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Plants in the Wheel of the Year – October
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Plants in the Wheel of the Year – October

All things in our Tradition are based on our Wheel of the Year.
It is both microcosm and macrocosm.
one displays the Cycle of the Year, the way the compass is laid, the Gods, the Totems, the Gates, the Airts (directions), the Castles, and the Moons.

The Four Seasons, known as Solar Festivals mark a seasonal change caused by the Sun.
The cross quarter Days are marked by Fire Festivals and are usually celebrated as significant agricultural Festivals.
The Festivals of the Wheel of the Year also represent the active and dormant states of Nature, Man and Agriculture.
Each of the Festival Days was ruled by a Deity, whether God or Goddess, with each region necessarily having its own Deity, especially for Cultural reasons.
From planting to reaping to Winter to Summer... the Seasons were of great importance to our Ancestors, for their very existence depended upon good Harvests, mild Winters, sufficient Rainfall.

Herbs and medicinal Plants in October are
Spruce, Dog Rose, Rosemary

In this Moon I also will take you along to a nice Nature Meditation.

parsifalrain, October 1

please note:
Always consult a doctor before using healing remedies and read disclaimer at the end of my abstract.

Spruce - Picea Alba Pine family, Pinaceae [genus Picea], Fichte
Like hardly any other Tree, Spruce belongs to the everyday landscape in Austria.
Spruce is hardly considered to be of special importance.

*) Frequently, Spruce is the first Tree that tells us what ecology means.
We 'see' the dying of the Forest directly in front of our eyes.
How negative a mono culture can be, we often only notice when whole Spruce Forest areas are destroyed only by a storm.

In the middle of the Forest, Spruces seem rather inconspicuous and unattractive to us.
We only become aware of all their beauty and Tree personality when we encounter a large, free-standing Spruce.
Then we can see what a special Tree the Spruce actually is and perhaps we can even guess why our Ancestors worshiped the Spruce as a very special protective Tree.

Stories and Myths
The Spruce was thought to be inhabited by a female, very maternal and protective Tree Spirit.
She was therefore regarded as a Mother and Tree of Life and also as a symbol of the female power.
Moreover, according to the belief of our Ancestors, the Spruce was able to relieve man of his illness.
These were the instructions for people suffering from gout:
The sick person should arrive in the Forest before dawn and sink three drops of his blood into the fissure of a young Spruce.
After he has closed the opening with wax and honey, he shall cry out:

'Good morning Mrs. Fichte, I'll bring you the gout'.

properties and mode of action
(especially essential oil)

healing purposes
rheumatism, gout
sore muscles
cough, flu, cold
blistering ointment

collective tips
The Needles and Shoot tips used to make cough Syrup or Tea are best collected in the Spring.
If necessary, Needles can also be collected later in the Year.
Spruce resin can be found all Year round.
In any case you should take care when collecting Spruce Resin that you only take so much resin that the Tree is not additionally injured - please always ask the Tree if she agrees.

essential oil
turpentine oil
glycoside picein
tanning agent
Vitamin C

the Spruce as a Fumigant
For a Spruce incense are used both: the Needles and the Resin.
Long before the noble resins came to Europe, the Spruce resin was one of the preferred smudging resins.
I think that collecting and smudging Spruce resin gives us a completely different relationship to smudging.
A walk through the Forest with the aim of collecting Spruce resin can become a very special experience.
I love these collecting hikes and I love the power that comes from the maternal Spruce.
It really connects with the feminine and gives us in its most personal way all kinds of Love.
There are two types of Spruce resin - the small resin drops that are sweated out of the Tree and the resin that closes Tree-wounds.
This is also where the theory of sigNatures becomes active again.
A substance that can heal wounds of a Tree can, of course, also heal physical AND mental wounds of us humans.
And so it is also the case that the fumigating of Spruce, old (mental) wounds can break open and heal.

Spruce needles sit on small woody stems

Fir needles sit directly on the branch

effect of Smudging
brings old wounds to light for healing
clears the mind
cleans and protects
expands the chest area
opens your Heart
strengthens all that is feminine

recipes for healing application
Spruce Needle Tea

From the young Spruce shoot tips, or also from the older Needles, one can cook a Tea, which helps particularly well with disease of the respiratory tract.
Simply add 1 teaspoon of Spruce Needles to 250 ml of Water and simmer for 10-15 minutes.
Sweeten the Tea with genuine Bee honey and it will be particularly effective.
Due to its high Vitamin C content, Spruce Needle Tea also helps against Spring tiredness and other Vitamin C deficiency symptoms.

Spruce Cone

Spruce Top Syrup
Bring 5 handfuls of fresh Spruce Wipers (collected in Spring) to the boil with 1 litre of  Water and simmer for about 10 minutes.
Then drain the Wipers, add 1 kilo unrefined sugar and reduce to syrup density.

Spruce Needle steam Bath
A steam bath of Spruce needle infusion is a wonderful remedy for frontal and sinusitis.
Fresh Spruce needles can be poured with boiling Water and then added to the bath Water.

Spruce Needles Body Oil
Pour fresh, young Spruce needles into a glass and cover with almond oil so that all parts of the Plant are covered.
Leave this jar closed for about three weeks.
Then drain and add 10-20 drops of ethereal Spruce as you wish.

Spruce Needle cooling Bath
If you mix 3 tablespoons of this oil with a quarter litre of whipped cream, you get a wonderful cold cream Bath.

(* Forests with Spruces attract pests
The fact that Spruce has increased in the Forests is due to the fact that she is considered a bread Tree in forestry.
Spruce Forest - monocultures are easy to cultivate and achieve high yields.
It is the goal of the Austrian Federal Forests to convert Spruce-rich Forests into mixed and deciduous Forests with higher Spruce stands than before.
The Spruce in particular attracts bark beetles: The Spruce is a shallow root Tree, at higher temperatures she has problems with the water supply.
She gets so-called dry stress and is susceptible to pests and bark beetles.
From an altitude of 800 metres above sea level, the Spruce feels most at home, due to the yield she's very often found in very low areas.


Dog Rose - Rosa Canina, Family of Roses, Rosaceae; Heckenrose/Hundsrose
The dainty, small, sometimes almost inconspicuous Hedge Rose is a wonderful Plant and delights not only our eyes and nose, but also our Health and beauty.
She is the symbol of Venus and is enchantingly connected with everything feminine.

Her smell bewitches us, her color is so soft and wonderful, her outer form is perfect - the Rose is a miracle of Nature.
It makes every woman a queen !

