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Erle Frayne Argonza


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A Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone else!

That I started with a goodwill greeting associated with the Christmas occasion doesn’t make me a church devotee of which I definitely am not. I have departed a long time ago yet from Catholic Church, my childhood church, though I am still sympathetic to some of its key doctrines of faith notably Vatican II.

On the other hand, not being a church devotee doesn’t make me any less a disciple of Jesus the Christed One. I am very much a disciple of Jesus and his team-mates of Ascended Beings, and I’d categorically declare that I am, in this respect, a Christian. It is for this reason that I do attune myself to the rituals of the Christians who are largely fanatical devotees of the Cult of Jesus which was officially dubbed as Christian Church in the generic sense.

So many fallacies and lies were propagated by the Jesusian cults (i.e. churches) over the past two (2) millennia, one of which is the contention that Jesus was born on the night of 24th of December. Nobody knows about the exact date when Jesus, the World Teacher, embodied and was born as an infant a full Age ago (1 Age = 2,150 years approximately). There are mystics today who claim that Jesus was born around the end of March, but as to the exact day of his birth (using the Gregorian calendar) no mystic had made a precise claim.

In the first place, the devotional practice of giving so much importance to the exact day of birth of a founding Master in its literal sense is purely this: blind fanaticism. Even if we presume that Jesus was born on the 24th of December, there is a greater underlying meaning behind his birth that the ordinary devotees and cult hierarchs have no knowledge about. But if only the cult devotees would look to numerology for some answers regarding the question of meaning, they would find fruitful answers via this method.

But as everybody realizes, Jesusians are bent on declaring that any contention that lies outside the church/cult dogmas is a work of the Devil. You could just imagine how many freethinkers and esoteric seekers may have been labeled with the ad hominem Devil by the Jesusian cultists (church goers), and it is no surprise that this writer had earned the ire of many such fanatical cultists such as his former university students. Well, the bad luck for the fanatics is that this is no Medieval Period, and so I could make the boldest claims to unmasking church lies without being accosted or burned at stake by fanatics. Also, I reside inside the University of the Philippines (Diliman) which is the ultimate bastion of freedom in the whole of Southeast Asia. My big city, Manila, is also the citadel of freedom in Asia, so no one would stone me to death or burn me alive anywhere here for being an iconoclast.

Now, let me go straight to the question of meaning. This interpretive task is a matter of deep exegesis, likened to interpreting a dream. As one who had studied semiotics (science of signs) via the behavioral sciences and esoteric philosophy, the task is easy just the same. Humans normally resort to rituals or ceremonies, and often the cycles of seasons and weather patterns evoke ideas that then translate into ritualizing engagements. Social relations produce thought, as the sociology of knowledge (cognitive sociology) had so succinctly declared as a social law. This is our starting point for our recondite reflection.

In the ancient past, the production of rituals was the chief task of the Shaman (babaylan in ancient Philippines). The shaman was the priest (or priestess), medicine man (or woman) or healer, white magician/alchemist (taps energies for beneficial purposes), mystic (bridge to the Divine Beings), and philosopher, all rolled into a single functionary. It is important to cite the shaman here, as we can best understand the significance of the ‘December 24 event’ by putting ourselves in the position of the Roman high priests (Rome’s own equivalent of shamans) and see what this intersubjective process can reveal to us.

Remember that the Roman shamans were, in ancient parlance, pagans. In today’s anthropological language, they were animists. As such, they represented a people that was so close to nature, and knew well the cycles of seasons. Like the shamans from other cultures, they had designed rituals for every kind of human activity conceivable. A child, before being born, is prayed for using mantrams and ceremonial rites, and then receives another ritual upon birth, and another ritual upon reaching puberty, and so on till death. Likewise did the seasons of both hemispheres receive equal treatment in terms of ritualization. Ditto to the cycles of pre-cultivation, cultivation, and post-harvest for food production (agriculture, horticulture). The Romans were into such practices, to emphatically mark our point here, more so that they were already city-builders and were of advanced caliber in knowledge and technological pursuits of their time; their shamans, likewise of the highest caliber.

Culled from above is the idea of ritualizing for the end of the autumn season and the beginning of the winter season in the Northern hemisphere. The significance of Christmas, of Jesus’ birth being assigned to the 24th of December, has a great deal to do with the autumn-to-winter interface (to use current terminology). Officially, the equalization of the patterns of autumn and winter is cognized as the Winter solstice, which falls on the 21st of December in the North (winter solstice in the south falls on the 21st of June, which is summer solstice in the North).

