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Infant found in a barn - the police and youth welfare office to investigate
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Infant found in a barn  - the police and youth welfare office to investigate
+Carpenter from Nazareth and mother of minor arrested+

BETHLEHEM, JUDEA, December 24, 2016 dppa-Reutters
In the early hours of this morning, the authorities were alerted by a concerned citizen.

He had discovered a young family who lives in a barn.
On arrival, the officials of the social service, which were supported by police officers found that an infant, wrapped in strips of cloth that had been placed by his 14-year-old mother, a certain Maria H. of Nazareth, in a manger.

image top: crime scene

In the case of the arrest of the mother and child, a man who was later identified as Joseph H., also of Nazareth, tried to ward the social workers.
Joseph H., supported by present shepherds and three unidentified foreign nationals, wanted to prevent the entrainment of the child, but was restrained by police.

The three detained foreigners who referred themselves to as 'wise men' coming from Eastern countries, were taken into custody.
Both the Interior Ministry and the customs are on the search for cues about the origin of these three men, who are apparently illegally in the country.

A spokesman for the police stated that they carried no identification, but were in possession of gold, as well as some, possibly banned substances.
They resisted the arrest, and claimed that God told them to go home immediately and to avoid any contact with official bodies.
The confiscated chemicals were sent for further investigation in the crime lab.

The whereabouts of the infant will not be announced until further notice.
A quick clarification of the whole case seems very doubtful.
In response to questions, an employee of the social services informed:

'The father is middle-aged and the mother definitely underage. We just check with the authorities in Nazareth, in what relation the two stand to each other'

Maria is in the district hospital in Bethlehem for medical and psychiatric examination.
She is to expect a charge.
Because she claims she was a virgin and the infant born of God, her mental state is taken under closer investigation.
In an official communication to the head of the psychiatry is written:


'I am not authorized to tell people what to believe, but if this belief leads to the fact that - as in this case - a newborn is at risk, we must classify these people as dangerous.
The fact that drugs, which were probably distributed by the attending foreigners, were on the spot is not helping to inspire confidence.
I am sure, however, that with all parties involved with the necessary treatment, in a couple of years can become normal members of our society'


Lastly, this info reached us:
The present shepherds claimed to conform that they saw a big man in a white nightgown with wings (!) on the back that would have ordered the shepherds to visit and let the newborn be a jolly good fellow on his birthday.

A spokesman for the drug squad (DEA) said:

'This is pretty much the dumbest excuse of besetting grass-smoking junkies I've ever heard'


Service on a Dark Fleet Merchant Ship - 20 Years a Slave in SSPs - Part V (S04E09) Tags: Tony Rodrigues Exonews


Published on 28 Nov 2016 by ExoNews TV

In this fifth and final episode of an interview with Tony Rodrigues conducted at Mt Shasta on August 29, he describes his memories of time spent on a German speaking "Dark Fleet" merchant vessel called the Max Von Laue which performed interplanetary and interstellar trade missions.

For Part 1 of this series go to: https://youtu.be/Fp4299-vfPs
For Part 2 of this series go to: https://youtu.be/a-TTJizUQ34
For Part 3 of this series go to: https://youtu.be/dwfDW2-GirU
For Part 4 of this series go to: https://youtu.be/ntmoVkECVRk


Song for Tomorrow: Leah Wolfsong - Grandmother
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