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Putin: Merkel is Frustrated Because Germany is American Colony
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Putin is right, and most Germans don't even know that.



Published on 2 Jun 2017 by Russia Insider

Putin: Merkel's Anti-Russian Comments Come Out Frustration for Germany Being US Colony
Russian President Vladimir Putin commented on German Chancellor Angela Merkel's statement at a campaign rally last week, saying that what Merkel said "is an expression of her resentment over a limited sovereignty," while speaking at the plenary session of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), Friday.


The Total Loss of Credibility of Licenced Media
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The Total Loss of Credibility of Licenced Media

When I saw the front page of the latest issue of 'Time Magazine', I had to laugh out loud.
Donald Trump was declared by the American news magazine Man of the Year.
Not because they have declared Trump, but because the Time Magazine implemented in just FOUR months ... a 180° turnaround.
The Meltdown of Trump in August, the total Meltdown in October, and, all of a sudden, now Trump is the Man of the Year in December.
At best you can see it in the following three title pages:

Issue August 22, 2016

Issue October 24, 2016

Issue December 6, 2016

This tab claims that Hillary, on whom they bet as the winner and has lost, because the Russians rigged the election with hacks, because of the Emails of Wikileaks, and because we brought fake news' in circulation.
The media hookers but do not want to admit, the reason is because Trump listened to the concerns and needs of the people and has spoken their language.
Parsifal, December 7, 2016

The attack of the mainshit media against alternative media namely, we would publish and share false news and be propaganda organs of Trump and President Putin, shows how the dying media desperately try to recover the monopoly of opinion.

With their actions to discredit us, they absolutely have lost the last remnant of journalistic credibility.
Even more than ever, they have, for everyone to see blustered themselves into their self assigned role as the prostitutes of the establishment who will do anything for money, lie like troopers 24/7/365 !

They are completely desperate.
Like a wild animal pushed into the corner, they flail around blindly, think to eliminate all the alt media before the public realizes how they have been lied to by them for decades.

This description also applies to their controllers, the globalists, financial criminals and warmongers, who want to dominate the world, pillage and master.
The media are their tool.

Who has sold us the lie that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, would all threaten its neighbors and Europe, and therefore an attack would be a justified war ?
It were the oh, so flawless, reputable and professional media.

At the forefront of the agitation, yes, indoctrination for war is the New York Times, where all the the Copy-Paste Artists of all newspapers, to write off.
This concoction of the devil has apologized for its sale of the war, ... only 1.4 million Iraqis are no longer alive.

After the Brexit Referendum, the election of Donald Trump to the US President and the termination of the Renzi government in Italy, is the establishment in full panic mode to lose the mind control, whilst wants to censor us.

The Fake News Attack is only the beginning of the campaign, to make to suppress us and disappear.
At the forefront of the censorship The Merkel and the German policy, because the Federal Election is imminent.

Merkel and Co. are afraid of losing power and want not to have 'American conditions' (laughing), where their established media as a source of news are worn out, disused and awakening people turn to the alternative media to get efficient in-formation and explanation.

Also Trump turned his back on the mainstream media and communicates directly with the population via the Internet.
If you want to know what Trump makes and thinks, just read his Tweets.
This but annoys the opinion makers and their minions the media whores so vast as they have had their days.

So i.e. in order the German people not 'to get into mischief' and to elect a 'Trump', wants Merkel as quickly as possible a new legislation for the monitoring of social networks.
Thus she calls upon Facebook and the other services they are to delete 'false news' within 24 hours.

Incorrect messages are then those that are not approved by the 'Ministry of Truth' (minitruth).
Have you noticed the change ?
For years they have accused us, we would spread conspiracy theories.
Now the term is no longer used and, all of a sudden, we spread false news.

Therefore, dear BOLE readers, we can make ourselves prepared that this site and many others disappear soon with flimsy reasons.
This may work very simple and fast.
It's only the Google's no longer have to show us in the search results and the facebooks not bring or delete our posts, links and, subsequently accounts.

Then a Black list must be created, where all the forbidden pages are on it, whereon the provider must prevent access.
We are then treated like the pages about child pornography and of the ISIS terrorists.

This time, but the LEFT-fascists burn the texts

The whole thing is reminiscent of the book burning by the Nazis, so that the people can not access, read and notice ostracised sites with subversive opinion of the authors.

This time the alternative media to be burned at the stake.

Will you put up with such tyranny ?

If you want help try The BOLE to continue and cover and summarize independent, interesting and quite important topics for your survival, consider making a donation

'it is the duty of everyone to be well informed so that he can make the proper decisions'

- Parsifal

Nigel Farage meets Trump
Tags: Farage Trump President Gesture Brexit US Eltes EU NATO Establishment Parsifal Merkel Hollande Juncker

Nigel Farage meets Trump

Nigel Farage has visited as the first European politician and in addition to it foreign politician the designate American President Donald Trump on Saturday in his home in New York.

What a symbolic gesture, and what a middle finger in the direction of the Establishment !

Parsifal, November 14, 2016

'It was a great honor to spend some time with Donald Trump,

tweeted Farage.

'He was relaxed and full of good ideas. I'm sure he will be a good President',

added Farage.

So, you see, Trump is not a figure of the Elite, as some of the gasbags claim.
The reception of Nigel Farage as the father of Brexit and the greatest critic of the EU and NATO, is a slap in the face for the European Establishment, and shows where the journey goes.

Trump does not receive the allied heads of state from Europe, or elsewhere, as the first, but the rebel Farage.
Thus, Merkel, Hollande, and Juncker, Schultz and Stoltenberg, they are all dispensable and have nothing to say.

To all of the corrupt EU - and NATO-Turbos, I would now start looking for a new Job.
There is a new Sheriff in town !




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