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Russia wants to replace and banish Microsoft
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The city of Moscow will replace the programs from Microsoft with native software on all computers after President Putin has called on the Russian authorities to reduce the dependence on foreign technology as soon as possible, due to the tensions with the US and EU.
The city administration to exchange first the whole Microsoft Exchange Server and Outlook  on 6.000 computers with a mail system from the state provider Rostelecom http://www.rostelecom.ru/en/ , as Artem Yermolaev, head of IT for Moscow, told the press.
That would be just the beginning and the use of new software will extend to more than 600.000 computers and servers, with the complete replacement of Windows and Office, Yermolaev said.
It is for one thing about the support of the Russian software vendors as well as the protection against spying by the American corporations that have set up all the back doors to the NSA.
As I have previously reported, Windows 10 turns any PC into a spy station, because there are ongoing data on user behavior sent to Microsoft, including what the microphone hears in the room.

Parsifal, October 3, 2016

image top: myOffice is the Russian alternative to Microsoft

President Putin has the state institutions and companies encouraged to go 'domestic', because of concerns about the safety and reliability, after US corporations have switched off the pay services for the Crimea, due to the referendum and the subsequent people's desire to join Russia.
The plan for the replacement of all foreign software applies not only to Microsoft but also SAP and Oracle, in a market with a volume of 3 billion dollars.
At the same time wants Putins Internet consultant, German Klimenko to increase the import tax for foreign software companies to promote local producers.

'We want to spend the taxpayers' money and of the state companies mainly for local software', told Communications Minister Nikolay Nikiforov reporters.
From 2017 to the monopoly supervision, the Attorney General and the Financial will put pressure on the government institutions that do not switch to local alternatives, Klimenko said.

Meanwhile, a list of nearly 2.000 Russian software products has been created, which will use the public authorities as an alternative.
Moscow City Council has already replaced the software from Cisco Systems for the video surveillance by a local software.
The state media organization Rossiya Segodnya (which directly translates from Russian into English as 'Russia Today') and Moscow regional administration moved from the Oracle database to the open source PostgreSQL software which is supported by domestic programers.

Government spokesman Sergei Zheleznyak said, Microsoft has been caught operating 'minute by minute monitoring of millions of Russian citizens' with its software.
'The United States presenting itself as a bastion of democracy, while it actually carries out the monitoring of tens of millions of Russian citizens and of other countries'.

'All the big Internet companies that were founded in the United States are involved in this ugly story, and the companies operating on the territory of our country', said the spokesman for the Kremlin.

In my opinion, should not only Russia, but also The Iran and China, free themselves from the American spy software and monopoly, while to promote the domestic software industry and jobs, but all countries.
There are alternatives that work very well, or even better and more stable, as I have reported here and made here some suggestions.

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I myself use for a long time no microsoft products, but the Linux operating system and Open Source applications.

Zuckerbug: 'Yes Angie, we will censor for you'

Fits to computer and Internet, a message about the restriction of freedom of expression in Germany.
Farcebooks European policy director Richard Allan has now announced that (only in the) last month (!) more than 100.000 posts of German users were deleted, because these have (as agreed with the Merkelian regime) includes alleged 'hate'.

The German Federal Minister of injustice, chicanery and tort, Heiko Maas has condemned this figure as too low and demands much more censorship by the operators of social networks.
From the perspective of the regime, criminal contents on the Internet are still 'far too little and far too slow' deleted, Maas stated.

Oh, microsoft has again screwed up with its latest update for Windows 10.
The cumulative Troubleshooting # 7 itself is full of errors, as users report a flood of complaints on Twitter.
The PC are unstable and run in an endless loop of repeated attempts to update and restart.
'This update fails during installation and the message '0x800736CC error' (translated Catastrophic failure) appears', says an irritated user.

Can you still remember the James Bond movie 'Tomorrow Never Dies' from 1997 ?
There following dialogue takes place alluding to Microsoft's deliberately incorrectly made software:

Elliot Carver: Mr. Jones, we are willing to release the new software?

Jones: Yes sir. As required, it is full of errors, which means that people will be forced for years to get upgrades.

Elliot Carver: Excellent!

Google’s Jigsaw: Undermining Alternative Media
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Published on 2 Oct 2016 by Boiling Frogs Post

In this premier episode of The Geopolitical Report with Kurt Nimmo, we examine Google’s Jigsaw, an emerging technology that will be used on the internet to counter speech and ideas considered “extremist” by the global elite. Initially beta tested on radical Islamists, we demonstrate how Google and its partners plan to leverage the technology to marginalize and ultimately eliminate opposition to the establishment.

Show Notes

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Nothing to See Here, Move Along... Tags: Censorship Conspiracy Orwellian World Police State


Published on 24 Sep 2016 by Truthstream Media

It's TSM... now featuring YT-friendly titles!

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YouTube Creates ´Heroes´ To Destroy Artists, Educators, & Entertainers? (2016)


Published on 23 Sep 2016 by TheScariestMovieEver

YouTube Creates ´Heroes´ To Destroy Artists, Educators, & Entertainers? (2016)
Don´t get me wrong, I do believe that hate, gore, and filth should be removed from YT. But the power they are just giving away to anyone could lead to some reeeaaaalll problems. And there are no real definitions to what is inappropriate.


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