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Why Linux ?
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Parsifal, July 02, 2016

1. Do more for less money.
Linux is basically free of charge *)

2. Safety.
Antivirus, antispyware, system accelerators and other software are not required
Linux offers for many years a significant increase in security, i.e. because the source code of the programs are open - any interested programmers can look into what exactly he works, and must not be content to buy a pig in a poke.
More eyes see just more errors - and such, can correct quickly.
The success of the open source Firefox browser is a good example of how open source software offers added security.
Linux is based on the same principle of development as Firefox.
There are meanwhile about 100 of various Linux operating systems and more than twice as many offshoots (derivates).
Diversity is good against pests while monocultures are godsend for viruses and pests.

Linux Mint Cinnamon Desktop Environment

3. Compatibility.
Linux applications are based on open standards.
The exchange of files, who gained by the Internet enormous importance is ensured by free software that has no commercial pressure, easier and faster.
The very popular office suites such as LibreOffice or OpenOffice.org, for example, are capable to deal with more file formats as conventional applications of Microsoft and cost - nothing !
Such office suites are capable to 'understand' all popular formats, can also export in more formats and generate very comfortable PDFs.
File sharing problems with Windows users, there are not.

Manjaro Linux Gnome Desktop Environment

4. Ease of use.
For a long time it was said Linux is only for geeks and computer experts.
That is no longer true - Linux is suitable for everyday use since years.
Linuxes are basically very simple, user-friendly and very stable operating systems that require only little resources which means that even old and weak computers to revitalize.
It is enjoyable how easy smooth working can be done with it.
Linux does not need fast hardware, so little computing power for everyday tasks - a great way to bring even elderly computer to life.
The switch and the familiarization - so one can speak of getting used to at all - from Windows to Linux is mostly possible in very short time.

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5. There are huge and growing Linux Communities.
Linux User Groups are situated in many cities worldwide and Linux online forums with mostly friendly members who assist Linux users whenenever a problem may accrue.

Go, explore it.

OpenSUSE Linux Leap 42.1 Desktop

6. Linux is stable, effective and suitable for everyday use.
In an era of tight budgets also the public administration turns more and more towards free operating systems: in order to save costs and increase the effectiveness, more and more communities and companies simply switch to Linux.

Debian Linux 8.5 Desktop Environment

I am frequently asked:

I'm not very familiar with computers - is Linux something for me?

Especially if you're not quite good, with Windows you'll get huge security problems.
Such slings and arrows, I have observed in my connections often enough.
Suddenly, the computer will slow, the Internet connection fails repeatedly by itself - typical signs that the crate is contaminated to the gills with viruses and these also ungracefully more widespread through the network.

Linux can be installed parallel alongside Windows on the same computer (assuming the hard drive has enough space).
So you can select at bootup whether you want to start Windows or Linux.
One thus has two systems available and can familiarize calmly with Linux.
If, however - despite the best care, the use of awarded anti - virus and anti-malware scanners, an existing Windows, within short time is likely contaminated, so a fresh Linux installation in addition to Windows is not deemed a good concept:
Surgeons just not transplant healthy organs into diseased bodies.

Installing Linux on a separate, second computer.
Many have planned to buy a new computer.
While doing your work on the old machine, you can build the new Linux system without stress alongside.
If everything works as desired, you can then transfer your digital files from the old computer via network connection to the new machine - and ready is your new favorite Linux computer.
Incidentally, there is no need to buy the latest (and thus costly) digital servant - maybe, you have still an old computer around, which you will not need ?
That would be an ideal playground for testing.

Today there are great numbers of computers that are shipped without an operating system.
Such a device is considerably cheaper in the acquisition because Windows is not 'for nothing' pre-installed on board.
You can also get a custom built, hardware tailored to your specific needs.
Worth considering is also buying a refurbished 2nd hand computer, this may be on the hardware side equipped according your desires and tuned, just wistful waiting to be topped with a state of craftsmanship Linux operating system.

Linux Live Filesystem.
Almost all Linux distributions can run without installation directly from a USB pen drive or CD on almost any computer.
An ideal opportunity to test the Linux compatibility of a computer or once to become familiar with Linux.
Download or order CD / preconfigured USB flash.

THIS is the real goal:
Linux is the only operating system
Finally break free from Windows and cast upon the new world of Linux and Open Source.
Working with a secure and stable system is very pleasant - and, for me, it makes a lot of fun to adapt my Linux notebook - whenever and how I like it - increasingly match to my personal needs.

It's a nice feeling to be able to build the system in freedom and independence, as to meet my personal needs at best.
For me was Windows just a crutch for the purpose - to Linux, sympathy and attraction connects me.
Thus the daily work is much more fun.
My computer is working for me and not vice versa.

brief introduction of Linux Mint 18 'Sarah' Beta-Testing version


In order to 'cut the lines to and from Windows', find first out which Linux Operating System suits your needs best @ DistroWatch

(NOTE: Donations to the team of the Linux distribution of your choice are always welcome. So you help the developers to increase the quality of products; same applies for your participation in any form)

Windows 10 is Stealing Your Bandwidth (You Might Want to Delete It)
Tags: Big Corp Science and Technology Microsoft Windows

(Some might argue with Linus Torvalds on this point)

..... and I changed already to LINUX MINT. SiNeh~

21st Century Wire says…

We’ve heard a lot of not so nice things about Microsoft’s latest spawn of MS DOS. Aside from the built-in trojan horse back door access uncovered earlier, this is probably the most insidious little side effect ever included in a software OS.

The fact that the Svengalis in Seattle thought that no one would notice might be a testament to how out of touch that corporation is with public sentiments regarding centralized command of control software products.

Q: Why do they need all of that bandwidth, and why does Microsoft need to “update” your PC nearly every day?

The Hacker News

After installing Windows 10, Feeling like your Internet Bandwidth is dropping away? Windows 10 is stealing your network bandwidth.


Along with the privacy features related to Wi-Fi Sense, Windows 10 users should check for another hidden by default feature that uses your network bandwidth to share updates with other Windows 10 users across the Internet.

Microsoft launched Windows 10 on July 29 and offered a free upgrade to Windows 7,8 and 8.1 users, and for anyone who wants to download it. But, handling millions of simultaneous 3.5GB downloads is quite difficult for the company.

So, in order to cope up with the issue, Microsoft has baked a new feature into its latest desktop operating system that uses the torrent-style approach to obtain software updates, allowing Windows 10 users to download updates from other users.

(…) this peer-to-peer sharing method offered by Windows 10 is using your precious Internet bandwidth, without hinting you about it, because the feature is enabled by default in Windows 10 Home and Pro edition. WUDO is also enabled in Windows 10 Enterprise and Education, but only for the local network.

Continue this story at The Hacker News


A Homeless Anarchist Community Run By Women Tags: Luke Rudowski WE ARE CHANGE Love Community Helping Others

Published on 15 Feb 2016

In this video we travel to the Waianae Boat Harbor in Oahu, Hawaii, where we explore The Harbor, a homeless and anarchist community solely run by women. The main human behind the community is Twinkle Borge, a former drug addict who, after hitting rock bottom, bounced back with pure love and dedication to helping people in similar predicaments. From taking care of over 20 children, 300 residents and a number of dogs, she has not only become the guardian of this community but the caretaker as well.

To help and get involved with Twinkle you can reach her and google wallet her support here twinkleborge@gmail.com

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Host, Producer Camera Luke Rudkowski

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