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January 26, 2016 by Ziad Fadel

(Photo image:  Mycause.com)

The overwhelming majority of Syrian refugees in Turkey are peasants from the villages closest to that country’s borders.  Their exodus into Turkish or occupied Syrian lands, such as Hatay, began after it became clear to Erdoghan that president Assad would not relinquish power.  Once Turkey absorbed the enormity of the mess it could not create in Syria, the Turks began to cooperate with Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United States and NATO in providing haven for terrorists from around the world who were responding to the Saudi call for Jihad.  I have written on the subject of Saudi Arabia’s financing mosques in other countries in previous posts.  This time I’m going to look at it from the standpoint of how the influx of terrorists from Chechnya, Daghestan, Pakistan, Somalia, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, Sudan, Turkey, UAE, KSA, Albania, France, the U.K., Germany and another 70 countries impacted on the demographic situation in Europe which gave rise to the humanitarian catastrophe unfolding there.

That Saudi Arabia finances terrorism should not be a surprise to anyone.  The evidence is so overwhelming that Saudi Arabia has to pay billions of dollars in bribes to Western media sources in order to keep it out of the headlines.  If you remember, your editor, translated an internal Saudi document which contained language proving the kingdom was granting amnesty to men on death row if they agreed to join the “jihad” in Syria.  But, there are so many other areas of contemptible collaboration with mass-murdering Wahhabist terrorists that people all over this globe know, with a certainty,  that the government of this simian kingdom is awash in Syrian blood.

Turkey was key to the Saudi plan to destabilize Syria.  KSA’s own terrorist groups like Ahraar Al-Shaam, Jabhat Al-Nusra/Alqaeda and Jaysh Al-Aqsa, to name but a few, were encouraged to terrorize the populations of northern Syria in order to create a mass migration northwards toward the relative safety of Turkey.  The Turks knew of the plan and encouraged it by giving shelter, logistical support and medical treatment to the terrorists.  With Saudi Arabia funding much of this mayhem, the Turks were comfortable with accommodating the largely Sunni asylum seekers heading for the country’s preplanned camps.  The idea here was Robert Ford’s, only it was targeted for the north while Jordan was to absorb the refugees from the center and south.  Massive refugee displacement was crucial to the plan to create the image of a shattered country.  What the planners did not count on was the resilience of the Syrian people, the Ba’ath Party, Dr. Assad, the security services and that incredibly tenacious Syrian Arab Army.  Syria was given little credit for the progress it had made since the war in 1973 when Egypt, under Sadaat, abandoned its obligations to the Arab cause and dragged its people into the Camp David fiasco, unleashing the furious evolution of the Syrian Army as an independent and capable military force.

The creation of the refugee crisis in Jordan, Turkey and, even, the Lebanon, was part and parcel of a larger plan to increase the effectiveness of the anti-Ba’ath movement led mostly by disgruntled former Syrian officers whose career paths had swung from mediocre to dreadful.  The first officers to gain fame for their treason are easily recognizable now: General Mustafaa Al-Shaykh, Col. Riyaadh Al-As’ad, Col. ‘Abdul-Jabbaar Al-‘Ukaydi.  They pretended to be “secular” commanders of an army which would overthrow the sitting government and bring democracy, freedom, fraternity and Nirvana to the oppressed citizens of the Syrian Arab Republic.  When it became clear the number of deserters would hardly populate a brigade, it was decided that the fledgling organization would need “help”.  That came in the shape of the “Front for Help” (or “Jabhat Al-Nusra”), which almost immediately declared itself a wing of the Alqaeda terrorist group under the leadership of Ayman Al-Zawaahiri.  This particular mess was the brainchild of Bandar bin Sultaan, before his degrading disappearance from the scene.  Robert Ford, no novice when it comes to war crimes, also, reportedly played a role in the creation of this barbaric criminal  enterprise.



At the risk of appearing heartless, I must say that the refugees don’t look starved, at all.  In fact, almost every photo taken of the so-called refugees display a people who demonstrate no appearance of deprivation.  Many, if not most, are young men who are clearly looking for new economic prospects in the West.


With Saudi Arabia putting out the word through its clandestine channels which included thousands of clerics at mosques financed by the kingdom, young men were exhorted to gravitate to Syria in order to fight for Islam in a jihad to oust “unbelievers” and “blasphemers” and to establish a Saudi clone that would insure the burgeoning disgrace of Islam; to insure the maximum amount of banality and mediocrity; to impose the stultifying ideology of Wahhabism.  This whole process was meant to poison the minds of refugees, to make them despise their government which would appear unable to help them and would appear to ignore their needs.  With Dr. Assad’s government seeming sterile, aloof or inundated with crises, distracted by its longevity, it was a presumption that everybody would turn on the Damascus government, oust it, massacre minorities and establish a universe of morbidity more mind-numbing than that of Equatorial Guinea.

There was no shortage of refugees.  And there was no shortage of outrages.  Women enslaved.  Children bayoneted. Men recruited forcibly to fight for a repugnant cause.  Terrified, people ran away, often with the only portable possessions they had.  Women took their jewelry to be sold at rock-bottom prices in order to secure a blanket or to pay for taxi fare to Turkey.  And, then, after all the tumult, they found themselves under the protection of Sultan Recep Erdoghan who made sure they were provided with tents.  After all, they were just a bunch of villagers.