In former Times the Rose was also called Apothecaries Rose - a clear indication of the healing effect of this Plant.
The Rose Hips containing Vitamin C, which we can use in Autumn after the first frost, are particularly healing.
Of course, this Rose is also an important ingredient for all Love spells and Love incenses.
Meanwhile there are innumerable beautiful noble Roses, but nevertheless I would like to give my attention to the simple, genuinely Dog Rose.

History and Myths
The Rose is also called the 'Queen of Flowers'.
It is said to have received her name from the Greek poetess Sappho as early as 600 BC.
The oldest known description of the Rose came at about the same time from the poet Anakreon.
He said that at the same time as the sea gave birth to Venus, the Earth also created its sweetest Flower, the Rose.
Over the Centuries, many painters have repeatedly chosen the Rose as a motif for their works of art.
The Hedge Rose was also called Hag Rose or Hawthorn.
Due to her thorns, this Plant was particularly well suited as a hedge Plant, because a thorny Hedge is hardly permeable.
The spines of the Rose also gave her the reputation of being able to help against 'witchcraft'.
Nevertheless, the Rose was also an important Witch Plant - she was used for milk and butter magic as well as for magic against lightning and thunderstorms.
The Rose hips could even be used to protect against the threat of disease.
One had to eat only on Christmas or New Year's Eve 3 Rose Hips on raw stomach, already one was protected from all misfortune.
There was also the custom of passing three Rose hips through the window on New Year's Day to friends or relatives (without talking) so that they would be protected against disease and disaster in the coming Year.
The Rose was also an important Oracle Plant, closely related to death.
When sick people dreamed of Roses, they had to reckon with their imminent end.
The dream of red Roses means blood and misfortune.
No wonder that red Roses were never brought to the bedside of sick people.

properties and mode of action

Rose Hips
preventive against colds and flu

healing purposes

menstrual cycle disorders
postpartum depression
menopausal symptoms
Heart and liver disease
skin problems
baby care
Rose Hips
forms of kidney disease

Dog Rose likes to grow in sunny locations, also on the edges of Forests and paths.
She is used as fencing for houses and gardens and does not place any special demands on the soil.

collecting tips
The Buds are collected in June, the Flowers in Summer and the Rose Hips in Autumn.
Rosehips only get their full healing effect when they have survived the first frost.

ingredients - Rose Hips
Vitamin C
citric and malic acid

the Rose as Incense
The Petals of the Rose are a wonderful ingredient for Incense blend.
They are preferably mixed in Love Incenses, since they symbolize Venus and all the female powers associated with it.
But Rose Petals are also given in blessing mixtures, because they bless Life in all its facets.
In many Cultures the Rose stands for heartfelt Love, opening of the Heart and loving affection.
She lets us find inner Peace and supports us in Smudging Incense so that we learn to accept ourselves.
Among other things, she also promotes self-love.
When smudging, the Rose Petals very quickly lose their wonderful scent - you can intensify the smudging process by adding real Rose frankincense or dripping some essential Rose Oil onto the Flowers.

Heart opening
Promotes self-love and self-acceptance
consecrate and bless

recipes for Healing application
Rose Liqueur for broken Hearts (according Miriam Wiegele)
Add Rose Petals with brandy and filter off after 2-3 Weeks.
Add organic raw cane sugar or real Bee Honey and a little Cinnamon [Cinnamomum zeylanicum] from Ceylon and a few Coriander [Coriandrum sativum] Seeds.
Then let it steep for another 2 Weeks.
Filter and drain and enjoy.

Rose Vinegar
Fill a jar halfway with Petals of fragrant red Roses.
Fill the jar with good wine vinegar and then close it for two to three Weeks on a sunny surface.
Filter and bottle - this vinegar has a long shelf life.
In the past, Rose vinegar was added to the washing water to give the laundry a pleasant scent.
Dabbed on the forehead, it is good for headaches.
You can also put the vinegar on a cloth and refresh your body with it.

recipes for the kitchen
Rosehip Liqueur
(smack !)
500g Rose Hips
150 grams organic raw cane sugar
1 bottle of good grain
Clean and wash the Rose Hips.
Remove the Seeds and rinse the Rose Hips well with Water.
Drain the Fruit halves and pour into a sealable jar.
Add the sugar and the grain and leave the container in a cool place for 2 Months.
Filter off and enjoy

Rose Jam
200g Petals
1 kg organic raw cane sugar
1 tsp citric acid
2 cups of Water
Boil the Water and sugar to a syrup, sprinkle in the Rose Petals and continue cooking until a drop does not melt during the gelling test.
Add citric acid - it works like a spell, the previously violet, greenish jam becomes ruby red in one fell swoop.
Fill into small jars and seal.


Rosemary - Rosmarinus officinalis, Family of the labiates, Rosmarin
The smell of Rosemary is well known to most people.
After all, she is one of the most widely used Mediterranean kitchen Herbs and we immediately think of Italian cuisine when we smell or taste Rosemary.
Rosemary is a true all-rounder among Herbs.

She is not only an excellent aromatic Herb, but also a recognized and effective medicinal Herb at the same time.
Rosemary is not a Native Plant.
She is very sensitive to frost.
If we plant her, it is definitely advisable to protect her over the Winter, or rather to bring it all the way inside the house.
However, my own Rosemary shrubs grow so well protected that they have survived the past (particularly cold) Winters despite lack of care.
Rosemary has a fiery warming effect.
Her essence ignites the spirit and fires the body.

Rosemary Blossoms can be white to blue in color

History and Myths
The name Rosemary is Latin and means 'dew of the sea'.
Already in Ancient Times, Rosemary was highly appreciated in the Mediterranean region.
It has been used as a spice and medicine for more than 3.000 Years.
Rosemary Oil - dissolved in ethyl alcohol - was one of the first perfumes and became famous as the 'Hungarian Queen's Spirit'.
Rosemary was an evergreen, strongly scented Plant dedicated to the Mystery of Life and death.
She was regarded as a sign of the return of the past and stood for everlasting loyalty, faithfulness.
Already in ancient Times she was consecrated to the Greek Goddess Aphrodite.
As we know, she was the Goddess of beauty and Love.
Rosemary belongs also to the aphrodisiac Plants, because she brings the blood into the abdomen and also stimulates the Heart activity.
Rosemary has many other stimulating and exciting properties and was therefore used in many Love recipes and Smudgings.
Rosemary was also an important Plant for weddings.
It was used in many different ways for wedding ceremonies.
For example, it was affixed by guests, or the bridegroom had a small Rosemary wreath in his hands.
Today, Rosemary is again increasingly bound in bridal bouquets - old customs seem to be rediscovered - is this not beautiful !
But Rosemary was not only connected with Love.
She was also closely related to death.
Rosemary helps us to say goodbye to a loved one.
She helps with mourning and letting go.
She knows about dying processes and knows death and the Underworld very well.
In former Times she was used therefore also with transition rites (across the valley) of all kinds.
In Croatia and Italy, Rosemary is also used at funerals, where the dead person is sprinkled with a Rosemary branch dipped in blest Water.
Also the guests of the funeral carry an affixed Rosemary branch.

