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In 2017, America’s liberal abortion agenda looks a lot like Nazi Eugenics Tags: Eugenics Nazism

In 2017, America’s liberal abortion agenda looks a lot like Nazi Eugenics

21st Century Wire says…

Here’s an unusual, but extremely thought-provoking political take on the events of last week in Charlottesville in the context of America, and western society as a whole.

What you are about to read will be considered very controversial by many people. This is an uncomfortable topic which generally no one enjoys talking about. Many readers may not want to hear it. You may not want to hear it either. It’s a caustic conversation for sure. You might think the author is being over-dramatic, or maybe you won’t But it’s a discussion which at least half of America wants to have.

The publication, The Blaze, touts itself as ‘Christian conservative’ and regularly exaggerate and politicizes its content, and frequently applies a moralistic or evangelical spin to it. For those reasons, it would be convenient for some to simply dismiss the article below because of its source. However, the fundamental comparison presented should be seriously considered and really should be discussed more in mainstream forums. In 2017, any challenging commentary regarding the topic of abortion is fiercely opposed by ‘progressive’ gatekeepers, and women’s rights activists who will often cite the 1973 US Supreme Court decision of Roe vs Wade as a cue to end any debate on the issue. This subject is also suppressed in most public and academic forums – and it’s strictly off-limits in the liberal mainstream corporate media. But society cannot continually sweep this under the rug – America has to have this conversation, because it goes to the heart of the question. What kind of society do we live in…?

If you want to fight Nazism in America, fight the abortion industry

By Matt Walsh

It was interesting timing. On Monday, CBS published an article touting Iceland’s miracle cure for Down syndrome. “Iceland is on pace to virtually eliminate Down syndrome through abortion,” the headline read. Of course, it leaves out an important word. Iceland is eliminating Down syndrome people – not Down syndrome itself — by killing anyone who has the condition. Many countries, including our own, have discovered an identical treatment plan.

The next day, Oregon was the beneficiary of similarly sanitized headlines. The governor of Oregon signed legislation “expanding reproductive health access,” the media reported. But the reports are misleading. The law actually forces all residents in the state to pay for abortions for anyone who wants them, including illegal aliens. The bill has nothing at all to do with reproduction. Its goal is precisely to stop reproduction. Or at least to prevent the products of reproduction from ever seeing the light of day.

I said the reports of these atrocities are interestingly timed because they come amidst a national panic over neo-Nazism. We are right to be disgusted and horrified by the few dozen white supremacist losers who carried Tiki torches through Charlottesville on Saturday. And we are right to demand justice for the woman who was killed by a skinhead terrorist during that same rally. But we are ridiculous for acting as if these racist nerds represent some threat to our national existence. Until there is even a shred of proof to the contrary, I am going to remain confident that the vast, vast, vast majority of our citizens do not sympathize with Nazism outright. Even one neo-Nazi is too many. A whole parade of them is a travesty. But we ought not lose our grip on reality. A little perspective is all I’m suggesting.

Now, the reader may have noted the conspicuous qualifier in the previous paragraph. The majority of our citizens do not sympathize with Nazism outright. Many, however, sympathize with some of the primary goals and most brutal tactics of the Nazi party.  Though they may not think of it in those terms, they still celebrate the achievement of “eliminating” medical conditions by killing the babies who have it, and they applaud governments that “expand reproductive health access” by forcing helpless citizens to fund the mass extermination of human beings. They may not march through the streets waving swastikas around, but they look with indifference or approval at our own version of the Nazi death camp. Indeed, with all due respect to the skinheads who only play pretend Nazi, the spirit of the Nazi movement really lives on in the abortion industry. Planned Parenthood may not hang the Nazi flag on the doors of its clinics, but it has enough blood on its hands to impress even the most prolific concentration camp executioner.

