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Study of 2000 Cardiac Arrest Patients Demonstrates Consciousness Exists Well Beyond Physical Death
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Study of 2000 Cardiac Arrest Patients Demonstrates Consciousness Exists Well Beyond Physical Death

Anna Hunt, Staff Writer
Waking Times

What makes us who we are? The psyche – the self – has been a mystery for ages. Now, an intensive care doctor and his team have found a way to start answering at least some of the countless questions surrounding the mystery of consciousness. Through their research, Dr. Sam Parnia and his colleagues have confirmed that consciousness continues to exist, even when the body and the brain die.


Dr. Parnia is the director of critical care and resuscitation research at NYU Langone School of Medicine in New York City. According to Parnia, brain function halts almost instantaneously after the heart stops. Despite this, his study of people who suffered cardiac arrest shows that human consciousness exists, even after the brain is dead.


In the video above, Parnia makes the following claim.

Human mind and consciousness – that thing that makes us who we are, our self – does not become annihilated, when we’ve gone beyond the biological threshold of death.

Parnia and his colleagues have been studying what happens to consciousness and the brain during the period between physical death and when a person is resuscitated. Being one of the largest studies of this type, their research includes more than 2000 people. These individuals all met the physical criteria for death and were resuscitated. Out of the study subjects that were successfully brought back to life:

  • 40% had a perception of having had awareness.
  • 10% had a very vivid mystical or religious transformative experience.
  • 5% had full visual and auditory awareness, to where they were even able to describe events in the room.
  • One had awareness for up to 5 minutes after doctors called time of death.

One of the goals of this research is to find ways to resuscitate people successfully, without brain damage. In addition, the research has given us a glimpse of what happens to our conscious self when blood flow to the brain is cut off. The study concludes that The Self persists, even after death, at least for the short term. Of course, it is difficult to say how long this out-of-body awareness continues.

Finally, the researchers claim that when the body dies, the mind finds peace. Parnia states that once people die,

“…they have a perception that the self is detached from the body. They are able to watch things, and they don’t feel any pain. They don’t feel any discomfort. They’re in complete peace. They know they’re being declared dead, but they have no distress about it.”

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About the Author

Anna Hunt is the founder of AwarenessJunkie.com, an online community paving the way to better health, a balanced life, and personal transformation. She is also the co-editor and staff writer for WakingTimes.com. Anna is a certified Hatha yoga instructor and founder of Atenas Yoga Center. She enjoys raising her three children and being a voice for optimal human health and wellness. Visit her essential oils store here.

This article (Study of 2000 Cardiac Arrest Patients Demonstrates Consciousness Exists Well Beyond Physical Death) was originally created and published by Awareness Junkie. It is reposted here with permission. You may not copy, reproduce, publish or distribute any content therein without written permission. You may contact Awareness Junkie here.

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People have nothing to live for when robbed of their history and heritage
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People have nothing to live for when robbed of their history and heritage

'The researchers canvassed Native communities through much of western Canada.

What struck them almost immediately was the astounding suicide rate among teenagers-500 to 800 times the national average-infecting many of these communities.
But not all of them.
Some Native communities reported suicide rates of zero.
'When these communities were collapsed into larger groupings according to their membership in one of the 29 tribal councils within the province, rates varied … from a low of zero (true for 6 tribal councils) to a high of 633 suicides per 100.000'.
What could possibly make the difference between places where teens had nothing to live for and those where teens had nothing to die for?
The researchers began talking to the kids.
They collected stories.
They asked teens to talk about their lives, about their goals, and about their futures.
What they found was that young people from the high-suicide communities didn't have stories to tell.
They were incapable of talking about their lives in any coherent, organized way.
They had no clear sense of their past, their childhood, and the generations preceding them.
And their attempts to outline possible futures were empty of form and meaning.