Rosemary is a very stimulating and invigorating Plant.
She stimulates the nervous system.
Since she belongs to the dry and warm Plants, she helps as such whenever the body is cold and sluggish and therefore needs an encouragement.
She is used for exhaustion, depression, sluggishness and memory problems.
She promotes the blood circulation of the brain and is a real alternative as a stimulant beyond caffeine.
She is generally used in geriatrics.

Rosemary strengthens the Heart and makes it beat easier and faster
Thus it has a positive effect on the entire circulation.
She is particularly recommended for people who constantly have cold feet, suffer from circulatory disorders or low blood pressure.
She also promotes digestion and makes heavy roasts easier to digest.
She also helps with colic and bloating.

properties and mode of action
muscle stimulating (not suitable for pregnant women)
strengthening the Heart muscle
antiseptic (slow healing wounds)

Healing purposes
states of exhaustion
circulatory disorders
blood flow problems
low blood pressure
senile Heart
nervous Heart trouble
nervous circulatory problems
scar pains
common cold
wounds and injuries (physical and mental)


Rosemary is a Mediterranean Plant and therefore occurs naturally in the Mediterranean region.
If she is planted in Central Europe or the Alpine regions, it is recommended to spend the Winter indoors or to protect her carefully from frost in the garden.

collecting tips
The Leaves can be collected fresh all Year round.
If you want to dry Rosemary, I would recommend cutting and drying very young Shoots in Midsummer.

essential oil
bitter substances
tanning agents (rosemary acid)
carnolic acid (bitter)

Rosemary as a Smudging agent
When Rosemary is fumigated, it chases away heavy thoughts and jealousy (burden of possessiveness).
She opens the Heart and increases our willingness to let go.
It is therefore especially recommended for people who find it difficult to forgive, either because they have been harmed or because they themselves cannot let go of their suffering because they still need it for something.
In this respect it helps with disappointed or deceived Love.

Rosemary can also help people who have particularly high ideals or have very high expectations of themselves and who fail time and again because of their own expectations.
The protective wall that they have built around their Hearts for this reason can become more permeable through fumigating Rosemary.
Rosemary also strengthens the awareness of one's own value.

further effects
Heart opening
strengthens the Heart chakra
very well suitable for love smokings
helps with mourning
helps to let go
leads deceased souls to the right places
leads us well through depressions
is fumigated for transition rites

recipes for Healing application
Rosemary Wine

1 handful Rosemary
1 litre good white wine
Let the Rosemary steep in the wine for one Day.
Drain and drink 1 shooter daily.

Rosemary Tincture
1 handful Rosemary
½ Litres of high-proof alcohol
Place the Rosemary in a closable container and pour alcohol over it so that all parts of the Plant are in the alcohol.
Leave to stand for 2 Weeks and then filter off.
Keep in small bottles.
It is good as a warming, blood circulation stimulating rub.

Aphrodisiac bath additive
1 handful Rosemary
1 handful Melissa [Melissa officinalis] Leaves
½ Handful of Rose [Rosa Canina] Petals
2 Cinnamon [Cinnamomum zeylanicum] from Ceylon Sticks
Let all ingredients boil for 5-10 minutes and then add to the bath Water.

recipes for the kitchen
Rosemary cookies

220g spelt flour
50g butter
25 g raw cane sugar
1 tbsp Rosemary, finely chopped
1 egg
some milk, a pinch of unrefined, untreated Salt
Make a dough from all the ingredients and let it rest for a while.
Roll out the dough and cut out the biscuits.
Brush with milk and bake at 220 degrees for 10 minutes.

Rosemary Bread
500g flour (unrefined)
350 ml lukewarm Water
25 g yeast
2 tbsp semolina
1 tsp real Bee Honey
75 ml native extra vergine, organic Olive Oil
50g unsulphurised raisins
1 tsp real, unrefined, uniodized Salt
3 sprigs Rosemary
Mix the yeast with the honey, a little flour and 1 tbsp lukewarm Water and leave to stand.
Pluck the Rosemary stems from the twigs and chop finely.
Set aside 1/3 of them.
Heat the oil in a pan, add the remaining Rosemary and fry over medium heat.
Then pour the oil through a sieve.
Knead the flour, durum wheat semolina, yeast, oil, salt and lukewarm Water into a dough.
Cover the dough in a warm place and let it rise for 1 hour.
Then knead the dough well again and mix in the remaining Rosemary Needles and raisins.
Form two loaves of bread and leave to rise for another 15 minutes.
Carve the top of the loaves into a diamond shape, spread with the good olive oil and bake at 200° for 30 minutes.

The dough can also be used to make 10-12 small rolls.

Yes... now you're here, here... in this Forest... you see the Trees all around and the others that are with you here.
You feel the contact that your feet have with the ground (the bottom that touches the underlay/ground) the temperature of the Forest on your skin.
You can watch your breath and listen to my voice, and all this is like an invitation to go with me on a quiet journey of experience that takes you deeper and deeper into relaxation.
Nobody will mind if you close your eyes for a while now, because you know how pleasant that is... now...
Maybe you stretch yourself a few more times or find an even more comfortable position for yourself, a position of your body that invites you ... Beautiful… !
And while you may still ask yourself what it is exactly that you are going to experience here in the Forest, a part of you has already prepared yourself to enjoy this letting go... an adventurous journey inside... a journey into the realm of Nature...
Nature spirits perhaps even... like a fairy tale from a thousand and one nights... pleasant, isn't it ?
You can remember any pleasant experiences you like... in your way... experience a Forest...
All the pictures... Sounds... Feelings.... and your eyes, which sooner or later become very heavy... maybe they have not been able to keep themselves open for a long time... simply let it happen... with pleasant ease... such a light heaviness or heavy lightness... Because relaxation is different for everyone...
It is really perfect... all right, if you now feel the Peace completely and tell yourself internally: I can relax and sit still just as much as I can enjoy everything else...
Close your eyes... is a wonderful possibility to experience the world in a new way...
And in this way like to sink deeper, with every exhalation... Relaxation... Well-being... Curiosity... new experience - learn...
The way it suits you, the way you like it...
All these things... this light, the colours and shapes... the sounds of Nature, this typical smell that invites you...
And you don't even have to listen to this voice anymore, because a part of you, independent of the words that this voice speaks, hears all the words that are necessary... right for you... as it invites you...
And I don't know where in your body you perceive this relaxation first.
Maybe in a shoulder blade, in the small left toe, or somewhere in your legs... or your stomach can start now...
Because now you have the willingness and the confidence to make this journey with me, deeper, deeper and deeper and deeper... isn't that so ? isn't it so ?....
Good !
That's good !
Maybe you already feel or imagine Roots growing out of your feet.
Deeper and deeper into the Earth... Yes ! Like a Tree...
Like a Tree... your favorite Tree, or any other... Roots grow... branch more and more... and anchor themselves firmly and deeply in the ground - you can find support that strengthens you.
The Roots that give you food deep from Mother Earth in whose womb you feel safe, as always...
Now you can become a Tree without any effort... as if by yourself and feel what it is like when you are powerful, stable and grounded - you become more and more confident in everything that is happening...
Have you noticed how slowly, slowly your legs, your bottom, your stomach - the whole upper body has become the Trunk of the Tree - your perceptions have never been as clear as they are - now you can let my voice carry you further away and consolidate the understanding in your subconscious that...
As a Tree you can experience how your arms grow into a mighty crown with many branches, many twigs, many leaves that stretch out towards the warm sunlight... warmth ! Warmth !... Sunbeams !...
Isn't that wonderful... how you can feel the powerful movement in your body - you let the energy of the Earth and the Sky flow in you and allow it to take you to where you always wanted to go.
That's right !... Relax... Let go... Understanding... to continue..

