contents of the state funds than any other leader of the government since the end of the last World War.

Parsifal, March 29, 2011, update October 11, 2014

Unnecessary rescue packages for banks and the financing of false epidemics, the defense of German Democracy in Afghanistan's Hindu Kush or an unconditional submission to the Shaef-military-laws (Land Warfare Convention, so Law Of Occupation [by the United States]) from October 23, 1954 not at all own policy but 1:1 fulfillment of the directives of the dictatorship of the United States, the distraction from a declining economy and social standards by all means, blight of infra structures, her Kampf against law and order, acceptance of the uncurbed NSA spying on German citizenry, the 'best friendship ever' with the Zionesia Apartheid regime including the give-away of a few nuclear missile-capable U-boats, the war alliance with NATO, the covert or direct backing of extremists like the rabid Jihadi cut-throat terrorists in Syria, of Nazis, Neo-Nazis and Fascists in Ukraine, support of aggressive, global wars and sound assistance in regime changes, the Russia-sanctions leave in the statistics a swathe of devastation and also the unemployment accelerate skywards significantly, abolition of the middle class (in short zombielike obedience, unconditional submission to Wall Street and the neo-con world order); these are only a few examples of also from her controlled and promoted fraud against the nation.

What makes the managing director of a Non-governmental organization in the Germany Ltd., ruled from oversea still so saddle fast and even always more confident in her actions ?

WHO is this phenomenon really ?

Background on the history of 'Angela Dorothea Kasner' alias Merkel (StaSi cover name IM-Erika)
Everyone knows her but no one is aware who the undeviating walking trouser suit really is.
Given the by the chancellor represented politics, this is a legitimate question.

Follow me into the rabbit hole: 'Angela Merkel' is an almost perfect disguise of another, a different person...

In light of the obviously planned destruction, the intentional annihilation of Germany by the harmful and criminal 'politics' of the Chancellor and on the occasion of her treacherous, unbearable statements made in connection with the beguiler and deceiver, liar and a cheater, swindler, and former Defense Minister Freiherr von (und zu) Guttenberg, it is helpful, indeed necessary, to look at the largely unknown origin and the eye-catching political career of this persona non grata and Bilderberg member - even if, for reasons of understanding, of the available space, attention span and her actual insignificance in history, only briefly:


I have to admit there are already different attempts of explanation - of Merkel's (or what ever her real name is) life career beyond the official historiography ...

As unbroken overview of her provenance seems to have been made difficult or covert, thus let us stick to the facts which are complex enough to achieve and puzzle together one piece after the other for the bigger picture.

The pretended Father, illegitimate child of Anna Rychlicka Kazmierczak and Ludwik Wojciechowski, was a Protestant pastor; the Mother, a Polish Jew from Galicia, a teacher.
Her maternal Grandfather was named Ludwik Kazmierczak, came from Posen (Poznań, Poland) and fought in the First World War against Germany.
This is evidenced by a photo of her Uncle's second cousin, cousin of her Father's and her Grandfather's Nephew, the 79 years old, retired accountant Zygmunt Rychlicki, in the Polish newspaper 'Gazeta Wyborcza'.

Merkelgrandpa Zygmunt Rychlicki
The picture shows her Grandfather in the uniform of the so called Haller's army, a notorious and brutal unit of Poland which fought in the French army against the Germans and committed acts of violence against the Jewish population at the Ukrainian Front.

From here on it will get exciting and parts of the biography of the according to a poll, 'so far most liked woman chancellor of Germany' condense:
'Angela Merkel' is supposedly the first child of Horst and Herlind Kasner, geb. Jentzsch, 1954 born in the USA and gets the name of Angela Dorothea Kasner and is actually Victoria.
They officially have two siblings, Brother Marcus and Sister Irene.
Brother Marcus is an invention.
Both 'Parents' had a US passport.

If the last name Merkel and Kasner are not entirely without reference to their origin, the first names, all of which are fictitious.