But, something went terribly wrong.  The miscreants who created the refugee crisis found themselves unable to convince the United States to do their bidding which was to overthrow the Syrian state.  NATO was also not persuaded that a threat existed to a member nation which would trigger the alliance’s obligation to come to its aid.  Erdoghan, who thought the refugees would be fertile ground for recruiting fighters to keep the terrorist gangs well-reinforced, found out that 99% of them would refuse to fight with a disorganized and brutish gang of monsters spouting ideas completely at odds with the Islam with which they had been raised.  Add to that the fact that the U.S. and Britain would not attack the Syrian Army after Dr. Assad agreed to turn over his CW to the U.N. for destruction, and you had one enraged Turk and a Saudi king ready to bust at the seams.  Erdoghan’s response?  Open up the floodgates and send the refugees to the West where the craven, pink-skinned penguins at Whitehall, the Quai D’Orsay or Auswartiges Amt, could deal with them.

That the Syrian refugee crisis was the result of unlawful and ignoble designs is very clear.  By trying to overthrow the legitimate government of an existing member state of the United Nations, the West and its Arabian allies were involved in a criminal act.  By furthering their conspiracy through the creation of millions of refugees they were up to their necks in war crimes and crimes against humanity.  That is the point of this essay.

Syrian refugees did not want to embrace the status of refugees.  It was fear of being killed by the Saudi-financed and Turk-enabled savages which made them run away.  With their army embroiled in an existential battle, it could not come to their rescue.  They were made refugees by the most malignant coalition since the Axis of Germany, Japan and fascist Italy.  It is only legal and proper that they return to their land of origin.  They must be repatriated to areas under the control of the Syrian government with much of the financial cost to be borne by the self-same nations who caused their dispersion and which, today, fear their toxic presence the most.

Germany is torn between its need to redefine itself in a post World War II milieu and its revulsion at having to admit over a million Syrian refugees.   Angela Merkel, a bland chemist-turned-politician, is fighting for her political life because of the moral imperative she believes controls the issue of accepting people fleeing a vicious war.  But, we have an out for her.  If the Germans would only listen and conduct themselves according to the dictates of Realpolitik, they would swallow their Teutonic pride, reopen their embassy in Damascus and begin, finally, to address the refugee issue with the only government that has a stake in the lives of its citizens.  Germany has tried to resolve this with Erdoghan, a murdering thug who has closed Turkey down and reversed its course back to its own Ottoman Dark Ages, and to no avail.  Berlin should now seek the help of Dr. Assad – it should offer financial incentives and support to establish the refugees in areas under the control of the Syrian Army where people speak their language and where they can aspire to return to their towns and villages.

But, don’t have any illusions about this.  It’s going to cost a few billions Euros to accomplish repatriation.  Germany should consider the cost to it of hosting all those hundreds of thousands of refugees and compare that to how much more inexpensive it would be to redirect the refugees back to their native Syria.

The countries who most supported the crimes against the Syrian people owe them this much:  charter as many ships as it takes to transport them to Latakia or Tartous, and then, allow the Syrian government, with newly received funds, to relocate them to areas where there are clean and well-organized camps so that they can await the merciful liberation of their country from the stench and disease of Wahhabism.  And even better yet, they can also return to areas liberated by the army and start their lives in their own country again.  This is the only sane way to deal with the refugee problem.

As the Germans are finding out to their chagrin, many of the refugees are not refugees.  They are mostly people who have sought a prosperous life in Europe and have found a more efficient means to emigrate than applying at some embassy or consulate – a process which can take years.  Others are not even Syrian.  Instead, as German security is finding out, they are implanted, camouflaged terrorists whose job is to act as sleeper agents, to be activated at an appropriate time; to commit some atrocity which can be proudly announced by one of Saudi Arabia’s terrorist agencies.  Others, are young men lured to the promiscuous capitals of the West as many German women found out during last Silvesternacht.  All this is quite unnecessary.

I am imploring the nations of Europe to reject these asylum seekers.  Organize them into groups and send them back to Syria to the ports where they will find their own government.  Our security personnel know exactly who is a terrorist and who is really a Syrian citizen.  Our customs and internal security agents can spot a non-Syrian the way a wolf can smell a wolf.  The bad elements will have found their appropriate terminus.

This is your last chance before the deluge.  Get back on the right side of history.  Modern Germany is at stake.  Ziad A. Fadel

Read more at http://syrianperspective.com/2016/01/germans-beware-syrian-refugees-should-be-returned-to-syria-in-areas-controlled-by-legitimate-government.html


The truth must always be spoken. (Syrian Refugees speak out on NATO war-propaganda)
Tags: SyriaNews Refugees Assad #syrien #nato #krieg #washington #usa #obama #merkel #kriegverbrecher #manipulation #terror #assad #terrormanagement #flüchtl

September 10, 2015, Parsifal, SOURCE

For decades, it is the US strategy to encircle with the help of them equipped and trained Sunni terrorist groups Russia or before the Soviet Union and to keep them at bay.
That was so with the Taliban, in Chechnya, and that is in Syria today, where the Americans are trying to overthrow the last secular government in the Middle East... no different.

The Cold War has never ceased for the United States.
The warhawks in the PentaGram have always known that Russia, the great and, as has already experienced Napoleon, invincible continental power in Asia is the only power that has the chance to oppose resistance to the ambitions of global domination of the US hegemonial empire.

Against this background it must be a nightmare for the warmongers in the White House that Russia and China constitute a long-term axis.
To so more angry and uncompromising is the US policy.
Which always foments war in Syria again.
Just because the United States destabilized Iraq and Syria, there is the ISIS.
Only because of the firebrand of the war, the US has inflamed from the Hindu Kush up to Aleppo, there is a wave of refugees.

Syrian Refugees speak out on NATO war-propaganda

English Subtitles


And if today it has been demanded (in the US occupied German parliament) that it must be tackled the causes of flight waves, then one should first begin to exercise a moderating influence on the FASCIST (the political incorrect but absolutely true term) warmongers in the White House and PentaGram and refuse them any further logistic and operational support (Ramstein Military Base).


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