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Terrorists are preparing a new poison gas attack
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Terrorists are preparing a new poison gas attack

Russian Ministry of Defence spokesman Major-General Igor Konashenkov said Monday that terrorists of the so-called Free Syrian Army, backed by the US, had already brought chlorine canisters to a settlement in Deir ez-Zor, tp carry out another fake chemical Attack against civilians, which will be blamed on the Assad government.
Parsifal, June 11, 2018

The following photos show the inside of a chemical weapons workshop of the terrorists, which was discovered in the east of Ghouta near the capital Damascus by soldiers of the Syrian Army during the liberation:

'According to information received via three independent channels in Syria, the command of the so-called Free Syrian Army, assisted by US Special Forces soldiers in Deir ez-Zor Province, is preparing a serious provocation with toxic substances',

Konashekov said.

The ministry noted that a video on the social media about the alleged use of chemical substances in the past has been reason for attacks by the US coalition on institutions of the Syrian Government and now could be again.

'Such a new video, after it is widely circulated in the Western media, could be a new excuse for the US-led coalition to launch a missile attack on Syrian Military installations and justify the terrorists 'offensive against Syrian Government Troops on the east bank of the Euphrates',

added Konaschenkow.

The Russian Ministry of Defense warned that conducting such provocations would destabilize the situation in Syria and would be unacceptable.

As a reminder, in April, the United States, Britain and France launched airstrikes against Syria and accused Damascus of a chemical attack in the city of Douma, although it turned out there was no use of chemical weapons and it was all invented with a video.

The Syrian and Russian governments have accused United States and United Kingdom-funded White Helmets of having carried out a false-flag chemical attack in the city to provoke Western military intervention.

Now they want to do it again.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has also informed that only in the areas of Syria under American control, ISIS terrorists do operate.
In the areas liberated by the Syrian Army, no longer and the situation is slowly returning to normal for the population.

'All remaining resistance nests of IS terrorists in Syria are only in areas controlled by the US',

said Major General Igor Konashenkov on Saturday.

Washington has provided weapons worth hundreds of millions to the 'fictional' Syrian opposition, while most of it has come into the hands of al-Qaeda's al-Nusra Front and the Islamic State.
This shows that the goals of the terrorist groups in Syria are in line with Washington's policy, Konaschenkov said.

The US, which portrays itself always 'so humanitarian', has so far not lent a penny from the US budget to rebuild Syria to facilitate the recovery of the former conflict areas now controlled by the Syrian Government.

'In the Syrian provinces controlled by the legitimate authorities of the [Syrian-Arab] Republic, peaceful life is now being actively restored.
Settlements are cleared of mines, companies, markets, schools and kindergardens are working again.
Humanitarian aid and food arrives there, of which there is not even any packaging that is paid out of the United States budget',

said Konashekov.

It is really blatant how wrong and misguided the Western media and politicians are about the situation in Syria and what it really looks like for the people there.
Who are the culprits who destroyed Syria and who helped and is helping.

Question: Why is there no Return Program for the refugees who are in Germany and generally in Europe ?
It looks like the EU and the German government have no interest in getting the Syrians back to their Homeland !

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Syrian Refugees to Return Home


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Israel collaborates closely with ISIS terrorists
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Israel collaborates closely with ISIS terrorists

A larger training camp of ISIS went into operation immediately next to the UN cease fire line between Syria and Israel on the Golan Heights.
Although al-Qaeda and Al-Nusra terrorists have been operating for a long time along the Israeli border with tolerating Israel, the establishment of a camp for training purposes is a novelty for ISIS.
It shows the close cooperation between Israel and the radical Islamic terrorists, which I have already reported on several occasions.
Conversely, I have asked a long time ago, 'Why is the IS not attacking Israel ?'
A 'dumb' question because they are close partners in the fight against Assad !
Parsifal, October 15, 2017

The Israeli media had reported the news of the ISIS training camp last week after the TV channel 2 sent several videos and photos as proof.
One sees an ISIS training and recruitment center with hundreds of new recruits prepared as terrorists and fighters.

Channel 2 says the ISIS commanders have entered an enclave controlled by the Islamic State 'near the border with Israel.'
They fled Raqqah, as the Syrian army has conquered more and more areas, villages and cities with Russian help.

The Russian Air Force has destroyed 1,260 objects of ISIS alone in the past week and, according to Russian military leadership, more than 90 percent of Syria's territory is now free of terrorists.
A hard core has become the Israeli border, because Israel is protecting the terrorists.