Even before Christianity was declared an official religion, without doubt the Romans were already in the habit of ritualizing the coming of Winter. No further research is needed to establish this. All of the ethnic communities in the Mediterranean for that matter held rituals signifying the start of Winter, and the inter-permeation of cultural elements by dint of cultural diffusion is responsible for the degree of homogenization of Winter ritual patterns in the same area. Which means that the Latins (Romans), Etruscans, Greeks, Hamites, Semites, Phoenicians, Carthaginians, and Iberians shared more or less similar traits in their Winter rituals, the most focal being that they all celebrated Winter solstice in certain ways.

The question now is, what is the deeper significance of December the 24th other than that it marks the 3rd day after the Winter solstice? And why the 3rd day after the solstice was declared as the ‘birth of Jesus’ by the new rising religion, the Cult of Jesus (Christianity)? Why not simply assign the 21st of December as the day of his birth, which will make the birthday identical to the 1st day of winter (the 21st)?

As to the date, the 3rd day after the solstice, a note: 3 is the number of Trinity (Father, Son, Spirit) in Christology. In numerology (Indian and Pythagorean systems), 3 denotes creativity, productivity, motion, action, activity. The two semiotic sets do converge. Instead of copying the solstice day as D’ Day, the ancient shamans (who were the new bishops and priests of the Jesusian cult) decided that it would be more appropriate to indicate the Trinitarian power in the date, which makes the 24th rather than the 21st as the top candidate. For a numerologist, the day makes sense, in that declaring a creative-dynamic signification on a winter’s season, which is a season of rest or motionlessness, generates a sense of balance of the action-rest duality (yin-yang in the East).

Not only that. It would also make greater sense for the devotees or blind fanatics (a redundancy really, because devotee and fanatic are identical) if the date of birth would be on a day other than the 21st which most Mediterraneans and Northerners already celebrate. The ‘uniqueness criterion’ is an important element in decision-making, and by using this criterion means that the 24th of December made the Jesusians or Jesuits (church fanatics) a unique people who created rituals outside of the common ritual templates. That is, the 24th of December rendered the fanatics the illusion of uniqueness, which made them rest on solid psychological grounds: they need not defend any longer that they were copy-cat folks.

Now, that leads us to the next idea: converging the ‘uniqueness’ element with the ‘chosen people’ eschatological belief present in all religions and cultures. Supposedly, Jesus was the harbinger of the new idea that the ‘gentiles’ (literally the ‘outsiders’ of a chosen people who were the Jews) were themselves a ‘chosen people’ and not outsiders or outcaste. The Jesusian cult has now given the fanatics not only a sense of uniqueness, but also declared that such a uniqueness reclined in their being the ‘chosen ones’. The time for the old chosen ones has ended, and a new chosen one has begun in mandate.

You could just imagine the ecstatic impact that such a convergence of ideas could produce among the erstwhile herds of fanatics, who for many centuries were loathsome outsiders in the civilizational game. They were the barbarians & savages of the previous ages, the outsiders who were recognized best for their destructive propensities. Now they are the co-creators or co-producers of the Divine Spheres or God (co-creation signified by number 3), the next harbingers of civilization. And true indeed, the former barbarians, who were mainly Europeans, felt this mission so strongly in their psyche that for many centuries thereafter they scoured the earth for ‘heathens’ who would be converts to their idea of civility, of being cultured, progressive, rational, and humanist.

Of course, the psychological mood or theme evoked by the entire ritualizing of birth in the 24th is Hope: that Jesus was the embodiment of hope, that there was finally hope for the Europeans who for centuries were heathen slaves. Of course, it was the greatest psychological victory for the Latins (Romans & sister tribes) in as much as they were then the center of civilization world-wide. The 24th also gave the same Europeans the same sense of hope at a time of hopelessness and despair that were evoked by the cyclical winter season.

Cultivating the seed of creativity, activity, uniqueness and hope, all converging within a common seed-idea—the birthing of the Ascended Master Jesus and bestowing him with the role of Begotten Son of the Father God—and planting this in the psyche of Europeans is among the most profound developments in the genetic seeding and improvement of the Europeans themselves. True indeed, and humanity better accept this, no matter how destructive may have been the methods employed by European powers in their conquests, the Torch of Civility for the entire Piscean Age was vested in the European. Their time had come 2000+ years ago, and no force on Earth could stop that.

