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FIERCE DEBATE - Dairy President CONFRONTED By Vegan Activist
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I post that as food for thought for ALL OF US



Published on 12 Aug 2017 by PLANT BASED NEWS

Vegan / animal rights activist Sandra Higgins discusses the ASA finding in favour of Go Vegan World with John Comer, President of the Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers with newstalk.

CHECK OUT GO VEGAN WORLD: https://goveganworld.com/



The Diary lobby is already reacting via the British Press. Here an Article in the Daily Mail.

Eat fat to get thin! As diet-conscious Britons are mistakenly shunning dairy, we reveal why you SHOULD be saying ...more cheese please

And here a Video you might also want to watch...



Published on 9 Aug 2017

Plant Based News recently sat down with Dr. Lim, Director at the McDougall Health & Medical Centre. The interview was conducted at the Physician's Committee's 2017 Nutrition in Medicine conference. We also interviewed Dr Barnard and Dr Greger at the event about health myths, weight loss, veganism and plant-based nutrition. Stay tuned.




The Art of Blessing Your Food
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The Art of Blessing Your Food

July 24th, 2017

By Nick Polizzi

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

For millennia, we humans have had our most important conversations, forged our strongest, alliances, and made our biggest decisions at the same location. The dinner table. In every corner of the globe, family traditions have been passed down through recipes, ceremonial serving items (Grandma Pearl’s set of fine china or Uncle Hazzba’s after-dinner hookah), and stories shared over meals. The sacred before-meal prayer — offering thanks for the bounty and abundance that feeds and nourishes our bodies — in the many forms it takes across cultures, has been a grounding reminder for even the smallest family members about the importance of being grateful for what we have.

Sadly, I see these rituals becoming less common in our busy modern lives. Families gather around the television instead of the hearth, individuals interact with their devices instead of each other, or food is grabbed from a package while on the run. Meanwhile, many are longing for more connection to each other, to the Earth, and to spirit.

The conscious preparation and sharing of food as a sacred ritual is a powerful binding force for families and communities. When we lovingly prepare food together, and serve it with gratitude, we receive more than just physical nourishment. The secret ingredient in every tenderly prepared dish around the world is the same: love.

Growing up in my own family, my grandfather Nick (my namesake) was a keeper of his family’s cooking tradition, and instilled in me a deep reverence for food and all of its delicious magic.

Grandpa Nick grew up as a baker’s son in Brooklyn. He learned from his parents how to make a hundred different traditional Italian/Sicilian dishes, including the best bread you’ve ever eaten. I spent entire days helping my grandparents cook in the in-law apartment we built for them in our basement. My grandfather’s meticulous way of preparing the ingredients, cooking each dish, and cleaning up while he went along was meditative.

I used to get tingles up my spine just watching them prepare the homemade manicotti, the white bean and escarole soup, and the pulpita salad with fresh octopus. He’d lick his upper lip — an indicator that he was really concentrating on a difficult maneuver, while tucking the semolina dough under a delicately positioned ravioli. Each moment in the kitchen felt so rich, so tranquil, so filled with intention, meaning, and joy. The way life should be.

My father still tells stories about the old days growing up. Sunday night dinners with all of his cousins, aunts, and uncles crowded around a huge dinner table crammed into a tiny little Brooklyn dining room, and how this was “where it all happened”. This is where stories of the old family were told, where my dad got to see his dad’s fluid banter with his uncles, and witness his mom’s playful gossip with her sisters. One big family melting pot, where everyone one was noticed and loved. And the food was delicious.

Everyone in my family knew their way around the kitchen, but Grandpa Nick’s cooking was the stuff of legend. His food bedazzled the taste buds of many of my friends, but the greatest impact he made on us came before we even lifted our forks to our mouths.

The man said the most powerful grace I’ve ever heard. Lucid, devotional, inspirational, humble, vulnerable – an entranced conversation with God.

If you were in our family, you knew the drill, and if you were a newcomer you learned it quick. Once the food was laid out and everyone was seated, my grandfather would look around the table and make gentle eye contact with everyone. Then he’d reach for the hand of the person seated to his right and left, prompting them to do the same, until the circle was complete and connected.

He would close his eyes, bow his head, and in a fast, rhythmic cadence, pray to God to bless the food, shed his light and love on everyone at the table, and then thank him over and over again for all that he had given us. This wasn’t for show; it was a communication.

When he was complete, he’d open his eyes, lift his head, and with a sweet smile on his face say, “Are you ready eat?” And then we’d all dig in. Grandpa Nick always served everyone else first, before himself. But the 5-foot-8, 140-pound Sicilian could eat the rest of us under the table!

I am doing my best to follow my grandfather’s example. In my own family, we have a “no devices at the dinner table” rule. We may not make everything we eat from scratch, but we do take the time to ponder the origin of our food and bless our meals for the sustenance they provide our body, mind, and spirit. Mealtime is a time for us to be fully present with one another, setting aside the hustle and bustle of the day.

If you would like to bring more sacredness into the preparation and sharing of food in your home, below are 3 blessings that may inspire you:

A Unitarian Blessing

Blessed be the Earth for giving birth to this food
Blessed be the Sun for nourishing it
Blessed be the Wind for carrying its seed
Blessed be the Rain for quenching its thirst.
Blessed be the hands that helped to grow this food,
To bring it to our tables
To nourish our minds, bodies, and spirits.
Blessed be our friends, our families, and our loved ones.
Blessed Be.

