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Bitcoin Soars on Its Eighth Birthday


As of yesterday it was eight years to the day since Bitcoin’s initial white paper was posted to the internet.

And what a birthday party it had, soaring from $614 on October 1st to around $728 today with gold and silver also rocketing higher, with silver up more than 3% today.

btcpricePart of the reason why bitcoin has seen such a price resurgence is because of the increased demand for the currency in the Chinese market.

You would think that the Chinese economy would be doing well after the Yuan’s SDR basket inclusion, but in spite of that, it continues to depreciate – hitting a 6-year low in October in conjunction with an estimated total of over $573.2 billion in Chinese capital outflows so far this year.

If these trends continue, which they likely will considering the depreciative nature of fiat currencies, the prospect of an $800 bitcoin in the near future is not far fetched.

Of course, you know Bitcoin’s price is doing especially well whenever the coin goes through one of its brief barrages of negative press.

Early yesterday, Forbes released an article highlighting how “criminals use bitcoin”

But you’ll never hear Forbes speak badly about the criminal central bankers systematically stealing from everyone through their fiat currency inflation.

The Securities and Exchange Commission is also suspicious of bitcoin. (What else is new?) The Commission is still trying to figure out what to do three years after the Winklevoss brothers filed their Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust in July 2013.

Since then, bitcoin has risen some 610 percent and many more new filings for additional ETFs tracking bitcoin await SEC approval. In typical regulatory fashion,  the SEC has “moved” on the filings by seeking additional public comment.

The SEC is worried about the stability of bitcoin and its platforms and how regulations regarding bitcoin would evolve.  But the SEC will always have “worries” – right up to when bitcoin exchange-traded funds are approved to a warm welcome in the marketplace from investors seeking something more stable than wretched central banking currencies.

Bitcoin is actually a pseudonymous crypto-currency, yet recently mainstream media networks like Bloomberg put articles out saying “Bitcoin isn’t anonymous enough”.

Obviously it isn’t anonymous, it was never intended to be completely anonymous. If the people who wrote the article knew anything about the platform they’d understand that its inherent design is pseudonymous by definition because of the fact that the addresses and transactions are recorded on the blockchain.

While we’re big precious metals advocates, physical bullion is not highly divisible, especially for transactions of less than a dollar or two. Bitcoin provides a more pragmatic solution to that shortcoming through it’s ability to be nearly instantaneously exchanged and it’s high divisibility – up to 100,000,000 individual units or “satoshi” to be exact.

Some of the benefits of cryptocurrencies are highlighted in one of our most recent Anarchast videos with Dan Larimer.

Bitcoin is proving to be a legitimate existential threat to the globalist elites, which we have seen through not only their demonization of the currency, but also in their efforts and attempts to locate and arrest its creators.

For example in Australia, the attorney general’s department wants to begin drafting legislative proposals to include bitcoin and other crypto-currency exchanges in its anti-money laundering laws. Their goal is to finalize that legislation by 2018.

If you’ve been following our previous articles or if you read the Economist, you may recall that the cover of the 1988 issue of the economist magazine had a picture of a phoenix rising from the ashes with a medallion bearing the year 2018 and the title “Get ready for a world currency”.

Now, the globalist financiers are starting to squirm in their seats as they watch some of these emerging crypto currencies hinder their ability to exact absolute monetary control.

One of the best ways to avoid the globalist financial stranglehold is to trade using cryptocurrencies. That’s why this year at the world’s largest anarcho-capitalist conference, Anarchapulco, we are planning on having an entire day devoted exclusively to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology!

It’s called Cryptopulco.

If you want to learn more about emerging crypto technology plus other innovations from leading experts in the space, please buy a ticket while they’re still available.  And of course the tickets will be available for purchase via cryptocurrency.

You can see more about Anarchapulco here:

The day before Anarchapulco we’ll also be holding a one day TDV Internationalization and Investment Summit.  You can see more on that here.

The world is changing rapidly.  Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies could defeat the entire central banking system without even one shot fired.  It’s exciting times and we are just getting started!

A great way to a new standard.

Gold in small units, also one gram at time


How I Made $15,000 in 12 Hours on the New Blockchain-Based, Social-Media Site Steemit
Tags: Jeff Berwick Dollar Vigilante Bitcoin Blogging

How I Made $15,000 in 12 Hours on the New Blockchain-Based, Social-Media Site Steemit


Here at The Dollar Vigilante, we are among the most prolific followers of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology developments.

We’ve been covering bitcoin since $3 in 2011 and Ethereum since this January, and it has risen 600% since then.  We’ve also covered numerous blockchain related companies including Arcade City, the new decentralized Uber killer app.

All of these have been covered in our newsletter first (and is a good reason to subscribe!) and some of our subscribers have made fortunes.

But today I want to tell you about a new blockchain based social media site and cryptocurrency that could be the next big revolution.  And, even better, anyone can make money on it right now without doing anything but publishing their content on the platform.