2000+ years ago, the seed of that historic mission of the Europeans was planted, concocted, congealed in thought, which then permeated right deep into their Collective Unconscious, which eventually got implanted in their genes. For the Collective Unconscious, which belongs to the Electromagnetic Field or EMF, interfaces directly with the biophysical, and that to induce changes in the EMF will likewise result to corresponding changes in the bio-physical dimension. The changes, in other words, will be planted as genetic traits that will govern the actions of the people concerned in the long run.

That, dearest readers, is the significance of the (night of) 24th of December. The mission of the Europeans has now been optimized, after the full Age of Pisces. Likewise the mission of Jesus: to carry on his shoulders for 2000+ years the collective karma of Earth’s humanity. The European-Jesusian missions are now over, and the Torch is now being passed on to the peoples of the East, particularly to the Pacific Asians. But this new development, which will be the definitive development of the Age of Aquarius, is another thing. Suffice me at this moment to say: I’ve shared my thoughts about the deep significance of the 24th of December, by resorting to an archeology of the psyche and soul.

A Merry Christmas again to you all! May my love for all Jesusian cultists be re-declared here, please accept my goodwill for you all. May you all evolve in spirit! Let’s all chant the mantram: Jesus is Love! Jesus is Love! Jesus is Love!


[Writ 14 December 2007, Quezon City, MetroManila]

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A Hero’s Welcome Home


A Hero’s Welcome Home
18 Apr 2013
Posted by 1Akabal

The fullness of our being descends
Where we are lifted once again
Larger views
Crash into
All that we once knew
Though beautiful pieces remain
After the
Messenger of pain
Dances us
To the dawn
Of a Golden Day

The other night there were three of us OPPT’ers having another marathon Skype phone chat. One of the many topics we covered was what it was like in our lives leading up to this now moment – where we are all meeting each other with grand enthusiasm, tearful celebrations, and laughing hysterically as we share some of our stories from B-OPPT (before OPPT) time. For so many years leading up to this A-OPPT time, we felt desperately alone and forgotten by Creation. Some of us, me included, still feel a need to unravel some of the old stories in order to acknowledge and validate our journey. I still keep thinking about the ones who carried the torch through the years and up to this final stage. The faith and courage of the early risers was of epic proportion and downright heroic. Spirit informed me that there were many of us. Knowing you were out there kept me going. Today we have arrived, which means we too can release the identities that we formed in order to be the lightworkers on ground zero, in our communities and in the trenches. Oh, we will always be helpers and we will continue to help now; it’s just time to let go of anything that defines us in context of the past – whatever that looks like in your life.

Back then, I thought I was completely alone with new eyes and ears – just as many of you felt, I know. Today, with this surge of awakening occurring in the collective, our context is rapidly changing. The ones who woke early and rose to watch the rising sun – seemingly alone – no longer have to identify ourselves as alone, and to pity ourselves as the “voice crying in the wilderness”. All of that is done now. So who are you now? Who am I? Our energy has been freed up to DO and BE beyond just being “the one who waits”, or the tortured artist, or the shamanistic spiritual advisor. We will certainly continue to create art and BE a spiritual demonstrator – but all that we create and share springs from this glorious new foundation and larger context of total freedom. ALL OF US ARE AWAKENING into this together. Imagine defining our passion(s) from the foundation of this KNOWING!

Today I am remembering more. And I am ecstatic to find many others who are remembering now too… rising into the Truth…  A message from the Angelics in 2004:

We want you to know that WE validate you every step of the way but you may not necessarily be able to value or honor the faint voice as it is at this time; albeit, we are still a golden murmur in your heart and growing louder by the minute.

We are the other you…coming Home. Who is coming home to whom? That is a good question – a tricky thing to translate. From our view, you have sent aspects of your Self out into other realms for study and research…AND you have never actually left Home. You have never actually left our side. Interesting concept is it not? You will laugh like you’ve never laughed before when you remember fully. This laughter will lift you to the frequency of ecstasy…the frequency that will bounce and carry you to the center of your Self.

We love you. We actually adore you. YOU are the heroes of this epic story. Yes. Feel that now. Embrace this truth…for it is the ultimate truth of who you are. Welcome Home.
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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Brotherhood of Light

30 October 2011




Gracious day from this Brother of Light!