Unlike the other children, they could not see their lives as narratives, as stories.
Their attempts to answer questions about their life stories were punctuated by long pauses and unfinished sentences.
They had nothing but the present, nothing to look forward to, so many of them took their own lives.
Chandler's team soon discovered profound social reasons for the differences among these communities.
Where the youths had stories to tell, continuity was already built into their sense of self by the structure of their society.
Tribal councils remained active and effective organs of government.
Elders were respected, and they took on the responsibility of teaching children who they were and where they had come from.
The language and customs of the tribe had been preserved conscientiously over the decades.
And so the youths saw themselves as part of a larger narrative, in which the stories of their lives fit and made sense.
In contrast, the high-suicide communities had lost their traditions and rituals.
The kids ate at McDonald’s and watched a lot of TV.
Their lives were islands clustered in the middle of nowhere.
Their lives just didn't make sense.
There was only the present, only the featureless terrain of today'.
- Marc David Lewis, The Biology of Desire: Why Addiction Is Not a Disease (via zerogate)


People have nothing to live for when robbed of their history and heritage

Marc Lewis, PhD, is a neuroscientist and professor of developmental psychology.
Now at Radboud University in the Netherlands, he taught for more than twenty years at the University of Toronto.



Menschen haben keinen Grund zu leben, wenn sie ihrer Geschichte und ihres Erbes beraubt sind
Die Forscher untersuchten indigene Gemeinschaften in weiten Teilen Westkanadas.
Was sie fast sofort traf, war die erstaunliche Selbstmordrate unter Teenagern - 500 bis 800 mal der nationale Durchschnitt -, die viele dieser Gemeinschaften ansteckte.
Aber nicht alle.
Einige indigene Gemeinden berichteten von Selbstmordraten von Null.
'Als diese Gemeinschaften nach ihrer Zugehörigkeit zu einem der 29 Stammesräte in der Provinz in größere Gruppen eingeteilt wurden, variierten die Raten ... von einem Tiefststand von Null (gilt für 6 Stammesräte) bis zu einem Höchstwert von 633 Selbstmorden pro 100.000'.
Was könnte den Unterschied ausmachen zwischen Orten, wo Jugendliche nichts zu leben hatten, und denen, wo Jugendliche nichts zu sterben hatten?
Die Forscher begannen mit den Kindern zu sprechen.
Sie sammelten Geschichten.
Sie baten Jugendliche, über ihr Leben, ihre Ziele und ihre Zukunft zu sprechen.
Was sie fanden, war, dass junge Leute aus den Selbstmordgemeinschaften keine
Geschichten zu erzählen hatten.
Sie waren nicht in der Lage, auf eine kohärente, organisierte Weise über ihr Leben zu sprechen.
Sie hatten keinen klaren Sinn für ihre Vergangenheit, ihre Kindheit und die Generationen, die ihnen vorausgingen.
Und ihre Versuche, mögliche Zukünfte zu skizzieren, waren leer von Form und Bedeutung.
Im Gegensatz zu den anderen Kindern konnten sie ihr Leben nicht als Erzählungen, nicht als Geschichten sehen.
Ihre Versuche, Fragen zu ihren Lebensgeschichten zu beantworten, wurden von
langen Pausen und unvollendeten Sätzen unterbrochen.
Sie hatten nichts als die Gegenwart, nichts, worauf sie sich freuen konnten, so viele von ihnen nahmen ihr eigenes Leben.
Das Team von Chandler entdeckte bald tiefgründige soziale Gründe für die
Unterschiede zwischen diesen Gemeinschaften.
Dort, wo die Jugendlichen Geschichten zu erzählen hatten, war die Kontinuität
bereits durch die Struktur ihrer Gesellschaft in ihr Selbstgefühl eingebaut.
Stammesräte blieben aktive und wirksame Regierungsorgane.
Die Ältesten wurden respektiert, und sie übernahmen die Verantwortung den
Kindern beizubringen, wer sie waren und woher sie gekommen waren.
Die Sprache und Sitten des Stammes waren über die Jahrzehnte gewissenhaft
erhalten geblieben.
Und so sahen sich die Jugendlichen als Teil einer größeren Erzählung, in der die
Geschichten ihres Lebens passten und Sinn machten.
Im Gegensatz dazu hatten die Selbstmordgemeinschaften ihre Traditionen und
Rituale verloren.
Die Kinder aßen bei McDonald's und sahen viel fern.
Ihr Leben bestand aus Inseln im Nirgendwo.
Ihr Leben ergab einfach keinen Sinn.
Es gab nur die Gegenwart, nur das merkwürdige Terrain von heute.
- Marc David Lewis, Die Biologie der Begierde: Warum Sucht keine Krankheit ist (via zerogate)