I made this point yesterday, and I was informed – even by some “conservative” folk — that it is utterly inappropriate and insensitive for me to make such comparisons, especially when a woman was just killed by a neo-Nazi. Well, I feel terribly for that woman’s family and I hope for the swiftest and harshest judgment allowed under the law to be done upon her murderer. But I also feel terribly for the 17,000 or so human beings who were executed in abortion clinics since Saturday, and the 60 million who’ve been exterminated since 1973. I don’t think there is ever an inappropriate time to acknowledge them, particularly when so many of us have dedicated ourselves to never acknowledging them, and especially during a week when the very people who support the continued legalization and tax funding of abortion death camps are running around accusing everyone else of condoning Nazism.

I’m sorry, but I just cannot physically stomach a “You should be more forceful in condemning Nazism” lecture from someone who has spent the last 40 years demanding that we applaud while millions of people have their skulls crushed by abortionists. Even less can I tolerate someone who wants to protect the innocent by tearing down historical statues, but cries about human rights violations when someone vandalizes a building where actual human beings are butchered and sold for parts.

I do not pretend that all of the political goals of the pro-abortion left line up completely with the political goals of Nazis in 1940’s Germany. There are some striking similarities – particularly the politicization of “public health,” the focus on environmental conservation, and the total disregard for free speech – but that is not the point. I say that abortion enthusiasts have the spirit of Nazism because that spirit is, more than anything, one of brutality, moral indifference, and absolute disregard for human life. It is a spirit that leads to mass exterminations and bloodshed on a scale that can hardly be fathomed. It is a spirit that compels a people to strive for collective perfection by killing the undesirables. Nazis exterminated the disabled, just as we do. And they killed Jews and Poles and Catholics and many other groups. Our focus is not racial cleansing but economic. We kill poor children, “unwanted” children, “defective” children; children who, we’ve decided, will be more trouble than they’re worth. They are a “burden on society,” we say, echoing Nazi propaganda almost verbatim.

And we build facilities which we dedicate to carrying out this cleansing. The Nazi death camp was never abolished, you see. It was simply relocated and rebranded. Today we call it a “reproductive health clinic,” but what happens inside more closely resembles Auschwitz than it does your pediatrician’s office.

So, yes, speak out against those ridiculous bigots who’ve latched onto Nazism in their desperate quest for purpose and attention. But if you want to oppose what they stand for, you need to look beyond them and towards that Planned Parenthood clinic you drive by every day on the way to work. And if those Nazi wannabes in Charlottesville intend to be the ones in our country who best emulate their Nazi role models, it must be said that they are lagging far behind, especially in terms of body counts. Right now the tally is about 60 million to one, last I checked.

They have a lot of catching up to do.

This article was originally published at The BlazeTo see more from Matt Walsh, visit his channel here.


Exercise works by stimulating NERVES, not just muscles, study finds Tags: exercise fitness heavy weight lifiting motor neurons nerve stimulation strength training

Exercise works by stimulating NERVES, not just muscles, study finds

(Natural News) It is common knowledge that lifting weights increases strength — but it has never really been determined just how much and how often people should lift. New data reveals that while light weight lifting builds muscle mass, heavy weight lifting makes muscles stronger. The reason behind this, researchers say, is due to the neural connections the brain and body make while lifting heavy weights.

Motor neurons relay signals from the brain to the muscles. This is how we decide when and how to flex our muscles. Researchers noted that heavy lifting engaged the neural connections between these cells more so than light weight lifting, even if one does fewer reps. (Related: Increase Strength and Metabolism: Lift Heavier Weights for Fewer Repetitions.)

Researchers recruited 26 regular gym-goers (all men) and observed their training sessions for a period of six weeks. Participants were asked to use a leg-extension machine loaded with either 30 or 80 percent of the maximum weight they could lift. The team then noted how many reps each participant could make in a week. It was found that both light and heavy lifting experienced the same amount of muscle growth. However, those who carried heavy weights increased their strength by around ten pounds.

Examined even further, each man was strapped to a machine that supplied an electric current to the nerves that stimulated the leg muscles. This electrical stimulation device was used for a basis of comparison to determine how each participant’s nerve cells could achieve 100 percent efficiency, which cannot be achieved through exercise alone. Researchers repeated this test several times over three weeks. During this trial period, the team saw that those who lifted light weights increased their nerve capacity from 90.7 percent to 90.22 percent, which is hardly a difference. Those who lifted heavy weights, on the other hand, increased their nerve capacity by 2.35 percent, with a jump from 90.94 percent to 93.29 percent.

