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Vladimir Putin wins the Hugo Chavez Peace Prize Tags: Putin Hugo Chavez Peace Prize

Vladimir Putin wins the Hugo Chavez Peace Prize

Whereas the Nobel Peace Prize has been increasingly discredited by its obviously pro-Western bias, the award of Venezuela's newly created Hugo Chavez Peace Price to Vladimir Putin is just and fair.

The Nobel Peace Prize has become increasingly farcical.

In recent decades, the prize has gone to Mikhail Gorbachev, a man who created Europe and central Asia’s largest refugee crisis since the 1940s.

It has gone to the war-hawk Barack Obama and was awarded to him just moments after he wiped his feet by the White House door. 

At the time many said that ‘not being George W. Bush’ was enough to qualify one for the prize. I had a feeling the bar should have been set somewhat higher.

In 2012 the European Union collectively won the award. This is the same European Union whose leaders have lit a match to gunpowder in Kiev.  Someone call for a Nobexit!

This year one of the nominees were the White Helmets, a comfortably funded group of non-Syrians who act as Al-Qaeda’s national health service.

Others have noticed the flagrant hypocrisy of the prize and one country has created its own rival prize.

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has created the Hugo Chavez Prize For Peace and Sovereignty.

If one was to erroneously think that this new prize would have similar criteria to its older counterpart, one could imagine the following nominees:

–Petro Poroshenko for restoring liberty to fascist killers.

–Hillary Clinton for her tireless efforts to help Islamic terrorists to turn Libya into a failed state.

— Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for being the only person in the world to beat Hillary Clinton in the ‘let’s declare war on everything’ marathon.

–King Salman of Saudi Arabia for his export of Wahhabi terrorists to parts of the Middle East where women do not enjoy the privilege of being uneducated, deprived of basic civil rights, stoned to death and beheaded. 

But no, it would seem that President Maduro’s prize is a bit more thoughtful.

Its first recipient has been Vladimir Putin and it is well deserved.

Many people are guilty of confusing the concepts of support for peace with pacifism.

Pacifism is an absolute refusal to take up arms, including in just battles and in self-defence.

Support for peace means avoiding war at all costs whilst having the calm nerve to fight necessary battles against aggressors whenever they might arise.

Putin is an exemplar of those who support peace in an age of war and terrorism.

As in the past Russia is surrounded on all sides by hostile powers. They are provoking Russia on a daily basis.  However President Putin answers with stern yet measured responses, not with hysteria or war.

When the former Georgian leader Mikheil Saakashvili attempted to ethnically cleanse the people of South Ossetia, Putin defended them swiftly, without extracting vengeance on Tbilisi, which many others would have done without thinking twice. 

Many ask why President Putin hasn’t sent troops into Donbass?  It is because in the long term he seeks peace with a fraternal people, and seeks to de-escalate a war which has been started by fascist elements in Kiev. He refuses to risk adding fuel to the conflict even though his troops would win easily.

Under Putin Russia stayed out of the conflicts in the Middle East for as long as possible.  However when President Assad pleaded for aid in a just struggle against the most barbaric terrorists that the world has known Russia obliged, and the citizens of Syria are thanking him even though the Western media never shows this.

Putin continues to call for the world to unite against Islamic terrorism and to put aside their differences over matters which do not affect international security.

For all of this Putin is a highly deserving candidate for any peace prize.

It remains to be seen who wins the Hugo Chavez Peace Prize in future years and whether they will be deserving or not. But so far so fair.




The Flame of Truth (Video)
Tags: meditation The Masters of light have always been among us. Representitives of the enlightened collective emerge to communicate some truths about soc

The Masters of light have always been among us. 
Representitives of the enlightened collective emerge to communicate some truths about society, spirituality, meditation and higher consciousness.