Marc Lewis, PhD, ist Neurowissenschaftler und Professor für
Heute lehrt er an der Radboud Universität in den Niederlanden, zuvor über 20 Jahre lang an der Universität von Toronto.
Er hat mehr als fünfzig Zeitschriftenartikel in Neurowissenschaften und
Entwicklungspsychologie verfasst oder mitverfasst.
Gegenwärtig spricht und bloggt er zu Themen der Suchtwissenschaft, und sein von
der Kritik gefeiertes Buch 'Memoirs of a Addicted Brain: Ein Neurowissenschaftler
untersucht sein früheres Leben in Drogen', ist das erste, das Erinnerungen und
Wissenschaft in Suchtstudien mischt.

If We’re Living in a Virtual Reality, Why Care About Anything?
Tags: Consciousness Reality Life

If We’re Living in a Virtual Reality, Why Care About Anything?

By Nanice Ellis

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

On the path of awakening, sooner or later, everyone reaches a milestone where they experience Oneness, and from this state, it’s common to realize that “nothing is real,” and, consequently, there is nothing to do and no purpose to life. After all, since we all eventually wake-up as God, what’s the point of doing anything?

Although in the grand scheme of things this perception is true, it can be vastly misleading, and, unfortunately, result in great consequences. Believing that there is no point to life because it’s just a dream or a virtual reality, from which we awaken, can give us permission to put our heads in the sand, and even set the stage for carelessness and abuse. In fact, some really conscious people use this as an excuse to be insensitive, harm others, or perpetuate the misuse of Earth.

Therefore, it’s important to enlighten this grand misconception…

What Exactly is Oneness?

Regardless of the nature of reality, there is only One Consciousness from which we all originate, and this One Consciousness is represented by what we call Oneness. Therefore, to fully embrace Oneness, we must realize that Oneness has billions of faces in our world alone; not to mention Mother Earth who has given birth to us all. In a spiritual nutshell this means that everyone is you, and you are everyone.

Furthermore, if we are all a part of the same Oneness, if anyone is harmed, we are all harmed, and therefore, through this unbreakable connection, our choices, actions and behaviors ripple out to everyone – everywhere.

The Reverse Ripple Effect

Many people who have gone through Near Death Experiences have come back reporting that they felt all the pain and suffering they inflicted on others, and it didn’t matter if that infliction was conscious or unconscious – direct or indirect – nor, even if they knew about it, or not. However, this is not due to karma or punishment, but rather, a natural result of reuniting with Oneness in the afterworld.

You see, during life, our actions, behaviors and choices have a dynamic ripple effect, and, at some level, our “individual ripples” affect everyone and everything.

Although we’re not often aware of the ripples we create or contribute to during life, those ripples come back to us after life in a “reverse ripple effect,” and this is when we experience all the ripples we created (as if they are happening to us in real time). Moreover, this also includes the family, community and global ripples we contribute to, and, believe it or not, complacency has as much “ripple power” as tangible actions.

When the ripple effect reverses after-life, we experience the ripples of our ripples.

Therefore, don’t be surprised, if upon your exit from this existence, you experience the consequences of unconscious choices, actions, and behaviors that have resulted in harm to others, and this means that even if world events do not directly affect you, you are no less responsible.

Indeed, if any of our fellow human beings suffer, we inevitably experience their suffering firsthand as our own, and because Earth is a conscious living being, we also experience the consequences of our careless actions and unconscious behaviors that have led to the pain and destruction upon our Great Mother.

However, even if we forget about the “reverse ripple effect” in the after-life, we must ask ourselves an important question. How can a person of “higher consciousness” participate in a system of global disempowerment that perpetuates poverty, starvation, abuse, and even human slavery for millions of people worldwide?

No doubt, our blind participation in a broken system makes us each responsible for economic crimes committed against humanity – not only resulting in every social dysfunction, but, no doubt, the underlying reason why poverty and starvation plague millions every day, and why profit-making war machines are fed with countless lives, while innocent children and families are left orphaned and homeless in the aftermath.

No matter where we are on the receiving end, if we benefit from pillaging the planet, we are no less responsible for environmental crimes committed against Earth, such as the destruction of rainforests, species extinction, oil polluted oceans, toxic skies, and an epidemic of environmental diseases such as cancer.