Professor Nathaniel Jenkins, who conducted the research, hypothesized that the increase in nerve capacity directly translated into muscle strength. He claims that high-load training is “more efficient” and prompts “greater [neural cell] adaptations.”

Bigger is not always better

The assumption that bigger bodies are stronger is misleading. There is evidence that proves that those with a bigger frame are more capable of carrying heavier loads; but this is not entirely inclusive nor conclusive of strength. Body-building experts, along with medical professionals, are now noting a distinct nuance between body mass and strength. Most indicative of strength, these professionals say, is how well-engaged motor neurons are.

The power of a muscle’s contraction is heavily reliant on neural associations. The more motor neurons are activated, as well as the strength of impulse sent by each cell, determine the quantity of muscle fibers that contract. Heavy weight lifting is more effective in making motor neurons act more efficiently. In a sedentary person, motor neurons still discharge impulses, but in a disorderly fashion. Constant training improves this process, generating more powerful nerve impulses. To fully reach this state, people should perform weight training exercises with loads that are 80 percent of their maximum strength. 

Understand the hidden implication of this: there will be days when one feels stronger. This has nothing to do with the size of the muscles, but the efficiency of the central nervous system. People who are not well-rested will feel minute differences in their overall strength.

Improve your workout routine with stories like this on MensFitnessFocus.com or WomensFitnessFocus.com.

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Poland: The EU is the Soviet Union, 'in Blue'
Tags: Poland EU Soviet Union USSR red blue Parsifal Dictatorship Europe Cywinski Parliament

Poland: "The EU is the Soviet Union, 'in Blue'"

On June 1, Poland celebrated the Children's Day.
On this occasion young people were invited in the Parliament.
The topic was 'the de-communisation of public spheres:
Here, the young Michal Cywinski said to the politicians something about the state of the European Union, its agenda and what has been achieved in the post-Communist government in Poland in the last 25 years.
The Teenager said that the EU is a copy of the dictatorship of the Soviet Union, only under a 'blue Flag'.
Then he ripped the EU flag.
The parliamentarians applauded several times during his speech.

Parsifal, June 3, 2017

'We find ourselves in the Sejm (Parliament) of the Republic of Poland.
In this place, where daily those responsible required for the function of our state days to hold their meetings.

We sit in the same place as the people that took us out from under the Soviet banner and put us under the banner of the European Union.

Under their dictate of political correctness, hundreds of people die, are run over by trucks, explosions, are blown up, or by extremists shot and killed, by these who are imported by the the left trash in Brussels.

Today, the Communists are not red, today's Communists are blue.

Furthermore, I am of the opinion that the European Union must be destroyed'

Then the boy Michal, has held a flag of the EU and torn.

The teenager got for this action thunderous applause from the audience and left the rostrum.


Poland is very eu-skeptical and the most important members of the government to take on and attack the Eurocrats in Brussels more often.

The foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski said he 'can't accept the authority of the EU Commission' and the relations with the EU are increasingly fragile.


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He said that what I criticize for 20 years:

'What is the legitimacy of the Commission?
The Commission has no democratic legitimacy.
You are not elected, they are determined by the governments.

We can't accept.
We can't accept that a bunch of non-elected bureaucrats to monitor the member countries, command, and rule.

We can only accept a [hrrmmm] "Federal Europe", which is based on democratic regularization'

For more than a year, reigns dispute over democracy and the rule of law with the EU.
Warsaw rejects any interference from Brussels.
Juncker has threatened, therefore, to withdraw the voting rights of the Poles in case of important EU decisions.
This, in turn, confirms the above-made statement that the EU is a dictatorship and has no democratic legitimacy.

The Polish government wants to reform the EU, it means to democratize, because otherwise more countries will follow the Brexit, as she says.

If it was to ask the population real and representative to the EU, then are France, Holland, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary candidates for an exit.
But the elections are rigged.

May be the whole dispute is only the lead to a withdrawal of Poland from the EU.
In any case, the action of Michal Cywinski is an indicator how the mood in the country is.

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