Censored: China Blocks Foreign News Sites That Revealed Elite’s Offshore Holdings Tags: Censorship China Elite Off-Shore Havens

Illustration: Tim Meko

By Tania Branigan in Beijing and James Ball in New York, The Guardian – January 24, 2014


The Chinese government has recently concentrated on improving the image of President Xi Jinping. Photograph: Goh Chai Hin/AFP/Getty Images

The blocking of foreign news sites that revealed details of offshore holdings by the relatives of senior leaders has continued in China as reports emerged of a propaganda directive ordering websites and services to target users posting on the subject.

Details of the order were published by China Digital Times, a website that monitors censorship instructions.

“Immediately find and remove the foreign media report “China’s Secret Offshore Tax Havens” and related content. Interactive platforms must strictly check [users]. Related images and accusatory comments about leaders and the system [of government] must be deleted without exception,” said the instructions, according to CDT.

“Block the [user] IDs of those who have an evil influence and coordinate on-the-ground investigations with the relevant departments.”

Such directives are often delivered verbally and are extremely sensitive. The Guardian has not verified the order independently.

The website Greatfire.org, which monitors which overseas sites are censored by China, reported that the Guardian, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) and six more sites that worked on the project were partly or completely blocked. The sites began to experience access problems around the time they published the reports.

The New York Times and Bloomberg websites have been blocked in China since 2012, when they carried reports on the wealth of leaders’ families.

Reports of the directive emerged as ICIJ, which has co-ordinated the two-year investigation into offshore secrecy, prepared to publish the details of more than 37,000 offshore companies and trusts with ties to China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The details had previously been withheld from the ICIJ register, to allow reporters at organisations including the Guardian to research Chinese offshore ties. The database now discloses previously secret details of the owners of more than 100,000 offshore entities.

The ICIJ said the publication of the details, which it hopes will inspire further investigations and research, was in the interests of bringing accountability to the notoriously impenetrable offshore world.

“Secrecy creates an environment where fraud, tax evasion, money laundering and other forms of corruption thrive. The Offshore Leaks Database helps remove this secrecy,” said the ICIJ director, Gerard Ryle. “Opening up the records serves the public interest by bringing accountability to an industry that has long operated in the shadows.”

On Wednesday, a spokesman for Beijing’s foreign ministry suggested readers would suspect the intentions behind “unconvincing” reports on the offshore assets.

Some guarded references to the story could still be seen on the Sina Weibo microblog on Thursday, but many more comments and links had been deleted and the Free Weibo site, which allows people to search censored posts, said “ICIJ” had been blocked as a keyword.

Some users appeared to have deleted related posts themselves. Recent months have seen an intensification of China’s controls on the internet, including the targeting of opinion formers and the announcement of a judicial interpretation allowing internet users to be tried for defamation if untrue posts online are visited by 5,000 internet users or reposted more than 500 times. The authorities have said the measure is necessary to prevent online rumours hurting individuals and damaging society.

Zhang Lifan, an independent scholar, told the Associated Press that the use of offshore holdings by those with ties to officials gave a strong impression of privilege and impunity.

Wen Yunchao, a well-known internet activist who now lives outside the mainland, said that while ordinary people might not fully understand the story, it was “a major blow to the prestige of the authorities”, pointing to the contrast with Xi’s recent visit to a budget restaurant where he mingled with ordinary citizens.

The use of offshore structures can facilitate the avoidance of tax or the moving of money overseas. However, offshore companies can also be an important tool for legitimate Chinese businesses, especially when operating overseas, due to restrictions and legislation in the country.

Sign the petition to “The World’s Leaders: Tell Us the Truth in 2014? today at: https://www.change.org/en-AU/petitions/the-world-s-leaders-tell-us-the-truth-in-2014. – and share it everywhere! Via Facebook, Google+,Twitter, email, blogs etc.

Who’s Who in China’s Offshore Circles

ICIJ.org – January 24, 2014


[ Click on the Image below  or HERE to go to the ICIJ website, where you can click on each person’s face and see where their money goes. SiNeh~ ]

China red nobilityChina the wealthy



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