And have you ever experienced how you completely forgot all feeling for time ? absorbed in this or that...
Hours like few minutes appeared... few minutes like hours... You can lose every feeling for Time...
And you can forget everything you have experienced during this journey, as someone has forgotten a
name before... remembers, a while later... you have all this memory at your disposal when you need it after
your subconscious has worked on it...
You can forget things and you can remember... you know so many things that you don't know you know... you know that you know them...
And you know that in the future you can always return to this place - you enjoy this source of your strength and inner peace... the many pictures, impressions and voices that support you... remember whenever you need it... now. Now. Maybe you already feel it.
Maybe you already feel a gentle Wind moving your Leaves and you know, even if the Wind now becomes stronger and stronger... to a mighty storm that you are safe.
That the power of your Roots, the stability of your Trunk carries you, because you are not only strong and stable, but also agile and empathetic... you can bend and bow wherever it is necessary to go along with even the worst storms without breaking and assert yourself through gentleness like Water that splits without any effort when you enter for bathing or swimming and let its softness carry you - you lead and guide yourself like Wood floating on the Water...
You can trust Life, your own possibilities and abilities, the more often you go to this place.
And no one can force you to do what you know is good for you with all the pictures, all the listening, all the feeling ?
How beautiful you are, so powerful and gentle... You !... You are ... ! And that is good, isn't it ?
Now I don't know when...
I don't know when you first noticed that the Forest, the trees, nature can help you to experience the Peace and Joy of Life that are so important to you.
And now you can take all this knowledge, these experiences from this journey with you into your everyday consciousness.
You will be much clearer, more conscious and more concentrated when you reappear very soon and you will be able to remember all the details of the Forest walk at any time if you want to and if it is important for you.
You can now slowly return to this place, to this Forest, to this time... now ! now ! after you have finished whatever inner work your subconscious has done for you this time.
Knowing that your subconscious mind can continue with this work alone at any time, even at night, while you sleep on a deep and relaxed level, awake in the morning, fresh and rested and ready for the Day.
So when you are ready to return, slowly start counting from 10 to 1.
Take some deep breaths.
At one, you will open your eyes, be wide awake and all here again, refreshed and rested and ready for the rest of the Day.

Plants in the Wheel of the Year - October by parain on Scribd



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This information is supplied without liability, limit or warranty.
Please note - this healing recipes may be subject to change and are without guarantee – always contact a Medical doctor before the application !
The information in this article has been carefully reviewed by me.
However, I decline any liability for any damage or consequences arising from the use or misuse of the information I have provided.
I do not give any medical advice.
If you have serious health problems, you should refrain from self-medication and seek the advice of a Medical doctor or alternative practitioner.

Some Wild Plants are protected regionally, consult the nature conservation authorities.
Collect only individual Plants, so that the stock remains !
Remember – you can only harvest which belongs to you !

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Plants in the Wheel of the Year - September
Autumn Equinox - Mabon - September 21-23

Plants in the Wheel of the Year – November
Samhain and 'Halloween'
Wheel of the Year-Celebration Samhain

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Plants in the Wheel of the Year – September
Category: Nature
Tags: Plants Wheel of the Year Parsifal September Apple Hazel Angelica Hops Valerian

Plants in the Wheel of the Year – September

Kołomir – the Slavic example of Wheel of the Year indicating Seasons of the Year.
(Four-point and eight-point Swastika-shaped  Wheels were more common).

Herbs and medicinal Plants in September are
Apple Tree; The Hazel Bush; Angelica; Hops; Valerian

Here you may also find some recipes with the presented Plants

The Wheel of The Year represents the Annual Cycle of the Seasons and their Midpoints.
It is traditionally associated with Heathendom and may have its origin stretch very far back into Celtic Society where the coming and going of the Seasons, the shortening and lengthening of Daylight hours impacted strongly on this agricultural race.

Herbs don't just have chemical agents for me.
They are their own personalities with a very individual character.

Medicinal Herbs are much older than we humans.
Their times of origin reach back to those days when the first Plant creatures began to colonize the Earth's surface.
That was about 550 million Years ago.

Over all these Millennia, the face, occurrence and properties of Ferns and other spore Plants have hardly changed.
They show themselves to us as they formed and took shape in primeval times.
Most species have only changed in size.
From the Tree to the often inconspicuous Fern.
Some have become small, filigree Plants.
Others can only be found in the most barren regions.
To a certain extent, these are the 'fossils', the primeval beings of Herbal medicine !

Now we are going to embark on a voyage of discovery into a world that is often overlooked in the treasure trove of Herbal medicine.
Ancient Folk knowledge, wisdoms of a Healing art, which is mostly cultivated and practiced in silence, lead us step by step into a world full of wonders, magic and great beauties.
We encounter old knowledge, which is often only passed on today through the Tradition of Storytelling.

parsifalrain, September 7

please note:
Always consult a doctor before using healing remedies and read disclaimer at the end of my abstract.


Apple Tree - Malus communis; Rosaceae family, Rosaceae, Apfel
The Apple Tree is a special Tree, since he has been very familiar to many of us since we were children.
Often there is an Apple Tree in your own garden.
We can therefore observe him over the Year, so that we know him very well in all his manifestations.
Of course, his Fruits are also of special importance to us - after all, an Apple is a very important local Fruit.