According to yet unconfirmed sources should 'Angela Merkel', however be the illegitimate daughter of a specific Hennoch Kohn (Cohn) alias Helmut Kohl - Yes THE Helmut Kohl, from 1982 to 1998, the sixth Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany ! (Maybe that's why she is called 'Kohl's girl'...)

Hennoch Cohn 2008 speaking in the US State Department

A few weeks after Merkel's birth, the Kasner family settled in Hamburg and moved from there to the under Soviet occupation and administration standing Central Germany, at the time and later cynical so-called 'German Democratic Republic' and lead a mysterious life behind closed doors and darkened windows.
Already this move was unusual and striking - as hundreds of thousands people of good and well-known reasons took the opposite way.

The childhood and youth up to high school spent 'Angela Kasner' so mostly single-handedly.
She had no friends, never visited children from the neighborhood.

'Angela Kasner' was outstanding in her school-time in Templin because of her exceptional ability to master languages in no time.
Today we know why, because in pre-school age she learnt Russian and English, however avoided telling her classmates.
Her teacher was her own Mother, yes, so therewith she might have had no problem as an American with German - and Russian-Jewish roots.
The Father taught her as a child all the other important things in life.
The 'intellectual' 'Angela Merkel' is above all a product of excellent education.

Horst Kasner arranged and got perfectly along with the dictatorial wrong-regime and enjoyed a number of privileges.
So he had two cars, was allowed unlimited travel - even to West Germany, and his 'daughter' without problems could study and make a PhD.
(A propos promotion and plagiarism has already once someone reviewed the 'Merkel' doctoral thesis ?)

The Berliner Morgenpost of September 18, 2005, is to quote that 'Merkel's' (alleged) father considered the GDR so-called 'German Democratic Republic' the 'Promised Land'.
And in the work by David Korn 'For Whom Serves Merkel Really?' is to read:
"In the Communist State (SED, GDR) was the East-West Walker (Kasner) church-internally given the nickname 'The Red Kasner'".

(emphasis added)

The subject to public law broadcast Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (rbb online) wrote:

"The 'red Kasner' was considered as 'Grey Eminence' of the Brandenburg Church".

According Merkel's biographer, Professor Gerd Langguth had Kasner contacts with the StaSi (Ministry for State Security) and was deep entangled in the System of the GDR.
(After, however, also unconfirmed sources should also been 'Angela Merkel' as aka 'IM Erika' informant and denunciator of the StaSi = Staats-Sicherheit)

'Angela Merkel' in contrast to the 'normal' citizens of the GDR stood open all the doors.
She is a member of the Pioneer Organization Ernst Thälmann and engaged in the Communist Free German Youth (FDJ), where she rises up to the Secretary of the Department for Agitation and Propaganda and became one of the leading and most important 'experts for political communication' in the socialist dictatorship.
In this function, and because of her good knowledge of Russian, she travels regularly in the USSR, especially to Moscow.
Merkel herself claimed she has been a 'Culture Manager'; but all such evidence cannot be found...

StaSi Denunciator IM ERIKA
1977 'Merkel' during a 'youth exchange' with physics students in Moscow and Leningrad learns to know her first husband, the physics student Ulrich Merkel.
In 1977, they wed, in 1981 Merkel leaves him; the childless marriage is divorced in 1982.
In 1984, she met her current husband, the chemist Joachim Sauer; in 1998, they married.

1986 she is allowed to travel for several days to West Germany, having her dissertation submitted.

After the regulations of promotions had to be enclosed to the application for the promotion the proof that during the studies, the acquired knowledge of Marxism-Leninism significantly deepened and widened; this was to be done in the form of a written work.
This written work in the case of Merkel, strange and strikingly is deemed to be 'missing'...