The Israeli Air Force bombs only positions of the Syrian Army and Hezbollah in Syria, but never those of the ISIS!

One of the commanders is the most notorious recruiter of the Islamic State  Abu Hamam Jazrawi, reports the TV coverage.

The commanders also run the propaganda campaigns over the Internet from this new base, instead of their former headquarters in Raqqah, which was considered the 'capital' of the caliphate in the northwest of Syria, where the battles are in the last moves.

The Israeli newspaper 'The Times of Israel' still confirms a 'shocking' fact, which as I mentioned above is an open secret, a 'life and let live' relationship with Al Qaeda in this region.

'Both of them, with the ISIS-affiliated Khalid ibn al-Walid army and the Jabhat Fateh al-Sham, previously the al-Nusra front, which also has connections to Al Qaeda, have been on the Israeli border for years.'

It does not bother the Israeli military that the terrorists have comfortably set up before their border posts and from there carry out their terrorist attacks in Syria.
The IDF has never launched an attack against them.

Instead, the Syrian Army, the fighting groups associated with Iran, and Hezbollah are being attacked from the air on a regular basis, as I said.
This means that the IDF is de facto the Air Force of the terrorists and the Islamic State !

As a research of the 'Wall Street Journal' has found, Israel's relationship with the terrorists  includes arms supplies, money payments, the anti-Assad fighters and the medical treatment of wounded terrorists in Israeli hospitals.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has even made publicly the photoswhere he greeted the terrorists in the Zefat-hospital on the Golan-Heights.
Israel has joined forces with the Sunni terrorists and has sealed the deal with the devil to fight Shiite Iran.

The former Israeli ambassador to Washington, Michael Oren, has closed in 2014 the audience at the Aspen Ideas Festival with the testimony that 'the lesser evil is the Sunnis towards the Shiites' and he therefore thinks, 'ISIS is the lesser evil.'

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For Netanyahu and the other politicians of the Zionist regime, there has never been concern about a danger of the Sunni black death cult that strikes people's heads and pursues a murderous, human-hostile ideology, but as Henry Kissinger formulated so well, 'a belt controlled by the Shia and Iran from Tehran to Beirut'.

Israeli TV channel 2 and the Times of Israel even show a photo from a video that shows an ISIS terrorist with the flag of the Islamic State, with the Israeli side of the Golan clearly in the background.

And then the Zionists are constantly telling us that they are being threatened by the defenseless Palestinians and have therefore had to exercise martial law for 50 years over the West Bank and bomb the civilians in Gaza again and again.

Although the official television of Israel sent this report as a bombshell at the beginning of the week and the press followed it, a total silence of the international media took place.

The only thing we hear is the alleged 'Iranian threat to Israel's existence', The Iran would 'violate the spirit of the nuclear agreement', and Trump is thinking about canceling the agreement and imposing new sanctions.
Who controls the politics and the media of the West again ???
But the answer to that is a taboo topic and, anyway, anti-Semitic !

Why does IS not attack Israel ?
Tags: IS Israel ISIL ISIS Daesh Nusra Syria Druze Parsifal

Have you ever wondered why the radical Islamic terrorists of Al-Nusra or ISIS raging in Syria, have never attacked the Zionist construct Israel ?
It is yet told us for almost 70 years, the Arab Muslims want to drive the Jews into the sea and destroy the artificial only-for-Jews-state.
This is a tale of how the Zionists tell many horror stories and always pose as victims, because in fact the Israeli army (IDF) and the Islamist cut-throats cooperate closely.
Why ?
Simply because the terrorist groups are a secret creation of the CIA and Mossad.
Their job is to topple and murder the by the West branded 'enemy', namely the Syrian President Assad, as with Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi already done.
The leadership of the Islamic State had to explain the Muslim community in March 2016 why Israel is not a target for attacks.
I say yes, it's all just deception and illusion, all smoke and mirrors.

Parsifal, September 20, 2016

Image top: The Israeli air force bombed Khader (Hadar) on the Syrian side of the Golan near Majdal Shams thus helping the Al-Nusra.

Already in December 2014, I reported that Israel bombed Syria thus helping the terrorists.
Wounded terrorists cross the cease fire lines on the Golan Heights and receive medical care in Israeli hospitals.
After their recovery, the terrorists can freely continue back to Syria and proceed their jobs as terrorists.

'God has sent İSİL (DAESH) against nations that want to destroy 'Israel'

- Israeli Rabbi, Mir Ben Artzi

The same is true for Turkey.
The injured terrorists are brought from Syria across the border and maintained in Turkish medical facilities.
After healing, the terrorists return without problems back to Syria.
At the same time they get of course a new war equipment on the way.

