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What Donald Trump Does Not Want You To Know About Iran Tags: Trump Iran World at War


Published on 5 Feb 2017 by WeAreChange

In this video, we go over the latest diplomatic disaster between Donald Trump and Iran. We cover Sean Spicer's lies about Iran attacking the American Navy and the how this situation is getting out of hand quickly. We give you the real reasons why this is happening and the importance of this decision by the Trump administration. For more news like this join us on https://www.patreon.com/WeAreChange

The Real Truth On Donald Trump That Everyone Needs To Realize NOW!!!

The Most Important Fact About Trump's Travel Ban That Everyone Is Missing

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Christmas in Aleppo
Tags: Christmas Aleppo Haleb Syria Assad Putin Nasrallah Celebration Joy Russia Iran Parsifal

Christmas in Aleppo

Parsifal, December 24, 2016
Here are some photos of how things looks currently in Aleppo and what people do there.
As we all know, the mainshit media lie to us constantly, and only spread Fake News about Aleppo.
I stress, all the photos which I show now are fully up to date from Aleppo and how it really is:

It has snowed in Aleppo.

The residents celebrate the liberation of the city by the victorious Syrian Army:

A service of worship in a Christian Church ... Yes, in Aleppo !

Christmas is also celebrated publicly:

for the residents, the heroes of Aleppo are President Putin, President Assad, and Hassan Nasrallah, leader of Hezbollah :

Residents would like to thank the Russian Special Forces to help in the liberation with a peace-medal:

The government of the province of Aleppo will clean the streets of debris and garbage, and prepares the return for the refugees:

Aleppo celebrating the liberation and Christmas:



Makes a very different impression than what to tell the lying media.

Live from #Aleppo
Chants: 'Allah, Syria and Bashar'
'Clinton, you cow, leave us alone' 😂 https://t.co/M0VrkSu87n

By the way, at this Christmas party in Aleppo, an explosive device blew up:


Fortunately none of the inhabitants were injured at least.


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The airport of Aleppo will soon be opened

After the almost complete liberation of Aleppo by the Syrian Army, the Syrian authorities fully to take the international airport of Aleppo for the civil aviation operational again.
The second largest airport in Syria was closed for safety reasons due to the heavy fighting with the radical Islamic terrorists since the beginning of 2013.

One of the room keepers delighted to be able to back for work, in order to bring the terminal to a high gloss.
She shows the V for Victory in the camera:

Now, the process to review the technical facilities and to repair the damage to the runway and the buildings.
The enthusiasm with which the Syrian government and the people of Aleppo restore normality is noteworthy and sure soon back.


The rest of the murderous scum and their baggage had to leave on Thursday with buses the East of Aleppo in the direction of Turkey, and the city can be described from now on, terrorists free !!!

In the higher-lying parts of the city is snow:


The following Fake News the German ARD Tagesschau reported currently on Aleppo:

'The city of Aleppo is become a symbol of the destruction of the gory civil war in Syria. The once-thriving metropolis is after five years of Assad-bombing a ruin'

An utter lie, as I have shown with several photos.
The destruction is limited only to certain parts of the city and mainly to the East of Aleppo, where mostly foreign terrorists and their leaders, namely the approx. 40 NATO/Mossad/MI6 officers had taken root.

What the lying media also does not tell about the destruction - it is entirely caused by weapons supplied by the West and Turkey and smuggled inside The Syrian Arab Republic.
These weapons have not fallen as a heavenly gift to the terrorists.



Historical date: 18:00 PM, local time, on may 22. December 2016 has been declared the leadership of the Syrian army in the city of Aleppo of terrorists.

I congratulate the Army, the Russian Special Forces, the fighters of Hezbolah and mostly the population of Aleppo to this victory, after 4 1/2 years of war in this huge city.

And 'a middle finger' I am pointing in the direction of Washington, London, Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Ankara, Riyadh, Tel Aviv and other major cities of the war criminals, who caused this war and kept going.
The mendacious media hookers in the service of evil to get herewith an extra one !

With all the joy but I wish to commemorate the Russian Ambassador Andrey Karłów, who was murdered by a Turkish policeman in a very cowardly and sneaky way with several shots in the back.
My condolences to his widow, family members, and to the Russian people.


  • What happens with the 'evacuees' - terrorists ?

Coming at the invitation of The Merkel as refugees unhampered to Europe, and may exercise, in France, Britain, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Suisse and elsewhere their acquired terror craftmanship.
Or, hopefully, if fled to the terror-stronghold in the Syrian province of Idlib - be bombed.

Clinton Cash - the film about criminals | video
Tags: Clinton Cash Movie Kagane Breitbart Hillary Bill Ericsson Donation Foundation Lecture Parsifal Iran

Clinton Cash is the title of the 2015 book, authored by Peter Schweizer,
declared bestseller by the New York Times.
It tells how and why foreign governments and corporations have helped make Bill and Hillary Clinton filthy rich: from 2001 from zero to a fortune of USD 150 million.
It's about how the charitable foundation of the Clintons, the Clinton Foundation actually was used by paid speeches of Bill and Hillary before corporations and through donations to receive bribes and to launder, so that Bill as a former US president and Hillary as US Secretary conferred advantages to the 'donors'.

Parsifal, July 26, 2016

The criminal what Hillary as Secretary of State made for example is the use of the plight of the people of Haiti affected by the earthquake for their own enrichment and for the profit of donation-companies.
Instead rebuilding the devastated country, instead to build households for the homeless, Hillary and Bill have massively crammed their own pockets as well as their relatives and friends by the misappropriation of donations.
But this is only one example of many corruption cases.

In May 2016, the film version of the book was presented at the Cannes Film Festival.
The film was co-founded by the Government Accountability Institute and produced and financed by the Chairman of Breitbart News, Stephen Bannon.
On July 24, before the Democratic convention in Philadelphia, the film was presented to the American public.
Now Breitbart released the film on Youtube.
The point is to show Americans how criminal and corrupt Hillary and Bill Clinton are.

In the tenure of Hillary as US Secretary of State, the fees, demanded by Bill for guest appearances and speeches, organized by corporations, climbed into astronomical, although Bill for long time was not in office as President.
Who paid large sums got what he wanted, special permits, contacts, recommendations and lucrative contracts.
Even earlier Bill had on the last day of his presidency pardoned the billionaire, tax evader and wheeler-dealer with the enemy, Marc Rich, by a 'donation' of 100 million US Dollars !

So Bill Clinton scored from the Swedish communications company Ericsson for just one lecture 750.000 dollars 'fee'.
Thereafter, Ericsson received the charter from the US State Department, to sell its phone technology to countries that were on the sanctions list, like The Iran.
So Obama has signed a decree in April 2012, that the supply of telecom equipment to The Iran and Syria has been forbidden.
But this prohibition did not apply to Ericsson's deliveries to The Iran.

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Just one day after the premiere of Clinton Cash resigned Hans Vestberg, CEO and President of Ericsson, so on July 25, reportedly due to a poor result for Q2.
This step but involves an investigation of corruption and self-enrichment.

Conclusion of the film, the Clintons, one can buy and rope-in for each criminal business, if you have enough donations to their 'foundation' or will pay them a princely fee for a 'lecture'.

All voters in the United States should watch the 64-Minutes movie, so that they can make the proper decision as to who should move in to the White House as the next president:

Clinton Cash - Official Movie Premiere



Hillary Clinton Is A Threat To All Of Humanity | Corbett Report

#NEVERHILLARY: Thousands of Pissed off People Crash the DN

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