As a conclusion of my tasks of Guru (teacher) and Messenger, let me share a simplified approach to ascend to New Earth. This is particularly intended for the ‘late’ Ascensionauts (ascension enthusiasts).


These lessons aren’t for the Chelas of the Ascended Masters or White Robes, notably those chelas who have been persistent, focused, and consistent in the studies of Masters’ wisdom and tools of attainment. The Chelas are already on track in their Ascension, and may in fact move up through the 7th Density at the highest (for the most advanced chelas who are now mystics).




So let me go back to the target of the ADARNA Way: the ‘late’ Ascensionauts. It’s better late then never, as the folk idiom reverbs.


Late Ascensionauts, there are no short cuts to Ascension, remember this always. Work hard for your goal, as the Almighty Father would see you striving hard and may grant Divine Grace unto you so as to (a) drop down hundreds of dense energy veils, (b) activate all of your 12 strands of DNA, and (c) enable your adaptation in a new reality domain called 5th Density (roughly the upper astral plane).


First of all, what is ADARNA? Literally, it is a mythic bird that is harbinger of Glad Tidings for those who witness it (as penned by a classic Filipino literary writer, c. 19th century). For our purposes, ADARNA is an acronym for:


AD: Accept & Decide

AR: Act & Reflect

NA: Negotiate to Actualize


AD: Accept & Decide


Accept! First of all, Fellow on Earth, accept the possibility of a New Earth unfolding. This isn’t a passive acceptance being advanced by me, no ma’ams and sirs! Accept the possibility pro-actively, and that acceptance begins with:


Will-to-Act! Decide to go the Ascension Path, to enter the New Earth and be counted, and decide with full Will. The call-to-action that is most fit for the decision-making is:


Change Or Perish! That surely is a tough, strongly worded, tall order. Guruji Krishnananda, who published two (2) books on the Ascension (free e-books), coined the apt action call, and it’s appreciably nice to adopt the call.


AR: Act & Reflect


Act! Commence with assertive actions alright, but don’t ever act with blind faith. Ascension is not a matter of Dogma, of Fixed Idea. Act pro-actively, as contended in the Accept & Decide section. And that means you must:


Know! Reflect well on the unfolding event or phenomenon, by studying it. It is best to know the Ascension event by studying the heraldries of Light Masters who were sent on errands by the Brotherhood of Light, led by the Cosmic Christ Maitreya (Supreme Grandmaster – Brotherhood of Light). 100 Light Masters were mandated to do Messenger task aimed at disseminating Ascension chronicles from the perspectives of the Masters.


To name you some Messengers who use the English language for dissemination:



With the shortness of time before the Ascension, those three Messengers alone are more than sufficient to let you know and comprehend what the Ascension event is all about.


NA: Negotiate to Actualize


Every action that we actualize should be deliberate, calculated, calibrated set of behaviors. In sociology this is called ‘negotiated action’. The new order that is to be built—the New Earth—is regarded by sociologists as a ‘negotiated order’ which stresses the active role of each participant of the new society in constructing that order.


Ascensionauts, are you ‘ready to rock’? Then roll the roulette, and whichever way it goes here would be the outcome. Game!


Purify! Engage in thorough purification. Identify as much misgivings (sins) as you can, then one by one seek forgiveness from God. Do this every day during your prayer sessions.


Accompany or reinforce your misgivings detox & deprogramming with mantras (invocations). Repeat each mantra by 7X, then end with Amen or Aum. Whichever sect or denomination you were baptized into, churches provide their devotees the essential mantras, so there’s no reason to claim that you don’t know what mantras or invocations are.


Some recommendable mantras are:

  • Om Vajra Sattva Hom
  • Om Namo Narayanaya
  • I Am That I Am (English), Om Tat Sat Om (Sanskrit)
  • Hail Mary full of grace the Lord is with you blessed are you among women and blessed is the fruit of your womb Jesus/Holy Mary mother of God pray for us sinners now and of the hour of our death.
  • Hare Krishna Hare Krishna/Krishna Krishna Hare Hare (7X) / Hare Rama Hare Rama / Rama Rama Hare Hare (7X)


For your own sake, recite at least a couple of those mantras every night before your meditation or sleep. I Am That I Am happens to be the most powerful mantra, it can even be used to ward off evil entities.