This means that the 'fight against terrorism' is for Israel and Turkey only empty words.
Instead to imprison members of the murderous gangs, these regimes helping them so that they can continue their bloody trade against the civilian population in Syria.
This is called state-sponsored terror.

This support of terrorists goes so far that the warplanes of Israel, Turkey and led by the United States coalition (US, UK, Australia, Denmark, Gulf States) in fact represent the Air Force of the Islamic state, because they constantly bombard the positions of the heroic Syrian Army.

This has even the Members of Knesset (Israeli Parliament), Akram Hasson, said publicly.
He accused on Tuesday the Israeli army, they would collaborate with the terrorists in Syria.
In an interview with Israel's Channel 2 TV he said:

'It's no secret that the IDF has connections with the terrorist group Al-Nusra Front. We were told beforehand that Nusra coordinates its actions with the IDF'.

This has also reported the Jerusalem Post.

His accusation is related to the onset of the Al-Nusra Front to the City Khader on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights.
It is a town of 25.000 Druze and Hasson himself belongs to the minority of Druze in Israel.

'We have information from various parties and people inside it obtained that confirm the Al-Nusra Front is supported by the IDF. Your fighters conquer positions where the IDF has first bombed the Syrian army ',

said the deputy.

Last Tuesday, the Israeli air force has twice attacked artillery positions of the Syrian Army.
This is not only a gross violation of International Law and the Sovereignty of Syria, but an aid to the terrorists.

The US Air Force bombed the positions of the Syrian Army and then overrun the ISIS fighters 'soggy' areas.
The Turkish Air Force does the same on the Turkish-Syrian border.

The head of the Israeli army, Gadi Eisenko has denied Hasson's accusations, the IDF had close links to al-Nusra.
But he said there is no secret that the Israeli army contacts with the 'Syrian militants' has to ensure peace on the Syrian-Israeli border.

Yes, the peace of a cemetery !

'Israel is not our enemy because of its actions!'

- Senior Saudi diplomat Abdullah Alshammari

Druze on the Israeli side of the Golan observe how the IDF bombed their coreligionists in Syria

The minority of Druze in Syria is mercilessly persecuted and murdered by the Sunni Islamist militants, especially the 500.000 in the area along the border with Israel.
The bombing of Syrian Territory by the Israeli air force is therefore also the genocide of the Druze.

In explanation, the Druze are a religious group that emerged in the early 11th century in Egypt as a splinter group of Ismaili Shia in the Middle East.
Members of this community now live primarily in Syria (about 700.000), in Lebanon (280.000), in Israel (125.300) and in very low numbers in Jordan.

The Druze have an allegorical interpretation of the Koran with its own doctrine.
Their doctrine of the transmigration of souls contradicts the principles of Islam.
Accordingly, the soul of a man walking with his death immediately in a newborn human.
On the way from person to person, the soul strives for perfection; after it reached, it enters into a unit with al-Hakim.
The Druze believe in reincarnation and other parallel worlds.

For the Sunni religious scholars are the Druze not Muslims but an Ismaili sect.
The Druze doctrine is even trickier than the philosophers and magicians and their kufr (disbelief) even greater than that of Jews, Christians or Arabian idolaters (mušrikūn al-'arab).
One should therefore ye not eat, not marry their women, not sleep in their homes, not walk around with them and should kill their scholars.

This shows how 'tolerant' the 'religion of peace' is.

Interestingly, as the radical Sunni Islamists justify the 'non-aggression pact' with Israel.
On March 15, 2016 was entitled in the weekly newspaper of the Islamic State 'al-Naba' an article, 'Beit Al-Maqdis (Jerusalem ... is first and foremost an issue of Sharia law)', in which the terrorist group justified the lack of attacks on Israel to the global Muslim community.

In the article the IS argued that the Palestinian cause, so the resistance to the expulsion, conquest and occupation of Palestine and the holy place al-Quds (Jerusalem) by the Zionists and establishment of Israel against international law, did not take precedence over all other fights in Jihad, the universal struggle against dis- believers and extension of the Islamic territory.

The article harshly criticized the Arab 'Exaggerators', which for decades spread the old belief 'Palestine would be the main concern of Muslims'.
Among those that are mentioned in this context, are the former Arab nationalist leaders, Egypt's Gamal Abdel Nasser and Saddam Hussein of Iraq, 'which dealt with the Palestine issue andhave sold illusions the supporters'.