It tastes good to almost all children and adults and is also responsible for providing us with the necessary Vitamins in Winter.
In the past, Apples were indeed of great importance for a healthy survival in Winter.
They were stored or processed into mush and cider.
The healing effect of Apples is hardly known today and yet many of us know the proverb 'An Apple a Day, keeps the doctor away' - which on the one hand hardly applies to the few varieties offered in our oh, so sophisticated modern age so called 'super' markets today, bred for shelf life, trimmed for a pleasant shape, and pretty much depleted of vital substances as i.e. Vitamins or minerals on the other hand this old proverb clearly contains that the domestic, the unspoilt Apple is of very great importance for our Health.

Undoubtedly, however, this saying may still have been valid at a time when the quality and quantity of ingredients (and from this the taste ! ! !) of literally ALL of the Plant kingdom by far surpassed our current commercially bred Plant species which are known to us today, due to overbred for rapid yield in many places already depleted soils and and other, saddening circumstances ...

Fairy Tales and Myths
In all Euro-Asian Cultures, the Apple was considered an important symbol of Life.
He appears in countless Legends, Stories and Myths.
Again and again he is associated with the themes of Love, fertility, femininity, wisdom, knowledge, but also with youth.
Long before he stood for sin through the Catholic Church, the Apple was a synonym of perfection, wisdom and immortality.
The Apple was also an important companion of the triune (triform) Goddess.
Due to his round appearance, he was considered a symbol of perfection.
The Goddess, with an apple in her hand, showed people the way to their personal perfection.
Other stories tell of beautiful Trees.
Of paradise Trees carrying golden Apples.
These Apples are considered Apples of Life.
If you eat them, it brings you eternal Life.

But first the hero who set out to pick the golden Apple had to overcome many obstacles and master terrible adventures.
So the Apple also stood as an obstacle for man on the way to himself.
One could also see this as an encrypted initiation process.
But sometimes it is also the Goddess herself who leads man to perfection through the Apple.
In Celtic mythology we know 'Avalon' - the Apple country.
It is the Celtic name for the Otherworld.
The land where you can meet the Elves, Fairies, Ancestors and Gods.
The Other World ultimately stands for a world that we reach through changed states of consciousness (trances).
But this world is not discouraging, desolate, or similar to hell, but rather a paradise or land of milk and honey.
For us, the Fairy Tale of Frau Holle is probably the most famous Fairy Tale in which an Apple Tree acts a part.
On her way to the Underworld (Other World), the girl meets a talking Apple Tree asking her to harvest the ripe Apples.
The good girl then shakes the Tree so hard that not a single Apple hangs on the Tree.
Subsequently, she will be royally rewarded for this deed.
Again the Apple Tree has a direct relation to the Other World and points the way to the human being.
It is also said that the Apple Tree is the favourite Tree of Unicorns.
They like to be under him.
In Spring, when the Tree is in bloom, Elves and Fairies especially like to be near him.
Another proof that the Apple Tree accompanies us into the Other World.
After the sinking of matriarchal Cultures, the Apple became a symbol of sin and destruction.
The sin of Adam and Eve supposedly began with the consumption of an Apple.
It can of course be assumed that the princes of the so called holy church had great problems with the original symbolism of the Apple, since the Apple stood for fertility, femininity and also for sensuality.
Not exactly 'Christian values'.

properties and effect
- digestive and costive - depending on the method of preparation
- tranquilizing
- nervine
- antipyretic
- diuretic
- appetizing
- strengthens the immune system

healing purposes
- stomach and intestinal forms of disease
- easing
- cough
- pyrexia

Apple Trees can be found all over Europe.
They are preferably cultivated in gardens.
But there are also many wild apple trees, or large, old apple trees around farms.
If you have any chance, plant an old Apple Tree variety or, at all try to look for old, indigenous types of Fruit to meet your needs.
collection tips
The flowers of the Apple Tree are collected in May.
The Apples are usually not ripe until Autumn.
However, there are so many different Apple varieties that the Harvest Period is relatively long.

- a lot of Vitamin C
- Pectin - a fibre with a digestive effect, both for diarrhoea and to lower cholesterol levels.
- Potassium - important for nerves and muscles
- Polyphenols - reduce the risk of cancer
- organic acids
- enzymes

recipes for healing application
Apple peel Tea

The skin of unsprayed Apples can be used as Tea.
Peel the Apple very thinly and dry the pieces of skin - you can also make the Tea with fresh skin.
This Tea refreshes, tastes very good and calms children - if it is additionally sweetened with honey - the nerves quite wonderful.
It also has a slightly stimulating effect on the kidneys and bladder and reduces fever.
Together with dried Elderberries [genus Sambucus] and rose hips (from dog rose) [Rosa canina] you get a tasty, strengthening Fruit Tea.

Apple syrup
Mix chopped Apples in equal parts with water - boil briefly and strain.
Then add full-flavoured sugar in the same proportion by weight and allow to boil until a thick syrup is formed.
This syrup helps children when they have cough and fever and should therefore not be missing in any natural medicine cabinet.

steamed Apples
Steam Apple pieces briefly in water until a simple compote is formed, possibly season to taste with cloves and some real honey.
This compote is a very good diet for forms of stomach and intestinal disease and mild fever.

grated Apples
A really good help for diarrhoea is a treatment with freshly grated Apples.
In the morning, noon and evening 2 raw Apples are finely grated and eaten slowly.
You should grate the whole Apple, with core and skin.

dried Apple rings
One activity that always occupies children during the last weeks of their holidays is the production of dried Apple rings.
We have two wonderful Apple Trees in the garden and therefore so many Apples that we had to think of something how we could process these Apples.
That's why every year in Autumn we dry diligently.
Cut Apples into small, thin rings and dry them either in a drying machine, in the oven, or hung on a thread.
Put them in lemon Water before drying to avoid browning.

recipes for the kitchen
Apple 'snake'
300g wheat flour
250 g butter
2 yolks
1 pinch of unrefined Salt
1 tbsp lemon juice
1 tbsp wine or cidar or rum or vinegar
1-2 tbsp cream or buttermilk or milk
Prepare a short pastry from the ingredients and put it in a cool place.
Meanwhile, peel ½ kg of Apples and cut them into small pieces.
Sugar the Apples, using unrefined sugar.
Add some Cinnamon from Ceylon and raisins if you like.
Then roll out the shortcrust pastry, add the apples and roll them back in again.
Spread an egg yolk or some whipped cream on the roll.
It will be wonderful, tender apple snake - hmmm like this tastes - I will bake a few in a moment, because my mouth is watering down.

raw Apple cream
30 dag curd cheese
1 cup of cream
10 tbsp sugar
2 kg Apples
real Vanilla sugar and Cinnamon from Ceylon
Mix curd cheese, cream and sugar to a cream.
Grate the Apples very finely and fold into the cream.

power cream - without sugar
25 dag low-fat pots
1 cup yoghurt
1 cup whipped cream
10 dates - soaked overnight
½ kg Apples
1 banana
Add the soaked dates to the yoghurt and mix to a porridge with a hand blender.
Add the curd cheese.
Whip the double-cream and fold into the cream.
Grate the Apples and the banana very finely and fold into the cream - wonderful, that is really very healthy and tastes good to the children.
In Winter, however, I would drop the banana, because even curd cheese cools the body and too much cooling is not desirable in the cold Season.

