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World's Driest Place, The Atacama Desert, Suffers Massive Flood and Earth Changes Tags: Chile Atacama Desert EarthChanges Floods Geoengineering


Published on 8 Feb 2019

This is another proof of the weather chaos on Earth. Parts of the Atacama desert, the driest place on Earth, are flooded. Heavy showers on high altitudes in northern Chile have caused dry river beds to become rushing torrents of water. The flooding has left one dead, one child missing and over 1,200 homeless. Learn More: http://strangesounds.org/2019/02/atac...


Get the popcorn and watch FRANKENSKIES with me!!!
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Published on 8 Aug 2018

Matt Landman did a wonderful documentary!



Stratospheric Geo-Engineering | Photosynthetic Effect
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Published on 9 Aug 2018

There are major problems with most geo-engineering proposals. Any aluminum spray will poison crops and cause brain damage. All stratospheric blocking measures will affect crop photosynthesis (this study). As for marine cloud brightening, the biggest problem is the fact that they are still messing with nature, but it still presents a far-lower risk. Article Link: https://www.nature.com/articles/s4158...


"Yup, I think that was all about. I've seen and read other..."
In: Something is very wrong but watch for yourself
by: SiNeh
In: Something is very wrong but watch for yourself
by: jbreezes
"my name is Peter Sineh Egler on MeWe . I sent you..."
In: Ole Dammegard | Title Withheld to Mitigate Censorship
by: SiNeh
"Hey Sineh, I just signed up on MEWE to the BOLE group, What..."
In: Ole Dammegard | Title Withheld to Mitigate Censorship
by: jbreezes
"video the only version with the..."
In: Spring Equinox - The Wheel Of The Year Festival Ostara
by: Parsifalrain
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