If we are truly honest with ourselves, we can easily see that the corrupt system running the world only exists because we support it with our participation, feed it with our energy, and depend on it for survival. When it comes right down to it, we are each individually responsible for humanity’s suffering, and, in fact, we are the ones perpetuating worldwide devastation. Since most of us have no direct relationship with the apparent cause or consequence of human suffering or Earth’s destruction, this concept is often quite surprising. Yet, ignorance makes this fact no less true, and the potential consequences no less threatening, and, at the end of the day, shifting responsibility only perpetuates more suffering.

What does this all mean?

Well, this means that we cannot consider ourselves to be awake while dishonoring/disempowering our fellow human beings, abusing animals, or pillaging the planet for personal benefit, and this includes direct mistreatment as well as putting our heads in the sand, and pretending we are not participating when we know we are.

Furthermore, this also means that even if you use the pointlessness of a dream or simulation as an excuse to escape reality, ignore current affairs, mistreat others, or not care for the planet, there’s no way to avoid the consequences of your actions, nor the unconscious consequences of your inactions.

Even if “nothing is real,” don’t you and I experience pain? Of course we do! Therefore, we would be foolish to believe that our actions don’t cause pain to others, and their pain doesn’t ripple back to us when we complete our journey and merge back into Consciousness.

Whether your head is in the sand or not, you are no more or less a part of the same One Consciousness, and what happens to one, happens to all. Although we might be able to defer responsibility until our final departure, the consequences of responsibility will no doubt greet us on the other side. Maybe then, we’ll remember that Oneness includes all, and, when one suffers, we all do!

Attention: Oneness Ostriches!

Since we ultimately experience all aspects of consciousness, why not do our part to heal the planet during this incarnation – especially since the world may be in worse condition next time around if we don’t.  Right now, we’re still in the zone of possibility – where Earth can rejuvenate and humanity can heal, but it won’t be long before we pass the point of no return.

So, attention all Oneness Ostriches! It’s time to get your heads out of the sand, and do what you came here to do!

Yes, in the big picture, there’s no point or purpose when we’re all God in disguise. However, whether you remember it or not, you came here with a Life-Plan to fulfill, and, if you get distracted by the meaninglessness of Oneness or lost in the pointlessness of a dream or virtual reality, you could miss the point after all. Sure, that’s all okay, but consider that you’ll probably send yourself back again and again until you succeed – and maybe you’ve already done so countless times?

No matter the true nature of reality, life is no less meaningful, and, regardless of the ultimate outcome, each of us is on a journey of incredible proportion.

No doubt, the Game of Life offers an abundance of gifts and opportunities, but to actually win the game, we must embrace Oneness in a whole new paradigm. Since what we give to others, we inevitably give to ourselves, we must open our hearts and give as much as we’d like to receive, thereby recognizing every golden opportunity to be of service!

Moreover, if you are truly conscious and awake, please consider that you have an even greater responsibility to participate in world transformation because you have the consciousness to make a greater difference – and, quite possibly, that’s why you’re here now!

Indeed, waking up and discovering Oneness is not the end of the journey, but rather, it is only the beginning!

With love, grace & gratitude,

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About the author:

Nanice Ellis

Nanice Ellis has been a professional Life Coach for 20 years, successfully coaching women and men from all over the world. She is also an author, Theta Healer and Master Neuro Linguistic Practitioner.

Helping people to make quantum jumps in their lives, Nanice’s very unique coaching style is often referred to as the “Nanice Effect”. By using powerful and proven manifestation techniques, Nanice coaches people to tap into the power of the Universe and live their dreams, bridging the gap from the imagination to the realization of that dream. She works with leaders, coaches, healers and anyone who wants to live life to the fullest. You can learn more about the coaching programs offered at: Coaching Programs with Nanice.

Nanice is the author of several books, including the inspirational “The Infinite Power of You!” and “Even Gandhi Got Hungry and Buddha Got Mad!”, and her latest book, “Is There a White Elephant in Your Way? The Guidebook for Awakening and Self Empowerment” She is also the host of radio show Chai with Nanice. Her books are available at Nanice.com/6/Books and right here on Amazon.

To connect with Nanice, visit Nanice.com.


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