From the Native American Iroquois Tradition

We return thanks to the corn, and to her sisters,
the beans and squashes, which give us life.
We return thanks to the bushes and trees,
which provide us with fruit.
We return thanks to the Great Spirit,
in who is embodied all goodness,
and who directs all things for the good of his children.

Meal Prayer adapted from Buddhist Teacher, Thich Nhat Hanh

May the food we are eating make us aware of the
interconnections between Universe and us,
Earth and us, and all other living species and us.
Because each bite contains in itself the life of Sun and Earth.
May we see the meaning and value of life from these
precious morsels of food.

A parting question: Do you have any spiritual practices around the dinner table in your house? If so, we would love to hear about them in the “share your wisdom” section below!

Stay curious,

Nick Polizzi
Director, The Sacred Science

The Sacred Science


The Sacred Science follows eight people from around the world with varying physical and psychological illnesses, as they embark on a one-month healing journey into the heart of the Amazon jungle. Working with indigenous healers, each participant uses a combination of plant medicines and intense spiritual ceremonies and exercises to restore their health.

During this fascinating 30 day healing journey, the barriers between each patient’s physical health and mental well-being are blurred and eventually eliminated altogether. The time-tested methods used in this film are profoundly powerful — if you or a loved one are looking for breakthroughs in natural medicine, this film is an absolute must.

You can view the full length documentary here, or purchase a DVD copy here.

About the author:

Nick Polizzi has spent his career directing and editing feature length documentaries about natural alternatives to conventional medicine. Nick’s current role as director of “The Sacred Science” stems from a calling to honor, preserve, and protect the ancient knowledge and rituals of the indigenous peoples of the world.

For more, visit www.thesacredscience.com.


10 Healthy alternatives to toxic processed table salt you can start using today Tags: Natural Health Health Food Living

10 Healthy alternatives to toxic processed table salt you can start using today

(Natural News) It is no secret that while commercial table salts help flavor dishes, they are extremely detrimental to the body’s overall health. Commercial table salts are 99 percent sodium chloride, are bleached during the production process and may contain harmful substances such as stabilizers that make them practically toxic in nature. Commercial table salts are also found to promote acid formation, which in turn may pose a significant threat to the body’s overall well being.

In contrast, natural sea and rock salts are actually beneficial to the body’s health. Naturally extracted salts generally have lower sodium content than commercial table salts, thus reducing sodium content in the diet. Natural salts also contain trace minerals — such as calcium, iron and magnesium as well as potassium and zinc — that are essential for proper body function. In addition, natural salts do not contain unwanted chemicals found in commercial table salts including bleach, whiteners and stabilizers. Unlike commercial salts, naturally extracted salts like sea salts promote alkaline formation and help maintain a balanced body pH. In turn, this prevents the onset of certain illnesses.

Replacing commercial salts with naturally extracted salts may boost the body’s overall health and help prevent diseases. Here are a few examples of natural salts:

10 naturally extracted salts you should be using

  1. Pink salts – Himalayan pink salts are extracted from Kewra mines in Pakistan, and contains up to 84 different elements. On the other hand, the Pink Maras salt is processed though man-made salt ponds high up in the Andes in Peru, at an altitude of 3,000 meters.
  2. Real salts – Real salts are characterized by their wide array of forms including powdered, granular, kosher and course grind varieties.
  3. Black salts – The Kilauea Black sea salt is extracted from the mineral rich Molakai sea salt in Hawaii, and is processed with activated charcoal. Likewise, the black lava salt of Hawaii is processed with purified volcanic lava and vegetable charcoal, which may help improve the digestive tract. In addition, the Himalayan black salt is a valuable commodity in Ayurvedic medicine due to its laxative and digestive properties.
  4. Pure sea salts – Antarctic Pure Sea Salt is made by allowing ice-cold water through an underground aquifer and then placing it into drying pans, where the intense African sun and Atlantic winds help dry it. The Alaska pure salt flakes, on the other hand, are extracted from the small island of Sikta, Alaska. North American chefs are known to prefer this hand-produced salt.
  5. Organic sea salts – New Zealand organic sea salt is extracted from the pure waters of the Southern Pacific, which are then placed on the rocks to allow sun and wind drying. Likewise, the Halen Môn organic sea salt from the U.K. is processed from seawater that passes three natural filters: charcoal, a mussel bed and a sand bank.
  6. Aguni no Shio Salt – This Japanese sea salt is extracted from the mineral-rich Pacific ocean, and is repeatedly processed on bamboo to speed up the evaporation. The mix is then allowed to dry in the sun.
  7. SageMary Finishing Salt – This natural salt is a healthy mixture of Portugese Sea Salt and chopped sage and rosemary. The fragrant salt evokes a Mediterranean ambiance and goes well with just about anything – from meat and poultry to bread.
  8. Epsom Salt – One of the most popular salts in the U.K. and around the world, Epsom salt is known to have purgative properties and is touted to address minor illnesses.
  9. Tripani Sea Salt – This natural salt still follows a traditional process. Italian salt makers handcraft this salt from salt pans along the Sicilian “Salt Road.” The tripani Sea Salt is allowed to dry in the sun and is still collected by hand, thus ensuring an unrefined, natural state.
  10. Murray River Salt – This salt is harvested from Australia’s mineral-rich Murray River.

Learn more at NaturalNews.com.

Sources include: 





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