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Christmas 2017 in Syria
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Christmas 2017 in Syria

The evil 'regime' of President Assad allows all believers to practice their respective religion in Syria.
The emphasis is on being able to RE-APPLY in areas liberated by terrorists.
The Christians of the country are currently celebrating Christmas 2017 and are happy to do so.


Parsifal, December 25, 2017
The Muslim Dr. Assad and his wife congratulate Christian children on the Feast of the Nativity:
But what does the oh so 'Christian' West do ?
The West continues to support the remnants of the intolerant and murderous Islamic State, which does not tolerate any other 'beliefs' beside itself and to beheads all unbelievers.
This is what the Aleppo Cathedral looked like a year ago:










This upside down 'morality' can not explain the politicians in Europe and the US and conceal the mainstream media what is currently happening in Syria, that prevails in the free part of Syria religious freedom.

The following photos show a Catholic service in Aleppo, Syria's largest city, which was liberated from the radical Islamists just a year ago.












These pictures are reluctant to publish the Western media, if at all.
Does not fit in the propaganda drummed in for six years, Assad is a human butcher and must go.
The bekiw video shows how in other cities of Syria, the Christian Christmas is just celebrated.










I wish everyone in BOLE a Merry Christmas, and  ... what ever you may celebrate ... or not.

Who Owns Trump? It's Staring Us In The Face
Category: David Icke
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Published on 8 Dec 2017


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Black Friday Zombie Shoppers 2017
Category: HUMOR & SATIRE
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Published on 24 Nov 2017

Countless Black Friday zombie shoppers left their homes to wait hours in line outside electronic stores.


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