Germany unifies
A month after the Alexanderplatz-Demonstration at November 4, 1989, during the predicted end of the GDR regime changes Merkel 'suddenly and unexpectedly' the side and from one day to the other joined the Democratic Movement, one of the West German Christian Democrats-Inspired Movement of the so-called 'turn' ('Wende').
There from the beginning, she occupies the same position and function as in the FDJ, only that she now mealy-mouthed calls herself 'spokesperson', and accomplishes a steep, inexorable rise:

A few days before the re-election of the Chairman of the Democratic Decampment (Awakening, Aufbruch), was launched Wolfgang Schnur's, 24-year long - spy-work for the StaSi to the public.
'Angela Merkel' directly steers the very press conference where she pretends her alleged 'concern', and Schnur must resign.

Successor as Chairman of the Democratic Decampment is - you guess it - 'Angela Merkel' !

So arrived 'Angela Merkel' in the last GDR government of Lothar de Maizère and even becomes there spokesperson, although the Democratic Decampment, only achieved 0,9 percent of the votes.

Merkel accompanied the delegations de Maizères on trips abroad and is also - and here it is once more emphasized - attends in the null and void international law, Two-Plus-Four Treaty on September 12. in 1990 in Moscow.
Merkel is also one of three delegates who the Democratic Decampment to the Unification Party Congress of the CDU so called (Christian Democratic Union) dispatched on 1st and 2nd October 1990 in Hamburg.
On the eve of this 38th National Party Convention (Bundesparteitag) of the CDU, on the own initiative of Merkel it comes to a personal meet and talk with her probably real father Helmut Kohl (Cohn).

After the falsely so-called (in international law, null and void) 'reunion' at October 3, 1990, 'Angela Merkel' is assigned the A-16-position (Planstelle) of a Deputy Director (Undersecretary) in the Federal Press and Information Office (BPA).

With the tax supported professional position behind her, quickly competes Merkel for a seat in the Bundestag.
With the inaugural meeting on December 20, 1990, she becomes a member of the German Bundestag (MdB).
The winner of the elections, Helmut Kohl surprisingly nominated her for the Ministerial Portfolio of the Federal Minister for Women and Youth.

In December 1991, Merkel is elected on the CDU National Party Convention in Dresden as the successor of Lothar de Maizère as Deputy Party Chairman after de Maizère because of his suddenly public advertised StaSi past, had to withdraw.
A striking parallel to the strange events to Wolfgang Schnur: both times benefits Merkel from launched denunciation, advances in place of the denounced and continues to climb ...


After the parliamentary elections (for the Bundestag) of October 16, 1994, Angela Merkel, again completely surprisingly, becomes Federal Minister for the environment, nature conservation and nuclear safety in the Cabinet Kohl.
After the lost September 27, 1998 - election, Merkel, by the instigation of the madman in the wheelchair, the homicidal Law-and-Order-Fanatic of Orwell's coinage Wolfgang Schäuble on the CDU National Party Convention on November 7th in Bonn elected to the General Secretary of the CDU.

In the political party-donation affair of the CDU, Merkel let fall her patron-saint Helmut Kohl and published on December 22, 1999 a guest contribution in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, in which she renounced from him.
As of January 2000, the former Treasurer of the CDU, Brigitte Baumeister, indirectly more or less convicts the party and parliamentary Chairman Wolfgang Schäuble of corruption and untrue statement, benefits Merkel for a third time under dubious circumstances of overthrows of her former mentors and protegés: on February 16, 2000 must Schäuble announce his resignation; at April 10, 2000 'Angela Merkel' on the CDU National Party Convention in Essen is elected to his successor as National Chairman.
Previously had at the time Lower Saxony opposition leader and later unspeakable Federal President Christian Wulff campaigned for her and in the first place brought her up for discussion.