The site is called Steemit and the cryptocurrency backing it is called Steem dollars.


I had heard of Steemit a few months ago but it is just one of dozens of interesting new blockchain based enterprises that crosses my virtual desk every day.  I knew it was a blockchain based social network, but that was the extent that I knew (you can read more about how it works here).

But I kept hearing about it and two days ago I decided to post something on it.  All I posted was a very brief introduction of myself called, “The Dollar Vigilante Is Now On Steemit!

Much to my surprise, within 5 minutes, the post had already made me $350.  And, by the end of 12 hours (the post only makes money on upvotes for 12 hours) it had totaled at one point over $15,000 (the value changes slightly all the time as the value of a Steem dollar trades higher or lower in the market).

The Dollar Vigilante Is Now On Steemit

Now, I should point out here, that the site is both blockchain based and has attracted many freedom minded/libertarian/anarcho-capitalists.  And, of course, I am one of the biggest names following cryptocurrencies and blockchain and am one of the most well-known anarcho-capitalists in the world… so, clearly, the main reason I made so much from one post was because many people on the site are already fans.

However, I know numerous other people who have been on the site for a few months and have made thousands just posting content there.

Now, many of you are probably asking, how is this possible?  How can this site pay so much for content?

The answer is actually quite ingenious.  It is all based on the development of two cryptocurrencies, Steem Power and Steem Dollars and on the value placed upon those currencies by speculators who believe Steem may become the cryptocurrency backing all decentralized, blockchain based social media platforms.

I got a hold of the two founders of Steemit, Dan Larimer and Ned Scott for a full interview for my podcast, Anarchast, to ask them all about how it all works.  You can see it here:

Steemit is only six months old but is already growing massively in popularity and the Steem cryptocurrency is already the third most valuable cryptocurrency by market capitalization after bitcoin and ethereum.

Where it goes from here is anyone’s guess.  But I advise anyone who creates content to begin publishing on Steemit now.  It costs nothing to do and if your content is popular you can make money very easily.  And if the platform continues to gain popularity you will be an early adopter (the site is even still in beta), which will mean you already have started growing your following and accumulating “Steem Power”, which gives you more power on the system to upvote others content that you like as well as earning more Steem Dollars.

If you follow me on Steemit, I’ll soon be posting an article there giving you the tips I have learned from my first post so your first post will get as much traction as possible.

And, I haven’t even mentioned the best part of Steemit.  Unlike Facebook or Twitter, there is no censorship.  This is becoming very important as people like Milo Yiannopoulos have already been banned from things like Twitter just for holding a non-politically correct stance.  The only “censorship” comes in the form of how many people like or dislike your content.  The more who like it, the more your content will be seen (and you’ll get paid).

It is definitely a platform and cryptocurrency to watch.

ps. We posted this article to Steemit and you can see it here. We will also post all future TDV blogs to Steemit.

Jeff Berwick

Anarcho-Capitalist.  Libertarian.  Freedom fighter against mankind’s two biggest enemies, the State and the Central Banks.  Jeff Berwick is the founder of The Dollar Vigilante and host of the popular video podcast, Anarchast.  Jeff is a prominent speaker at many of the world’s freedom, investment and gold conferences including his own, the world's largest anarcho-capitalist conference, Anarchapulco, as well as regularly in the media including CNBC, CNN and Fox Business.


Who and What Do You Love? By Lisa Renee
Tags: Time Shift Blog Lisa Renee Alternative Knowledge Ascension Humanity Light Dark Spirits of Christ www.energeticsynthesis.com

This summer has been pressurized with new levels of hidden mind control technology being directed with more concentrated efforts as directed by the military industrial complex, that includes cooperation between the human military and many factions of extradimensionals that run secret space programs. During annual August alignments of Leo, the planet undergoes what is called its Magnetic Peak cycle which generally transpires during the week of August 8th to August 15th, with August 12th being the pinnacle wave of magnetic force field transmission. Given the spin of the rotational axis of the planetary body as it moves through the ecliptic, the cycle reaches another peak in its cycle every 20 years and every 100 years. This means the amplification of the related force field will be multiplied exponentially in the earth field.

With the increased magnetic force field available during this current cycle,  the hidden programs of the Controllers, such as MILAB and MKUltra mind control, are targeted more aggressively towards certain people in order to break them down. They surf the additional force fields using technology such as military grade weaponry, microwave or EMF weaponry, that can amplify their targeted impact and influence to mind control or intimidate more people on the Ascension path. As many of us are well aware, these military groups target certain genetics or DNA groups that have more propensity to experience spiritual awakening or ascension symptoms. The humans that experience spiritual awakening, kundalini activation and other types of phenomena such as extradimensional or light being contact are Starseeds and Indigos. Because this group is a threat to the Luciferian Covenant and related satanic force agendas that include many different kinds of entities and forces, Star people have been targeted very heavily these last few months.