This hypocritical reasons why Palestine will not be recaptured, so Israel is not attacked, could directly come from the pen of the Zionists ... what it probably does.
Another proof of the IS, the ISIS, the Al-Nusra ... and as the terrorist groups all called, are tools and useful idiots of the USrahell.

The photo shows the bombing of Syrian Army positions around Jubata al-Khashab on September 10 by the IDF, observed from the Golan Heights.

The Druze in Israel are furious because the Israeli army helps the terrorists and bombarded the villages of Druze like Majdal Al Shams in the Syrian Quneitra District (image below).

For example, an ambulance, which brought wounded terrorists from Syria to Israel, been attacked by Druze who live on the Golan on June 22.
The attack resulted in the death of one of the wounded.

The reason for this 'vigilante justice' is that the local Druze are angry about the 'humanitarian aid', which Israel provides the injured Jabhat al-Nusra fighters who are attacking and kill their brothers and sisters in Syria.
Representatives of the Druze in Israel have clarified it very clear they are watching not quiet as the radical Islamic terrorists slaughters the community of Druze in Syria.

Druze near Khadar at the ridge of the Mt. Hermon highmountain

It has been reported, Israeli intelligence agents recruit hundreds of mercenaries from the terrorist groups in Syria, especially by Fatah al-Sham front to set up a new terrorist army fighting against Damascus.
The terrorists are contacted along the border, they're brought over to Israel, equips them with the latest weapons and technology and offered them large sums of money, so they are fighting against the Syrian government.

Israeli soldiers speak with the terrorists on the Israeli-Syrian ceasefire line (former UN position and Checkpoint 28, between Israel and - in the background Syria)

Knesset Member Akram Hasson, a member of the kulanu Party, went so far now, he accused War Minister Avigdor Lieberman, he would allow the Fateh al-Sham frontal protection and logistical support, as well as delivery of 'modern technology'.
The Fateh al-Sham front is the new name of the al-Nusra Front.

'Lieberman, immediately stop supporting the Fatah al-Sham front, and I call all MKs (Members of Knesset) and the religious leader Sheikh Muwafaq Tarif to convene an emergency meeting before our brethren are being slaughtered in Khader. There is no time to lose'

called Hasson.

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Assad, an elected politician, once had an army of 300.000 troops fighting ISIS.
Now his troops have gone down to 80.000 men only.

What happened, where did they go ?
Have they all been slaughtered by CIA-SIS ?

They have emigrated to Germany, Sweden, Greece, Italy and Austria.

And that's why 95 percent of all migrants migrating to Germany are young men aged between 20 and 35, the age of most soldiers.

These men are mostly deserters, having deserted the Syrian army, the rest of them may be members of ISIS or civilians.

You see what I'm hinting at here ?

The CIA or Obama called Merkel on the phone some time ago:
'Angela, we do have a problem here. We really want to overthrow Assad, but our ISIS-boys cannot cope with the situation over there, we really do need your help here. We've come up with an ingenious plan though, and the plan goes like this: You'll lure as many of Assad's soldiers to Germany, making lots of false promises, such as women, cars and free houses to make them desert their country. This strategy will weaken Assad's army to such a degree that ISIS will eventually win the war, and we can take over the country. Assad is much too loyal to the Syrian people, we cannot accept that, we need corrupt politicians'.

Have you noticed that the corporate controlled media always use the word 'regime' when talking about the democratically elected government of Syria ?
The term 'regime' would be much more appropriate with the EU or the German government.

Some of these Syrians being lured to Germany are medical doctors, and considering how few doctors there are, and how desperately these doctors are needed in Syria, attract them to immigrate to Germany and other european countries may be seen as a blatant human rights violation, especially in times of war.

If one doctor has to take care of 10.000 people in Syria, then by tempting one single doctor to Germany basically means that 10.000 Syrians will be without a doctor now.

And we are being sold this absorption of Syrian professionals into the West as a form of humanitarian help, but in truth it's just the opposite.
These people are badly needed for rebuilding the country, and by stealing them away, this may help the German economy, but it will surely have disastrous consequences for the Syrian economy.

But that's what US-NATO wants to achieve:
Bringing down Syria, and that's just the way to do it.

And to the sheeple this nasty strategy of depletion is being sold as a form of mercy and humanitarian aid.

Muslim leaders and Zionists have entered into a symbiosis and deal.
Europe the Muslims and Greater (Erez) Israel the Zionists.
His enemies are to wear themselves out and he laughs best that laughs last ...

Therefore I say

'ISIS: Israeli Secret Intelligence Services'



Sweden: 80% of the Police Officers want to quit


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