Apple marmalade
1 kg Apples
1 kg gelling sugar
vanilla sugar (please, never use vanillin - it is artificial stuff and a strong neurotoxin plus destroying your genome)
2 unsprayed lemons
Grate the Apples very finely and bring to the boil with the sugar, season to taste with cinnamon and (again, real) vanilla sugar, add the juice and peel of the two unsprayed lemons.
Let the jam simmer for 10 minutes and then fill into clean jars.


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Hazelnut Bush (Corylus avellana) Birch family, Betulaceae, Haselnuss
Most of us know the hazel very well from our childhood.
Her straight branches were so well suited for making walking sticks or other childlike buildings in the Forest.
During boring walks with the parents, the good Nuts from the Tree were often the only welcome change.

In the Wheel of the Year, the Hazelnut Bush is another Plant that becomes noticeable very soon in Spring and stands for renewal and youthfulness due to her high growth - and regeneration power.
The Hazelnut has always been of great importance in Fairy Tales and Myths.
She was considered a symbol of fertility and sexual strength.
Unfortunately she lost for exactly this reason in the course of the forced catholicising strongly in meaning.
In Celtic, the Hazel was said to have prophetic power.
The Celts also believed that where a Hazelnut Bush grows, there is an entrance to the Otherworld.
Also today the Wood of the Bush is used for the production of divining rods.
It is an excellent conductor of energy flows.
It is said that if a Hazelnut Bush grows next to the house, it is the best lightning conductor.

healing effect of the Hazel
A Tea made from Leaves and Bark has a fever-reducing, vasoconstrictive, haemostatic and sweat-inducing effect.
The Nuts contain important oils, Vitamins and cell permeable minerals.
The Oil extracted from them is a tasty edible oil.
However, it is also valuable oil for skin care, because it is best suited to care for stressed, irritated, sensitive and dry skin.
In addition, it can also counteract the formation of wrinkles.
This Oil is highly appreciated.

The Magic Of Hazelnuts In The Kitchen (according to Scott Cunningham)
The consumption of Hazelnuts brings us wisdom because it stimulates our consciousness and mind in a way that brings us closer to wisdom.
In addition, Hazelnuts have always been symbols of fertility, which is why they can be eaten for this purpose.

general information
When I think of Hazelnuts that I have collected myself, I inevitably have to think of how we as children
have always tried to bite the hard shell of the nuts.
When my father did that, I often thought he would bite his teeth out.
If you want to use hazelnuts in the kitchen, it is really very difficult to collect them and then crack them.
And yet they are such important companions in our diet.
The wood of the hazelnut is of course also of special importance.
It is an excellent conductor of energy flows and has therefore always been used for the construction of divining rods.
The hazelnut bush could not be missing in any farmer's garden - perhaps also because it attracts lightning and thus protects against dangerous lightning strikes.

Stories and Myths
In Celtic the Hazel is also called Coll, which means 'vessel of knowledge'.
The Tree is closely connected to the Goddess Brighid, who in turn was closely connected to wisdom and divine inspiration.
The Story tells that also the Hazelnut contains all wisdom.
The Hazelnut Bush was highly valued by the Celts.
It belonged to the most important Hedge Plants and was part of the Nine Magical Hedge Woods.
One must also know that a Hedge used to have a completely different meaning than it does today.
It was regarded as a border to the wild land, to the jungle and to uncultivated areas.
Behind the Hedge began the land of wild animals, ghosts, gnomes, Elves and Fairies.
Of course only people who were magically charged dared to enter this world - it was the world of Druids, Shamans, Herbalists, of course the so-called 'Witches' (wise and Herbalist Women).
The word Witch is derived from the word Hagezusse, which means 'The Woman (Zussa) In The Hedge'.
So the Witch was a woman sitting in the Hedge, a 'fence rider', a fence to the world beyond.
This meaning refers to the fact that it was possible for Women who knew healing and magic to travel between the worlds (this world - hereafter, real world - Otherworld).
The Hazel was therefore also an important entrance to the Otherworld - the gates open with her.
A Hazelnut Bush or the Wood of the Hazelnut had the property of being able to protect against the (seeming) chaotic forces of Nature and the Hereafter.
It protected against lightning, thunderstorms, wild animals, snakes, evil spells, forms of disease and death.
So no Hazelnut Bush was allowed to be missing around the house.
The Wood was of course also used for magical purposes - magic wands and divining rods were and are made of Hazel Wood.
The Celts also believed in the divining power of Hazelnuts.
It was said that when you sleep under a Hazelnut Bush, you had dreams with a promising future.
The Hazelnut Bush was regarded as a symbol of fertility, virility and sexual power.
Some Peasant may still remember the saying 'If there are many Hazelnuts in Autumn, there will be many children next Year'. (there are many Hazelnuts in Late Summer 2018)
Unfortunately the Hazelnut Bush was demonized again for exactly this reason by the forced Christianization.
She was regarded as a symbol of lust and sexuality.
No wonder that she was denied any meaning and healing power.
I think it is time to give the Hazelnut back her true meaning.

properties and effects
Flower Catkin - sweat-inducing
Bark - antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, astringent
Oil - anti-inflammatory, soothing, tissue-strengthening

healing purposes  
Flower Catkin:

Ulcers - applied as compresses

Hazelnut Oil:
is a rich care oil for face and skin
wrinkle formation
stretch marks [Striae gravidarum]
nerve strengthening
healing food for diabetics
protection against arteriosclerosis
concentration promotion

About 8000 Years ago, the Hazel Bush covered large parts of Central Europe.
At that Time, the climate was even warmer and drier, which is why the shrub could spread so far.
Today she stands mostly near us humans.
She's not missing in any Peasant's garden and we find her preferably at the edge of Forests and in Shrubberies.