The amplification of mind control and artificial intelligence is being transmitted out into the collective consciousness field, and is targeted to specific Starseed people. Many websites or Stewards are being targeted and spiritual battles are happening to instigate destruction, victimization or some kind of defamation of character agenda to steer people away from truthful content around Ascension or Spiritual Awakening. These mind control (AI) transmissions are very dark, depressing messages that are laced with feelings of hopelessness, suicide, feeling sick or related negative sensations. It is very important that as a Starseed you do everything you can to empower yourself and not play into the sick and deviant game of these screwed up people. Please realize we are on a planet that is being controlled by liars, deceivers, cheaters, murderers and psychopaths on the surface, many of them nestled in the military industrial complex that are puppets for those dark entities that sit higher on the chain of command off planet. Do not allow the psychopath to have any power over you, do not give them one inch to control you or take your energy away, stand tall, and do everything you can to connect to the deepest most human parts of yourself. The deeply human part that loves, has compassion and deep empathy, and has the heart connection to the living life force on this planet and other humans. They want to destroy or damage our heart and replace it with cyborg programs. Go deep within your heart to access the spiritual light warrior and truth spirit, gather all of your spiritual power and connection to the Godhead, and do not give in to harassment tactics. The harassment is designed to oppress your spirit and keep your frequency as low as possible so that they can discourage you from progressing. They are sending out transmissions that are lies so that Starseeds believe ascension is over and this planet and its inhabitants are not worth helping.

Please remember that these psychopaths cannot control the power of spiritual consciousness, all they have to control is certain levels of the frequency that control the lower ego functions. They also try to replicate and clone images that are spun out into phantom dimensions, but if you know that, you can dismantle the machinery and it will have no ultimate power over your consciousness. If you can clear the negative ego, stay mentally balanced and strong, while keeping your consciousness power in your still point accessing Love, (in the higher access of your consciousness and spiritual bodies), they cannot get to your nervous system and brain. Keep your thoughts high and find people, things, nature – find things near you that you can focus all of your loving heart upon, even small pets, children, something that engenders feelings of deep love and compassion when you are in the presence of it.

Who and what do you Love? What can you keep refocusing yourself upon to keep your overall energetic frequency as high as possible? Make as much Love as possible now.

It is important now to keep your frequency high, keep your thoughts and feelings in the now moment focused on Love, Compassion and Empathy. Love, Compassion and Empathy are the hallmark of being a true human being, and not a robotic cyborg that is controlled through negative thoughts. Some people on the earth are descending in vibration and as they digress their frequency they are being taken over by lower spirits and artificial intelligence machinery. This is what is called consubstantiality, the persons low frequency energy field is bonded through the protein chains of their DNA into these low realms of dark forces of phantom and descending timelines.

This is a very hard time on the planet, but do what you can to increase loving kindness, compassion, empathy and remove any feeling of bias or judgment towards others, even if they are being controlled by the psychopaths. We have a split occurring, and those of us that can hold the higher love frequency and God source connection are very protected and supported, while those on the opposing end are descending into horrible misery and enslavement.  All meditations involving self-love, loving kindness and releasing stress are very important now to keep your body relaxed and personal frequency as high as possible. Practicing loving kindness meditations activate and strengthen areas of the brain and nervous system that are responsible for empathy and increased emotional intelligence. When we are emotionally developed and emotionally intelligent, we can access very high quality of higher sensory perception to guide us through these very difficult times, this cannot happen through the psionic ability of the mind. Starseed males, please take note, you must connect emotionally and allow sensory feelings to be processed in your heart complex to shift out of the negative ego black depression and mind control thought forms.  This higher consciousness access only happens through the developed heart and emotional complex, which is the key to accessing higher spiritual power and higher consciousness. The psychopaths do not have this access, so remember that is our leverage as Starseeds. We access the God Source and Creator functions through our heart, they can only replicate through their artificial intelligence software by cloning or capturing our image. Do not forget that our spiritual power is infinitely connected, and connects Omniversally. Their exerted power through mind control technology is limited on the material realm and lower to mid creation field. They have had success because they are backed up by Satanic and Luciferian gestalts of aliens, entities and other forces that are desperate to find bodies on the earth that they can control and inhabit. If they do not take full control this reality, they will be destroyed when the artificial reality field and false timeline collapses,  so the battle is a battle to the death for them.  This MILAB agenda is currently attempting to create transhumanism and cyborgs in the human public, in order for these satanic forces to take over and inhabit bodies on the earth, as they have been denied access to embody or incarnate in any other way. They see human bodies as their way out of here. 

Stay clear and stay focused on higher aspects of Love, the virtues of the Spirits of Christ and God source, never give up. We must focus on the larger picture of the eternal nature of the Godhead in the higher realms and not the instant gratification of these lower material forces that are entirely ignorant of the Natural Laws. All will be seen and accounted for, and for now, gather all of the Love you can find inside your heart, do what you can to bring that Love into action. The Love in your heart makes you a true human being! 



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