Meditate! It may not be too late for you to meditate. It is a very powerful centering tool (implying you’re very de-centered and de-focused). Use it to detoxify, energize, tap Divine Light, do self-healing, tap Prana (chi) that will be the energy source in New Earth.


For a crash course on Meditation, please browse my article on meditation, to note:


E. Argonza, “Yoga Meditation: Science and Craft (Seekers’ Lesson 2),” CosmicBuhay, 19 April 2010, http://cosmicbuhay.blogspot.com.


Serve People! In case that you may not have been doing service to people on a regular or sustained basis, this may be the opportunity to start doing it. This must be a Service-For-Others action, or doing service as a calling from the heart (seat of soul).


Start doing service now, as such service can be sustained during the catastrophic transition to the New Earth. It will take up until 2018 yet to undertake mutual service as a response to the calling of the hearts (mutual faith or devotion of peoples).


To have some pointers for reflection on the subject, please browse my article on the subject, to note:


E. Argonza, “Service and the Golden Rule (Seekers’ Lesson 7), CosmicBuhay, 19 April 2010, http://cosmicbuhay.blogspot.com.


Light Yourself & Others! Tap Divine Light that’s just above you (from your Divine Lightbody) and will be all over you beginning on December the 21st of the year. Then, use the Light to detox your aura, heal the lower self, cleanse your energy centers or chakras, deprogram weaknesses and build virtues or sublime strengths.


To tap Light, talk to it, by declaring “O! Light of God! Please descend unto me and fill my being!” Invoke this during any of your prayer sessions, with arms stretched upwards to receive that Light and let it flow unto yourself (body & aura). Visualized White Light descending unto you from Above while doing the invocation.


To reinforce the Light tapping, invoke this simple mantra 7X: “Light of God is descending unto my being now.” Then end with Amen. Continue to visualize White Light descending unto you and filling you totally while doing the invocation.


You can also tap the Light to help out others in their possible Ascension. Use the same procedure, than visualize that Light coming from your Heart (chakra) and Brow (chakra) and send them to the persons you wish to help. Visualize the face of that person or persons while you send them Light. Later, in case you Ascend, you can use the same procedure to fill those Disqualifieds with Light before and during their transfer to their respective planet fit for their awareness.


Go Positive! Burn down all negative thoughts, interpersonal relations, and emotions that have been deposited in your own lower self as a result of your vicious, circuitous, habitual resort to them. List down as many of such negative behaviors as possible, and then one by one burn them down and replace them with positive behaviors.


You can also use the Water & Air elements, by invocative the negative during swimming, taking a bath, washing your face. Even while jogging as regular exercise, you can invoke the negative and be replaced with positive. There are other ways of deprogramming negatives, and you can be as creative in burning them down as much as you can.


Examples of transmuting negative to positive are:

“My Fear of responsibilities will disappear and replaced with Courage.”

“My Antipathies will break down and be replaced with Empathy.”

“My Worrisome attitude will disappear and replaced with Confidence.”


While taking a bath for example, you take one such weakness, create a line such as demonstrated above, and then invoke it repeatedly while taking a shower. Invocation uses the Air element while bathing uses the Water element, so both Water and Air combined will so potently take down imbalances, negatives, and make you more positive in attitudes, habits, perspectives in life, relations.




Ascensionauts, the ADARNA Way as outlined and detailed above sums up what can be a crash course to quaff your thirst for the Ascension agenda. There is a much broader set of lessons that spiritual masters mentor & coach seekers who seek the former’s chelaship (discipleship), but that program of ascension takes at least a year in order to satisfactorily achieve results. Hence, the reason for this crash course.


I’m sure you who encounter this set of lessons for the first time can recall them all when the change comes. It may take some time for the lessons to take effect, remember that you’re just starting in the Path now. Have patience, take down your fears and other negative emotions/interpersonal relations/thoughts, and rapidly replace the negatives with positives.


Who knows even way before the 2018 last phase deadline for entry to 5th Density (where Earth is going), the Father will already grant you Divine Grace in order re-settle in a higher dimension? Be glad that the Masters are around, we will be much around the ‘late’ Ascensionauts during the hard transition climb to 5th Density, pay attention to what the Masters counsel, and there you’ll be rising meteorically to your paradise home. All the best in your Ascencion agenda!



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