After the narrowly lost General Election of September 22, 2002 claimed 'Angela Merkel', the CDU/CSU parliamentary leadership in the Bundestag and is re-elected on November 11th on the CDU National Party Convention in Hannover as the Chairman.
After the end of the term of office of the Federal President Johannes Rau (SPD) - Merkel succeeds to enforce her candidate Horst Köhler (CDU) - a further consolidation of power.
But after his re-election, Köhler on May 31, 2010 under flimsy pretexts and until now unknown reasons resigns - had 'Angela Merkel' her finger in the pie ?
Because successor of Köhler, despite considerable and obvious intellectual and character deficits, becomes the submissive 'Pro-Islamist' and history-quibbler Christian Wilhelm Walter Wulff (CDU) - the man who had suggested Merkel 2000 at an early stage and as a first for the post of the Federal Chairman of the CDU...

On May 30, 2005, (s)elect the party executive committees (Parteipräsidien) of the CDU and the CSU - the so called Christian Social Union (Christlich-Soziale Union) in a joint session - as expected - Angela Merkel to the Chancellor of the Union Party.

Only Months past the 2005 Bilderberg May 05 - 08 Meeting in Rottach-Egern and after the early General Election from September 18, 2005, at September 20, she is confirmed as Parliamentary Party Leader.

On September 22, 2005 'Angela Merkel' is (s)elected to the Chancellor of the Grand Coalition of CDU/CSU and SPD SPD = so called Social Democratic Party of Germany (Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands).

After only one and a half decades stand the former Marxist-Leninist, Socialist, Communist, FDJ-Agitator and GDR- Demagog at the top of the OMF-BRD, the West German Federal Republic in Germany.

To the head of the Chancellery - a trust and key position - she appoints Thomas de Maizère, the Cousin of the last (GDR) East German Prime Minister and StaSi plant Lothar de Maizère.

After Merkel could not hold her protegé von und zu Guttenberg in position - despite her stubborn ignorance of the facts and public opinion - she makes Thomas de Maizère to his successor as Minister of Defense.

The subsequent events are well known; they need not be repeated here.

What sort of man is she ?

This woman is a cold power-seeker, who ' knows no relatives 'and 'walks over dead bodies'.
With her arrogant, aggressive and impertinent, but also stupid, yes insane statements in the CDU-party - and state-affair about 'her' Secretary of 'Defense', the only really to be called 'criminal' plagiarist and imposter Freiherr von und zu Guttenberg, has Angela Merkel revealed her brazen - and unscrupulousness, as well as her moral depravity and lack of character.
Her political and diplomatic incompetence she has for already longer demonstrated or is it indeed all malicious intention ?
As David Korn in the title of his eponymous book asks: 'Who serves Merkel really?'
The German people, as demands her Oath Of Office, a justiciable perjury, at least not.

Merkel's relationship sits not only since her time in the most important political and economic key-positions in Germany, the US and the EU.
In her true pedigree, thus find themselves Ex - Chancellors and Presidents, as for example, 'Helmut Schmidt' or Roman Herzog, as well as an Ex - US President as
George Bush,
a Jerzy Buzek,
Baron von Guttenberg,
Berlin Chief Burgomaster Wowereit,
FIFA President Sepp Blatter and his Beckenbauer,
Lukas Podolski from Podolia,
Federal (soccer) coach Löw and
also, more importantly, a whole range of operators of the Holocaust.
Including Reinhard Heydrich, Eichmann, Mengele, and Auschwitz Commander Rudolf Höß.

Curiously, she even has the Auschwitz icon 'Anne Frank' and some of their alleged hangmen in the pedigree.

Merkel has all the power for change in Germany, Europe and even the world.
But this thought seemingly did never cross her mind.

Her double - or threefold-life must now, according to the motto 'better an end with horror than a horror without end', also just come to an end by revealing her true identity far and wide.

December 17, 2013 1006 PM Merkel's oath of allegiance to the basic law: Satellite states of the US and war losers are not obliged to a constitution

related @ the BOLE:

The European Union, The IV. Reich

Stop the Nazis in Ukraine


Germany Ltd.


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