Bark: tannins, resin acids, flavonoids
Leaves : tannins, essential oils
Nuts: unsaturated fatty acids, Vitamin E, iron, calcium, potassium, 20% protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin B1 and B2

recipes for healing application  
influenza Tea

1 part Hazelnut Catkins
1 part Elderflowers
1 part Lime Blossoms

(learn more about this sacred Tree in BOLE: Wheel of the Year-Celebration Samhain, Autumn Berry Liqueur and my Plant portrait which goes more into detail about Elderberry: Tree of the Goddess Holla)

metabolic Tea
Mix Kittens and Leaves in equal parts, allow Tea to brew for a long time.
This Tea stimulates the metabolism in general and is also used successfully for obesity because it stimulates the inner secretory glands.

Hazelnut care Oil
50 ml Hazelnut Oil
50 ml Almond Oil [oleum Prunus dulcis]
10 drops real essential Myrrh Oil [oleum Mirra]
5 drops real essential Rose oil [oleum genus Rosa] (expensive)
This Oil cares for the face skin wonderfully - it is also helpful for wrinkles, especially around the eyes.

Angelica - Angelica officinalis- Angelica archangelice- Archangelice- Angelica Umbelliferae Family - Umbelliferae, Erzengelwurz (Engelwurz)
click to read in BOLE about this extraordinary medicinal Plant


Hop - Humulus lupulus, Family of Hemp Plants – Cannabaceae, Hopfen
Most of us probably know Hops as an important ingredient of our beloved beer.
Some people also know that Hops are a very good sedative or sleeping pill.
Otherwise, we usually know very little about Hops.
Hardly anyone knows what Hop looks like or where he grows.
But since we know beer so well, we know that it tastes bitter and makes us tired.

The Hop is a climbing Plant that prefers to grow very high.
If he finds a foothold on a Tree, he can grow up to 10 metres in height.
This signature indicates that hop can help people who want to climb high.
But they can only achieve this ascent if they have the strength to grow.
The irrepressible growth of hops can also indicate a certain cheerfulness and lightness.
In addition, hop can also help people who are very cumbersome - they may become a bit more adventurous again.

Stories and Myths
In magic, hop is used to create relaxed dreams.
In the late Middle Ages 'Hoppenklopper' (Hop-kloppers) were said to have passed through the hop gardens.
They struck with poles against the wooden frames of the not yet flowering Plants.
This was supposed to drive away the evil spirits.
For as one knew, ghosts particularly liked to settle in hops.
It was also said that the spirits then attacked the people who drank too much of the hop brew.
properties and effect
- soothing
- soporific (sleep inducing)
- appetizing
- stomachic
- potency enhancing
- breast milk promoting

healing purposes
- insomnia
- nervousness
- restlessness
- anxieties
- sleep disturbances
- hot flashes
- menopausal symptoms
- menstrual cramps
- nervous heart complaints
- heart palpitations

Hops can be found on streams, Forest edges, in Hedges and Bushes.
Hops prefer semi-shady locations.

collecting tips
The 'female' Hop cones are collected in September.
They can be bundled and hung in an airy, dark room to dry.
Some bitter substances of Hops are easily volatile.
Dried Hops should therefore not be stored for more than a year.

- bitter substances
- essential oils
- flavonoids
- tannins
- polysaccharides

recipes for healing application
Hop Tea

In September, collect the female Hop cones and dry.
For one Tea, pour 2 teaspoons of boiling Water and leave to brew for a few minutes.
Sweeten with real bee honey and drink before going to bed - you can then fall asleep a little better.

Hop Tincture
Place 100g fresh Hop Cones in a glass and pour over 250 ml of 70% alcohol.
All parts of the Plant must be covered.
Leave to stand for about 2 weeks, filter off and fill into a dark dropping bottle.
Before going to bed, drink 20 drops in a glass of lukewarm Water.

Hop cushion
Fill the dried Hop Cones into a small linen bag and close it.
You can also add other calming Herbs (Lavender [Lavandula angustifolia], Valerian [genus Valeriana] - see below,...).
You can put this little bag into the normal pillow - this also has a sleep-promoting effect.
Hop milk
Bring 2 teaspoons of dried Hop Cones to the boil in a cup of milk, sweeten with honey and drink immediately before going to bed.


Valeriana, Valeriana officinalis [genus Valeriana], Baldrian
Throughout the Year, one of my favourite Plants accompanies me in a wonderful way.
My beloved Valerian.
In Spring her beautiful Leaves are among the first to find their way through the earth, then the
Plant proudly grows up to tower above me and then blooms and smells so beautifully that she
enchants me Day after Day.

Valerian Blossoms attract the both: Elves and Fairies and in their presence the Nature beings are very noticeable.
Valerian Flower Essence is also a Nature Being Essence that can facilitate our contact to the invisible worlds of Nature Beings.
I love all Plants that are firmly rooted in the earth and grow stately in the sky - they are always mediators between heaven and earth (as well as the wonderful Angelica).
Now in approaching Autumn, of course, the Root of Valerian is dug and set in alcohol or dried.
The effect is well known.
Valerian helps us to relax, calms the entire nervous system and makes it easier for us to fall asleep.
Valerian is a blessing for our stressed souls and a popular healing Herb of our time.
Because many people have a hard time unwinding, falling asleep or sleeping all through the night.
Valerian gives us peace and centeredness.


This information is supplied without liability, limit or warranty.
Please note - this healing recipes may be subject to change and are without guarantee – always contact a Medical doctor before the application !
The information in this article has been carefully reviewed by me.
However, I decline any liability for any damage or consequences arising from the use or misuse of the information I have provided.
I do not give any medical advice.
If you have serious health problems, you should refrain from self-medication and seek the advice of a Medical doctor or alternative practitioner.

Some Wild Plants are protected regionally, consult the Nature conservation authorities.
Collect only individual Plants, so that the stock remains !
Remember – you can only harvest something which belongs to you !

all images from Wikipedia, Wikimedia or self-made unless otherwise stated

Plants in the Wheel of the Year - July and August
Reapers Festival - Lammas - Lughnasad

Plants in the Wheel of the Year – October
Autumn Equinox - Mabon - September 21-23

deutsche Version hier

Just a short walk away in Nature rejuvenates the soul and cleanses the impurities from the body.

Plants in the Wheel of the Year - September by parain on Scribd



Herbal portrait Cinquefoil
Category: Nature
Tags: Cinquefoil Tansy Silverweed Gänsefingekraut Potentilla Plant Herb Shaman Wheel Parsifal

The healing effect of many Plants was already known to man before the Stone Age*).
Already at the beginning of human history Plants played an important role for humans, one could not go to the 'super'market like we do today and got everything they needed there.
He had to gather food, clothing and medicine in Nature, and he did !
And so he used the Plants for fibre production for ropes and clothing, for nutrition, for oil extraction for lamps and as food, as dye, as medicinal Herb or for psychoactive purposes.

