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Walther von der Vogelweide - Beneath the Lime Tree
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This is the famous song by Walther with English subtitles in medieval Middle High German.

It was performed by Dulamans Vröudenton (now Harmonia Variabilis http://www.facebook.com/HarmoniaVariabilis) - an ensemble from Salzburg/Austria.

Check out their homepage for more medieval chants: http://www.altemusik.net


Under the Lime-Tree ('Unter der Linden') is a song of Walther von der Vogelweide approx. 1170 - 1230 AC
It explores the love affair of an apparently simple girl with her courtly lover in the wild.
Walther's so-called 'girl songs', whose best-known is this, probably supersede the time period of his early songs from that is strongly influenced by classical minstrelsy.
They show a departure from the ideal of 'High Courtly Love' (High Minne) of a knight to a superior Lady who remains unfulfilled.
Walther has characterized the essence of High and and Lower Minne in various songs and finally developed the new ideal of the 'Coplanar Minne' - a fulfilling Love of Equals.


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The 'Tandaradei' may not be literally 'translatable' but appears to be an earlier applies blissful imitation or arty paraphrasis of noises and sounds, such as ... the expression of joy or, an onomatopoeic word invented by Walther for the chant of the nightingale with a certain degree of 'indirectness' ?

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