Herbal portrait Cinquefoil [Potentilla anserina]
Tansy, Silverweed, Gänsefingekraut, Rosaceae family, genus Argentina; Cinquefoil is a member of the Rose family - Rosaceae

please note:
Always consult a doctor before using healing remedies and read disclaimer at the end of my abstract.

parsifalrain, July 12

This ancient, magical Herb is known for her healing properties especially for relieving cramp-like conditions, mainly of the smooth muscles.

But she is also a Plant of protection and Nature-essences.
The name 'Gänsefingerkraut' (literally - thus wrong translated to english 'Goose-Finger-Herb') is probably due to the fact that she could spread very well on goose pastures.
The Herb loves well fertilized soil and the geese fertilized these soils very naturally with their excrements.

The Herb also loves hard ground and the geese make this job wonderfully with their wide feet and love this Herb just as much as the peasant who uses Cinquefoil as a miracle cure for his animals - even with colic of the horses.
Silverweed helps very well with cramped menstrual problems.
You can produce an Essence with young girls that helps them to relieve their symptoms.
In the 15th Century, the Silverweed is mentioned by Johannes de Cuba in his Herbal books Herbarius and Gart der Gesundheit.

Cinquefoil as food
Cinquefoil is a versatile food and also a powerful remedy for cramps.
All parts of the Vitamin C-rich Silverweed are suitable as food.
Her delicate Leaves can be boiled in salt water until soft and then processed like spinach.
They have a rather mild taste and can therefore be mixed well with other Wild Herbs or vegetables.
They are also a good addition to salads or cream drinks.
The yellow Flowers can be used as edible decoration on a salad or vegetable dishes.
A Root vegetable can be prepared from the tasty Roots.
Grated raw, they are added to the salad.
It promotes the absorption of minerals and trace elements into the cell and should therefore be enjoyed together with Herbs such as Nettle [Urtica dioica, Urtica urens] or Coltsfoot [Tussilago farfara], especially in cases of calcium deficiency.

Stories and Myths
Cinquefoil is an ancient magical Plant.
It's connected to the creatures of Nature.
It was said that the Fairies and Elves liked to meet at the shiny silver Leaves to chat, celebrate and dance.
Cinquefoil is also an old protective and auxiliary Herb.
Like many other protective Herbs, bushes were hung in front of the house and yard to ward off unwelcome guests.
If one observes the Plant, one recognizes that it protects its leaves in rain around the yellow Flowers.
This kind of protection was also compared to the protective mantle of Mother Mary, the catholic successor of the teutonic-germanic Frigg (Saga), the celtic Brigid, the babylonian Ištar, the old-egyptian Isis, the old-greek Artemis, Demeter und Athene, the roman Diana, ... and the anatolian Kybele Goddesses.
So, Cinquefoil is one of the 'Marian' and Female Herbs.

In Folk Medicine, Silverweed was used to eliminate fever.
The Leaves were crushed, mixed with (then real, unrefined) salt and vinegar and then placed on the soles of the person suffering from fever with the help of an envelope.
For the treatment of calf cramps, in addition to internal application, the Leaves can be placed slightly squashed directly on the affected area.

properties and mode of action
costive at diarrhea

healing purposes
sore throats
gum inflammation and bleeding and the oral mucosa
diarrhea - cramps in the gastrointestinal tract
severe back pain
strong muscles and calf cramps
menstruational complaints
forms of diarrheal disease

She is native throughout the temperate Northern Hemisphere.
We find her in dry and sunny locations with nutrient-rich, well-fertilised soil.
This is why she often occurs at field edges or pastures.
Once she has settled in the garden, usually becomes a faithful companion.
collection tips
The Leaves and Roots of the Cinquefoil can be collected practically all Year round, but from May to August is the best Time.
Especially used are Flowers and Leaves.
We recognize Cinquefoil on her silvery, slightly hairy Leaves.
It is a ground cover Plant and grows only about 30cm in height.

Tannins, flavonoids, tannins, bitter substances, tormentol, calcium and Vitamin C

recipes for healing application
Cinquefoil milk decoction - against cramps
When the fresh or dried cabbage is boiled in milk, this drink helps very well with cramps of all kinds.

Tea for menstrual cramps
Together with Yarrowweed [Achillea millefolium], Goose Cinquefoil can be blended into a good menstrual Tea, which is particularly helpful for painful cramps.

cramp - pillow
Put the dried Herb into a pillow, warm it dry (in the oven) and place it on the belly in case of painful tree cramps.

Silverweed Tincture
An alcoholic extract of Silverweed helps very well with menstrual complaints and other ailments associated with spasmodic pain.

Wound - Herbal Milk
The most common way of preparing Cinquefoil in our ancestors, the ancient Teutons, was probably Herbal milk.
Boil fresh Silverweed in milk and leave to stand for a few minutes.
Milk is used because it contains fat and thus makes the fat-soluble ingredients more accessible to us.
In wounds, this milk was also drunk to protect against tetanus and blood poisoning and the Herb, boiled in milk was placed on the wound.

Baby Belly Oil
Crush 1 teaspoon each of Caraway [Carum carvi], Anise [Pimpinella anisum] and Fennel seeds [semen Foeniculum vulgare] and place in a lockable glass jar.
Add about a handful of slightly dried, finely chopped Cinquefoil and add 200 ml organic sweet Almond oil.
Leave this mixture to stand for about three Weeks.
Remove the Seeds and Plant parts and fill them into brown glass bottles.
For flatulence, warm the oil slightly and massage the baby's stomach.

Massage Oil for menstrual problems
Soak Mugwort [Artemisia vulgaris] and Silverweed equally in good oil and leave in the Sun for a few Weeks.
This oil helps girls very well when they massage it onto their stomach for menstrual problems.

Anyone who uses Herbs acts on his own authority !

*) Wood is man's oldest building material.
The Wood Age was long before the Megalithic Cultures, the Stone Age and the Bronze- and Iron Ages.

This information is supplied without liability, limit or warranty.
Please note - this healing recipes may be subject to change and are without guarantee – always contact a Medical doctor before the application !
The information in this article has been carefully reviewed by me.
However, I decline any liability for any damage or consequences arising from the use or misuse of the information I have provided.
I do not give any medical advice.
If you have serious health problems, you should refrain from self-medication and seek the advice of a Medical doctor or alternative practitioner.

Some Wild Plants are protected regionally, consult the nature conservation authorities.
Collect only individual Plants, so that the stock remains !
Remember – you can only harvest something which belongs to you !

all images from Wikipedia, Wikimedia or self-made unless otherwise stated

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Summer Solstice - Litha - June 21
The Linden Tree
Herbal portrait Mullein
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Reapers Festival - Lammas - Lughnasad
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